David Hughes

M, b. 8 June 1860, d. 15 February 1933
     David Hughes was born on 8 June 1860 at Tennessee. He was the son of James Hughes and Elizabeth Kitzmiller. David Hughes married Lillian Linville, daughter of Christopher B. Linville and Annie C. (?), on 29 November 1891 at Canyonville, Douglas Co., OR. David Hughes died on 15 February 1933 at Portland, Multnomah Co., OR, at age 72.

Children of David Hughes and Lillian Linville

Dorothy Hughes

     Dorothy Hughes married Morgan Morgan, son of Edward Morgan and Elizabeth Jarman, circa 1718.

Children of Dorothy Hughes and Morgan Morgan

Earl C. Hughes

M, b. 1905, d. 1972
     Earl C. Hughes married Lula E. Belcher, daughter of William Madison Belcher and Anna Belle Simcox. Earl C. Hughes was born in 1905. He died in 1972.

Edna Hughes1

F, b. circa 1900, d. 11 July 1981
     Edna Hughes was born circa 1900 at Ohio.1 She married Elwyn Lamont Martin. Edna Hughes died on 11 July 1981 at Fairfield, Butler Co., OH.


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Edna Lena Hughes

F, b. 4 July 1907, d. 3 January 1984
     Edna Lena Hughes was born on 4 July 1907 at Illinois. She married Reginald W. Deason on 19 August 1926 at Detroit, Wayne Co., MI. Edna Lena Hughes died on 3 January 1984 at Lee Co., FL, at age 76.

Child of Edna Lena Hughes and Reginald W. Deason

Elias Davison Hughes1

M, b. 17 February 1846, d. 8 November 1853
     Elias Davison Hughes was born on 17 February 1846. He was the son of James R. Hughes and Susanna Jane Davison. Elias Davison Hughes died on 8 November 1853 at age 7.


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Elinor Hughes

F, b. 1751, d. 2 May 1809
     Elinor Hughes was born in 1751. She married Samuel Boone, son of Benjamin Boone and Susannah Liken. Elinor Hughes died on 2 May 1809.

Children of Elinor Hughes and Samuel Boone

Eliza Alice Hughes1

F, b. 1 February 1852, d. 7 May 1919
     Eliza Alice Hughes was born on 1 February 1852 at Tennessee.1 She married Robert B. Oliver circa 1876.1 Eliza Alice Hughes died on 7 May 1919 at Dallas, Dallas Co., TX, at age 67.

Child of Eliza Alice Hughes and Robert B. Oliver


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Elizabeth Hughes

F, b. 1 September 1764, d. 30 March 1809
     Elizabeth Hughes was born on 1 September 1764 at Exeter Twp., Berks Co., PA. She married Moses Starr, son of Moses Starr and Margery Pearson, on 9 June 1795 at Roaring Creek, Northumberland Co., PA. Elizabeth Hughes died on 30 March 1809 at Roaring Creek, Northumberland Co., PA, at age 44.

Children of Elizabeth Hughes and Moses Starr

Elizabeth Hughes

F, b. 21 October 1800, d. 20 June 1888
     Elizabeth Hughes was born on 21 October 1800.1 She married David Kitzmiller, son of Martin Kitzmiller and Mary Elizabeth DeWald, on 29 November 1821 at Washington Co., TN. Elizabeth Hughes died on 20 June 1888 at Washington Co., TN, at age 87. She was buried in June 1888 at Buffalo Ridge Baptist Church Cemetery, Washington Co., TN, GRAVE STONE:

wife of
Born Oct 21, 1800
Died June 20, 1888
87 y's, 7m's, & 29 days
"Asleep in Jesus."

Children of Elizabeth Hughes and David Kitzmiller


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Elizabeth Myrtle Hughes

F, b. 10 June 1901, d. 6 June 1954
     Elizabeth Myrtle Hughes was born on 10 June 1901 at Oregon. She was the daughter of John Robert Hughes and Gladys Moore. Elizabeth Myrtle Hughes married Michael Tierheimer, no children. Elizabeth Myrtle Hughes died on 6 June 1954 at Los Angeles, Los Angeles Co., CA, at age 52.

Ellenor Reagan Hughes

F, b. 12 December 1802, d. 21 August 1850
     Ellenor Reagan Hughes was born on 12 December 1802 at Virginia. She married Jacob Keller Snapp, son of John Snapp and Mary Magdalene Keller. Ellenor Reagan Hughes died on 21 August 1850 at Sullivan Co., TN, at age 47.

Child of Ellenor Reagan Hughes and Jacob Keller Snapp

Elmer C. Hughes

M, b. 20 June 1897
     Elmer C. Hughes was born on 20 June 1897. He was the son of David Hughes and Lillian Linville. Elmer C. Hughes married Julia Gilbreath on 21 January 1921, no children.

Elsie Hughes

     Elsie Hughes married Thomas Pettit Jr.

Child of Elsie Hughes and Thomas Pettit Jr.

Emily J. Hughes

     Emily J. Hughes married Curtis Pointer, son of Noah Pointer and Hannah Roush, on 2 February 1888 at Marion Co., IA.

Ethel Hughes

F, b. 22 January 1895
     Note: Ethel Hughes found the old song book with the dates of births of the children of Martin and Mary (Dewald) Kitzmiller.

Ethel Hughes was born on 22 January 1895. She was the daughter of David Hughes and Lillian Linville. Ethel Hughes married Jack F. Johnson on 4 November 1923. Ethel Hughes lived at Portland, Multnomah Co., OR.

Evelyn Joyce Hughes

F, b. 8 May 1934, d. 21 March 1990
     Evelyn Joyce Hughes was born on 8 May 1934 at Marengo, Crawford Co., IN. She was the daughter of Mills Hughes and Eschol Eddelman. Evelyn Joyce Hughes married Norman Grant, son of Manfred J. Grant and Opal Sloan, three daughters. Evelyn Joyce Hughes died on 21 March 1990 at Jeffersonville, Clark Co., IN, at age 55.

Fern O. Hughes1

F, b. circa 1910
     Fern O. Hughes was born circa 1910 at Oklahoma.1 She was the daughter of William Hughes and Maud Myrtle Jackson.1


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George G. Hughes

M, b. 1871
     George G. Hughes was born in 1871. He married Della Tallman, daughter of Benjamin Tallman and Nollie Ann Carroll.

Children of George G. Hughes and Della Tallman

George W. Hughes

M, b. 14 November 1863, d. December 1944
     George W. Hughes was born on 14 November 1863. He was the son of James Hughes and Elizabeth Kitzmiller.
Note: Did not marry. George W. Hughes died in December 1944 at Canyonville, Douglas Co., OR, at age 81.

Hannah Hughes1

     Hannah Hughes married John Supplee.1

Child of Hannah Hughes and John Supplee


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Harley Hughes

M, b. 1898, d. 1900
     Harley Hughes was born in 1898. He was the son of George G. Hughes and Della Tallman. Harley Hughes died in 1900.

Harriet Jane Hughes1

F, b. 1824, d. 1897
     Harriet Jane Hughes was born in 1824 at Ohio.1 She married Rev. John Mills Boal on 6 July 1843 at Oxford, Butler Co., OH. Harriet Jane Hughes died in 1897.

Child of Harriet Jane Hughes and Rev. John Mills Boal


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Harriet McCausland Hughes

F, b. 6 July 1869, d. 1946
     Harriet McCausland Hughes married Jacob Worst, son of Isaac Diller Worst and Esther Jane Walker. Harriet McCausland Hughes was born on 6 July 1869. She died in 1946.

Child of Harriet McCausland Hughes and Jacob Worst

Helen M. Hughes

F, b. 1901
     Helen M. Hughes was born in 1901. She was the daughter of George G. Hughes and Della Tallman.

Henry Hughes

M, b. April 1856, d. April 1908
     Henry Hughes was born in April 1856 at Texas 1900 census erroneously shows California birth location.1 He married Dora Alice Clapp, daughter of John Clapp and Mary Luanna Hoover, on 3 September 1907 at Grady Co., OK. Henry Hughes died in April 1908 at Ninnekah, Grady Co., OK. He was buried in 1908 at Ireton, Grady Co., OK.

Child of Henry Hughes and Dora Alice Clapp


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Henry Chester Hughes

M, b. 1836, d. 1894
     Henry Chester Hughes was born in 1836. He married Mary Ann Hall on 25 October 1860 at Catahoula Par., LA. Henry Chester Hughes began military service CSA: Served with his brothers at the Battle of Vicksburg. He died in 1894 at Concordia Par., LA.

Child of Henry Chester Hughes and Mary Ann Hall

Ione Hughes1

     Ione Hughes married Jesse Kern, son of Rev. Franklin P. Kern and Clara Sweed, on 22 March.1

Children of Ione Hughes and Jesse Kern


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Irene Hughes

F, b. 1896
     Irene Hughes was born in 1896. She was the daughter of George G. Hughes and Della Tallman.

James Hughes1

M, b. 19 April 1827, d. 15 December 1915
     James Hughes was born on 19 April 1827 at Sullivan Co., TN. He was the son of Robert Hughes and Elizabeth DeWald. James Hughes married Elizabeth Kitzmiller, daughter of John Kitzmiller and Louisa DeWald, on 30 August 1854 at Washington Co., TN.2 Occupation: Merchant in 1860 at Sullivan Co., TN. James Hughes died on 15 December 1915 at Canyonville, Douglas Co., OR, at age 88.

Children of James Hughes and Elizabeth Kitzmiller


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