Catherine Bartley

F, b. 25 January 1857, d. 17 December 1925
     Catherine Bartley was born on 25 January 1857.1 She was the daughter of Thomas Bartley and Catherine Keenan. Catherine Bartley married Edward F. Price, son of Thomas P. Price and Christiana Powell, in May 1877, Ceremony by Rev. Father Hickey.1 Catherine Bartley died on 17 December 1925 at Lancaster, Lancaster Co., PA, at age 68.1

Children of Catherine Bartley and Edward F. Price


  1. [S82] Price Genealogy, 338.

Evelyn Irene Bartley

F, b. 17 May 1926, d. 30 June 2011
     Evelyn Irene Bartley was born on 17 May 1926; daughter of William R. and Gertrude L. (Cowan) Bartley. She married Melvin Eugene Cost, son of John Peter Cost and Alice Marie Francis, on 8 June 1946 at Clark Co., OH, Evelyn remarried to James R. Gallagher 13 AUG 1973, Pinellas County, Florida. Evelyn Irene Bartley and Melvin Eugene Cost were divorced on 10 May 1971 at Clark Co., OH. Evelyn Irene Bartley died on 30 June 2011 at Clark Co., OH, at age 85 per SSDI, last residence New Carlisle.

Child of Evelyn Irene Bartley and Melvin Eugene Cost

Thomas Bartley

     Thomas Bartley married Catherine Keenan.

Child of Thomas Bartley and Catherine Keenan

Natalie Anne Bartling

F, b. 7 April 1922
     Natalie Anne Bartling was born on 7 April 1922 at Evanston, Cook Co., IL. She was the daughter of Raymond Ralph Bartling and Marion F. McKinzie. Natalie Anne Bartling married William Harrison Mitchell, son of Maurice Stewart Mitchell and Fay L. Slaughter, on 23 December 1942 at Cook Co., IL; Natalie remarried to Leonard Roy Haupt -- her name is engraved on a shared headstone at Northfield Oakwood Cemetery. Natalie Anne Bartling lived in April 1950 at Northfield, Cook Co., IL. She lived between 1973 and 1992 at Glenview, Cook Co., IL.

Raymond Ralph Bartling

M, b. 12 February 1894, d. 12 February 1969
     Raymond Ralph Bartling was born on 12 February 1894 at Glenview, Cook Co., IL. He married Marion F. McKinzie. Raymond Ralph Bartling died on 12 February 1969 at Cook Co., IL, at age 75 Dates per SSDI, last residence Glenview.

Child of Raymond Ralph Bartling and Marion F. McKinzie

Max Gregory Bartlow

M, b. 22 July 1947, d. 9 June 2011
     Max Gregory Bartlow was born on 22 July 1947 at Modesto, Stanislaus Co., CA. He was the son of Max Bartlow Sr. and Bessie Evelyn Wilson. Max Gregory Bartlow began military service Vietnam War service, U.S. Navy. He died on 9 June 2011 at Modesto, Stanislaus Co., CA, at age 63. He was buried in June 2011 at Acacia Memorial Park, Modesto, Stanislaus Co., CA, Findagrave #71431126.

Max Bartlow Sr.

M, b. 21 July 1922, d. 22 August 1978
     Max Bartlow Sr. was born on 21 July 1922 at Ogden, Weber Co., UT; son of William S. and Ruth E. (Roberts) Barlow. He married Bessie Evelyn Wilson, daughter of Ralph Emery Wilson Sr. and Kathryn Leona Ort. Max Bartlow Sr. died on 22 August 1978 at Lodi, San Joaquin Co., CA, at age 56.

Child of Max Bartlow Sr. and Bessie Evelyn Wilson

Samuel S. Bartman

     Samuel S. Bartman married Jane Nice, daughter of John P. Nice and Salome Gerhart, on 25 October 1890, Ceremony by Rev. O. F. Waage.1


  1. [S82] Price Genealogy, 300.

Dorothy M. Barto

F, b. 28 June 1923, d. 29 April 2009
     Dorothy M. Barto was born on 28 June 1923 at Conway, Beaver Co., PA. She was the daughter of Raphael Craig Barto and Mary L. Bartholow. Dorothy M. Barto married George E. Henkel. Dorothy M. Barto died on 29 April 2009 at Youngstown, Mahoning Co., OH, at age 85.

George E. Barto

M, b. circa 1928, d. 9 October 1928
     George E. Barto was born circa 1928 at Conway, Beaver Co., PA. He was the son of Raphael Craig Barto and Mary L. Bartholow. George E. Barto died on 9 October 1928 at Conway, Beaver Co., PA.

John David Barto

M, b. August 1869, d. 30 May 1948
     John David Barto was born in August 1869 at New Sewickley, Beaver Co., PA. He married Sarah Belle Lambert in 1894. John David Barto died on 30 May 1948 at Conway, Beaver Co., PA, at age 78.
Note: Barto descendant information from David and Catherine Barto Family genealogy prepared by dbarto8, online at

Child of John David Barto and Sarah Belle Lambert

Raphael Craig Barto

M, b. 9 September 1894, d. 17 September 1978
     Raphael Craig Barto was born on 9 September 1894 at Economy, Beaver Co., PA. He was the son of John David Barto and Sarah Belle Lambert. Raphael Craig Barto married Mary L. Bartholow, daughter of George Washington Bartholow and Anna Mae Bragg, circa 1920. Raphael Craig Barto died on 17 September 1978 at Conway, Beaver Co., PA, at age 84.

Children of Raphael Craig Barto and Mary L. Bartholow

Raphael Harold Barto

M, b. 11 January 1921, d. 15 May 1997
     Raphael Harold Barto was born on 11 January 1921 at Conway, Beaver Co., PA. He was the son of Raphael Craig Barto and Mary L. Bartholow. Raphael Harold Barto died on 15 May 1997 at Shell Knob, Barry Co., MO, at age 76.

Benjamin W. Barton

M, d. December 1938
     Benjamin W. Barton married Mattie Sitton. Benjamin W. Barton died in December 1938 at Irving, Dallas Co., TX, OBITUARY - Benjamin W. "Uncle Bennie" Barton father of Vera Irene "Irene" (Barton) Wood, Dallas Morning News (TX); December 04, 1938; (

Special to The News.
Hunter and Trapper, Pioneer of Irving, Dies in 81st Year
IRVING, Texas, Dec. 3. -- B. W. (Uncle Bennie) Barton, who came to Texas sixty-three years ago in a covered wagon and hunted and trapped for his livelihood during early days in this section, died here early Saturday after an illness of several weeks.
The 80-year-old community leader, friend of hundreds of persons throughout Dallas and Tarrant Counties, will be buried in Sowers Cemetery Sunday afternoon after rites at the Irving Church of Christ. The Rev. G. W. McCollum, pastor, and the Rev. Tom C. Sterck, Methodist pastor, will officiate.
Uncle Bennie settled first in Tarrant County while in his teens, moving soon afterward to the Irving area. He had lived at his farm home near Sowers more than twenty-seven years. He was active in church and Masonic lodge affairs, was a Democrat and served as trustee of the Sowers School for twenty years.
Masons will be in charge of services at the grave.
Nine children survive him: Mrs. Mary Bowling, Mrs. C. T. Lucas, Mrs. Irene Wood, L. B. Barton, Dan Barton, all of Irving; Mrs. S. S. Boling, Mrs. B. S. Tompkins, Mrs. N. B. McBride and Mrs. H. A. Foster, all of Dallas. Two brothers also survive: T. M. Barton of Dallas and T. W. Barton of Mobile, Ala., in addition to seventeen grandchildren and fifteen great-grandchildren.
Pioneer neighbors will be pallbearers: A. P. Patterson, Lester Hendrix, Tom Haley, Charles Stovall, R. E. Fulton, R. H. Stanford, Early Story and T. A. Jasper.

Child of Benjamin W. Barton and Mattie Sitton

Denver Roger Barton

M, b. 18 May 1918, d. 23 June 1985
     Denver Roger Barton was born on 18 May 1918 at Logan Co., OH. He was the son of Elmer Isaac Barton and Bertha Beatrice Forrest. Denver Roger Barton married Sarah Jane Boss, daughter of Howard Harmon Boss and Zelpha Toops, on 21 February 1942, Two sons. Denver Roger Barton died on 23 June 1985 at Orient, Pickaway Co., OH, at age 67. He was buried in June 1985 at Concord Cemetery, Grove City, Franklin Co., OH, Findagrave #27317295. His name and birth year are on the headstone with his wife's name and years at Dennison Chapel Cemetery, Mt. Sterling, but his year of death is not on that stone -- he was not buried there. DLB 2020.

Elmer Isaac Barton

M, b. 1 February 1888, d. 10 January 1939
     Elmer Isaac Barton was born on 1 February 1888 at Pike Co., OH. He married Bertha Beatrice Forrest on 22 October 1916 at Madison Co., OH. Elmer Isaac Barton died on 10 January 1939 at Columbus, Franklin Co., OH, at age 50.

Child of Elmer Isaac Barton and Bertha Beatrice Forrest

Florence Leona Barton

F, b. 25 September 1903, d. 14 January 1996
     Florence Leona Barton was born on 25 September 1903 at Tuscaloosa Co., AL. She married Debart Labran Quarles. Florence Leona Barton died on 14 January 1996 at Tuscaloosa, Tuscaloosa Co., AL, at age 92. She was buried in January 1996 at Wesley Chapel Cemetery, Tuscaloosa Co., AL, Findagrave #148143613.

Child of Florence Leona Barton and Debart Labran Quarles

Ida Belle Barton

F, b. 17 October 1909, d. 7 October 1978
     Ida Belle Barton was born on 17 October 1909 at Pickaway Co. (probably), OH.1 She was the daughter of William Franklin Barton and Ada Ellen Gillenwater.1 Ida Belle Barton married James William Windle, son of David Windle and Dollie Ann Dale, on 24 May 1926 at London, Madison Co., OH. Ida Belle Barton died on 7 October 1978 at Washington Court House, Fayette Co., OH, at age 68. She was buried in October 1978 at Washington Cemetery, Washington Court House, Fayette Co., OH, Find A Grave Memorial# 22260796.

Children of Ida Belle Barton and James William Windle


  1. [S354] 1910 Federal Census, Pickaway County, Ohio. Microfilm Image, Series T624, Roll 1223; FHL #1375236.

Jennie Ruth Barton

     Jennie Ruth Barton married Burton S. Tompkins.

Child of Jennie Ruth Barton and Burton S. Tompkins

Juanita Betty Barton

F, b. 21 October 1902, d. May 1982
     Juanita Betty Barton was born on 21 October 1902 at Salem Twp., Columbiana Co., OH. She was the daughter of Wyman Jeff Barton and Ada Wilson. Juanita Betty Barton married Raymond Clinton Longbottom, son of Edward C. Longbottom and Nora Senior, on 24 February 1926 at Nashville, Washington Co., IL. Juanita Betty Barton died in May 1982 at Columbiana Co., OH, at age 79.

Child of Juanita Betty Barton and Raymond Clinton Longbottom

Leona Margaret Barton

F, b. 1900, d. 9 March 1932
     Leona Margaret Barton was born in 1900 at Kentucky. She married Faund Leroy Semler, son of William Frederick Semler and Emma Ruth Kessler. Leona Margaret Barton died on 9 March 1932.

Levi Barton

     Levi Barton married Catherine (?).

Child of Levi Barton and Catherine (?)

Mary Barton

     Mary Barton married Thomas R. Putnam.

Child of Mary Barton and Thomas R. Putnam

Mary C. Barton

     Mary C. Barton was the daughter of Levi Barton and Catherine (?) Mary C. Barton married George Washington Wendel, son of George Wendel and Sarah Borden, on 26 March 1854.


  1. [S290] 1860 Federal Census, Shenandoah County, Virginia. Microfilm Image, NARA Series M653, Roll 1377; FHL #805377.

Orval Augustus Barton

M, b. 27 February 1890, d. 6 January 1950
     Orval Augustus Barton was born on 27 February 1890 at Jackson Co., OH, son of George H. and Bertha (Hawk) Barton. He married Mabel M. Bishop, daughter of Robert M. Bishop and Alpharetta Jones, on 14 October 1914 at Ross Co., OH, no children. Orval Augustus Barton died on 6 January 1950 at Indianapolis, Marion Co., IN, at age 59. He was buried in January 1950 at Washington Park East Cemetery, Indianapolis, Marion Co., IN, Findagrave #175536020.

Robert Cheever Barton

M, b. 18 April 1906, d. 11 March 1984
     Robert Cheever Barton was born on 18 April 1906 at Bellefontaine, Logan Co., OH. He married Alice Frances Moomaw, daughter of Josephus Moomaw and Jennie Terrier Dye, on 8 September 1931. Robert Cheever Barton died on 11 March 1984 at Lima, Allen Co., OH, at age 77

Obituary -- (

Elyria, Ohio, Chronicle-Telegram, Monday, March 12, 1984:
Robert Barton was editor of The C-T from 1964-72
Robert Cheever Barton, 77, of Lima, former editor of The Chronicle-Telegram from 1964-72, died early Sunday morning at home, following a lengthy illness.

He was born in Bellefontaine, Ohio, April 18, 1906. He graduated from Indiana University in 1928 with a degree in journalism.

Mr. Barton started his journalism careet as editor of a tiny paper in Rushville, Ind., and moved to the newspaper in Springfield, Ohio, after a year.

He joined the Lima News in 1936 and was editor there from 1940-56. He also was an edtor at The Plain Dealer from 1956-57.

He was editor of the newly-formed Lima Citizen from 1957 until it folded in 1964. In 1964, Mr. Barton became editor of The C-T, retiring in 1972.

Within a month after he joined The C-T, Mr. Barton had endeared himself to Elyrians with a series of stories which started with the words, "Elyria's a nice town!" and ended by citing Elyria's major blessing to be "civic pride."

In Elyria, he was chairman of the Lorain County Chapter of the American Red Cross and a member of the Elyria Country Club and First United Methodist Church.

He also was a past president of the Associated Press Society of Ohio, past president of the Blue Pencil Club of Ohio and a member of the American Society of Newspaper Editors and Sigma Delta Chi.

Upon his retirement from The C-T, Mr. Barton said his main goal as an editor, and as a person, was to "live as an honest-to-God Christian" with the Golden Rule as a guide.

"You never know if a story will cause serious damage, if you're making a really serious mistake, but you try to live the Golden Rule and do the best you can," he said.

He is survived by a son, Robert J. and a daughter, Mrs. E. S. (Elizabeth) Evans, both of Lima.

He was preceded in death by his wife, Alice Moomaw, in 1974.
Friends may call Tuesday 2-4 and 7-9 p.m. at the Chiles & Sons Laman Chapel of Memories, Lima. Funeral services will be Wednesday at 10:30 a.m. at the funeral chapel.

Burial will be in Woodlawn Cemetery, Lima.

He was buried in March 1984 at Woodlawn Cemetery, Lima, Allen Co., OH, Findagrave #61561041.

Child of Robert Cheever Barton and Alice Frances Moomaw

Robert James Barton

M, b. 11 November 1932, d. 13 December 1995
     Robert James Barton was born on 11 November 1932 at Springfield, Clark Co., OH. He was the son of Robert Cheever Barton and Alice Frances Moomaw. Robert James Barton died on 13 December 1995 at Lima, Allen Co., OH, at age 63. He was buried in December 1995 at Woodlawn Cemetery, Lima, Allen Co., OH, Findagrave #61561964.

Vera Irene Barton

F, b. 31 January 1906, d. 8 September 1995
     Vera Irene Barton was born on 31 January 1906 at Irving, Dallas Co., TX. She was the daughter of Benjamin W. Barton and Mattie Sitton. Vera Irene Barton married Erlin W. Wood, son of Mack Claud Wood and Nora H. Payne, on 12 June 1924.
Note: NEWSPAPER ARTICLE - Dallas Morning News; March 16, 1939; Section 1; page 10; (

Special to The News.
Nine Sisters, Brothers Celebrate at Irving
IRVING, Texas, March 17. -- Seven sisters and two brothers, survivors of the early pioneer family of the late Mr. and Mrs. B. W. Barton, gathered for the first time in forty years to celebrate the birthday of one of their number, Mrs. Charles T. Lucas of Irving. The affair was held in the home of Mrs. Lucas.
A table laid in white and centered with an all-white cake was laid in a new china service, a gift from the seven sisters. Those taking part included Mrs. Jennie Tompkins, Mrs. Ethel Boling, Mrs. Fannie McBride, Mrs. Claudia Foster, Dallas; Mrs. Mary Boling, Mrs. Irene Wood, Sowers; Bose Barton, Don Barton, Bowers.

Vera Irene Barton died on 8 September 1995 at Irving, Dallas Co., TX, at age 89. She was buried in September 1995 at Sowers Cemetery, Irving, Dallas Co., TX.

Viola Clara Barton1

F, b. 25 April 1876, d. 31 December 1932
     Viola Clara Barton was born on 25 April 1876 at Wells Co., IN.1 She married Lionel Elmer LeRoy Keys circa 1896.1 Viola Clara Barton died on 31 December 1932 at Paulding Co., OH, at age 56. She was buried in January 1933 at Lehman Cemetery, Payne, Paulding Co., OH, Findagrave #55709729.

Child of Viola Clara Barton and Lionel Elmer LeRoy Keys


  1. [S220] 1900 Federal Census, Allen County, Indiana. Microfilm Image, NARA Series T623, Rolls 357-8; FHL #1250357-8.

William Franklin Barton1

M, b. 22 April 1882, d. 15 April 1967
     William Franklin Barton was also known as "Frank". He was born on 22 April 1882 at Ohio.1 He married Ada Ellen Gillenwater on 8 August 1905 at Ross Co., OH. William Franklin Barton died on 15 April 1967 at Washington Court House, Fayette Co., OH, at age 84 Dates per SSDI.

Child of William Franklin Barton and Ada Ellen Gillenwater


  1. [S354] 1910 Federal Census, Pickaway County, Ohio. Microfilm Image, Series T624, Roll 1223; FHL #1375236.