John A. Foss

M, b. 26 April 1866, d. 21 June 1938
     John A. Foss was born on 26 April 1866 at Norway. He married Anna Monson on 7 January 1891 at Minneapolis, Hennepin Co., MN. John A. Foss lived on 1 June 1900 at Jocko Twp., Flathead Co., MT, day laborer.1 He died on 21 June 1938 at King Co., WA, at age 72.

Child of John A. Foss and Anna Monson


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Lillian Catherine Foss

F, b. 4 February 1900, d. 16 July 1996
     Lillian Catherine Foss was born on 4 February 1900 at Lewiston, Winona Co., MN. She married Melvin Andre Munsinger, son of James Monroe Munsinger and Mary Elizabeth Smith, on 23 July 1942, no children. Lillian Catherine Foss died on 16 July 1996 at Clay Co., MN, at age 96 per SSDI, last residence Moorehead. She was buried in July 1996 at Oak Grove Cemetery, Fergus Falls, Otter Tail Co., MN, Findagrave #182886060.

Mabel A. Foss1

F, b. 8 February 1867
     Mabel A. Foss was born on 8 February 1867.1 She married Dugald Caleb Jackson, son of Prof. Josiah Jackson and Mary Price, on 24 September 1889.1

Children of Mabel A. Foss and Dugald Caleb Jackson


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Martina Frances Foss

F, b. 26 November 1891, d. October 1969
     Martina Frances Foss was born on 26 November 1891 at Minneapolis, Hennepin Co., MN.1 She was the daughter of John A. Foss and Anna Monson.1 Martina Frances Foss married Emery A. Emmert, son of George Melvin Emmert and Sarah Wagner, on 8 March 1911 at Kalispell, Flathead Co., MT. Martina Frances Foss died in October 1969 at Kalispell, Flathead Co., MT, at age 77. She was buried in 1969 at Glacier Memorial Gardens, Kalispell, Flathead Co., MT, Findagrave #117493335.

Child of Martina Frances Foss and Emery A. Emmert


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Roberta Annette Foss

F, b. 4 August 1922
     Roberta Annette Foss was born on 4 August 1922.1 She was the daughter of Elmer Foss and Marian Gladys Dubbel.


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Wendell Louellen Foss

M, b. 22 November 1929, d. 11 May 1993
     Wendell Louellen Foss was born on 22 November 1929. He began military service Korean War service, U.S. Army, Pvt. 2. He married Thelma Rose Hall on 15 February 1951 at Los Angeles Co., CA. Wendell Louellen Foss died on 11 May 1993 at age 63. He was buried in May 1993 at Riverside National Cemetery, Riverside, Riverside Co., CA, Findagrave #82506980.

Andrew Jackson Foster

     Andrew Jackson Foster married Lydia Shauver.

Child of Andrew Jackson Foster and Lydia Shauver

Angeline Foster1

     Angeline Foster married George Dunn.1

Child of Angeline Foster and George Dunn


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Judge Anthony Foster

M, b. circa 1772
     Judge Anthony Foster was born circa 1772. He married Rebecca Wendel, daughter of Christopher Wendel and Susannah Deaderick. Judge Anthony Foster died at Nashville, Davidson Co., TN.

Arline Holmes Foster

F, b. 2 July 1922, d. 18 December 2012
     Arline Holmes Foster was born on 2 July 1922. She was the daughter of Courtney Flournoy Foster and Erna Holmes Holland. Arline Holmes Foster married Randolph B. Noblin, son of Isaac Richard Noblin and Daisy Lula Seckman, on 28 June 1941 at Brookneal, Campbell Co., VA, After Randolph's death, Arline remarried to James Francis George in 1958, and had a son, Rev. James F. George Jr., 26 FEB 1960. Arline Holmes Foster died on 18 December 2012 at age 90. She was buried in December 2012 at Peninsula Memorial Park, Newport News, VA, Findagrave #102386807.

Bertha Mary Foster

F, b. 1923
     Bertha Mary Foster was born in 1923. She was the daughter of George K. Foster and Lula (?) Bertha Mary Foster married Theodore Frank McFadden, son of Frank D. McFadden and Vivian A. Rundell.

Clara Brown Foster1

F, b. 12 April 1854, d. 25 June 1885
     Clara Brown Foster was born on 12 April 1854 at Morning Sun, Preble Co., OH.1 She married Gilbert Orr Wright on 18 December 1873 at Preble Co., OH. Clara Brown Foster died on 25 June 1885 at Preble Co., OH, at age 31.

Child of Clara Brown Foster and Gilbert Orr Wright


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Cora America Foster

F, b. 25 December 1907, d. 18 October 1978
     Cora America Foster was born on 25 December 1907 at Hill, Appanoose Co., IA. She married Carl Raymond Street on 31 October 1927 at Albia, Monroe Co., IA. Cora America Foster died on 18 October 1978 at Tujunga, Los Angeles Co., CA, at age 70. She was buried in October 1978 at Valhalla Memorial Park, North Hollywood, Los Angeles Co., CA, Findagrave #44646835.

Child of Cora America Foster and Carl Raymond Street

Courtney Flournoy Foster

M, b. 10 December 1894, d. 9 August 1985
     Courtney Flournoy Foster was born on 10 December 1894 at Campbell Co., VA. He married Erna Holmes Holland. Courtney Flournoy Foster died on 9 August 1985 at Naruna, Campbell Co., VA, at age 90. He was buried in August 1985 at Ebenezer Baptist Church Cemetery, Gladys, Campbell Co., VA, Findagrave #92105502.

Child of Courtney Flournoy Foster and Erna Holmes Holland

Dora Elizabeth Foster

F, b. 27 June 1860
     Dora Elizabeth Foster was born on 27 June 1860 at near Steamboat Rock, Hardin Co., IA.1 She married Harrison E. Miller, son of John A. Miller and Susan Weller, on 21 February 1900 at Joplin, Jasper Co., MO, Ceremony by Rev. Frederick Price.1


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Edward Harris Foster

M, b. 31 October 1921, d. 29 September 1997
     Edward Harris Foster was born on 31 October 1921 at Daviess Co., KY. He married Martha Jo Bosley. Edward Harris Foster died on 29 September 1997 at Owensboro, Daviess Co., KY, at age 75. He was buried in October 1997 at Rosehill Elmwood Cemetery, Owensboro, Daviess Co., KY, Findagrave #105191081.

Child of Edward Harris Foster and Martha Jo Bosley

Effie Jane Foster

F, b. 21 July 1875, d. 31 March 1957
     Effie Jane Foster was born on 21 July 1875 at Coffeyville, Montgomery Co., KS. She married Robert Lee Albertson. Effie Jane Foster died on 31 March 1957 at Bent Co., CO, at age 81. She was buried in April 1957 at Las Animas Cemetery, Las Animas, Bent Co., CO, Findagrave #38139532.

Child of Effie Jane Foster and Robert Lee Albertson

Elizabeth Foster

     Elizabeth Foster married George Michael, son of Adam Michael and Mary Wones, in 1866 at Clark Co., OH.

Elma E. Foster

F, b. 1878, d. 1951
     Elma E. Foster was born in 1878. She married Samuel H. Mynatt. Elma E. Foster died in 1951. She was buried in 1951 at Las Animas Cemetery, Las Animas, Bent Co., CO, Findagrave #39495286.

Children of Elma E. Foster and Samuel H. Mynatt

Elmer Franklin Foster

M, b. 26 February 1910, d. 13 September 1985
     Elmer Franklin Foster was born on 26 February 1910 at Shannon Co., MO.1 He was the son of Milton Byron Foster and Anna Ocelia Lewallen.1 Elmer Franklin Foster married Mae Josephine Wilkerson, daughter of John Joseph Wilkerson and Effie Rae McCoy, on 8 December 1931 at Macomb, McDonough Co., IL. Elmer Franklin Foster died on 13 September 1985 at age 75.


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George K. Foster

M, b. 19 September 1887
     George K. Foster was born on 19 September 1887. He married Lula (?).

Child of George K. Foster and Lula (?)

Harriet H. Foster

F, b. 1851, d. 1945
     Harriet H. Foster was also known as "Hattie". She was born in 1851. She married William Henry Blanchard. Harriet H. Foster died in 1945. She was buried in 1945 at Linwood Park Cemetery, Boone, Boone Co., IA, Findagrave #84519619.

Child of Harriet H. Foster and William Henry Blanchard

Ida Mae Foster1

F, b. circa 1891
     Ida Mae Foster was born circa 1891 at Kansas.1 She married Olaf August Venburg circa 1906.1

Child of Ida Mae Foster and Olaf August Venburg


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John C. Foster

M, b. 15 August 1874
     John C. Foster was Presbyterian.1 He was born on 15 August 1874 at Cherryvale, Montgomery Co., KS.1 He was the son of John H. Foster and Susan V. Miller. John C. Foster married Ella Kern, daughter of George W. Kern and Amanda Hindman, on 16 May 1900, Ceremony by Rev. A. Barker.1 John C. Foster lived in 1926 at R. D. 4, Cherryvale, Montgomery Co., KS.1

Child of John C. Foster and Ella Kern


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John H. Foster

M, b. 29 September 1850, d. 23 December 1874
     John H. Foster was born on 29 September 1850.1 He was the son of Oren Foster and Almira (?)1 John H. Foster married Susan V. Miller, daughter of John A. Miller and Susan Weller, on 24 December 1872, Ceremony by Rev. David Miller.1 John H. Foster died on 23 December 1874 at age 24.1

Child of John H. Foster and Susan V. Miller


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Lucinda Adeline Foster

     Lucinda Adeline Foster married Alfred Aldridge.

Child of Lucinda Adeline Foster and Alfred Aldridge

Lucy Foster

     Lucy Foster died at Granville Co., NC. She married Henry Lyne, son of William Lyne.

Child of Lucy Foster and Henry Lyne

Mabel M. Foster

     Mabel M. Foster married Winfred Cooper Bewley Jr.

Child of Mabel M. Foster and Winfred Cooper Bewley Jr.

Manerva Foster

F, b. 28 August 1848, d. 15 August 1928
     Manerva Foster was born on 28 August 1848 at Taylor Co., IA. She married Larkin Dillard Wilson in 1869. Manerva Foster died on 15 August 1928 at Bristow, Creek Co., OK, at age 79. She was buried in August 1928 at Bristow Cemetery, Bristow, Creek Co., OK, Findagrave #26847533.

Child of Manerva Foster and Larkin Dillard Wilson

Martha Anne Foster

F, b. 27 October 1925, d. 2 February 2015
     Martha Anne Foster was born on 27 October 1925 at Springfield, Clark Co., OH.1 She was the daughter of Roger William Foster and Marjorie Ellen Ginaven. Martha Anne Foster married Albert Roger Atkinson Sr., son of John Richard Atkinson and Ruth Frances Mouser, on 23 June 1953 at Montgomery Co., OH. Martha Anne Foster died on 2 February 2015 at Montgomery Co., OH, at age 89 Obituary (

ATKINSON, Martha A., age 89, passed away on Monday, February 2, 2015. Martha was born to the late Roger and Marjorie (nee Ginavin) Foster on October 27, 1925 in Springfield, OH. She attended Wittenburg University and worked as a Registered Nurse for many years. She was a member of Trinity United Methodist Church.

Martha is preceded in death by her husband, A. Roger Atkinson. She is survived by her children, Greg (Patti) Atkinson, Amy Atkinson and Roger Atkinson, Jr; grandchildren, Jonathan (Melissa) Hogan, Janet Henson, Michael (Jessica) Hogan and Jennifer (Jesse) Brooks; 5 great-grandchildren; brother, William Foster and many other loving relatives and friends.

Routsong Funeral Home, 2100 E. Stroop Rd., Kettering, OH.

She was buried in February 2015 at Woodland Cemetery and Arboretum, Dayton, Montgomery Co., OH, Findagrave #142158583.


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