Margaret Hoskinson

     Margaret Hoskinson married John Turner Albright, son of Rev. John H. Albright and Alice Ida Cox, on 7 September 1922.1


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Ruth M. Hosler

F, b. 9 April 1901, d. 31 October 1987
     Ruth M. Hosler was born on 9 April 1901. She married Donald H. Hayes. Ruth M. Hosler died on 31 October 1987 at age 86.

Child of Ruth M. Hosler and Donald H. Hayes

Charles William Hoslkinson

M, b. 20 December 1883, d. 24 December 1974
     Charles William Hoslkinson was born on 20 December 1883 at Hutchinson, Reno Co., KS. He married Mabel Miller on 22 January 1908 at Stutsman Co., ND. Charles William Hoslkinson died on 24 December 1974 at Tacoma, Pierce Co., WA, at age 91.

Child of Charles William Hoslkinson and Mabel Miller

Evelyn P. Hoslkinson

F, b. 1 January 1928, d. 3 February 2011
     Evelyn P. Hoslkinson was born on 1 January 1928 at St. Edward, Boone Co., NE. She was the daughter of Charles William Hoslkinson and Mabel Miller. Evelyn P. Hoslkinson married William Mondou, son of Alfred Louis Mondou and Leone Willis, two sons and a daughter. Evelyn P. Hoslkinson died on 3 February 2011 at Port Orchard, Kitsap Co., WA, at age 83. She was buried in February 2011 at Haven of Rest Cemetery, Gig Harbor, Pierce Co., WA, Findagrave #88123188.

Children of Evelyn P. Hoslkinson and William Mondou

Florence Belle Hosman

F, b. 22 October 1895, d. 3 February 1957
     Florence Belle Hosman was born on 22 October 1895 at Hiwasse, Benton Co., AR. She married George Franklin Russow on 1 October 1914 at Benton Co., AR. Florence Belle Hosman died on 3 February 1957 at Joplin, Newton Co., MO, at age 61.

Child of Florence Belle Hosman and George Franklin Russow

Abraham Hoss

     Abraham Hoss married Frances Boren, daughter of William Boren, in 1806.

Child of Abraham Hoss and Frances Boren

Jacob Hoss

M, b. 1743, d. 10 February 1817
     Jacob Hoss was born in 1743 at Lancaster Co., PA. He married Mary Bohn, daughter of Johann Diehl Bohn and Anna Maria Dickerson, circa 1760 at Frizzelburg, Carroll Co., MD. Jacob Hoss began military service Revolutionary War service. He died on 10 February 1817 at Washington Co., TN. He was buried in February 1817 at Jacob Hoss Family Cemetery, 405 East Fairview, Johnson City, Washington Co., TN.
Note: Story writtend by Mrs. Mary Sevier Hoss Headman, age 77, Knoxville Tennessee, 26 September 1950, in a letter to J.P. Hess, Business Manager, University of Tennessee:

"Jacob Hoss was a Revolutionary soldier. After the war he, together with two other soldiers, decided to try and improve the fruits and vegetables so necessary to their welfare. These three veterans, Jacob Hoss, Charles Robertson and John Margaret, (not sure that Margaret's given name was John but am sure of the surname) got together and decided to concentrate on apples. Both Robertson and Margaret propagated very good eating apples, but they did not keep well in the winter. Keeping fruit in those early days was a real problem. But the apple Hoss propagated was a marvelous cooking apple, and it kept well, and it is still in use today, fully one hundred and fifty years old, at the least. The exact year it was first propagated I do not know but it must have been before 1800. In many districts it is called the Horse apple, and attributed by various people to Jacob Hoss, Jacob Hass, Jacob Hess - all referring to the same man.

The last summer I was with my grandfather (1885) (grandson of Jacob Hoss), he took me by the hand one day and we walked out into the yard to the old, old apple tree, showing me it was dying, and saying another Hoss apple must be planted in iits place. He died in a few months and a young tree was never planted."

Child of Jacob Hoss and Mary Bohn

Jesse Hoss

M, b. circa 1890
     Jesse Hoss was born circa 1890 at Indiana. He married Anna Reger, daughter of Sigal Reger and Ida B. Jarrett, on 13 August 1912.

Child of Jesse Hoss and Anna Reger

Lillian Frances Hoss1

F, b. 1898, d. 29 December 1952
     Lillian Frances Hoss was born in 1898 at Oklahoma.1 She married Henry D. Vernon on 23 June 1912 at Atoka Co., OK. Lillian Frances Hoss died on 29 December 1952 at Tacoma, Pierce Co., WA. She was buried in January 1953 at Mountain View Memorial Park, Lakewood, Pierce Co., WA, Findagrave #148393827.

Child of Lillian Frances Hoss and Henry D. Vernon


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Lola Gertrude Hoss

F, b. 12 February 1913
     Lola Gertrude Hoss was born on 12 February 1913 at Madison Co., IN. She was the daughter of Jesse Hoss and Anna Reger.

Mary Hoss

     Mary Hoss married Joseph Bowman.

Child of Mary Hoss and Joseph Bowman

Mary Boone Hoss

F, b. 1797, d. 1871
     Mary Boone Hoss was born in 1797 at Washington Co., TN. She was the daughter of Peter Hoss and Sarah Steadman. Mary Boone Hoss married George Hale Grisham in 1814. Mary Boone Hoss died in 1871 at Washington Co., TN.

Child of Mary Boone Hoss and George Hale Grisham

Mary Virginia Hoss

F, b. 12 May 1809, d. 29 June 1883
     Note: (1) Newland DeVault reported in his typescript on Henry Dewald that Mary (Hoss) Davault was the daughter of Isaac Hoss and Hannah Bayless. (Isaac Hoss was the son of Jacob Hoss and Mary Boone or Bohne.) I found an article in "The History of Washington County Tennessee 1988" on page 496. The article is on the Smith - Hoss family and states that Mary Hoss (1809 - 1887), the eldest of six children of Issac Hoss and Hannah Bayless, was married to John Smith. Apparently there were two women named Mary Hoss. It would be interesting to know for sure which one was Peter's wife.

(2) Correct parents for this Mary Virginia Hoss provided by Neil Ferguson 23 SEP 2010. DLB 2010.

Mary Virginia Hoss was born on 12 May 1809 at Johnson City, Washington Co., TN. She was the daughter of Abraham Hoss and Frances Boren. Mary Virginia Hoss married Peter Davault, son of Frederick DaVault and Margaret Range, on 27 October 1831 at Washington Co., TN. Mary Virginia Hoss died on 29 June 1883 at New Florence, Montgomery Co., MO, at age 74.

Children of Mary Virginia Hoss and Peter Davault

Peter Hoss

M, b. circa 1763, d. before 20 February 1816
     Peter Hoss was born circa 1763. He was the son of Jacob Hoss and Mary Bohn. Peter Hoss married Sarah Steadman. Peter Hoss died before 20 February 1816 at Tennessee.

Child of Peter Hoss and Sarah Steadman

Harold Eugene Hosselton

M, b. 29 December 1936, d. 16 March 1998
     Harold Eugene Hosselton was born on 29 December 1936 at Wayne Co., IL. He was the son of William Harold Hosselton and Maureen Molt. Harold Eugene Hosselton died on 16 March 1998 at age 61.

William Harold Hosselton

M, b. 22 March 1914, d. 14 November 1997
     William Harold Hosselton was born on 22 March 1914 at Wayne Co., IL. He was the son of William Seth Hosselton and Dorothy Marie Moseley. William Harold Hosselton married Maureen Molt, daughter of Frank Molt and Carrie Gertrude Truitt, on 2 November 1935. William Harold Hosselton died on 14 November 1997 at Fairfield, Wayne Co., IL, at age 83.

Child of William Harold Hosselton and Maureen Molt

William Seth Hosselton

M, b. 1894, d. 1980
     William Seth Hosselton was born in 1894. He married Dorothy Marie Moseley. William Seth Hosselton died in 1980.

Child of William Seth Hosselton and Dorothy Marie Moseley

Elizabeth Hossock1

F, b. 2 July 1846, d. 14 September 1890
     Elizabeth Hossock was born on 2 July 1846 at Ohio. She married Levi Hitchcock on 11 March 1867 at Richardson Co., NE.1 Elizabeth Hossock died on 14 September 1890 at age 44.

Child of Elizabeth Hossock and Levi Hitchcock


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Frances Hostain

F, b. 3 April 1848, d. 2 June 1886
     Frances Hostain was born on 3 April 1848. She married William Snyder Shirk, son of Rev. Jacob Balmer Shirk and Susan Stouffer, on 23 December 1868. Frances Hostain died on 2 June 1886 at age 38.

Children of Frances Hostain and William Snyder Shirk

Harriet Hostetler

     Harriet Hostetler married George Lockhart.

Child of Harriet Hostetler and George Lockhart

Max A. Hostetler

M, b. 7 February 1857, d. 9 November 1926
     Max A. Hostetler was born on 7 February 1857 at Brodhead, Green Co., WI. He married Martha Luella Doggett, daughter of Cary Armstead Doggett and Mary Ellen Huffman, on 21 September 1880 at Gibbon, Buffalo Co., NE. Max A. Hostetler died on 9 November 1926 at Shelton, Buffalo Co., NE, at age 69.

William Hostetler

M, b. 5 December 1921
     William Hostetler was born on 5 December 1921.

Abraham Hostetter

M, b. circa 1723, d. 1796
     Abraham Hostetter was born circa 1723 at Lancaster Co., PA. He was the son of Jacob Hostetter and Anna Kreider. Abraham Hostetter married Catherine Long, daughter of Herman Lang and Anna Hershey, in 1759. Abraham Hostetter married Elisabeth Long, daughter of Herman Lang and Anna Hershey. Abraham Hostetter died in 1796.

Children of Abraham Hostetter and Catherine Long

Abraham Hostetter

M, b. 1763, d. 1834
     Abraham Hostetter married Ann Hiestand, daughter of Jacob Hiestand. Abraham Hostetter was born in 1763. He was the son of Jacob Hostetter and Anna Elizabeth Hershey. Abraham Hostetter was buried in 1834 at Millersville Mennonite Cemetery, Lancaster Co., PA. He died in 1834.

Abraham Hostetter

M, b. circa 1770, d. 1834
     Abraham Hostetter was born circa 1770 at Lancaster Co., PA. He was the son of Abraham Hostetter and Catherine Long. Abraham Hostetter died in 1834.

Abraham Hostetter1

     Abraham Hostetter married Mary Burns.1

Child of Abraham Hostetter and Mary Burns


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Abram Hostetter1

M, b. circa 1816
     Abram Hostetter was born circa 1816 at Pennsylvania.1 He married Catharine (?).1

Child of Abram Hostetter and Catharine (?)


  1. [S621] 1860 Federal Census, Carroll County, Illinois. Microfilm Image, NARA Series M653, Roll 159; FHL #803159.

Adam K. Hostetter

     Adam K. Hostetter was the son of Samuel Hostetter and Martha Heickard.

Alice M. Hostetter

     Alice M. Hostetter was the daughter of Samuel Hostetter and Martha Heickard.

Amos N. Hostetter

M, b. 23 October 1864
     Amos N. Hostetter was born on 23 October 1864. He was the son of Amos W. Hostetter and Elizabeth Snyder Shirk.