Herbert Willoughby Johnstone

M, b. 18 December 1840, d. 4 August 1906
     Herbert Willoughby Johnstone was born on 18 December 1840 at New York. He married Isabella Marriott. Herbert Willoughby Johnstone died on 4 August 1906 at Detroit, Wayne Co., MI, at age 65.
Note: Not found in 1900 census. In 1910 census, daughters Marian and Christina were living with their older sister Adelaide Grant's family. DLB 1914.

Child of Herbert Willoughby Johnstone and Isabella Marriott

Kenneth James Joiner

M, b. 10 August 1903, d. 2 March 1969
     Kenneth James Joiner was born on 10 August 1903 at Illinois. He married Jewell Stone. Kenneth James Joiner died on 2 March 1969 at Riverside Co., CA, at age 65.

Child of Kenneth James Joiner and Jewell Stone

Wilburn Laverne Joiner

M, b. 23 June 1921, d. 4 July 1993
     Wilburn Laverne Joiner was born on 23 June 1921 at Herrin, Williamson Co., IL. He was the son of Kenneth James Joiner and Jewell Stone. Wilburn Laverne Joiner married Joanne Laura Stoll, daughter of Edwin J. Stoll and Margaret B. Williams, Wilbur Joiner appears to have had at least two marriages in the 1940s, in Texas, prior to his marriage to Joanne Stoll. Joanne was first married to Robert L. Artz in 1947, but that marriage appears to have ben quite short. Wilburn Laverne Joiner died on 4 July 1993 at Orlando, Orange Co., FL, at age 72. He was buried in July 1993 at Florida National Cemetery, Bushnell, Sumter Co., FL, Findgrave #3981936.

Alice Virginia Jolliff

F, b. 17 September 1862, d. 28 April 1947
     Alice Virginia Jolliff was born on 17 September 1862 at Centralia, Marion Co., IL. She married Corbin Bronson Miller, son of Harrison Fravel Miller and Catherine F. Miller, after January 1920. Alice Virginia Jolliff died on 28 April 1947 at Clarinda, Page Co., IA, at age 84. She was buried in May 1947 at Oak Grove Cemetery, Clarinda, Page Co., IA, Findagrave #87027419.

Harold Charles Jolliff

M, b. 19 August 1912, d. 31 March 1999
     Harold Charles Jolliff was born on 19 August 1912 at Indianapolis, Marion Co., IN. He married Deloris Cleo Belew on 17 May 1936 at Aurora, Dearborn Co., IN. Harold Charles Jolliff died on 31 March 1999 at Columbus, Bartholomew Co., IN, at age 86. He was buried in April 1999 at Garland Brook Cemetery, Columbus, Bartholomew Co., IN, Findagrave #37879512.

John Jolly

     John Jolly married Anna Starr, daughter of Eli Thompson Starr and Carrie Jefferies, on 28 May 1888.

Melvina Jolly1

F, b. November 1852, d. 1935
     Melvina Jolly was born in November 1852 at Ohio.1 She married William Henry Harrison Hammer circa 1870.1 Melvina Jolly died in 1935 at Washington Court House, Fayette Co., OH. She was buried at Washington Cemetery, Washington Court House, Fayette Co., OH.

Child of Melvina Jolly and William Henry Harrison Hammer


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(?) Jones

     (?) Jones married Cora Edith Munsinger, daughter of Joseph Korah Munsinger and Edith Eleanor Steward, after April 1940.

Abraham Jones

M, b. 1628, d. 25 January 1718
     Abraham Jones was born in 1628. He married Sarah Whitman. Abraham Jones died on 25 January 1718.

Child of Abraham Jones and Sarah Whitman

Ada Jones

F, b. 31 August 1919
     Ada Jones married Stacy Leroy Starr, son of George Washington Starr and Lizzie Annie Leese. Ada Jones was born on 31 August 1919.

Adam H. Jones

M, b. 1866, d. 1957
     Adam H. Jones was also known as "Addie". He was born in 1866. He married Florence A. Mathias, daughter of Frederick Mathias and Susan Miller, on 21 November 1899 at Ogle Co., IL, Adam remarried to Daisy May Green in 1908 at Chicago, and again to Mary J. Evans at Chicago in 1919. Adam H. Jones died in 1957. He was buried in 1957 at Pine Creek Brethren Cemetery, Pine Creek Twp., Ogle Co., IL, Findagrave #90527731.

Albert Clayton Jones

M, b. 14 April 1873, d. 9 August 1939
     Albert Clayton Jones was born on 14 April 1873 at Washington Co., MD. He was the son of Isaac Jones and Katherine Keefauver. Albert Clayton Jones married Susan Hershey Stuff, daughter of John Herbert Stuff and Lydia Hershey, on 20 March 1895 at Woosung, Ogle Co., IL. Albert Clayton Jones died on 9 August 1939 at Illinois at age 66.

Children of Albert Clayton Jones and Susan Hershey Stuff

Alfred Jones1

     Alfred Jones was the son of David Watson Jones and Lavina D. Baugh.1


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Alice Jones

F, b. 7 March 1917
     Alice Jones was born on 7 March 1917 at Auburn, King Co., WA.1 She was the daughter of Clifford L. Jones and Mary J. Davis.


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Alice Jones1

F, b. circa March 1850, d. 12 January 1866
     Alice Jones was born circa March 1850 at North Coventry Twp., Chester Co., PA.1 She was the daughter of David Watson Jones and Lavina D. Baugh.1 Alice Jones died on 12 January 1866.2


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Alletha Drucilla Jones

F, b. 10 March 1910, d. 13 March 1985
     Alletha Drucilla Jones was born on 10 March 1910 at Kingsville, Nueces (now Kleberg) Co., TX. She was the daughter of Cyril Harry Jones and Mabelle H. Keene. Alletha Drucilla Jones married Herbert Edward Stump, son of Edward Oscar Stump and Jesse Elizabeth Denham, on 6 September 1929 at Houston, Harris Co., TX. Alletha Drucilla Jones died on 13 March 1985 at Houston, Harris Co., TX, at age 75. She was buried in March 1985 at Woodlawn Cemetery, Houston, Harris Co., TX.

Child of Alletha Drucilla Jones and Herbert Edward Stump

Alpharetta Jones1

F, b. February 1868, d. 28 April 1959
     Alpharetta Jones was also known as "Loretta".2 She was born in February 1868 at Ohio.2 She was the daughter of Austin P. Jones and Angeline Hines.2 Alpharetta Jones married Robert M. Bishop, son of Henry R. Bishop and Maria J. Wendell, on 29 May 1887 at Ross Co., OH, Four children born, all living as of 1900 census.2 Alpharetta Jones died on 28 April 1959 at age 91. She was buried in 1959 at Hallsville Cemetery, Hallsville, Ross Co., OH, Findagrave #39133382.

Children of Alpharetta Jones and Robert M. Bishop


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Amanda E. Jones

     Amanda E. Jones married Daniel M. Ballinger on 12 January 1883 at Shelby Co., IN.

Child of Amanda E. Jones and Daniel M. Ballinger

Andrew Mack Jones

M, b. March 1876, d. 14 February 1937
     Andrew Mack Jones was born in March 1876 at Kentucky or 27 MAY 1875 per online genealogy.1 He married Mary Catherine Lee on 24 January 1896 at Knox Co., KY. Andrew Mack Jones died on 14 February 1937 at Whitley Co., KY, at age 60.

Child of Andrew Mack Jones and Mary Catherine Lee


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Anice G. Jones

F, b. 1851, d. 1938
     Anice G. Jones was born in 1851. She married William H. Robertson, son of Alexander Robertson and Nancy Hart, on 24 December 1877 at Martin Co., IN, Four children to this marriage. Anice G. Jones died in 1938.

Ann Jones

F, b. 22 May 1841, d. 28 November 1904
     Ann Jones was born on 22 May 1841. She was the daughter of Evan Jones and Elizabeth Powell. Ann Jones married Harry Buckland, son of William Buckland and Anna Lewis, on 7 September 1880 at Licking Co., OH, Ceremony by Rev. D. E. Owen. Ann Jones died on 28 November 1904 at Licking Co., OH, at age 63.

Anna Jones

     Anna Jones married Joseph Hobbs.

Child of Anna Jones and Joseph Hobbs

Anna Jones

F, b. 1854, d. 1935
     Anna Jones was born in 1854. She married William Bovey on 21 October 1873 at Ogle Co., IL. Anna Jones died in 1935. She was buried in 1935 at Evergreen Cemetery, Polo, Ogle Co., IL, Findagrave #13732325.

Child of Anna Jones and William Bovey

Anna Janet Jones

F, b. 9 October 1875, d. 19 December 1958
     Anna Janet Jones was born on 9 October 1875 at Adelphia, Ross Co., OH. She was the daughter of William Gilmore Jones and Hulda Amm Condon.1 Anna Janet Jones married Dr. John Charles Stover, son of Theophilus Stover and Hannah Caroline Goss, on 10 March 1903 at Ross Co., OH. Anna Janet Jones died on 19 December 1958 at Worthington, Franklin Co., OH, at age 83. She was buried in December 1958 at Forest Rose Cemetery, Lancaster, Fairfield Co., OH, Findagrave #22995670.

Child of Anna Janet Jones and Dr. John Charles Stover


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Anna Laura Jones1

F, b. circa 1878
     Anna Laura Jones was born circa 1878 at Iuka, Marion Co., IL.1 She was the daughter of Thomas J. B. Jones and Elizabeth Faudree.1


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Annie Jones

F, b. 30 July 1869, d. 30 July 1950
     Annie Jones was born on 30 July 1869. She married James Martin Starr, son of William Norton Starr and Arebella Polson, on 15 December 1899. Annie Jones died on 30 July 1950 at Eldorado Springs, Cedar Co., MO, at age 81.

Annie E. Jones

F, b. circa 1837
     Annie E. Jones was born circa 1837. She was the daughter of Dr. Aquilla Jones and Caroline Amanda Dawson. Annie E. Jones married Alvin Thayer Henton, son of Dr. James Henton and Eliza Pope Dawson, in November 1879 at Covington, Kenton Co., KY, no children.

Dr. Aquilla Jones

M, b. 12 April 1807, d. 2 September 1885
     Dr. Aquilla Jones was born on 12 April 1807 at Bean Station, Grainger Co., TN. He married Caroline Amanda Dawson, daughter of Benjamin Dawson and Anne Pope, in 1830. Dr. Aquilla Jones died on 2 September 1885 at age 78. He was buried in September 1885 at Sugar Grove Cemetery, Wilmington, Clinton Co., OH, Findagrave #112114626.

Child of Dr. Aquilla Jones and Caroline Amanda Dawson

Arnold Jones1

     Arnold Jones married Jennie Black.1

Child of Arnold Jones and Jennie Black


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Arthur Jones1

M, b. 3 October 1877
     Arthur Jones was born on 3 October 1877.1 He was the son of Isaac L. Jones and Catharine L. Jacobs.1 Arthur Jones lived at 2949 North 12th Street, Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., PA.1


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