Manoah S. Martin Jr.1

M, b. 27 November 1834, d. 7 February 1899
     Manoah S. Martin Jr. was born on 27 November 1834 at Jessamine Co., KY.1 He married Adelia Amanda Motsinger on 22 January 1878 at Washington Co., IN. Manoah S. Martin Jr. died on 7 February 1899 at Washington Co., IN, at age 64. He was buried in February 1899 at Conway Cemetery, Washington Co., IN, Findagrave #42030716.

Child of Manoah S. Martin Jr. and Adelia Amanda Motsinger


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Margaret Martin

F, b. 1820, d. 1857
     Margaret Martin was born in 1820 at Rappahannock Co., VA. She was the daughter of Patrick Martin and Cynthia (?) Margaret Martin married Benjamin Starr Nutter, son of John Hickman Nutter and Sarah Ann Starr, on 21 May 1840. Margaret Martin died in 1857 at Hocking Co., OH.

Children of Margaret Martin and Benjamin Starr Nutter

Margaret Martin

     Margaret Martin was the daughter of Henry Martin. Margaret Martin married Jacob Stauffer, son of Mathias Stauffer and Anne Oberholtzer, circa 1760 at Lancaster Co., PA.

Child of Margaret Martin and Jacob Stauffer

Margaret Martin

F, b. circa 1848
     Margaret Martin was born circa 1848 at Tennessee.1 She married Benjamin Keys.

Child of Margaret Martin and Benjamin Keys


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Margaret Ann Martin1

F, b. 25 December 1841, d. 7 May 1912
     Margaret Ann Martin was born on 25 December 1841 at Ohio.1 She married George Wheeler.1 Margaret Ann Martin died on 7 May 1912 at Armstrong Cemetery, Quincy, Logan Co., OH, at age 70 Find A Grave Memorial# 21479845.

Child of Margaret Ann Martin and George Wheeler


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Margaret R. Martin

F, b. November 1884
     Margaret R. Martin was born in November 1884 at Washington Co. (probably), TN.1 She was the daughter of William Kenneth Martin and Ada Jane Rankin. Margaret R. Martin married William H. Bostwick circa 1905.2

Children of Margaret R. Martin and William H. Bostwick


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Margarete Martin

     Margarete Martin married Ottomar Singer.

Child of Margarete Martin and Ottomar Singer

Margery Susan Martin

F, b. 17 August 1943, d. 10 October 2008
     Margery Susan Martin was born on 17 August 1943. She was the daughter of Harold Lester Martin and Bessie Higbee. Margery Susan Martin lived in 1996 at Lenexa, Johnson Co., KS, per her father's obituary. She lived between 1993 and 2008 at Shawnee Mission, Johnson Co., KS. She died on 10 October 2008 at Johnson Co., KS, at age 65.

Marian A. Martin

F, b. 7 April 1924
     Marian A. Martin was born on 7 April 1924 at West Fairview, Cumberland Co., PA.1 She was the daughter of Edwin O. Martin and Ruth Morgan.


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Martha Jane Martin

     Martha Jane Martin married Thomas Nutter, son of John Hickman Nutter and Sarah Ann Starr, on 15 June 1843 at Hocking Co., OH. Martha Jane Martin lived in June 1880 at New Straightsville, Perry Co., OH.1

Children of Martha Jane Martin and Thomas Nutter


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Martin Howard Martin

M, b. 2 July 1916
     Martin Howard Martin was born on 2 July 1916 at Lubbock, Lubbock Co., TX. He was the son of Ronald Hilton Martin and Mary Emily Gillmore. Martin Howard Martin married Billie Alexander Macha, daughter of Alex Macha and Willie Era Conklin, on 18 September 1933 at Olton, Lamb Co., TX. Occupation: Superintendent of Martin Baking Company, Lubbock, Texas; Senior Vice President, H. E. Butt Grocery Company, Corpus Christi, Texas; salesman for the Red Star Yeast Company, Dallas, Texas & Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Martin Howard Martin was baptized on 12 August 1952 at First Baptist Church, Corpus Christi, Nueces Co., TX.

Mary Martin

     Mary Martin married Jesse Mullins.

Child of Mary Martin and Jesse Mullins

Mary Martin

F, b. 26 May 1792, d. 1860
     Mary Martin was also known as "Polly". She was born on 26 May 1792 at Charles Co., VA. She married John Hogan. Mary Martin died in 1860 at Hardin Co., KY.

Child of Mary Martin and John Hogan

Mary Ann Martin1

F, b. circa 1836
     Mary Ann Martin was born circa 1836 at Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., PA. She married Isaac Yost, son of Alexander Yost and Katharine Schlichter, on 26 January 1864 at Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., PA.1


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Mary E. Martin

F, b. 29 November 1831, d. 9 May 1881
     Mary E. Martin was born on 29 November 1831.1 She was the daughter of Henry Franklin Martin and Mary Ann Boone. Mary E. Martin married Thomas Jefferson Forgey. Mary E. Martin died on 9 May 1881 at age 49. She was buried in May 1881 at Greenwood Cemetery, Clarksville, Pike Co., MO, Findagrave #101527606.

Children of Mary E. Martin and Thomas Jefferson Forgey


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Mary Irene Martin

     Mary Irene Martin married Alonzo Johnson.

Child of Mary Irene Martin and Alonzo Johnson

Mary K. Martin1

F, b. January 1894
     Mary K. Martin was born in January 1894 at Washington Co., MD.1 She was the daughter of Clifford P. Martin and Mollie E. (?)1


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Mary Louise Martin1

F, b. circa October 1909, d. 1971
     Mary Louise Martin was born circa October 1909 at Washington Co., TN.1 She was the daughter of John Sevier Martin and Mary Ellen Keefauver.1 Mary Louise Martin married Ollie Calvin Woodruff circa 1927.2 Mary Louise Martin died in 1971 at Washington Co., TN. She was buried in 1971 at New Victory UMC Cemetery, Telford, Washington Co., TN, Find A Grave Memorial# 148607355.

Children of Mary Louise Martin and Ollie Calvin Woodruff


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Matie F. Martin

F, b. 28 July 1895, d. 14 October 1995
     Matie F. Martin was born on 28 July 1895. She married Walter S. Hoover. Matie F. Martin died on 14 October 1995 at age 100. She was buried in October 1995 at Green Hill Cemetery, Waynesboro, Franklin Co., PA, Findagrave #49560944.

Child of Matie F. Martin and Walter S. Hoover

Maude P. Martin

     Maude P. Martin was the daughter of Charles W. Martin and Sarah Frances Bear.

Maude Peggy Martin

F, b. 1 January 1912, d. 1986
     Maude Peggy Martin was born on 1 January 1912 at Floyd Co. (probably), IN. She was the daughter of Robert William Martin and Wilhelmina Hager Windell. Maude Peggy Martin married Truman Whitt McCabe before April 1940. Maude Peggy Martin lived in April 1940 at 965 Hill Street Southeast, Atlanta, Fulton Co., GA. She died in 1986 at Palmetto, Fulton Co., GA.

Maxine Marilyn Martin

F, b. 19 January 1924
     Maxine Marilyn Martin was born on 19 January 1924 at St. Edward, Boone Co., NE. She married Wayne Dwight Young, son of Dwight Kingsley Young and Ella Marie Maahs, on 4 April 1948.

Morton J. Martin1

M, b. 15 March 1864, d. March 1942
     Morton J. Martin was born on 15 March 1864 at Indiana per death certificate.1 He married Bertha M. McCollum on 12 April 1899 at Adams Co., IN. Morton J. Martin died in March 1942 at P.O. Geneva, Adams Co., IN.

Child of Morton J. Martin and Bertha M. McCollum


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Nannie Elizabeth Martin

F, b. 18 December 1932, d. March 1987
     Nannie Elizabeth Martin was born on 18 December 1932. She married Arthur L. Jamison, son of Lester Olen Jamison and Eula Kennedy, in 1948 at Durant, Bryan Co., OK. Nannie Elizabeth Martin died in March 1987 at Bryan Co., OK, at age 54 Dates per SSDI, last residence Bokchito. She was buried in 1987 at Highland Cemetery, Durant, Bryan Co., OK, Find A Grave Memorial# 96660813.

Naomi Abigail Martin

F, b. 4 July 1873, d. 23 June 1948
     Naomi Abigail Martin was born on 4 July 1873. She married William Grant Peoples, son of William Peoples and Elizabeth Temple. Naomi Abigail Martin died on 23 June 1948 at age 74

Obituary -- (

Mrs. Naomi Alloway Dies in Kimbolton - Mrs. Naomi Martin Alloway, the widow of William Alloway, who died in 1941, passed away at her home in Kimbolton Wednesday, June 23. She was born July 4, 1873 at Hopewell, a daughter of David and Sarah Anker Martin. Surviving are the following children, Ellis and Floyd Alloway and Mrs. William Callahan of Cambride; Mrs. Charles Rose, Kimbolton; Mrs. Harry Forsythe, Granville; Miss Inez Alloway, William R. Alloway and Mrs. Laura Casterline of the home; 25 grandchildren; 6 great-grandchildren, one brother, Noah G. Martin of Cambridge R. D. Funeral services were held Saturday at 2 p.m. from the Methodist church at Kimbolton conducted by Rev. Raymond Lyons and Rev. R. B. Johnson of Cambridge and burial was made in the Kimbolton cemetery.

She was buried in June 1948 at Kimbolton Cemetery, Kimbolton, Guernsey Co., OH, Findagrave #28501005.

Nellie Irene Martin

F, b. 15 June 1910, d. February 1987
     Nellie Irene Martin was born on 15 June 1910 at New Albany, Floyd Co., IN, Death records show 1909 birth date, but Wilhelmina and her husband are listed in the 1910 census, living with Wilhelmina's parents, and the information indicates no children born to Wilhelmina as of that date. She was the daughter of Robert William Martin and Wilhelmina Hager Windell. Nellie Irene Martin married Newton Elmer Pittman, son of Elmond Newton Pittman and Eunice (?), on 22 January 1929 at Fulton Co., GA. Nellie Irene Martin died in February 1987 at Decatur, DeKalb Co., GA, at age 76.

Children of Nellie Irene Martin and Newton Elmer Pittman


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Odes Martin

M, b. 26 October 1921, d. 24 July 1994
     Odes Martin was born on 26 October 1921. He died on 24 July 1994 at age 72.

Ollie Jane Martin

F, b. 22 January 1926, d. 11 July 2009
     Ollie Jane Martin was born on 22 January 1926. She married Billie Hiram Mitchell on 16 January 1946 at Nueces Co., TX, license date. Ollie Jane Martin died on 11 July 2009 at age 83. She was buried in July 2009 at Stockdale Cemetery, Stockdale, Wilson Co., TX, Findagrave #81686106.

Child of Ollie Jane Martin and Billie Hiram Mitchell

Patricia Lee Martin

F, b. 10 August 1927, d. 13 November 2014
     Patricia Lee Martin was born on 10 August 1927. She married Warren Harding Dell, son of John Gloyed Dell and Clara Emma Semler, on 3 November 1952 at Greene Co., OH. Patricia Lee Martin died on 13 November 2014 at age 87

Obituary -- (

Patricia “Pat” Martin Dell died peacefully at home on Thursday, Nov. 13, from complications following a courageous battle with Parkinson’s disease. She was 87.

Born Aug. 10, 1927, Pat spent her childhood in Detroit, Mich. and Warren, Ohio, before attending Grier School for Girls, nestled in the heart of the Alleghenies. Pat cherished her time as a “Grier girl,” making lifelong friends, enjoying field hockey and horseback riding, attending her first college football game at nearby Penn State, serving as class poet and winning several academic prizes.

Pat came to Yellow Springs in 1945 to attend Antioch College as a literature and English major. When the lonely freshman found Antioch less friendly and familiar than Grier, she would go to Kelly Hall and sing her heart out. She had a beautiful, classically trained voice, and had at one time seriously considered a career in music. (Pat told her niece just recently that one of her most thrilling life experiences had been singing Bach’s “St. Matthew’s Passion” in Kelly Hall under the direction of Andrew Apostle.) After becoming involved in campus musicals, in which she had several lead roles, and meeting Warren Dell, a “townie” and the love of her life, she found her place on campus, and said years later that Antioch had been very good for her. The college co-op program took her to New York City, where she worked for Mademoiselle magazine. She loved to “walk a city,” which she claimed was the only way to really get to know it. Her family never got tired of hearing her New York stories, especially the one about eating three 5-cent vegetables from the automat for dinner so that she’d have enough money to go to The Met, and stand at the back in her highest heels to watch the operas. Thanks to the co-op program, which she thought was one of the best parts of Antioch, she discovered that she didn’t want to continue in her chosen major. She switched to early childhood education her junior year and graduated in 1950.

“Miss Pat” was a born teacher. Her career began at the Antioch Nursery School in Day House, where she later became director, and continued until her long-awaited daughter Camden (Cammy) was born in 1962. She returned to teaching in 1969 as a kindergarten teacher at Mills Lawn Elementary and stayed until 1977, when she accepted the nursery position at the Antioch School.

Pat had great respect for, and trust in, young people. She adored teaching three and four year olds. As a voracious reader and a musician herself, literature and music were an important part of what she shared with her students. She knew that young children learned best through play, so her schoolroom was filled with well-chosen equipment that provided unlimited opportunities for growth. Former students fondly remember the entire class being invited to her wedding to Warren in 1952 (and eventually playing dress-up in her wedding gown and shoes!), holding piglets from the farm, and end-of–the-year picnics there that included tractor rides with Warren. An authority in early childhood education, Pat mentored many student teachers from Antioch College, spoke at NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children) conferences, and penned many articles. She shared her knowledge with many families and always knew just the right books to recommend for young readers. Pat retired from teaching in 1989, and her career was celebrated on the front page of the Yellow Springs News.

As important as it was to her to have a career, family life always came first. Pat was a wonderful, loving, fun, supportive parent, and when her grandson Daniel (Danny) was born in 1997, no one enjoyed being a grandmother more. Pat absolutely adored him, and was so proud of his many accomplishments, especially in music. She was most proud, however, of the kind of human being he is.

After living in town in a house that Warren built himself, Pat and Warren restored an old log cabin on a 45 acre farm at the end of Bryan Park Road. They did most of the work themselves, coming home during lunch breaks to stain kitchen cabinets, and burning an outhouse every weekend until they were all gone. Their inviting farmhouse was the center of their lives for over 50 years, and they hosted their niece’s wedding, their daughter and son-in-law Jim’s wedding reception, class reunions, performances, family holidays and wonderful parties. Cammy, her three dearest cousins, and many friends relished playing and growing up on the farm.

Pat appreciated beauty, and took great pleasure in decorating, entertaining and cooking well. As much as she enjoyed people, she needed lots of “alone time,” which unfortunately had to be limited as her illness progressed. Pat was genuine, unassuming, down-to-earth, classy and sophisticated all at the same time. She and Warren made a stunning couple and enjoyed traveling, dancing, attending concerts and spending their days together until Warren’s death in 2007. Diminished but not defeated by Parkinson’s disease, Pat’s essence shone through to the very end. Cammy wonders if her mother had any idea how much she was loved, respected and treasured, and how much her presence was valued by others. In addition to her daughter’s family and adoring nieces, Pat was cared for with respect and affection by Hospice of the Miami Valley, Senior Helpers, Lynn Adams of Home Buddies Homecare, Mary Claire Greco, Cecilia Kimball and Lisa Crosby.

Pat was the daughter of Harold and Dorothy Long Martin, and sister to Marjorie (Marj) Martin Carlson, all deceased.

A memorial service will be held Monday, Nov. 24, at 3 p.m., at the Yellow Springs United Methodist Church, followed by a celebration of her life in her daughter’s home. Friends and family will have the opportunity to share memories of Pat during the service.

Contributions in Pat’s name can be made to Hospice of the Miami Valley; Scholarships for Antioch School Nursery Families; The Gardner Center for Parkinson’s Research at PO Box 670570, Cincinnati, OH 45267-0570; Antioch College or the Greene County Council on Aging.

By Yellow Springs News Staff Published: November 20, 2014.

She was buried in November 2014 at Glen Forest Cemetery, Yellow Springs, Greene Co., OH, Findagrave #181642340.

Patrick Martin

     Patrick Martin married Cynthia (?).

Child of Patrick Martin and Cynthia (?)