Leslie A. Gardner

M, b. 4 July 1902, d. February 1965
     Leslie A. Gardner married Muriel E. (?). Leslie A. Gardner was born on 4 July 1902. He was the son of Elmer Ellsworth Gardner and Mary Adelaide Devol. Leslie A. Gardner died in February 1965 at Ypsilanti, Washtenaw Co., MI, at age 62.

Child of Leslie A. Gardner and Muriel E. (?)

Lula M. Gardner

F, b. 20 February 1897, d. 29 October 1994
     Lula M. Gardner was born on 20 February 1897 at Scioto Co., OH. She married Roy Wallace, son of Jacob Franklin Windle. Lula M. Gardner died on 29 October 1994 at age 97.

Mack Devol Gardner

M, b. 1895, d. 1936
     Mack Devol Gardner was born in 1895. He was the son of Elmer Ellsworth Gardner and Mary Adelaide Devol. Mack Devol Gardner died in 1936.

Martha Louise Gardner

F, b. 1933, d. 1933
     Martha Louise Gardner died in 1933. She was born in 1933. She was the daughter of Ellis Rupert Gardner and Clara Esther Potter.

Martin L. Gardner

M, b. 1898, d. 1961
     Martin L. Gardner was born in 1898. He was the son of Elmer Ellsworth Gardner and Mary Adelaide Devol. Martin L. Gardner died in 1961.

Mary Constance Gardner1

F, b. 30 September 1873, d. 31 December 1933
     Mary Constance Gardner was born on 30 September 1873 at Atchison Co., KS.1 She married John David Groff, son of Emmanuel M. Groff and Elizabeth Bowers, circa 1894.1 Mary Constance Gardner died on 31 December 1933 at York, York Co., NE, at age 60.

Child of Mary Constance Gardner and John David Groff


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Mervin Gardner

     Mervin Gardner married Hattie (?).

Child of Mervin Gardner and Hattie (?)

Philo Gardner

     Philo Gardner married Susan Young.

Child of Philo Gardner and Susan Young

Richard Gardner

     Richard Gardner was the son of Robert Gardner. Richard Gardner married (?) Mary.

Child of Richard Gardner and (?) Mary

Richard Paul Gardner

M, b. 27 December 1963, d. October 1989
     Richard Paul Gardner was born on 27 December 1963. He was the son of Minerva May Weaver. Richard Paul Gardner died in October 1989 at Delaware Co., OH, at age 25.

Robert Gardner

     Robert Gardner married an unknown person .

Child of Robert Gardner

Roy Rupert Gardner

M, b. 15 May 1924, d. 9 December 1999
     Roy Rupert Gardner was born on 15 May 1924. He was the son of Ellis Rupert Gardner and Clara Esther Potter. Roy Rupert Gardner died on 9 December 1999 at Columbus, Franklin Co., OH, at age 75.

Samuel Gardner

     Samuel Gardner married Hannah Meyers, daughter of Elder Samuel Meyer and Barbara Wine, on 9 March 1842.

Sarah Gardner

F, b. circa 1793, d. 1861
     Sarah Gardner was also known as Maria Salome Gardner in German church records. She was born circa 1793 at Pfalz (now Rhein-Pfalz), Germany.1 She married Godfrey Faul, son of Heinrich Faul and Maria Margaretha Weber. Sarah Gardner died in 1861. She was buried in 1861 at North Murray Ridge Cemetery, Elyria, Lorain Co., OH, Findagrave #11412085.

Children of Sarah Gardner and Godfrey Faul


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Stephen Gardner

     Stephen Gardner married Huldah Chubbuck.

Child of Stephen Gardner and Huldah Chubbuck

Stephen Boyd Gardner

M, b. 1 January 1948, d. 3 January 1997
     Stephen Boyd Gardner was born on 1 January 1948 at Erie, Erie Co., PA. He died on 3 January 1997 at age 49.

Sybil Gardner

F, b. 7 June 1844, d. 7 October 1925
     Sybil Gardner was born on 7 June 1844 at Pennsylvania. She married John C. Cue Jr. on 5 May 1864 at Linn Co., IA. Sybil Gardner died on 7 October 1925 at age 81. She was buried in October 1925 at Oakwood Cemetery, Shellsburg, Benton Co., IA, Findagrave #32289932.

Child of Sybil Gardner and John C. Cue Jr.

Thelma Irene Gardner

F, b. 23 March 1903, d. 24 June 1971
     Occupation: Teacher. Thelma Irene Gardner was born on 23 March 1903 at Georgesville, Franklin Co., OH. She was the daughter of Walter Gardner and Minnie Frazier. Thelma Irene Gardner married Howard William Windle, son of Charles Emanuel Windle and Grace B. Bidwell, on 6 June 1925 at Lilly Chapel, Madison Co., OH. Thelma Irene Gardner was buried in June 1971 at Alton, Franklin Co., OH. She died on 24 June 1971 at Hilliard, Franklin Co., OH, at age 68.

Thelma Lucille Gardner

F, b. 21 August 1918, d. 18 October 1995
     Thelma Lucille Gardner was born on 21 August 1918. She was the daughter of Ellis Rupert Gardner and Clara Esther Potter. Thelma Lucille Gardner married Robert Lee Alexander. Thelma Lucille Gardner died on 18 October 1995 at age 77.

Child of Thelma Lucille Gardner and Robert Lee Alexander

Thomas Gardner1

M, b. 19 January 1794, d. 5 December 1879
     Thomas Gardner was born on 19 January 1794 at Allegheny Co., PA.1 He married Chloe Gillett.1 Thomas Gardner died on 5 December 1879 at Lawrence Co. (probably), OH, at age 85.

Child of Thomas Gardner and Chloe Gillett


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Walter Gardner

     Walter Gardner married Minnie Frazier.

Child of Walter Gardner and Minnie Frazier

William Gardner

     William Gardner married Nina Trott.

Child of William Gardner and Nina Trott

Costa Garee

M, b. 28 November 1896, d. March 1973
     Costa Garee was born on 28 November 1896. He married Mary Lucina Bolton, daughter of Lyman Bolton and Caroline Virginia Larimore. Costa Garee lived in 1930 at Johnstown, Licking Co., OH. He died in March 1973 at Licking Co., OH, at age 76 Dates per SSDI, last residence Johnstown.

Frank Garey

M, b. 5 October 1900, d. 17 August 1946
     Frank Garey was born on 5 October 1900 at Everett, Snohomish Co., WA. He married Madge Eva Holley, daughter of Albert L. Holley and Ada Virginia Stoner, on 11 September 1934. Frank Garey died on 17 August 1946 at San Francisco, San Francisco Co., CA, at age 45. He was buried in August 1946 at Cypress Lawn Memorial Park, Colma, San Mateo Co., CA, Find A Grave Memorial# 87843206.

Hannah Elizabeth Norman Garey1

F, b. February 1870
     Hannah Elizabeth Norman Garey was born in February 1870 at Illinois.1 She married Herschel Sidwell on 24 October 1899 at Wayne Co., Illinois.

Child of Hannah Elizabeth Norman Garey and Herschel Sidwell


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Michael Garey

     Michael Garey married Sarah (?).

Child of Michael Garey and Sarah (?)


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Russell F. Garey

M, b. 5 September 1914, d. 14 April 1985
     Russell F. Garey was born on 5 September 1914. He married Ethel Caroline Gebhart, daughter of Walter Edgar Gebhart and Anna Elizabeth Martin, circa 1955, Divorce record shows marriage lasted 23 years. Russell F. Garey and Ethel Caroline Gebhart were divorced on 9 July 1979 at Montgomery Co., OH. Russell F. Garey died on 14 April 1985 at Sycamore Medical Center, Miamisburg, Montgomery Co., OH, at age 70. He was buried in April 1985 at Bloom Township Cemetery, South Webster, Scioto Co., OH.

Sarah Ann Garey

F, b. 16 September 1830, d. 29 April 1907
     Sarah Ann Garey was born on 16 September 1830 at Hereford, Berks Co., PA.1 She was the daughter of Michael Garey and Sarah (?)1 Sarah Ann Garey married Daniel G. Price, son of George Kline Price and Mary Gargas, on 24 April 1853, Ceremony by Rev. Samuel Harley.1 Sarah Ann Garey died on 29 April 1907 at Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., PA, at age 76.1

Children of Sarah Ann Garey and Daniel G. Price


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Abraham Gargas

     Abraham Gargas married Mary (?).

Child of Abraham Gargas and Mary (?)


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Mary Gargas

F, b. 17 January 1803, d. 19 November 1869
     Mary Gargas was born on 17 January 1803.1 She was the daughter of Abraham Gargas and Mary (?)1 Mary Gargas married George Kline Price, son of Daniel Price and Margaret Kline, on 26 December 1822.1 Mary Gargas died on 19 November 1869 at Hatfield Twp., Montgomery Co., PA, at age 66.1 She was buried in November 1869 at Price Cemetery, Montgomery Co., PA, Findagrave #70509701.

Children of Mary Gargas and George Kline Price


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