Robert Smith

     Robert Smith married Thursey Legg.

Child of Robert Smith and Thursey Legg

Robert Byron Smith

M, b. 21 November 1904
     Robert Byron Smith was born on 21 November 1904 at Lancaster Co., PA.1 He was the son of Warren Virginius Smith and Helen Agnes Brown.


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Robert Pepper Smith

M, b. 26 May 1906, d. 6 March 1945
     Robert Pepper Smith was born on 26 May 1906. He was the son of Col. Thomas Lee Smith and Lyne Starling Pepper. Robert Pepper Smith was buried in 1945 at Frankfort Cemetery, Frankfort, Franklin Co., KY. He died on 6 March 1945 at age 38.

Robert Preston Smith

M, b. 1917
     Robert Preston Smith was born in 1917 at California. He was the son of George A. Smith and Edna Mabel Cundiff.

Robert William Smith

M, b. 10 December 1908, d. 2 March 1993
     Robert William Smith was born on 10 December 1908 at Carroll Co., IL. He was the son of Elmer E. Smith and Dora M. Oberheim. Robert William Smith married Lila Venette Randecker on 30 April 1938 at Clinton, Clinton Co., IA. Robert William Smith died on 2 March 1993 at Champaign Co., IL, at age 84.

Robinson Smith1

M, b. 16 May 1906, d. 14 July 1978
     Robinson Smith was born on 16 May 1906 at Wood Co., WV.1 He was the son of John H. Smith and Harriet Ann Robinson.1 Robinson Smith married Minnie Elizabeth Caldwell, daughter of Charles Franklin Caldwell and Mary Ann Yoho, on 20 June 1925 at Wood Co., WV. Robinson Smith died on 14 July 1978 at Parkersburg, Wood Co., WV, at age 72.


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Robinson A. Smith1

M, b. August 1870
     Robinson A. Smith was born in August 1870 at Ohio.1 He married Pauline A. Selby, daughter of Arthur P. Selby and Mary H. Randall, circa 1898.1


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Rosa Brent Smith

F, b. 23 February 1866, d. 25 June 1949
     Rosa Brent Smith was born on 23 February 1866 at Maryland. She married John Henry Semler, son of Walter John Semmler and Dorotha Wilhelmina Louise Schmidt, on 7 September 1889. Rosa Brent Smith died on 25 June 1949 at age 83.

Children of Rosa Brent Smith and John Henry Semler

Rosa May Smith

F, b. 26 May 1895
     Rosa May Smith was born on 26 May 1895. She was the daughter of John Daniel Smith and Minnie May Robb. Rosa May Smith lived in 1941 at Anamosa, Jones Co., IA.

Roxanna B. Smith1

F, b. 1 December 1881
     Roxanna B. Smith was born on 1 December 1881.1 She was the daughter of Dr. William M. Smith and Harriet Harnley.1 Roxanna B. Smith married Oscar W. Priddy, son of Thomas F. Priddy and Caroline Price, on 4 October 1905 at Van Wert Co. (probably), OH.1

Child of Roxanna B. Smith and Oscar W. Priddy


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Roy A. Smith

     Roy A. Smith married Britta Edna Strickler, daughter of Benjamin Elias Strickler M.D. and Rose Hannah Metcalf, on 16 September 1918.

Roy R. Smith1

M, b. July 1888
     Roy R. Smith was born in July 1888 at Illinois.1 He was the son of (?) Smith and Helen (?).1


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Ruby Estelle Smith

F, b. 5 July 1886, d. 25 November 1886
     Ruby Estelle Smith was born on 5 July 1886.1 She was the daughter of Clayton Sylvester Smith and Meleeria Virginia Christ. Ruby Estelle Smith died on 25 November 1886.1


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Rurilla Carey Smith

     Rurilla Carey Smith married George W. Doxtater.

Child of Rurilla Carey Smith and George W. Doxtater

Ruth Anna Smith

F, b. 28 January 1889
     Ruth Anna Smith was born on 28 January 1889 at Maryland. She was the daughter of Walter Smith and Lizzie B. Biedler.

Ruth Elenor Smith

     Ruth Elenor Smith married Clyde Preston Law, son of William Leander Law and Mamie Alice Sprague, on 17 October 1931 at Oshkosh, Garden Co., NE.

Child of Ruth Elenor Smith and Clyde Preston Law

Ruth Evelyn Smith

F, b. 17 September 1909, d. 29 July 1994
     Ruth Evelyn Smith was born on 17 September 1909 at Richmond, Wayne Co., IN. She was the daughter of Harrison Jones Smith and Louise May Wolfe. Ruth Evelyn Smith married Herbert J. Hamilton, son of Clyde Austin Hamilton and Edith Oneida Schroy, in 1930. Ruth Evelyn Smith died on 29 July 1994 at Centerville, Wayne Co., IN, at age 84; OBITUARY - July 30, 1994

Ruth Smith Hamilton
Centerville - Ruth Smith Hamilton, 84, 8955 McConaha Road, Centerville, died Friday evening, July 29, at Pinehurst Village in Centerville after a long illness.
She was born Sept. 17, 1909, in Richmond, to Harry J. and Louisa Wolfe Smith and had spent most of her life in the Centerville area, where she and her husband had farmed.
She was a graduate of Centerville High School and Earlham College, Class of 1930. She was a longtime member of the Centerville Christian Church and a member of Centerville Women's Club.
She also served on the board of the Wayne County Cancer Society.
She is survived by her husband, Herbert J. Hamilton, whom she married in 1930; and three sons: Jerry W. Hamilton of Centerville, Neal A. Hamilton of Richmond and Duane B. Hamilton of Royal Center, Ind; seven grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren.
She was preceded in death by a son, Loren L. Hamilton, in 1961; and a grandson, William J. Hamilton.
Service will be at 3 p.m. Monday, Aug. 1, at Centerville Christian Church with the Rev. Steve Abernathy and the Rev. Harry Holloway officiating. Burial will be in Crown Hill Cemetery, Centerville.
Friends may cale 3-5 and 7-9 p.m. Sunday at Mills Funeral Home in Centerville.
Memorial contributions may be made to a favorite charity.

She was buried in August 1994 at Crown Hill Cemetery, Centerville, Wayne Co., IN.

Children of Ruth Evelyn Smith and Herbert J. Hamilton

S. Wesley Smith

M, b. 25 September 1906
     S. Wesley Smith was born on 25 September 1906 at Lancaster Co., PA.1 He was the son of Warren Virginius Smith and Helen Agnes Brown.


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Samantha Arvilla Smith1

F, b. September 1861
     Samantha Arvilla Smith was born in September 1861 at Indiana.1 She married Hazel Clella Andrews on 24 May 1879 at Adams Co., IN.

Child of Samantha Arvilla Smith and Hazel Clella Andrews


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Samuel Smith

M, b. circa 1806, d. 29 June 1878
     Samuel Smith was born circa 1806 at Fayette Co., OH. He was the son of Jeremiah Smith and Rachel Parrett. Samuel Smith married Christina Life in 1831. Samuel Smith died on 29 June 1878 at Fayette Co., OH.

Samuel Archimedes Smith

M, b. July 1856, d. 22 January 1936
     Samuel Archimedes Smith was also known as "Kim". He was born in July 1856 at Akron, Summit Co., OH. He married Catherine Elizabeth Starr on 18 May 1885. Samuel Archimedes Smith died on 22 January 1936 at Altoona, Wilson Co., KS, at age 79.

Child of Samuel Archimedes Smith and Catherine Elizabeth Starr

Samuel Davies Smith

     Samuel Davies Smith was the son of Abraham Smith and Jane Linn.

Samuel E. Smith

     Samuel E. Smith married Paulina Knight.

Child of Samuel E. Smith and Paulina Knight

Samuel Green Smith

     Samuel Green Smith married Martha Rebecca Jones on 25 October 1866 at Wayne Co., IN.

Children of Samuel Green Smith and Martha Rebecca Jones

Sandra Lee Smith1

F, b. circa 1938
     Sandra Lee Smith was born circa 1938 at Los Angeles Co. (probably), CA.1 She was the daughter of Chester Smith and Mary Ilma Boling.1


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Sara Boone Smith

F, b. 22 October 1879
     Sara Boone Smith was born on 22 October 1879.1 She was the daughter of Virginius Price Smith and Catherine Bell Boone. Sara Boone Smith married William S. Hawkins on 22 November 1905; Ceremony by Rev. J. W. Meminger.1 Sara Boone Smith lived in 1926 at 612 King Street, Lancaster, Lancaster Co., PA.1

Children of Sara Boone Smith and William S. Hawkins


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Sarah Smith

F, b. circa 1812, d. 22 June 1886
     Sarah Smith was born circa 1812 at Fayette Co., OH. She was the daughter of Jeremiah Smith and Rachel Parrett. Sarah Smith married Robert Goldsbury on 20 October 1831 at Fayette Co., OH. Sarah Smith died on 22 June 1886 at Fayette Co., OH.

Sarah Smith

F, b. circa 1782, d. 28 September 1879
     Sarah Smith was born circa 1782 at Shenandoah Co. (probably), VA; Age per 1860 census, Paint Twp., Fayette Co., p.424B. She was the daughter of Burton Smith and Catherine (?). Sarah Smith married Abraham Windle, son of Peter Windle and Rachel Wolfe, on 25 July 1822 at Joel Woods, Esq. officiating, Fayette County, OH. Sarah Smith died on 28 September 1879 at Fayette Co., OH.

Children of Sarah Smith and Abraham Windle

Sarah Smith

F, b. 3 May 1832, d. 23 May 1922
     Sarah Smith was born on 3 May 1832. She was the daughter of Jacob Smith and Elizabeth Grove. Sarah Smith died on 23 May 1922 at age 90.

Sarah Smith1

     Sarah Smith married Capt. Peter Deal.1

Child of Sarah Smith and Capt. Peter Deal


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