George Lewis Martin

M, b. 1882, d. 27 April 1954
     George Lewis Martin was born in 1882 at Badger, Humboldt Co., IA. He married Anna Helvik on 9 April 1907 at Thor, Humboldt Co., IA. George Lewis Martin died on 27 April 1954 at McAllen, Hidalgo Co., TX.

Child of George Lewis Martin and Anna Helvik

Gladys L. Martin

F, b. 20 October 1913, d. 8 December 1992
     Gladys L. Martin was born on 20 October 1913 at Lincoln Co., KY. She married Walter Mattingly. Gladys L. Martin died on 8 December 1992 at Dayton, Montgomery Co., OH, at age 79. She was buried in December 1992 at Dayton Memorial Park Cemetery, Dayton, Montgomery Co., OH, Findagrave #73932251.

Glen E. Martin1

M, b. circa February 1926
     Glen E. Martin was born circa February 1926 at Washington Co. (probably), IN.1 He was the son of Tony Lee Martin and Mona Gale Anderson.1


  1. [S2167] 1930 Federal Census, Washington County, Indiana. Microfilm Image, NARA Series T626, Roll 631; FHL #2340366.

Gwendolyn Martin

     Gwendolyn Martin married Walter Brumley.

Harold Martin1

M, b. circa 1914
     Harold Martin was born circa 1914 at Logan Co., IL.1 He was the son of William. D. Martin and Ida May Thomas.1


  1. [S3619] 1920 Federal Census, Nelson County, North Dakota. Microfilm Image, NARA Series T625, Roll 1337.

Harold Frederick Martin

M, b. 8 November 1907, d. 22 October 1975
     Harold Frederick Martin was born on 8 November 1907 at Findlay, Hancock Co., OH. He married Mabel O. Bennett. Harold Frederick Martin died on 22 October 1975 at Tampa, Hillsborough Co., FL, at age 67.

Child of Harold Frederick Martin and Mabel O. Bennett

Harold Lester Martin

M, b. 24 July 1914, d. 4 June 1996
     Harold Lester Martin was born on 24 July 1914 at Jackson Co., MO. He married Bessie Higbee, daughter of Allen Jacob Higbee and Terressa E. Tilford, on 1 February 1941 at Jackson Co., MO, After Bessie's death, Harold remarried to Bee B. Johnson, 24 DEC 2984 at Las Vegas. Harold Lester Martin began military service WW II service, U.S. Navy. He lived in 1969 at Overland Park, Johnson Co., KS. He lived in 1996 at La Quinta, Riverside Co., CA. He died on 4 June 1996 at Valencia Palms Nursing Center, Indio, Riverside Co., CA, at age 81.

Child of Harold Lester Martin and Bessie Higbee

Harriet R. Martin

F, b. 15 October 1837, d. 11 February 1886
     Harriet R. Martin was born on 15 October 1837 at Michigan. She married Asel Russell on 28 April 1858 at Lenawee Co., MI. Harriet R. Martin died on 11 February 1886 at Macon, Lenawee Co., MI, at age 48. She was buried in February 1886 at Ridgeway Cemetery, Ridgeway, Lenawee Co., MI, Find A Grave Memorial# 78073058.

Child of Harriet R. Martin and Asel Russell

Harry V. Martin

M, b. circa 1902, d. before 2002
     Harry V. Martin was born circa 1902 at Maries Co. (probably), MO. He was the son of William Robert Davault and Martha Victoria Cox. Harry V. Martin married Jessie Marie Chacon circa August 1926; Jessie later remarried to (1) Stanley Hubert Pugh, and (2) Marlin M. Eubanks. Harry V. Martin died before 2002.
Note: Per Tracy Devault's DNA and genealogy research:

What we know and what we suspect

In the mid-1920s, Harry V. Martin was in the U.S. Army and stationed in the San Francisco area. There he started a relationship with Jessie Marie Chacon. This relationship produced a son, Carroll Rodney Chacon-Martin, born 7 May 1927 in San Francisco. Not long after the birth of Carroll, Jessie married Stanley H. Pugh. She had several children with Stanley and her son Carroll adopted the Pugh surname.

At some point Jessie told Carroll that he was the son of Harry V. Martin. She also gave Carroll a photo of Harry. On the back of the photo, probably written by Jessie, is the notation: "Serg Harry V. Martin, 15 Co., Fort Mills, Philippines Islands."

About 1946, Carroll Pugh married Rosemary Sheila Pater. Carroll and Rosemary started a family that eventually included four children: Theresa Lee Pugh, Sheridan Marie Pugh, Carroll Rodney Pugh, Jr. and Howard Alan Pugh. Carroll Sr. passed away in 2008 and Rosemary passed away in 2019.

It was about that time that Sheridan Pugh decided to learn what she could about her father’s father. Her investigation started in two main areas. 1) She sent away for Harry V. Martin’s military records and 2) She had her brother Howard’s Y-Chromosome DNA (Y-DNA) tested by Family Tree DNA (FTDNA).

Summary of Harry V. Martin’s military records:

First let me say that many of Harry V. Martin’s military records were lost in the 1973 fire at the National Personnel Records Center (NPRC) in Saint Louis, Missouri. Below is what Sheridan gleaned from Harry’s records that are still available.

a) Harry V. Martin entered the Army about 1919 from Wichita, Kansas. He entered the service as a private.

b) During 1920 – 1921 he was assigned to the Coastal Artillery Corps and stationed at Fort Mills in the Philippine Islands. Most of the rest of the time, up until late 1926, he was stationed in the San Francisco area.

c) In late 1926 he was transferred to Chicago.

d) At one point Harry said his father was John T. Martin and that he lived in Kansas City, Missouri.

e) In 1932 he was mustered out of the service with the rank of Staff Sergeant.?He gave his last address as Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

Summary of Harry V. Martin’s ancestry (via Howard Alan Pugh’s DNA tests):

Sheridan first had Howard Alan Pugh’s Y-DNA analyzed by Family Tree DNA. Y-DNA is generally transferred unchanged from father to son. As such, any two males with identical Y-DNA will have a common male ancestor. This is true even if one has to go back many generations to find that common male ancestor.

FTDNA’s Y-DNA analysis of Howard’s Y-DNA showed that he was a direct-male-line descendant of Henry Dewald (1733 – 1817). FTDNA records showed that several other individuals were also direct-male-line descendants of Henry Dewald. I was one of those individuals. Sheridan used the information on file with FTDNA to contact me. I was interested in learning about any newly discovered Dewald/Davault/DeVault descendants and decided to join Sheridan’s investigation.

I suggested to Sheridan that she have Howard’s autosomal DNA tested by Autosomal DNA is used to connect close relatives. Furthermore, has a huge database of people that have had their autosomal DNA tested. The results of Howard’s test showed that he was a close relative of Aubrey Bruce Davault (1950 - ). Using that information and what we believed to be Harry V. Martin’s birth information (born about 1902 in Missouri) we determined that Harry V. Martin was a son of William Robert Davault (1862 – 1925). William Robert Davault was born and lived out his life in Maries County, Missouri. After a much more extensive analysis of Howard’s DNA Match List we came to the conclusion that Harry V. Martin was a son of William Robert Davault and his first wife, Martha Victoria “Victoria” Cox. That meant that Harry would have been born a Davault and then likely given up to a family with the Martin surname. William and Victoria already had four children. The only reason we could come up with for giving Harry up was that Victoria was dying of tuberculosis and they may have felt that William could not raise an infant son on his own.

Other information about Harry V. Martin gleaned from traditional genealogical research:

Very little additional information regarding Harry V. Martin has been uncovered. The notice of his final discharge from the military in 1932 is the most recent information we have on him.

1) The following article appeared in the May 3, 1921 issue of The Wichita Daily Eagle, Page 5 (

PRIVATE JAMES E. DEVINE, 13th company, M.B., Fort Mills, P.I., sends the Eagle a plea for letters from United States girls to the boys in foreign service. “We do get lonesome” he writes, “and would like to correspond with some nice girls. Private Horace Sumner and Private Homer M. Layton of the same company and Private Everett Gumm and Corporal Harry V. Martin of the 15th company, same station, pledge themselves to reply to all letters written them.”

2) The 1910 Census for Osage, Crawford County, Missouri, lists a Harry Martin, age 8, born in Missouri as an adopted child. He is living with Robert and Martha Jane (Oxendine) Stinnett. Also living with the couple was Martha’s brother, Jesse Oxendine. By 1920 everybody had gone their separate ways.

3) I mentioned above that in one of his military records Harry listed his contact person as his father, John T. Martin. The record gave his father’s address as 433 Minnesota Avenue, Kansas City, Missouri. We did not find a Minnesota Avenue in Kansas City, Missouri but we did find one in Kansas City, Kansas. We did not find any listing for a John T. Martin living in that area near the date that when Harry provided the information.

The above 1910 Census record was for Osage, Crawford County, Missouri. In the 1900 Census record for the same area we found a family headed by a John T. Martin. That John T. Martin died a year and a half later and the family seemed to disappear after that.

4) We have surmised, based solely on DNA evidence, that Harry may have fathered two other children: Ada Mae (Lorts) Tanner, born 2 Nov 1938 in Missouri and Baby Boy Lowe born 18 Mar 1932 in Joilet, Will County, Illinois. Baby boy Lowe was adopted at birth and grew up with the name, Thomas Alfred Stengele.

That is about the sum total of everything we know or think we know about Harry V. Martin.

Child of Harry V. Martin and Jessie Marie Chacon

Child of Harry V. Martin and Helen Lowe

Hazel Corrine Martin

F, b. 26 April 1909, d. 19 January 2000
     Hazel Corrine Martin was born on 26 April 1909 at Oklahoma. She was the daughter of Ronald Hilton Martin and Mary Emily Gillmore. Hazel Corrine Martin married Robert Hugh Archibald, son of Hugh Archibald and Jemina McGill, on 8 June 1932 at Lubbock, Lubbock Co., TX. Hazel Corrine Martin died on 19 January 2000 at Kanarraville, Iron Co., UT, at age 90.

Henry Martin


Child of Henry Martin

Henry A. Martin1

M, b. circa 1817
     Henry A. Martin was born circa 1817 at Tennessee.1 He married Matilda (?).1

Child of Henry A. Martin and Matilda (?)


  1. [S464] 1880 Federal Census, Washington County, Tennessee. Microfilm Image, NARA T9, Roll 1284; FHL #1255284.

Henry A. Martin

M, b. 1817, d. 10 March 1883
     Henry A. Martin was born in 1817 at Washington Co., TN. He married Matilda Brown on 30 November 1837 at Washington Co., TN. Henry A. Martin died on 10 March 1883 at Leesburg, Washington Co., TN.

Child of Henry A. Martin and Matilda Brown

Henry Franklin Martin

M, b. 13 May 1804, d. 21 June 1859
     Henry Franklin Martin was born on 13 May 1804 at Pennsylvania. He married Mary Ann Boone, daughter of Daniel DeHart Boone and Mary Chloe Wallingford, on 20 January 1829 at Mason Co., KY. Henry Franklin Martin died on 21 June 1859 at Moscow Mills, Lincoln Co., MO, at age 55

Biography -- (

Henry and his wife Mary Ann (nee Boone) came to Moscow Mills from Maysville, KY in 1833 after a fire destroyed their General Store on Sutton St. He purchased the house, mill and gist from the Shapleigh Ross family (daughter Caroline Ross Geiger Wright specifically) and also opened a General Store across the street. The "Old Rock House" is now a historic landmark.

He was buried in June 1859 at Troy City Cemetery, Troy, Lincoln Co., MO, Findagrave #116236928.

Children of Henry Franklin Martin and Mary Ann Boone

Henry J. Martin

M, b. 18 September 1866, d. 10 March 1950
     Henry J. Martin was born on 18 September 1866 at Lee Co., IA. He married Harriet Romania Davalt, daughter of Samuel Davalt and Marium Maria Coffeen, on 14 May 1912 at Clark Co., MO, Harriet was not married until she was at least 37 years old. This was Henry's second marriage. Henry and Harriet did not have any children of their own, however, two of Henry's children from his previous marriage lived with the family for many years.
There is some confusion regarding Henry's children. In the 1900 Census Henry is shown with his first wife and two children: Leona (age 5) and Gerald (age 3). In the 1910 Census Henry is a widower with two children: Leona (age 14) and Gerald (age 13). In the 1920 Census Henry is shown with second wife Harriet and two children: Gerald (age 22) and Mildred M. (age 19). I am assuming, for the time being, that Mildred was the daughter of one of Henry's relatives and that she may have been adopted.
Gerald was the informant on his father's death certificate. He died in 1976.

no chldren.

Henry J. Martin died on 10 March 1950 at Mercer Co., MO, at age 83. He was buried in March 1950 at Kahoka Cemetery, Kahoka, Clark Co., MO, with his first wife, Minnie. Findagrave #99876393.

Hilda J. Martin1

F, b. circa 1923
     Hilda J. Martin was born circa 1923 at Washington Co. (probably), IN.1 She was the daughter of Tony Lee Martin and Mona Gale Anderson.1


  1. [S2167] 1930 Federal Census, Washington County, Indiana. Microfilm Image, NARA Series T626, Roll 631; FHL #2340366.

Ira Martin

     Ira Martin married Vergie Thompson.

Child of Ira Martin and Vergie Thompson

Capt. Isaac White Martin

M, b. 11 January 1793, d. 3 October 1832
     Capt. Isaac White Martin was born on 11 January 1793. He was the son of John Martin and Elizabeth Blair. Capt. Isaac White Martin married Ann Dawson, daughter of William Dawson and Ann Robertson, on 20 September 1821 at Methodist Church - East City Station, Baltimore, MD. Capt. Isaac White Martin died on 3 October 1832 at Baltimore, MD, at age 39.

Children of Capt. Isaac White Martin and Ann Dawson


  1. [S2570] 1850 Federal Census, Baltimore Independent City, Maryland. Microfilm Image, NARA Series M432, Roll 285.

Isaac White Martin Jr.1

M, b. 1826, d. 26 April 1910
     Isaac White Martin Jr. was born in 1826 at Baltimore, MD.1 He was the son of Capt. Isaac White Martin and Ann Dawson.1 Isaac White Martin Jr. died on 26 April 1910 at Jackson, Madison Co., TN.


  1. [S2570] 1850 Federal Census, Baltimore Independent City, Maryland. Microfilm Image, NARA Series M432, Roll 285.

Jacob Martin1

     Jacob Martin married Sarah (?).1

Child of Jacob Martin and Sarah (?)


  1. [S82] Price Genealogy, 753.

James Andrew Martin

M, b. 28 March 1847, d. 26 January 1928
     James Andrew Martin was born on 28 March 1847 at Bolivar, Polk Co., MO. He married America Elizabeth Richardson, daughter of Dudley D. Richardson and Katie Cox, on 23 December 1874. James Andrew Martin died on 26 January 1928 at San Boise, OK, at age 80.

Child of James Andrew Martin and America Elizabeth Richardson

James Blair Martin

M, b. 30 April 1787, d. 13 September 1810
     James Blair Martin was born on 30 April 1787. He was the son of John Martin and Elizabeth Blair. James Blair Martin died on 13 September 1810 at age 23.

James D. Martin

M, b. circa 1824, d. 27 March 1903
     James D. Martin was born circa 1824 at Virginia (now WV).1 He was the son of Patrick Martin and Cynthia (?) James D. Martin married Sarah Ann Nutter, daughter of William Nutter and Elizabeth Rice, on 14 March 1852 at Wells Co., IN. James D. Martin died on 27 March 1903 at Nottingham Twp., Wells Co., IN.

Children of James D. Martin and Sarah Ann Nutter


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James W. Martin

M, b. 1870, d. 1949
     James W. Martin was born in 1870. He married Missouri M. Wine, daughter of Edward Ulysses Wine and Anna L. Bixler, on 12 November 1901 at York Co., PA. James W. Martin lived in 1910 at Manchester Dist., Carroll Co., MD, Living with the family of his aunt Carrie Kreitzer, two houses away from his mother's family with James Martin. He died in 1949.

Child of James W. Martin and Missouri M. Wine

Jane Martin

     Jane Martin married John Adair Bell. Jane Martin was also known as Jennie.

Child of Jane Martin and John Adair Bell

Jennie May Martin1

F, b. 29 May 1872, d. 5 January 1958
     Jennie May Martin was born on 29 May 1872 at Springfield, Sangamon Co., IL, Father born Pennsylvania, mother born Ohio.1 She was the daughter of Adam Martin and Louise Everett. Jennie May Martin married Charles Henry Faulhaber, son of Walter Ludwig Faulhaber and Helena Eliza Sauter, in 1890.1 Jennie May Martin died on 5 January 1958 at Valentine, Cherry Co., NE, at age 85 Obit from Thomas County Herald-Clipper, January 10, 1958, Page 1, Col 5 (found at the Thomas County Museum, Thedford, NE on June 12, 2009):


Mrs. Jennie Faulhaber, 83, died in the Sandhills Hospital at Valentine, Sunday, January 5. She broke her hip in a fall at Christmas time. Her husband, a rancher, died in Wyoming serveral years ago. Funeral services were held Thursday afternoon, January 9. Burial was in the Brownlee Cemetery."

Obit from Thomas County Herald-Clipper, Jan. 24, 1958, Page 1, Col. 4 (found at the Thomas County Museum, Thedford, NE on June 12, 2009):


Jennie May Martin was born in Springfield, Illinois, May 29, 1872 and passed away at the Sandhills General Hospital at Valentine, Jan. 5, 1958, at the age of 85 years, 7 months and 7 days.

She was united in marriage to Charles H. Faulhaber in 1890. To this union five children were born. She is survived by two brothers, Victor and Leon Martin of Lemore, Calif; and two sisters, Celia
Faulhaber of California and Bertha Stillwell of Valentine, Nebr; one daughter, Mrs. Dudley McDonald of Paradise, Montana; three sons, Carl of Brownlee, Nebraska; Forrest and Ervie of Santa Cruz, Calif;
other relatives and a host of friends.

She was preceded in death by a son, Roy; and her husband, Charles. She had two grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.

Mrs. Faulhaber was a pioneer resident of the Brownlee community, having come there with her parents in 1886 and resided there until the last three and a half years which she spent in Valentine at
the hospital and a nursing home. She was buried on 9 January 1958 at Brownlee Cemetery, Brownlee, Cherry Co., NE.

Children of Jennie May Martin and Charles Henry Faulhaber


  1. [S587] 1900 Federal Census, Cherry County, Nebraska. Microfilm Image, NARA Series T623, Roll 919; FHL #1240919.

John Martin

M, b. 30 April 1750, d. 1823
     John Martin was born on 30 April 1750 at Chester Co., PA. He married Elizabeth Blair, daughter of Judge William Blair, on 5 September 1776 at Tom's Creek Presbyterian Church, Emmitsburg, Frederick Co., MD, Ceremony by Rev. Hezekiah B. Balch. John Martin died in 1823.

Children of John Martin and Elizabeth Blair

John Martin

M, b. circa 1876
     John Martin was born circa 1876 at Hamilton Co. (probably), OH. He was the son of Charles R. Martin and Margaret G. Windle.

John Martin1

M, b. 1803, d. 5 September 1879
     John Martin was born in 1803 at Pennsylvania.2 He married Elizabeth Brown.1 John Martin lived on 11 September 1850 at Jackson Twp., Montgomery Co., OH, farming.2 He died on 5 September 1879 at New Lebanon, Montgomery Co., OH. He was buried in September 1879 at Trissel Cemetery, New Lebanon, Montgomery Co., OH, Findagrave #28922346.

Child of John Martin and Elizabeth Brown


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John Martin1

M, b. circa 1854
     John Martin was born circa 1854 at Wells Co., IN.1 He was the son of James D. Martin and Sarah Ann Nutter.1


  1. [S731] 1860 Federal Census, Wells County, Indiana. Microfilm Image, NARA Series M653, Roll 309; FHL #803309.