Winona Jone Kosnopfal

F, b. 1921, d. 17 February 1965
     Winona Jone Kosnopfal was born in 1921 at DeWitt, Clinton Co., IA, per the Winneshiek County marriage record, which says she would turn 19 at her next birthday. The date of the ceremony was omitted from the marriage record, but it was recorded on 6 JAN 1940. Assuming the ceremony was in the preceding week or two, she would have turned 19 in the year 1940, making her birth year 1921. DLB 2020. She was the daughter of Jacob Marks Kanneberg and Ethel D. Hulbert. Winona Jone Kosnopfal married Leroy Hire Fuller, son of William Harry Fuller and Vea Belle Hire, circa January 1940 at Decorah, Winneshiek Co., IA, The marriage record omitted the date of the ceremony, but it was recorded in Winneshiek County on 6 JAN 1940. Leroy's parents were witnesses. DLB 2020. Winona Jone Kosnopfal died on 17 February 1965 at University Hospitals, Iowa City, Johnson Co., IA,

Obituary -- Quad-City Times, Davenport, Iowa; Friday, 19 FEB 1965, p.10 (


Funeral services for Mrs. LeRoy Fuller, 42, of McCausland, will be at 1 p.m. Saturday in McCausland Methodist Church.

Burial will be in McCausland Cemetery.

Visitation will be until 11 a.m. Saturday in the McGinnis Chapel, DeWitt.

Mrs. Fuller died Wednesday in University Hospitals, Iowa City, after a six-week illness.

Among the survivors are her husband; four sons, Rodney, Robert, Thomas, and Dennis, all at home; her mother, and four sisters.

She was buried in February 1965 at McCausland Cemetery, McCausland, Scott Co., IA, Findagrave #51967187.

Adam Kost

M, b. 6 February 1691
     Note: Early Cost genealogy from Shaw Family Tree, prepared by James Shaw, online at

Adam Kost was born on 6 February 1691 at Bittelbronn / Haigerloch, Württemberg, Germany. He married Elisabetha Sybilla Schäfer on 25 October 1711 at Bittelbronn / Haigerloch, Württemberg, Germany.

Child of Adam Kost and Elisabetha Sybilla Schäfer

Anna Barbara Kost

F, b. 12 August 1749, d. 3 January 1816
     Anna Barbara Kost was born on 12 August 1749 at Washington Co., MD. She married John Samuel Baker in November 1774 at Frederick Co., MD. Anna Barbara Kost died on 3 January 1816 at Keedysville, Washington Co., MD, at age 66. She was buried in January 1816 at B. F. Baker Farm Graveyard, Keedysville, Washington Co., MD.

Children of Anna Barbara Kost and John Samuel Baker

Arlis Daniel Kost

M, b. 13 July 1925, d. 26 June 1978
     Arlis Daniel Kost was born on 13 July 1925. He was buried in 1978 at Cedar Hill Cemetery, Corydon, Harrison Co., IN. Cause of death: in 1978 Heart attack. He died on 26 June 1978 at age 52.

Elfriede Kost

F, b. 11 February 1924
     Elfriede Kost was born on 11 February 1924. She married Dr. Erich Teuscher, son of Heinrich Teuscher and Rosa Simon, on 9 May 1944 at Böckingen, Germany.

Johann Heinrich Kost

M, b. 25 June 1721, d. 1763
     Johann Heinrich Kost was born on 25 June 1721 at Bittelbronn, Wüttemberg, Germany. He was the son of Adam Kost and Elisabetha Sybilla Schäfer. Johann Heinrich Kost married Catherina (?) circa 1746 at Frederick Co. (probably), MD. Johann Heinrich Kost died in 1763 at Maryland (probably).

Children of Johann Heinrich Kost and Catherina (?)

Ruth Olive Kost

F, b. 28 December 1924, d. 6 December 2012
     Ruth Olive Kost was born on 28 December 1924 at Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., PA; daughter of Robert W. and Olive Ruth (Robinson) Kost. She married Robert Lee Ott, son of Homer Herby Ott and Mabel Morrison, on 28 December 1946 at Wake Co., NC. Ruth Olive Kost died on 6 December 2012 at Raleigh, Wake Co., NC, at age 87. She was buried in December 2012 at Montlawn Memorial Park, Raleigh, Wake Co., NC, Findagrave #102168700.

Albert William Kostal

M, b. 14 August 1932, d. 17 August 1979
     Albert William Kostal was born on 14 August 1932. He married Wilma Lorraine Stilley, daughter of Frank C. Stilley and Armilda Marie Knickerbocker, on 3 June 1952. Albert William Kostal died on 17 August 1979 at age 47.

Children of Albert William Kostal and Wilma Lorraine Stilley

Rebecca Carol Kostal

F, b. 7 December 1957, d. 14 March 2000
     Rebecca Carol Kostal was born on 7 December 1957. She was the daughter of Albert William Kostal and Wilma Lorraine Stilley. Rebecca Carol Kostal died on 14 March 2000 at age 42.

Richard Dean Kostal

M, b. 10 September 1953, d. 31 January 1994
     Richard Dean Kostal was born on 10 September 1953. He was the son of Albert William Kostal and Wilma Lorraine Stilley. Richard Dean Kostal died on 31 January 1994 at age 40.

Terry Allen Kostal

M, b. 17 January 1955, d. 5 November 2007
     Terry Allen Kostal was born on 17 January 1955. He was the son of Albert William Kostal and Wilma Lorraine Stilley. Terry Allen Kostal died on 5 November 2007 at Denver, Denver Co., CO, at age 52. Cause of death: Cirrhosis of the liver.

William David Kostal

M, b. 30 January 1959, d. 13 March 2003
     Note: Married, 2 sons. William David Kostal was born on 30 January 1959. He was the son of Albert William Kostal and Wilma Lorraine Stilley. William David Kostal died on 13 March 2003 at Lafayette, Boulder Co., CO, at age 44 per SSDI.

Katherine Koster

F, b. 28 October 1906, d. 1 October 2002
     Katherine Koster was born on 28 October 1906 at Charles Mix Co., SD. She married Howard Carlyle Wilcox, son of James Herbert Wilcox and Clara Elva Badger, on 10 November 1937 at Wahkiakum Co., WA. Katherine Koster died on 1 October 2002 at Salem, Marion Co., OR, at age 95.

Elizabeth Kostichek1

F, b. 28 September 1869, d. 16 April 1960
     Elizabeth Kostichek was also known as "Lizzie".1 She was born on 28 September 1869 at Bohemia.1 She married Michael Zaruba on 20 January 1890. Elizabeth Kostichek died on 16 April 1960 at Hale Twp., Jones Co., IA, at age 90.

Child of Elizabeth Kostichek and Michael Zaruba


  1. [S186] 1900 Federal Census, Jones County, Iowa. Microfilm Image, NARA Series T623, Roll 440; FHL #1240440.

Hannah Kotarba

     Hannah Kotarba married Joseph Kulick.

Child of Hannah Kotarba and Joseph Kulick

Gladys Irene Kothe

F, b. 24 June 1904, d. 12 May 1985
     Gladys Irene Kothe was born on 24 June 1904 at Plankington, SD. She was the daughter of John Kohl Kothe and Emma Walworth. Gladys Irene Kothe married Edwin Guy Munsinger, son of Guy Edwin Munsinger and Sarah Esbelle Meek, on 29 November 1922 at Glenrock, Converse Co., WY. Gladys Irene Kothe was buried in 1985 at Glenrock, Converse Co., WY. She died on 12 May 1985 at Malta, Phillips Co., MT, at age 80.

Children of Gladys Irene Kothe and Edwin Guy Munsinger

John Kohl Kothe

     John Kohl Kothe married Emma Walworth.

Child of John Kohl Kothe and Emma Walworth

Augustus Kotts1

M, b. March 1857, d. 19 October 1935
     Augustus Kotts was born in March 1857 at Michigan.1 He married Ida Jane Hooton circa 1882.1 Augustus Kotts died on 19 October 1935 at Clinton, Lenawee Co., MI, at age 78.

Child of Augustus Kotts and Ida Jane Hooton


  1. [S3025] 1900 Federal Census, Lenawee County, Michigan. Microfilm Image, NARA Series T623, Roll 725; FHL #1240725.

Mabel Kotts

F, b. 5 March 1885, d. 2 November 1983
     Mabel Kotts was born on 5 March 1885 at Lenawee Co. (probably), MI.1 She was the daughter of Augustus Kotts and Ida Jane Hooton.1 Mabel Kotts married Elmer Ellsworth Mellon, son of William Boyd Mellon and Mary Isabelle Haines, on 9 September 1903 at Adrian, Lenawee Co., MI, No children. Mabel Kotts died on 2 November 1983 at Adrian, Lenawee Co., MI, at age 98. She was buried in November 1983 at Riverside Cemetery, Clinton, Lenawee Co., MI, Findagrave #78225700.


  1. [S3025] 1900 Federal Census, Lenawee County, Michigan. Microfilm Image, NARA Series T623, Roll 725; FHL #1240725.

Minna H. Kottwitz1

F, b. 4 November 1893, d. 6 May 1955
     Minna H. Kottwitz was born on 4 November 1893 at Nebraska.1 She married John H. Sommerfeld. Minna H. Kottwitz died on 6 May 1955 at age 61.

Child of Minna H. Kottwitz and John H. Sommerfeld


  1. [S5073] 1930 Federal Census, Webster County, Nebraska. Microfilm Image, NARA Series T626, Roll 1295; FHL #2341030.

Richard Lee Kouts

M, b. 8 April 1949, d. 15 July 2001
     Richard Lee Kouts was born on 8 April 1949 at Dayton, Montgomery Co., OH; son of Francis and Jeanette (Hamm) Kouts. He began military service Vietnam War service, U.S. Army. He married Denise Michele Filbrun, daughter of Richard Leroy Filbrun, on 6 November 1983 at Logan Co., OH. Richard Lee Kouts and Denise Michele Filbrun were divorced on 16 December 1988 at Logan Co., OH. Richard Lee Kouts died on 15 July 2001 at age 52.

Emma Louise Kovalik

F, b. 12 July 1912, d. 22 September 2006
     Emma Louise Kovalik was born on 12 July 1912. She married John Joseph in 1934 at Brooke Co., WV. Emma Louise Kovalik died on 22 September 2006 at Allegheny Co., PA, at age 94 per SSDI, last residence Homestead.

Child of Emma Louise Kovalik and John Joseph

Emelia Kowalski

F, b. 2 September 1866, d. 12 February 1919
     Emelia Kowalski was born on 2 September 1866 at Germany.1 She married Charles Rolf on 5 April 1892 at Ohio Co., WV. Emelia Kowalski died on 12 February 1919 at Wheeling, Ohio Co., WV, at age 52. She was buried in February 1919 at Mount Zion Cemetery, Wheeling, Ohio Co., WV, Findagrave #127157995.

Child of Emelia Kowalski and Charles Rolf


  1. [S4709] 1900 Federal Census, Ohio County, West Virginia. Microfilm Image, NARA Series T623, Rolls 1768-69; FHL #1241768-69.

Rev. Charles Henry Koyl1

M, b. 15 March 1850, d. 18 April 1898
     Rev. Charles Henry Koyl was born on 15 March 1850 at Missouri. He married Caroline K. Emigh, four children (George, Charles, Helen, and Caroline) born to this marriage, first two in Wyoming, last two in Colorado.1 Rev. Charles Henry Koyl died on 18 April 1898 at Colorado at age 48. He was buried in April 1898 at Fairmount Cemetery, Denver, Denver Co., CO, Findagrave #13466793.


  1. [S1008] 1900 Federal Census, Arapahoe County, Colorado. Microfilm Image, NARA Series T623, Rolls 117-121; FHL #1240117-121.

Rita Pauline Kozlowski

F, b. 30 March 1922, d. 29 November 2012
     Rita Pauline Kozlowski was born on 30 March 1922 at Detroit, Wayne Co., MI; daughter of Albert Roman and Pauline B. (Wesniewski) Kozlowski. She married Robert James Stauffer, son of Herbert Sumner Stauffer and Harriet Weaver, in 1947. Rita Pauline Kozlowski died on 29 November 2012 at age 90. She was buried in December 2012 at Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Deteroit, Wayne Co., MI, Findagrave #211664576.

Andreas Kraemer

     Andreas Kraemer married Magdalena Birckel.

Child of Andreas Kraemer and Magdalena Birckel

Elizabeth Kraemer

F, b. 4 January 1769, d. 11 August 1865
     Elizabeth Kraemer was born on 4 January 1769 at Bethel Twp. (probably), Berks Co., PA, Birth date calculated from headstone inscription "96y, 7m, 7d." She was the daughter of Johannes Kraemer and Anna Margaret Gebhart. Elizabeth Kraemer married Johann George Gebhart, son of Johann George Philip Gebhart and Johanna Magdalena Lebo, on 19 November 1793 at Stouchsburg, Berks Co., PA. Elizabeth Kraemer died on 11 August 1865 at Miami Twp., Montgomery Co., OH, at age 96.

Children of Elizabeth Kraemer and Johann George Gebhart

Johannes Kraemer

     Johannes Kraemer was the son of Andreas Kraemer and Magdalena Birckel. Johannes Kraemer married Anna Margaret Gebhart, daughter of Johan Nicholas (Nickel) Gebhart and Anna Catharina Schneider, on 19 December 1762 at Bethel Twp., Berks Co., PA.

Child of Johannes Kraemer and Anna Margaret Gebhart

Barbara Kraft

F, b. 13 June 1934, d. 7 March 1974
     Barbara Kraft was born on 13 June 1934 at Hamilton Co., OH.1 She was the daughter of Paul Henry Kraft Sr. and Ruth K. Crouse.1 Barbara Kraft married Raymond Clarence Schott, son of Clarence Walter Schott and June Eunice Harrison. Barbara Kraft died on 7 March 1974 at 10052 Crusader Drive, Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., OH, at age 39.


  1. [S2775] 1940 Federal Census, Hamilton County, Ohio. Microfilm Image, NARA Series T627, Roll 3195.

Bessie Kraft1

F, b. 19 October 1877
     Bessie Kraft was born on 19 October 1877.1 She was the daughter of H. W. Kraft.1 Bessie Kraft married Henry D. Price, son of John H. Price and Mary D. Detwiler, in December 1898, Ceremony by Rev. William Grater.1

Children of Bessie Kraft and Henry D. Price


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