Maxine Virginia Gabbert

F, b. 21 September 1907, d. 8 December 1974
     Maxine Virginia Gabbert was born on 21 September 1907 at Clifton Forge, Alleghany Co., VA; daughter of Harry Tate and Mary Addison (Rogers) Gabbert. She married Cleaphos Bert Wood, son of William W. Wood and Dora May Gordon, Maxine remarried on 22 JAN 1949 to Richard Black (1905 - 1974) at Gallia County, Ohio. Maxine Virginia Gabbert died on 8 December 1974 at Greene Memorial Hospital, Xenia, Greene Co., OH, at age 67. She was buried in December 1974 at Woodland Cemetery, Xenia, Greene Co., OH, Findagrave #151873179.

Children of Maxine Virginia Gabbert and Cleaphos Bert Wood

Owen Julius Gabbert

M, b. 20 September 1891, d. May 1977
     Owen Julius Gabbert was buried at Danville, Pittsylvania Co., VA. He was born on 20 September 1891 at Mitchell, Rice Co., KS. He married Bessie Ellen Gere, daughter of John Franklin Gere and Sarah Alice Blue, on 6 July 1909 at Hutchinson, Reno Co., KS. Owen Julius Gabbert died in May 1977 at Danville, Pittsylvania Co., VA, at age 85.

Rachel Drusilla Gabbert

F, b. March 1858, d. 14 October 1941
     Rachel Drusilla Gabbert was born in March 1858 at Virginia (now WV).1 She was the daughter of John Shea Gabbert and Martha Drusilla Barker. Rachel Drusilla Gabbert married William Jamison Burton, son of William Burton and Ann Forshey, on 19 October 1876 at Wood Co., WV, Six children born, all living as of 1900 and 1910 censuses.1 Rachel Drusilla Gabbert died on 14 October 1941 at Ross Co., OH, at age 83.

Children of Rachel Drusilla Gabbert and William Jamison Burton


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Paulina Gabel

F, b. 9 July 1893, d. 13 July 1981
     Paulina Gabel was born on 9 July 1893 at Oberstauffenbach, Germany. She married Otto Munzinger, son of Karl Munzinger and Katharina Lauer, on 6 November 1914 at Neunkirchen, Rhein-Pfalz, Germany. Paulina Gabel died on 13 July 1981 at Kaiserslautern, Rhein-Pfalz, Germany, at age 88.

Child of Paulina Gabel and Otto Munzinger

Sarah Gabel1

     Sarah Gabel married John Groff, son of Jacob Groff and Elizabeth Heebner.1

Child of Sarah Gabel and John Groff


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Leroy Carl Gaberel

M, b. 13 May 1906, d. 1 May 1992
     Leroy Carl Gaberel was born on 13 May 1906 at Salt Creek, Wayne Co., OH. He married Emma Katherine Redman, daughter of David Francis Redman and Mary Elizabeth Beery. Leroy Carl Gaberel began military service on 31 October 1942 WW II service, enlisted, U.S. Navy, discharged 5 JAN 1946. He died on 1 May 1992 at age 85.

Doretha Gable1

F, b. 5 November 1828, d. 24 November 1909
     Doretha Gable was born on 5 November 1828 at Prussia (now Germany).1 She was the daughter of Sophia (?)2 Doretha Gable married Harrison Imbody.1 Doretha Gable died on 24 November 1909 at Ft. Wayne, Allen Co., IN, at age 81. She was buried on 27 November 1909 at Lindenwood Cemetery, Ft. Wayne, Allen Co., IN, Section R, Lot 48.

Children of Doretha Gable and Harrison Imbody


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John Gadd

M, b. May 1830, d. 12 December 1907
     John Gadd was born in May 1830 at Ohio.1 He married Rachel Ann Cornelius, daughter of Christopher Cornelius and Susannah Jack, in 1896. John Gadd died on 12 December 1907 at Cambridge, Guernsey Co., OH, at age 77. He was buried in December 1907 at Center Baptist Cemetery, Center, Guernsey Co., OH, Findagrave #58235937.


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Geneva Gaddie

F, b. 3 October 1901, d. 2 February 1987
     Geneva Gaddie was born on 3 October 1901. She married Charles Lee Sonner, son of Robert Emmett Sonner and Dora A. Purkhiser, on 12 April 1924 at Indiana, no children. Geneva Gaddie lived on 1 April 1935 at Hardin Co., KY.1 She lived on 29 April 1940 at Matisterial Dist. 5, Franklin Co., KY.1 She died on 2 February 1987 at Franklin Co., KY, at age 85.


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Henry Gadley1

M, b. 29 October 1872, d. 12 February 1953
     Henry Gadley was born on 29 October 1872 at Vermont.1 He married Ardula M. Taylor, daughter of Thomas Jefferson Taylor and Almira Jane Stout, before 2 April 1930.1 Henry Gadley died on 12 February 1953 at San Luis Obispo Co., CA, at age 80 dates per California death index.


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John Louis Gaebel1

M, b. 22 December 1880, d. 29 August 1947
     John Louis Gaebel was born on 22 December 1880 at Kentucky.1 He married Annie H. Rudy, daughter of Daniel Rudy and Ann Maria Gayle, after 16 April 1910, no children. Occupation: Hotel Proprietor between 1920 and 1940 at Madisonville, Hopkins Co., KY.2,1 John Louis Gaebel died on 29 August 1947 at age 66. He was buried in September 1947 at Fernwood Cemetery, Henderson, Henderson Co., KY.


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Minnie D. Gaedecke

F, b. April 1876, d. 6 February 1967
     Minnie D. Gaedecke was born in April 1876 at Iowa. She married John Jacob DeVault, son of George Henry DeVault and Emily Seraphina Berry, circa 1893, Washington State Death Certificates show twin boys born to John and Minnie on March 8, 1915. The twins lived just one day. It is not clear if these boys were really the two children that died between 1900 and 1910 -- probably they were born and died earlier than 1915, given the birth date of Naida.

Name: Twin Infant Devault; Death date: 08 Mar 1915; Death place: Seattle, King, Washington; Gender: Male; Race or color (on document):; Age at death: 1 day; Estimated birth year: 1915; Father name: J. J. Devault; Mother name: Minnie Geadicke; Film number: 1992325; Digital GS number: 4221440; Image number: 1573; Reference number: 560; Collection: Washington Death Certificates, 1907-1960.

Minnie D. Gaedecke died on 6 February 1967 at Seattle, King Co., WA, at age 90 DEATH NOTICE - The Seattle Times, Wednesday Feb 15, 1967; page 77

DeVault, Minnie--90, 7251 29th Av. N.E., Feb 6.

Children of Minnie D. Gaedecke and John Jacob DeVault

Rev. Jacob Gaetschalk1

M, b. circa 1670, d. 1763
     Rev. Jacob Gaetschalk was born circa 1670 at Cleeves, Holland.1 He immigrated circa 1702 to Germantown, Philadelphia Co. (now), PA.1 He died in 1763 at Towamencin Twp., Montgomery Co., PA, In 1708 he wrote to Holland, giving the history of the origin of the Germantown Mennonite congregation, also stating the fact that the Rev. William Rittenhouse had died and that he was now the only surviving minister.
On May 9, 1708, he joined with four other brethren in a letter to Amsterdam, asking for some catechisms for the children and little testaments for the young, stating that only one Bible was among the membership of the church.
He was a literary man and was capable to use three languages, Dutch, German, and English. He took an active part in the translation of the Martyr's Mirror, from the Dutch to the German and its printing at Ephrata and was one of those who carefully read and corrected the proofs.
He purchased land in Germantown and later in Towamencin Township (now in Montgomery County); died in 1763, aged about 97 years, and it is supposed that his remains found a resting place in the graveyard adjoining the Towamencin Mennonite Church near Kulpsville.

From "Genealogical History of the Gottshall Family", by Rev. N. B. Grubb.1

Child of Rev. Jacob Gaetschalk


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Ada May Gaffin

F, b. 21 November 1881, d. 16 October 1918
     Ada May Gaffin was born on 21 November 1881 at Illinois. She was the daughter of William Gaffin and Frances Thomas. Ada May Gaffin married Maynard Stouffer Grossnickel, son of Joseph D. Grossnickel and Emma Alice Stouffer, on 6 December 1905. Ada May Gaffin died on 16 October 1918 at age 36.

Children of Ada May Gaffin and Maynard Stouffer Grossnickel

Grace Gaffin

F, b. 14 January 1879, d. August 1976
     Grace Gaffin was Church of the Brethren.1 She was born on 14 January 1879.2 She was the daughter of William Gaffin and Frances Thomas. Grace Gaffin married John M. Price, son of Daniel R. Price and Isabella McQuilken, on 17 January 1900 at Ogle Co., IL, llinois Statewide Marriage Index 1763 - 1900:

Price, John M(S/O Daniel&Isabel) Gaffin, Grace(D/O Wm&Frances) Ogle 1/17/1900 2/ 9588.3 Grace Gaffin died in August 1976 at Mt. Morris, Ogle Co., IL, at age 97.

Children of Grace Gaffin and John M. Price


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William Gaffin

     William Gaffin married Frances Thomas.

Children of William Gaffin and Frances Thomas

Clarence C. Gage

M, b. 16 August 1877, d. after 1943
     Clarence C. Gage was born on 16 August 1877 at Tama, Tama Co., IA. He married Ethel Silver, daughter of John T. Silver and Alice Matilda Leonard, on 26 November 1902 at Home of the bride, Minneapolis, Ottawa Co., KS. Clarence C. Gage and Ethel Silver were divorced after January 1920; Clarence was still married to Ethel as of the January, 1920 federal census, but remarried to Olive "Ollie" Darnell before the April, 1930 census. Clarence C. Gage died after 1943 Clarence was listed in the Salina, Kansas city directory in 1943. No further record.

Eugene Gage

     Eugene Gage married Alvira Azeltine.

Child of Eugene Gage and Alvira Azeltine

Myrtella Delilah Gage

F, b. 1 March 1869, d. 20 February 1928
     Note: Myrtella was a descendent of the Vermont Gage family. One of her ancestors took part in the Boston Tea Party. Cause of death: Diabetes. Myrtella Delilah Gage was born on 1 March 1869 at Grundy Co., IA. She was the daughter of Eugene Gage and Alvira Azeltine. Myrtella Delilah Gage married William Montgomery DeWald, son of William Valentine DeWald and Mary Ann Ruble, on 4 July 1892 at Sioux Falls, Minnehaha Co., SD. Myrtella Delilah Gage was buried in 1928 at Montrose, McCook Co., SD. She died on 20 February 1928 at Montrose, McCook Co., SD, at age 58.

Children of Myrtella Delilah Gage and William Montgomery DeWald

John T. Gager1

M, b. 14 February 1843, d. 30 May 1929
     John T. Gager was born on 14 February 1843 at Ontario, Canada.1 He married Adaline Elsina Trask circa 1865.1 John T. Gager died on 30 May 1929 at Howard Co., IA, at age 86.

Child of John T. Gager and Adaline Elsina Trask


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Nettie Eleanor Gager1

F, b. 17 December 1866
     Nettie Eleanor Gager was born on 17 December 1866 at Decorah, Winneshiek Co., IA.1 She was the daughter of John T. Gager and Adaline Elsina Trask.1 Nettie Eleanor Gager married Leon Edward Strawn, son of Charles Wesley Strawn and Sarah Jane Miles.1

Children of Nettie Eleanor Gager and Leon Edward Strawn


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Ella Gahagan

F, b. 2 June 1885, d. 2 January 1967
     Ella Gahagan was born on 2 June 1885 at McKean Co., PA. She married James Henry Clark, son of Quinton Clark and Sarah Ellen Robinson, in 1951, Ella was first married to A. Verne Miller (1883 - 1943.) Ella Gahagan died on 2 January 1967 at Bradford, McKean Co., PA, at age 81. She was buried in January 1967 at Nebo Lutheran Chapel and Cemetery, Mount Jewett, McKean Co., PA, Findagrave #91874881.

Ann M. Gahard1

F, b. circa 1822
     Ann M. Gahard was born circa 1822 at Maryland.1 She married Henry Engle, son of Isaac Engle and Susannah Swigart, on 28 December 1843 at Greene Co., OH, Ceremony by Rev. David Winters.1

Children of Ann M. Gahard and Henry Engle


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Edmund Pendleton Gaines

M, b. 22 October 1827, d. 18 July 1888
     Edmund Pendleton Gaines was born on 22 October 1827 at Sullivan Co., TN.1 He married Emily Esther Easley. Edmund Pendleton Gaines lived on 31 August 1860 at P.O. Eden Ridge, Sullivan Co., TN, farming.1 He died on 18 July 1888 at Johnson City, TN, at age 60 at the home of his daughter, Myra. He was buried in July 1888 at Peter Miller Reeves Cemetery, Knob Creek Road just south of Sunset Drive, Johnson City, TN, Findagrave #131201546.
Note: from the book Ancestral Sketches by LeRoy Reeves and the Family of Edward Reeves and Jane Melvin, by Willie Reeves Hardin Bivins (igranddaughter of Edmund Pendleton Gaines):

"Edmund Pendleton Gains, my mother's father, was the nephew of General Edmund Pendleton Gains, for whom he was named. His father was a wealthy man, at one time owning among other things, an inn and one hundred slaves. But my great-grandfather lost his fortune, mostly, I understood, from going security for his friends.

Grandfather took an interest in one of the black boys on his father's place and taught him to read and write. After the slaves were freed this Negro went North and did well.

Grandfather was a man of Deep religion and of a mild temperament. I have heard my mother say that his thoughts were always of what he could do to help the women folks of his family and make them happy. He was a school teacher and wrote a beautiful hand.

He married Emily Esther Easley, and they had two children, a baby boy who died at birth, and my mother. He was not a large man, and through him I inherited my own short stature. He was also a very modest man.

He spent his last years in his daughter's home, but died before I was born. He read aloud to my brother a great deal, especially from the Youth's Companion.

He brought with him to his last home, a gray mare named Mittie. It was on her I learned to ride, for she was very gentle. A short loper, having no other gait.

When he was a young man he was chopping wood and a piece flew up and hit him near the eye. In later life he developed a cancer where this had injured him. In those days there was little to be done for even skin cancer and two or three years later he died. Though he suffered greatly, he would never take anything to dull the pain, even at the last, for he said he wanted to meet his Maker with a clear mind.

He was buried in the Reeves Cemetery, and in 1929 when my husband and I went back to Tennessee on business, we had a monument placed at his and his wife's graves.

He and Grandmother made their home down on what was called Reedy Creek, near Kingsport. When my mother was a baby he was putting on her shoes for her and bent a toe and broke it. He felt terrible about it, for he was devoted to her. I have a small figurine that he brought her when she was a child, and a broken pitcher from a set of doll china he gave her.

I wish I knew more about him to tell, for I know it was all good. But there is very little else I know."

Child of Edmund Pendleton Gaines and Emily Esther Easley


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Lucy E. Gaines

F, b. December 1856
     Lucy E. Gaines was born in December 1856 at Grant Co. (probably), IN.1 She was the daughter of Oliver Gaines and Jane (?)2 Lucy E. Gaines married William M. Landess, son of Lewis Landess and Phebe Whinery, on 28 September 1878 at Grant Co., IN.

Children of Lucy E. Gaines and William M. Landess


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Margaret Gaines

F, b. 1800, d. before 1850
     Margaret Gaines was born in 1800 at VA (probably). She married William Windle, son of Peter Joseph Wendel and Rebecca Lang, on 19 April 1824 at Frederick Co., VA, M; Ceremony by Rev. Ellas March. Margaret Gaines died before 1850 at Shenandoah or Roanoke Co., VA, Not with family in 1850 census.1

Children of Margaret Gaines and William Windle


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Myra Clark Gaines

F, b. 9 September 1856, d. 22 June 1910
     Myra Clark Gaines was born on 9 September 1856 at Sullivan Co., TN, Myra was a great-niece of U.S. Army General Edmund Pendleton Gaines (1777-1849), a senior commander during the early decades of the United States, and a veteran of the War of 1812, Seminole Wars, Black Hawk War, and Mexican-American War.1 She was the daughter of Edmund Pendleton Gaines and Emily Esther Easley.1 Myra Clark Gaines married James Miller Reeves, son of Peter Miller Reeves and Matilda DeVault, on 18 January 1876 at Tennessee. Myra Clark Gaines died on 22 June 1910 at age 53 dates from headstone. She was buried in June 1910 at Carr-Reeves Cemetery, Johnson Ciity, Washington Co., TN, Findagrave #101347440.

Children of Myra Clark Gaines and James Miller Reeves


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Oliver Gaines1

M, b. circa 1831
     Oliver Gaines married Jane (?).1 Oliver Gaines was born circa 1831 at Ohio.1

Child of Oliver Gaines and Jane (?)


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Gayle R. Gainsforth

M, b. 27 November 1925, d. 14 October 2004
     Gayle R. Gainsforth was born on 27 November 1925 at Cedar Bluffs, Saunders Co., NE. He married Shirley Ann Tong, daughter of Harry Lyle Tong and Joan M. Pensick, in 1949. Gayle R. Gainsforth died on 14 October 2004 at Douglas Co., NE, at age 78

Obituary -- (

Gayle was a lively man who loved to greet customers, especially children, as they entered "B&G Tasty Foods". He and his family moved to Fremont, Neb. when he was a boy. Gayle enlisted in the Navy shortly after graduation from Fremont High School in 1943. His military career took Gayle and his wife, Shirley, to California, where they lived for a brief time before returning to Omaha in 1953. That same year the B & G Drive-In was established by Ken Bliss and Gayle Gainsforth near 84th and West Dodge Road. Later changing the name to B & G Tasty Foods, it was moved to 7900 West Dodge. It was the home of the best "loose meat" sandwich ever. In 2000 the restaurant was sold and Gayle retired. Gayle was preceded in death by his beloved wife, Shirley. His survivors include his daughter, Lori Ludwick, son, Michael Gainsforth, brother, Gary Gainsforth of Rome, Italy and two grandchildren.

Ada Galarone

F, b. 1859, d. before 1900
     Ada Galarone married Ludwig Munsinger, son of Johann Christian Valentin Munzinger and Elisabetha Schäfer. Ada Galarone was born in 1859 at Sonora, Tuolumne Co., CA. She died before 1900 at Inyo Co. (probably), CA.

Child of Ada Galarone and Ludwig Munsinger