George Daniel Peak

M, b. 18 August 1867, d. 16 November 1942
     George Daniel Peak was born on 18 August 1867 at Bardstown, Nelson Co., KY. He was the son of John Pirtle Peak and Sarah E. Coy. George Daniel Peak married Margaret Melinda Payne, daughter of Mannon Lot Payne and Martha Jane Payne, on 16 December 1894 at Ellis Co., TX. George Daniel Peak died on 16 November 1942 at Batson, Hardin Co., TX, at age 75. He was buried in November 1942 at Guedry Cemetery, Batson, Hardin Co., TX.

Children of George Daniel Peak and Margaret Melinda Payne

George Earl Peak

M, d. before June 1900
     George Earl Peak was born at Texas. He was the son of George Daniel Peak and Margaret Melinda Payne. George Earl Peak died before June 1900 at Texas died before he was age two.

John Pirtle Peak

     John Pirtle Peak married Sarah E. Coy.

Child of John Pirtle Peak and Sarah E. Coy

Katherine Peak

     Katherine Peak married William Keith.

Child of Katherine Peak and William Keith

Margaret Jane Peak

F, b. 9 September 1888, d. 5 December 1971
     Margaret Jane Peak was born on 9 September 1888 at Tishomingo Co., MS. She married Stanley Melton Van Zant in 1904. Margaret Jane Peak died on 5 December 1971 at Tranquility, Fresno Co., CA, at age 83. She was buried in December 1971 at Belmont Memorial Park, Fresno, Fresno Co., CA, Findagrave #34997050.

Child of Margaret Jane Peak and Stanley Melton Van Zant

Margaret Lee Peak

F, b. 19 September 1895, d. 27 March 1988
     Margaret Lee Peak was also known as "Maggie". She was born on 19 September 1895 at Waxahachie, Ellis Co., TX. She was the daughter of George Daniel Peak and Margaret Melinda Payne. Margaret Lee Peak married James Homer Yarbro, son of James Yarbro and Ruth Williams, on 27 September 1914 at the home of the bride's parents. Margaret Lee Peak married Willis Homer Williams, son of James A. Williams and Mary Lucia Kellum, on 18 January 1925 at Mena, Polk Co., AR. Margaret Lee Peak died on 27 March 1988 at Norman, Montgomery Co., AR, at age 92

OBITUARY - Newspaper, March,1988

Mrs. Margaret Lee Williams, 92, of Norman,Ark., died Sunday in a Hot Springs Hospital. She was born on September 19,1895 in Baylor County,Texas.
Graveside funeral service was held at 2 p.m. Wednesday afternoon in the White Oak Cemetery with Bro. Walter Varner officiating. Interment was in the White Oak Cemetery under the direction Beasley-Wood Funeral Home.
She was the daughter of the late George Daniel Peak and the late Mrs. Margaret Payne Peak. She was united in marriage to Willis Homer Williams on January 18,1925. He preceded her in death on June 17,1983. She lived in Mena until 1960 when she moved to Nornam in 1980. She was a housewife and a member of the Church of Christ.
Survivors are three sons, Cline Yarbro, Silsbee, Tex., Paul Williams Orange County,Calif., Carl Williams, Fort Smith,Ark., one daughter, Mrs. Louise Roberts, Norman, Ark.,one sister and several grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Note: For some reason the Social Security Death Index shows Margaret's death date as 5 Dec 1986.

She was buried in 1988 at White Oak Cemetery, Mena, Polk Co., AR.
Note: MEMOIR - Margaret Lee “Maggie (Peak) Yarbro-Williams, transcribed by Tracy Devault.

Note: Normally I transcribe old documents word-for-word. In this case I made a number of spelling and punctuation corrections to improve readability.

     Grandmother lived to have her second set of permanent teeth, and eye sight she lost both. She had one tooth left. She would take it out and show it to me. They wanted a picture of her, but she wouldn’t let them take one, so after she went blind they moved her chair to the window and took it from outside. She heard the camera click and it made her mad. They wanted a picture to put in the library and so they got it. She was the oldest settler in the town. I guess it is still there.
     Aunt Lizzie and Uncle Shack and their two little girls lived with her for a while. She had a milk cow named Jack and she would hook. Uncle Shack would have to milk her and so got tired of being hooked and had her dehorned.
     Aunt Sarah stayed with her, took care of the house, made no difference who stayed with her. Uncle Henry (1) was the oldest of her children. Some of the girls painted on glass pictures of other girls. I think my grandmother was the only one with blue eyes and light brown hair. The others were dark brown or black, brown eyes or black. None of grandma’s children had black or brown eyes or black hair. My mother was the only one with black hair, but she had grey eyes. Daddy had black hair and hazel eyes. My first husband had such dark brown hair it looked black.
     Aunt Sarah was a Negro woman. They paid her for her work. She went home at night.
     Before I started to school at seven, my dad bought a place and built us a nice new house on Ennis Street. He made our living painting houses and interior of buildings. He made good money at it. He belonged to the A F L and he had to go away from [home] to make enough money for us to live on. He did some work for the government. He was the foreman on the painting of the air force base in Wichita Falls, Texas. He was over a hundred men on that job. When it was over the men gave him a nice gold watch.
     We lived in Victoria, Texas when I was a baby. George Earl, my little brother was born there. He also died there before he was two years old. I can remember his little white casket. I do not remember the baby at all.
     After Martha was two or more another baby brother was born, Oce Daniel. He lived to be over two, when he passed away. He had bowel trouble and the Dr told them to not let him have strawberries. They brought him to the table and when he saw the berries he cried for some of them, and daddy gave him some. They killed him. Mama didn’t even seem to care, she didn’t even cry.
     Then she was pregnant, and just before time for the baby to be born fell and killed the baby. He was a pretty baby, they named him Walter. Then Martha had typhoid fever. When she got over that, I had diphtheria. So we had a rough time of it. Cousin Dick Charles (2) was living with us and he and dad nursed me through that. There were very few families that didn’t loose a child with it. Chautauqua every year and Mama and Martha would go and camp, take Bell, a Negro girl, to take care of Martha. That meant Bell would get to see the programs and shows. For as Martha’s nurse, she would be let in. And we saw all kind and nationalities in their native costumes and dances and songs.
     I remember grandmother telling me about when the stars fell in Nov., 1833 (3). She said it looked like every star fell toward the earth and it scared the darkies. They thought the world was coming to an end and they all shouted and sang.

                    Elizabeth (Dawalt) Payne (4)

     She married William Payne when she was sixteen years old. They lived in Indiana. Aunt Annie (5) and my mother were born in Salem, Indiana. When my mother was two they moved to Texas. They also live at Terre Haut, Indiana, out from the fort, before they came to Texas when she was three years old. She and her mother were alone at home, she being the youngest child. Her father and brother had gone to town. (6) There were Indians all over. Tecumseh (7) came by the house and as grandmother had black eyes and black hair, he decided she was a little Indian child so he tried to get her. He would say, “Pretty papoose, me take um.” My grandmother was having a time to keep him from getting a hold of her. They heard horses running and it was her father and the boys coming home from town. So Tecumseh got on his horse and left.
     They (8) moved to Texas in 1873 and her husband died in 1874. So she was left alone with the children, all of the children except Uncle Henry and my grandmother. There were lots of cattle all over but they were all wild. Nobody had any milk so grandmother and Uncle Henry and my granddad rounded up a lot of these cows and staffed a diary. Grandmother owned this farm and a place in town. When Uncle Henry got too old to take care of things, they sold the cows [and] moved her nephew and family on the farm. She and Uncle Henry moved to town.
     Uncle Henry buried the money they got for the cattle. When he went to get it, it was gone. They never knew if he forgot where he buried it or if somebody saw him and stole it.
     Uncle Henry died when I was about five. …[Some text missing here] .. cook and housekeeper alone.
     The first frame house ever built in Waxahachie was built by my grandmother. The lumber was hauled from Dallas when it was a saw mill, had four rooms downstairs and two above. It is still being lived in although it was sold some time ago. The Indians would come and rub their hands over the boards. They couldn’t understand why the boards could be so smooth. Remember this house was built in the 18 hundreds.
     After we moved from Victoria, Texas, we lived on Williams street, just a few houses from grandma. Martha was born Jan 31, 1900. Old Grandma came to see her. I saw her coming up the side walk and ran to meet her. I was so proud of her. That is the last time I remember her being outside.
     They shut her up in her room. I would visit her and when I was twelve, they wouldn’t let me see her any more. She was shut up in her room and not allowed in the rest of the house, and it was her house, and she kept them up. Grandpa was raised to do nothing. He had no trade or anything. He made charcoal, hunted and traded to bring some money.
     Old Grandmother hated the violin, said it was the instrument of the devil. She must have belonged to the Puritan religion. She was very strict about a lot of things. Uncle John (9) played the violin. He would go upstairs and, of course, she could hear him. They would tell her it was next door, as a house had been built close to them.
     He and Uncle Edd (10) bought a phonograph and they had to bring it to our house to keep it. She kept a big hickory stick for a walking stick, and she would hit with it, after they shut her up in her room. One day she was standing in the door. A young man was passing by. She hollered and told him they were going to kill her. He, not knowing how old she was, was terribly upset. And we [Something missing here.]

1. This is Henry B. Payne (b. 1840, d. 1899). He was Margaret’s granduncle.
2. This was Richard Emerson Charles (b. 1885, d. 1962). He was Margaret’s second cousin.
3. This was the Great Leonid Meteor Storm of November 13, 1833.
4. Elizabeth (Dawalt) Payne (b. 1809, d. 1909). She was Margaret’s great-grandmother.
5. Annetta Mae "Annie" (Payne) Anderson (b. May, 1869). She was Margaret’s aunt.
6. This may explain a curiosity in the 1870 Census. Martha Jane Payne was shown living with her parents’ family. Her husband, Manuel/Manen Payne, was no where about. Also, there was a heretofore unidentified child, one year old girl, living with the family. The child was named Mary Payne. I’m guessing this was really Martha’s daughter, Annie Payne, born about thirteen months earlier.
7. Obviously not the famous Chief Tecumseh of the Shawnees who died in 1813.
8. William and Elizabeth (Dawalt) Payne and family.
9. John Bruce Payne (b. June, 1886).
10. Edward James Anderson (b. 1859, d. 1923). He was Margaret’s Uncle.

Children of Margaret Lee Peak and James Homer Yarbro

Children of Margaret Lee Peak and Willis Homer Williams

Martha Sarah Peak

F, b. 31 January 1900, d. February 1985
     Martha Sarah Peak was born on 31 January 1900 at Ellis Co. (probably), TX. She was the daughter of George Daniel Peak and Margaret Melinda Payne. Martha Sarah Peak married Alva C. Morgan circa 1920. Martha Sarah Peak died in February 1985 at McCulloch Co. (probably), TX, at age 85 dates per SSDI, last residence Brady.

Oce Daniel Peak

M, d. before 25 April 1910
     Oce Daniel Peak was born. He was the son of George Daniel Peak and Margaret Melinda Payne. Oce Daniel Peak died before 25 April 1910.
Note: MEMOIR - Margaret Lee "Maggie Lee" (Peak) Yarbro-Williams

Mama had another baby, a boy, Oce Daniel, for daddy and our doctor. I loved him and took care of him. He got sick and the doctor told them to not let him have any strawberries. I don’t know why daddy brought him to the dining room. We had strawberries. When the baby saw them, he cried for them. Daddy gave him one. They woke me up at daylight the next morning to call the doctor. The seeds in the berries had perforated his bowels. All he could do was give him Laudanum to dull the pain. He died later that day. I stayed with him until he died. Mama didn’t even shed a tear. I never got over it. They were educated people, university people, and I will never understand why my dad would do such a dumb thing. I saw a greatly loved child, killed by love.

Walter Peak

     Walter Peak was stillborn. He was the son of George Daniel Peak and Margaret Melinda Payne.

Charles O. Peake

     Charles O. Peake married Myrtle Ellen Davis, daughter of Demosthenes Cicero Davis and Esther Ellen Burgess, on 28 December 1924 at Harrison Co., IN.

Effie A. Pearce

F, b. 14 August 1905, d. September 1995
     Effie A. Pearce was born on 14 August 1905. She married Hugh Paul Gourley on 24 November 1943 at Jefferson Co., AL. Effie A. Pearce died in September 1995 at age 90.

Elizabeth Pearce

     Elizabeth Pearce married Thomas Cook.

Child of Elizabeth Pearce and Thomas Cook

Elizabeth Pearce

F, b. 27 December 1820, d. 15 January 1896
     Elizabeth Pearce was born on 27 December 1820 at Tennessee. She married Martin Luther Roller. Elizabeth Pearce died on 15 January 1896 at age 75. She was buried in January 1896 at Oak Hill Cemetery, Kingsport, Sullivan Co., TN.

Child of Elizabeth Pearce and Martin Luther Roller

George T. Pearce

M, b. 5 February 1841, d. 13 February 1907
     George T. Pearce was born on 5 February 1841. He married Annie E. Shoppell. George T. Pearce died on 13 February 1907 at age 66. He was buried in February 1907 at Park Lawn Cemetery, Danvers, McLean Co., IL, Findagrave #133747673.

Child of George T. Pearce and Annie E. Shoppell

Grace Pearce

F, b. 13 October 1887, d. 21 November 1963
     Grace Pearce was born on 13 October 1887 at McLean Co., IL. She was the daughter of George T. Pearce and Annie E. Shoppell. Grace Pearce married Dr. Clarence N. Newlin D.D.S., son of Willis Alfred Newlin and Sarah Broughton, circa 1913. Grace Pearce died on 21 November 1963 at age 76. She was buried in November 1963 at Springdale Cemetery and Mausoleum, Peoria, Peoria Co., IL, Findagrave #166184361.

Children of Grace Pearce and Dr. Clarence N. Newlin D.D.S.

John Pearce

     Note: 8 children born to this marriage. John Pearce married Mary Tallman, daughter of Peter Tallman and Ann Hill, circa 1668.

John Pearce1

M, b. circa 1795, d. 7 April 1876
     John Pearce was born circa 1795 at Wayne Co., KY.1 He married Mary T. Hale. John Pearce lived on 11 October 1850 at Van Zandt Co., TX, farming.1 He died on 7 April 1876 per Burleson Family Tree genealogy prepared by CrystalBurleson, online at

Child of John Pearce and Mary T. Hale


  1. [S5373] 1850 Federal Census, Van Zandt County, Texas. Microfilm Image, NARA Series 432, Roll 916.

Richard Pearce

M, b. circa 1685
     Richard Pearce was born circa 1685 at Portsmouth, Newport Co., RI. He married Susanna Lawton, daughter of Isaac Lawton and Elizabeth Tallman.

Susan Pearce

F, b. circa 1837
     Susan Pearce was born circa 1837 at Franklin Co., AR.1 She was the daughter of John Pearce and Mary T. Hale.1 Susan Pearce married (?) King, SEE THE NOTE FOR ORVILLE STARR. Susan Pearce married Orville R. Starr on 5 May 1861 at Hays Co., TX.

Child of Susan Pearce and (?) King

Children of Susan Pearce and Orville R. Starr


  1. [S5373] 1850 Federal Census, Van Zandt County, Texas. Microfilm Image, NARA Series 432, Roll 916.

Susan W. Pearce1

F, b. circa 1814, d. 11 June 1861
     Susan W. Pearce was born circa 1814 at New Jersey.1 She married Dr. Andrew W. Strain.1 Susan W. Pearce died on 11 June 1861. She was buried in June 1861 at Lutheran Cemetery, Whitestown, Boone Co., IN, Findagrave #15893282.

Child of Susan W. Pearce and Dr. Andrew W. Strain


  1. [S1331] 1860 Federal Census, Boone County, Indiana. Microfilm Image, NARA Series M653, Roll 245; FHL #803245.

Abraham Peare

     Abraham Peare married Mary Ann Cline on 30 April 1820 at Harrison Co., IN.

Joanna Pearl

F, b. 10 October 1891
     Joanna Pearl was born on 10 October 1891.1 She was the daughter of Joseph Pearl and Marium Amanda Powell. Joanna Pearl married Claude Faulders Price, son of Oliver Lee Price and Anna C. Faulders, on 20 November 1913, Ceremony performed by Rev. H. V. Moore.1

Child of Joanna Pearl and Claude Faulders Price


  1. [S82] Price Genealogy, 637.

Joseph Pearl

     Joseph Pearl married Marium Amanda Powell.

Child of Joseph Pearl and Marium Amanda Powell

Ambrose Pearman1

M, b. January 1833, d. 1915
     Ambrose Pearman was born in January 1833 at England.1 He married Mary Adaline Missey circa 1870, Twelve children born, nine living as of 1900 census.1 Ambrose Pearman died in 1915.

Child of Ambrose Pearman and Mary Adaline Missey


  1. [S3596] 1900 Federal Census, Franklin County, Missouri. Microfilm Image, NARA Series T623, Roll 854; FHL #1240854.

Charles Harold Pearman

M, b. December 1880
     Charles Harold Pearman was also known as "Harry". He was born in December 1880 at Missouri.1,2 He was the son of Ambrose Pearman and Mary Adaline Missey.1 Charles Harold Pearman married Margaret C. Windle, daughter of Robert Lafayette Windle and Mahala Butler. Occupation: Barber in 1920 at Short Bend Twp., Dent Co., MO.2

Children of Charles Harold Pearman and Margaret C. Windle


  1. [S3596] 1900 Federal Census, Franklin County, Missouri. Microfilm Image, NARA Series T623, Roll 854; FHL #1240854.
  2. [S3595] 1920 Federal Census, Dent County, Missouri. Microfilm Image, NARA Series T625, Roll 917.

Dorothy M. Pearman1

F, b. circa 1911
     Dorothy M. Pearman was born circa 1911 at Missouri.1 She was the daughter of Charles Harold Pearman and Margaret C. Windle.1


  1. [S3595] 1920 Federal Census, Dent County, Missouri. Microfilm Image, NARA Series T625, Roll 917.

Harold Windle Pearman1

M, b. 10 December 1908, d. 30 July 1989
     Harold Windle Pearman was born on 10 December 1908 at St. Louis (probably), MO.1 He was the son of Charles Harold Pearman and Margaret C. Windle.1 Harold Windle Pearman died on 30 July 1989 at St. Louis, MO, at age 80 Dates per SSDI.


  1. [S3595] 1920 Federal Census, Dent County, Missouri. Microfilm Image, NARA Series T625, Roll 917.

Vernon Pearman1

M, b. 31 August 1907, d. January 1981
     Vernon Pearman was born on 31 August 1907 at Missouri.1 He was the son of Charles Harold Pearman and Margaret C. Windle.1 Vernon Pearman died in January 1981 at St. Louis, MO, at age 73 Dates per SSDI.


  1. [S3595] 1920 Federal Census, Dent County, Missouri. Microfilm Image, NARA Series T625, Roll 917.

Thomas Pearsall1

M, b. 1679, d. 1760
     Thomas Pearsall was born in 1679.1 He married Sarah Underhill, daughter of John Underhill and Mary Prior, in 1708.1 Thomas Pearsall died in 1760.1


  1. [S105] Jr. Harry Macy, Underhill Genealogy, Vol. V & VI, p. 56.

Dr. Alfred H. Pearse

M, b. December 1863
     Dr. Alfred H. Pearse was born in December 1863 at Illinois.1 He married Ida Clemmer, daughter of David Webster Clemmer and Sarah Ziegler, circa 1889.1 Occupation: Dentist in 1900 at Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., PA.

Children of Dr. Alfred H. Pearse and Ida Clemmer


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  2. [S82] Price Genealogy, p.35.