Johannes Schnepp

M, b. 1 December 1695, d. 19 March 1762
     Note: Head of household on a tax list in Muhlhausen in both 1727 & 1730.

See "Genealogies of American Families", by Tyler Otlay.

Garner, Grace K, "Earliest Settlers"
"List of Foreigners imported in the ship SAMUEL of London, Hugh Percy, Master, from Rotterdam but last from Deal. Qualified August 13, 1733. Some of our ancestors disembarking were: ... Johannes Snapp 37, wife Barbara 34 with children Johannes 12, Lawrence 10, and Barbara 3, and Lawrence Snapp age 21, no doubt a younger brother to Johannes Snapp." p.172.

"Most of them disembarking were of the Dutch Reformed Faith (the Schnepp/Snapp family was German Lutheran however), the families clung together, built their church and intermarried for the next 30-40 years ... Aboard the "Samuel" were these with ages given as of August 1733, and the two spellings of their names if they differed for they were evidentially listed as they stepped off the ship, and then later to move through a line of another recorder. (See: Pennsylvania Archives) .... Schnepp, Johannes age 37, Lawrence Schnepp 21, John Snapp 12, Lawrence Snapp 10, and Barbara 3 ... p.215.

See: "German Pioneers: A Publication of the Original Lists of Arrival in the Port of Philadelphia from 1727 to 1808. Edited by William John Hinkle, Pennsylvania: Pennsylvanian German Society, 1934. Reprint Volumes 1 & 3 only. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Company, 1964, Johannes Schnepp (age 37), later John Snapp arrived in America on the Ship Samuel on the 17th day of August 1733, coming from the port of Rotterdam, Holland to Pennsylvania, along with his wife, Barbara (34), two sons, John (12) and Lawrence (10), and a brother Lawrence (21), and daughter Barbara (3).

Johannes Schnepp (John Snapp, Sr.) was one of the earliest settlers in Virginia's Shenandoah Valley, settling near the Jost Hite group that had settled on the Opequon Creek in 1732. When Rev. Johann Casper Stoever visited the fledgling community of Virginians in the Spring of 1735, Johannes Schnepp and Barbara were among those who had a child baptized. Hans Schnepp was also one of the signers of a road petition by Shenandoah Valley settlers to the Orange County Court in July 1737. "Orange County, VA Deed Books 3 & 4, pp. 112-3.

John Snapp, Sr., John Jr. and Lawrence Snapp were naturalized in Frederick County, Virginia on May 21, 1746.

John Snapp, Sr. received a warrant for 400 acres of land 27 Feb 1749 where he lived on little North Mountain near the branches of Cedar Creek. (house on the plat). This land was adjacent John Snapp, Jr and was surveyed by John Baylis. Chain carriers were John Fewcatt & Andrew Longacre. Patent was granted for this land on 14 July 1750 from Lord Fairfax. (Virginia Northern Neck Land Grants, Vol II, Book G)

The Snapp family lived in that part of Frederick County, Virginia that became the Shenandoah County in 1772. In the early days of voting in this country, each person voting was required to sign a list of names following the candidate. The names of John Snap, John Snap, Jr., and Law Snap are found in the 1758 vote of Frederick County for the House of Burgesses, as having voted for then Col. George Washington. This was George Washington's first successful election to public office. He was but 26 years old at the time. Most of his support came from soldiers or militiamen or from farmers who knew of his work as a surveyor. These Snapps were among the 309 citizens who voiced their vote for George Washington in this election.

For more on the Snapp family see Cartmell's History, Shenandoah Valley Pioneers and Their Descendants, A History of Frederick County, Virginia 1738-1908.

Johannes Schnepp was born on 1 December 1695 at Duntzenheim, Alsace. He was the son of Lorentz Schnepp and Anna Catharina Haber. Johannes Schnepp was confirmed on 30 March 1709 at Geisweiler, Alsace. He married Barbara Dutt, daughter of Philip Dutt and Christina (?), on 17 February 1719 at Schwindratzheim, Alsace. Johannes Schnepp immigrated on 17 August 1733 to Philadelphia, Montgomery Co., PA; With his family and brother Lorentz on the ship Samuel from Rotterdam. He died on 19 March 1762 at Frederick Co., VA, at age 66. He left a will at Frederick Co., VA; Will of John Snapp, 30 November 1761, Frederick County, Virginia. Will Book 3, Page 35.

In the Name of God Amen Whereas I John Snap of Frederick County & Colony of Virginia being taken sick of Body but of Perfect mind & memory thanks be to God for it and knowing the uncertainty of this Human Life and Calling to mind the certainty of Death do think proper to set my worldly affairs in order.

First and principally I commit my soul to God who gave it to me nothing doubting to receive it again at the General Resurrection by the Mighty Power of God and Body I order to be buried in a Christian like manner in the burying place by my wife Barbara Deceased. As to my Worldly affairs I order and appoint in manner and form as followeth.

Item I order and Bequeath all my worldly Estate that God hath pleased to bless me with money and goods to be equally divided to each of my children John Snap, Lawrence Snap, Barbara Baker, Catherine Pitman, Christiana Beard, Margaret Mesersmith, Salomy Wisecarver. Excepting my Bible I order to my John over his equal share. Impermis I order and ordain my son Lawrence Snapp to be my whole and sole Executor, to act for me and on my behalf as if I were personally present.

I do hereby acknowledge this to be my last will and Testament revoking and disannulling all other former wills or Testaments heretofore made by me and do acknowledge this to be my last will and Testament. Published pronounced and declared before us this thirtieth day of November in the year of Our Lord 1761.

Joseph Fawcett
John Fawcett John HS Snap (Ls)
Richard Fawcett (his mark)

At a court held for Frederick County on the 6th day of April 1762. This will was Exhibited by Lawrence Snap the Executor therein named who made oath thereto according to Law and the same being proved by the witnesses thereto is ordered to be recorded.

Teste d Arch. Wager.

Children of Johannes Schnepp and Barbara Dutt

Johannes Schnepp

M, b. 24 January 1633, d. 16 December 1701
     Johannes Schnepp was born on 24 January 1633 at Entzheim, Alsace. He married Brigitta Schwing. Johannes Schnepp married Maria Ammel, daughter of Johannes Ammel and Maria Roesch, on 16 May 1664 at Illkirch-Grafenstaden, Alsace. Johannes Schnepp died on 16 December 1701 at Pfaffenhoffen, Alsace, at age 68.

Children of Johannes Schnepp and Maria Ammel

Lorentz Schnepp

M, b. 1723, d. May 1782
     Note: Lawrence Snapp came to Pennsylvania in 1733 on the ship Samuel out of Rotterdam, arriving 17 AUG 1733. He was 10 years old at that time. Shortly thereafter he moved with his parents to the Opequon settlement of Jost Hite in northern Virginia near present day Stephens City. About 1745 he married Margaret Stephens (there is no proof that Margaret was a Stephens or a Gaines, but it should be noted that family tradition of one branch of the Snapp family indicates she was a Gaines. Evidence seems to indicate that Margaret is the daughter of Peter Stephens however. The Snapp and Stephens families lived in the same neighborhood, they stood as sponsors at baptisms for each others children, they had property dealings and the names of some of the children of Lawrence and Margaret reflect the same names found in the Stephens family. Also it would be highly unusual for the Germans to marry outside of their own group in this generation and Gaines is believed to be an English name). Lawrence purchased or rented a small farm near his father. About 1754 he moved to Strasburg in what is now Shenandoah Co. VA where he became a merchant of general supplies. About 1764 he purchased Jacob Funk's mill on Tumbling Run sometimes known as Snapp's Mill Run (approx. 1 mile west of Strasburg). Shortly thereafter he became an Elder of St. Paul's Lutheran Church and with the creation of Dunmore Co. in 1772 (eventually to become Shenandoah Co.) he was elected a vestryman of Beckford Parish. The stone dwelling which he purchased of the Funk heirs, newly erected by them in 1762, stands today at its original site. The building is mentioned in his will as his dwelling house adjacent to the mill. His business was already moderately successful at the beginning of the Revolution. From 1776 to 1778 he with 3 sons lived and worked in Philadelphia where, according to local history in Shenandoah Co, it is believed they sold supplies to the Continental Army at Valley Forge and New Jersey and may have known Baron Von Steuben. Anyhow, he made large profits. Returning home in 1780 he settled at Tumbling Run and in 1781 he purchased more land in Shenandoah Co. and let his sons run his store in Strasburg. He died May 1782 at Tumbling Run. A large part of this Snapp farm at Tumbling Run later became the site of the battle of Fisher's Hill in the Civil War.

Land records for Lawrence Snapp:
400 acres, no warrant, surveyed 7 May 1750 on West Run where on he now lives (house drawn on plat) adj. Jacob Crisman, surveyed by John Baylis. Patent granted July 1750.

May 3, 1760 Lawrence Snapp buys of Lewis Stephens for 10 lb. three Lots: Lot No. 16, containing 1/2 A;, Lots No. 68, and No 97, of 5 A each; all in the town of Stephensburg. Lot 16 was on Fairfax and German Sts; lot 68 was on Squirrell Lane; lot 97 was on Rabbit Lane. All were a part of a 424 A tract obtained by Lewis Stephens from Peter Stephens, May 23, 1755; the latter secured the land in a tract of 674 A, patented to him Oct 3, 1734. (my note - Lot No. 16 in Stephensburg was later resold to Lewis Stephens either by Lawrence Snapp, Sr or his son Lawrence Snapp....source, will of Lewis Stephens dated 10 Feb 1797).

406 acres, no warrant, surveyed 4 Aug 1763 on Funks Mill Run, adj Phillip Glass, Stoner & Funk. Surveyed by Peter Stephens. Patent granted 18 December 1771.

234 acres, partial warrant, surveyed 4 Aug 1768 on Funks Mill Run adj. his own land (formerly John Funk's), Frederick Stoner & George Dellinger. Surveyor Peter Stephens. Patent granted 26 Sept 1772.

632 acres, warrant & surveyed 26 Jan 1773 on Tumbling Run a branch of North River Shando near Strasburg, adj. his own 406 acre particle and a 95 acre particle where he lives. Surv. Richard Rigg
...note land records from "Abstracts of Virginia's Northern Neck Warrants & Surveys - Frederick County" and "Virginia Northern Neck Land Grants Vol. II & III".

20 Jan 1775 - Between William Wadlington of Dunmore County to Lawrence Snapp of County aforesaid... Consideration of One Hundred pounds of current money ....Tract of land on the North River of Shannadoah....corner to George Boands (sic).... containing 413 acres of land....signed William Wadlington. Wit. Jona. Clark, Rich'd Campbell, John Clark, Jr. Recorded 23 Jan 1775....Deed Book "B", 1772-1784 Shenandoah Co., VA by Amy Gilreath

2 August 1777, Frederick Co., Virginia Deed Book 17, Page 366.
Samuel & Sarah (his wife) Vance, of Frederick Co., Virginia, leases to Lawrence
Snapp Sr., of Shenandoah Co., Virginia, for 5 shillings, 400 acres near Cedar David Logan's line. Signed Samuel Vance and Sarah Vance, in the presence
of no one. the property was released the next day for 1500 pounds.

Wayland, A History of Shenandoah County, Virginia, PP 406-408.
In the pastor's study, St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Strasburg hangs an old parchment signed by Lord Fairfax, whereby 200 acres of land on the west side of the "North River of Shenandoah" were granted on December 23, 1771, to Hieronomus Baker, Martin Roller, Laurence Snapp, and Henry Felkner, elders of the Lutheran Church and congregation. The records of this church indicate that a building was erected in 1769. this was probably the first church house built by the Lutherans at this place. It is probable that a church building which stood in the vicinity in 1747 and thereabout was the joint property of the Lutherans and the Reformed."

"The German Element of the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, Wayland, John Walter, BA, Ph.D., Original Research for PH D, published by the author in 1907, Lib Cong. 78/81/233/149.

Lawrence Snapp was patriot of the Revolutionary War (A Captain of the Shenandoah County Militia).

Pension Application to the government of the United States: Burkhart, Henry S.8129
19 Oct 1832, Smyth Co., VA Henry Burkhart, aged 71, declares he was drafted in Shenandoah Co., VA, in June 1781 and placed under Capt. Laurence Snappe. He was marched to headquarters by Lt. John Neil, the captain not attending the place of rendezvous. They joined the encampment of Headquarters at Drinking Spring above Williamsburg and were placed under Capt. Thomas Marshall.... 19 Oct. 1832, Smyth Co., VA John Mosser, aged 74, declares Henry Burkhart has been his neighbor for forty years. They were Drafted at the same time and served in the same regiment.
Henry Burkhart of Smyth Co., VA., private in the company of Capt. Snappe in the regiment of Col Campbell in the Virginia line for eight months, was placed on the Virginia pension roll at $26.66 per annum under the Act of 1832. Certificate 16168 was issued 13 July 1833. Arrears of pension to 11 Dec. 1838, the day of his death was paid to the children of Henry Burkhart. (note this may be Lawrence, Sr's son Lawrence, Jr.)

April 5, 1782, Lawrence Snapp made his will and signed it in German. It was proved Thursday, June 27, 1782. See Will Book A, Shenandoah County, Virginia.

At the time of his death it appears Lawrence Snapp owned 3403 acres of land. The number of acres each child received is mentioned in the will except for the oldest son, John, who received "the tract of land whereon he now lives". This tract is believed to contain 265 acres.

Will of Lawrence Snapp, Shenandoah County, Virginia will Book A, 1772-1784, p. 420

In the name of God, Amen. I, Lawrence Snapp of the County of Frederick, State of Virginia, being sound of memory although in a weak state of health, think it proper to make my last will and Testament, in the following manner.

First, I give to my beloved wife one third of the plantation I now live on, the use of one half the dwelling house, that part on the left hand coming in at the front door, next unto the mill, together with the
Negro woman named Hannah, also the saddle she usually makes use of and the choice of beds and furniture thereto belonging.

Second, I order and direct my personal estate, including my Negroes and the one given my wife after her death (and her children if any), be sold for ready money, also my lot of land in Woodstock purchased of William Slaughter, be divided in eleven parts, one part thereof to my wife, and the other remaining ten parts to my ten children, share and share alike.

Item. I give to my son John Snapp and his heirs and assigns forever the tract of land whereon he now lives which I purchased of R. Campbell.

Item. I give and devise to my son Lawrence Snapp his heirs and assigns forever, the tract of land containing 419 acres, some laid off lately by Jacob Rinker and for which I have obtained a deed from the
proprietors office excepting 45 acres or thereabouts which is surveyed and returned to the proprietors office but may be obtained for the same occasion by the death of Lord Fairfax.

Item. I give and devise to son Peter Snapp his heirs and assigns forever, a tract of land containing 400 acres being the same whereon the mill stands, lately laid off by Jacob Rinker, Jr., but devise subject to the condition of grinding all the grain his mother shall occasion for herself and for during her natural life toll free.

Item. I give and devise to my son Phillip Snapp and his heirs and assigns forever, a tract of land containing 430 acres as the same as lately laid off by Jacob Rinker and is the same son Phillip now lives on.

Item. I give and devise to my son Joseph Snapp, his heirs and assigns forever one half of a moiety land I purchased of Samuel Vance which moiety contains 200 acres and where said Samuel Vance formerly lived.

Item. I give and devise to my son Abraham Snapp his heirs and assigns forever the other half of moiety of said tract containing 200 acres being that part John Vance formerly lived on.

Item. I give and devise to my son Jacob Snapp and his heirs and assigns forever a tract of land containing 548 acres being same more or less Tract of land of 1791 as lately surveyed by Jacob Rinker being part which dwelling house and subject to the devise before mentioned to my wife.

Item. I give and devise to my daughter Christina, wife of Michael Speagle and to her heirs and assigns 264 acres of land, being one half of moiety of tract I purchased of John Magill, attained in fact of John Gibson and others of the City of Philadelphia and same lately laid off by Jacob Rinker.

Item. I give and devise to my daughter Margaret, wife of Henry Kellar to her heirs and assigns forever the other half as moiety of the last half mentioned tract of land containing 264 acres.

Item. I give and devise to my daughter Susannah Snapp and to her heirs and assigns forever 413 acres of land purchased of William Wadlington 190 acres part thereof now in possession of John Buck and for the recovery of which I have now brought an ejectment in the Court of Shenandoah and in case same should not be determined in my favor then I give out of my personal estate before same is divided to my said daughter Susannah the sum of 100 pounds specie in lieu thereof and do direct that prosecution of suit be supported out of my personal estate.

Item. I do direct in case any of my children should die before they come of age and unmarried their part of my estate shall to and pass to the survivors of them and their heirs and assigns forever.

I appoint my son John Snapp and my son-in-law Michael Speagle executors, giving to each 25 pounds for their trouble and expense.

5 April 1782 Lorentz Schnepp
Witnesses: John Crookshanks [signed in German]
George Kellar
Matthew Zipering.

Lorentz Schnepp was born in 1723 at Alsace. He was the son of Johannes Schnepp and Barbara Dutt. Lorentz Schnepp married Margaretha Stephan, daughter of Hans Peter Steffen and Maria Christina (?), circa 1745. Lorentz Schnepp died in May 1782 at Shenandoah Co., VA.

Children of Lorentz Schnepp and Margaretha Stephan

Lorentz Schnepp

M, b. May 1669, d. 6 March 1732
     Note: Information on the Lorentz Schnepp family is from Daniel Bly's book: "From the Rhine to the Shenandoah" printed 1993, reprinted 1996.

The house and lot of Lorentz Schnepp (father of Johannes, the immigrant) at Geisweller in Alsace was valued at 153 florins in 1729. His personal property, including furniture, clothing, tools and livestock was worth 54 florins.

One sheep was worth six florins. (From "Gottileb Mittelberger’s Journey to Pennsylvania in the Year 1750…" translated and published in Philadelphia in 1898...)

Lorentz Schnepp was born in May 1669 at Alsace. He was the son of Johannes Schnepp and Maria Ammel. Lorentz Schnepp was christened on 20 May 1669 at Pfaffenhoffen, Alsace. He married Anna Catharina Haber, daughter of Hans Haber and Anna (?), on 13 September 1689 at Alteckendorf, Alsace. Lorentz Schnepp married Anna Barbara Stockel on 13 April 1728 at Hatten, Alsace. Lorentz Schnepp died on 6 March 1732 at Gumbrechtshoffen, Alsace, at age 62.

Children of Lorentz Schnepp and Anna Catharina Haber

Child of Lorentz Schnepp and Anna Barbara Stockel

Lorentz Schnepp

M, b. 10 February 1691, d. 12 July 1710
     Lorentz Schnepp was born on 10 February 1691 at Alsace. He was the son of Lorentz Schnepp and Anna Catharina Haber. Lorentz Schnepp died on 12 July 1710 at Alsace at age 19.

Lorentz Schnepp

M, b. August 1711, d. 1771
     Note: Information on this Lorentz Schnepp family from Daniel Bly's "From the Rhine to the Shenandoah".
Came to America with his older brother Johannes in 1733. Probably in Virginia as early as 1734. His name appears on an Orange County, VA tithe list in 1737. When Rev. John Casper Stoever made a circuit of Virginia in April, 1739, Lorentz Schnepp had a son, Johannes, baptized with his brother, Johannes, as a sponsor. Lorentz moved to North Carolina quite early as his name does not appear with his brother's in the naturalization records of Frederick County in 1746. His name appears on a petition for land in central Carolina in 1750. By 1761 Lawrence Snapp was a landowner with 795 acres on the Yadkin River in Rowan County, NC where a sizable German settlement was established.

Lorentz Schnepp was born in August 1711 at Wickersheim, Alsace. He was the son of Lorentz Schnepp and Anna Catharina Haber. Lorentz Schnepp married Elizabeth Euler, daughter of Conrad Euler and Margarethe (?), circa 1736 at PA, Lancaster or York County. Lorentz Schnepp died in 1771 at Rowan Co., NC.

Children of Lorentz Schnepp and Elizabeth Euler

Mary A. Schnight

     Mary A. Schnight married David R. Stoever.

Child of Mary A. Schnight and David R. Stoever


  1. [S82] Price Genealogy, 358.

Margaret Schnuit

F, b. 2 December 1904, d. 21 July 1997
     Margaret Schnuit was born on 2 December 1904. She married Andrew Hunter Burgess. Margaret Schnuit died on 21 July 1997 at age 92.

Mary Louise Schoch

F, b. 29 September 1908, d. 30 November 1996
     Mary Louise Schoch was born on 29 September 1908 at Kentucky. She married Herbert N. Wimpee, son of Thomas Henry Wimpee and Phebie Vinson. Mary Louise Schoch died on 30 November 1996 at Kuttawa, Lyon Co., KY, at age 88.

Cloide Leroy Schock

M, b. 27 September 1902, d. 1959
     Cloide Leroy Schock was born on 27 September 1902 at Newville, Cumberland Co., PA. He was the son of Samuel Schock and Jane Sellars. Cloide Leroy Schock married Dorothy Althea Mathias, daughter of Bryant Arthur Mathias and Della Adams, on 24 June 1939 at Dubuque Co., IA. Cloide Leroy Schock died in 1959. He was buried in 1959 at Greenwood Cemetery, Rockford, Winnebago Co., IL, Findagrave #185730298.

Mary Schock1

     Mary Schock married John Flory.1

Child of Mary Schock and John Flory


  1. [S82] Price Genealogy, 528.

Samuel Schock

     Samuel Schock married Jane Sellars.

Child of Samuel Schock and Jane Sellars

Harold Lester Schoeck

M, b. 4 April 1916, d. 6 August 1979
     Harold Lester Schoeck was born on 4 April 1916. He married Mary Margaret Habelka on 17 June 1942 at Sandisfield, Berkshire Co., MA. Harold Lester Schoeck died on 6 August 1979 at Dade Co., FL, at age 63. He was buried in August 1979 at Vista Memorial Gardens, Miami Lakes, Miami-Dade Co., FL, Findagrave #153277719.

Adelheid "Addi" Schoelli

F, b. 1671, d. 15 October 1741
     Adelheid "Addi" Schoelli was born in 1671 at Canton Appenzell, Switzerland. She was the daughter of Benedict Schoelli. Adelheid "Addi" Schoelli married Christian Hirschi, son of Christian Hirschi and Anna Rehs, circa 1690 at Friedelsheim (probably), Palatinate, Germany, According to the will of Christian Hershey, he was married to "Ati Sheli". She was probably Addi Schoelli, daughter of Benedict Schoelli who was a Mennonite living at Friedelsheim in 1672. Adelheid "Addi" Schoelli died on 15 October 1741 at Lancaster Co., PA.

Children of Adelheid "Addi" Schoelli and Christian Hirschi

Benedict Schoelli


Child of Benedict Schoelli

Harvey Jean Schoen

M, b. 5 December 1908, d. 5 May 1962
     Harvey Jean Schoen was born on 5 December 1908 at Washington.1 He married Helen Lolita Melvin, daughter of Leon Russell Melvin and Inez Vetelle Wright, on 2 February 1929 at Pierce Co., WA, no children. Harvey Jean Schoen lived on 8 April 1940 at Tacoma, Pierce Co., WA, display decorator.1 He died on 5 May 1962 at San Diego Co., CA, at age 53. He was buried in May 1962 at Greenwood Memorial Park, San Diego, San Diego Co., CA, Findagrave #195563166.


  1. [S2131] 1940 Federal Census, Pierce County, Washington. Microfilm Image, NARA Series T627, Roll 4391.

Clarence Peter Schoepf

M, b. 25 January 1928, d. August 2013
     Clarence Peter Schoepf lived on 25 January 1928 at Chicago, Cook Co., IL, WW II era draft registration. He was born on 25 January 1928 at Chicago, Cook Co., IL. He married Helen Bernadine Glowacz. Clarence Peter Schoepf died in August 2013 at Cook Co., IL, at age 85

Obituary -- (

Clarence P. Schoepf, beloved husband of the late Helen Schoepf, loving father of Ken (Ellen), Robert (Ramona), and Carole (Larry) Murphy; cherished grandfather "Poppa" of Nick (Bridget), Kim (Mike) Curle, Kristina, Jon, Robin, Meagan Murphy, Laura Murphy, and great grandchildren Collin and Vivian. Preceded in death by his parents, brothers and sisters and his dear friend and companion Lucy Kujawa. Funeral Friday with family and friends meeting directly at St. Giles Church, 1045 N. Columbian Ave., Oak Park, 60302 for Mass at 10:00 A.M. Entombment St. Joseph Cemetery. Visitation will be Thursday from 3-9 P.M. at Salerno's Galewood Chapels, Sciaraffa Funeral Directors, 1857 N. Harlem Ave., Chicago, 60707.

He was buried in 2013 at Saint Joseph Cemetery, River Grove, Cook Co., IL, Findagrave #181865312.

Dorothy Marie Schoerr

F, b. 7 April 1921, d. 13 February 1994
     Dorothy Marie Schoerr was born on 7 April 1921. She married Harold Carlos Carmack. Dorothy Marie Schoerr died on 13 February 1994 at Boone Co., KY, at age 72.

Mary T. Schoettker1

F, b. 13 October 1883
     Mary T. Schoettker was born on 13 October 1883.1 She married Frederick Herzog.

Child of Mary T. Schoettker and Frederick Herzog


  1. [S4682] 1920 Federal Census, La Porte County, Indiana. Microfilm Image, NARA Series T625, Roll 447; FHL #1820447.

Robert Charles Schofield

M, b. 27 November 1873, d. 3 June 1944
     Robert Charles Schofield was also known as Charles Thomas Skolfield. He was born on 27 November 1873 at Weld, Franklin Co., ME.1 He was the son of William Stanwood Skolfield and Mary Ann Swett.1 Robert Charles Schofield began military service on 15 June 1898 at Ft. Sheridan, Illinois, U.S. Army, enlisted 15 June 1898 at Boston, Massachusetts, discharged 16 Feb 1899 at Fort Sheridan, Illinois; re-enlisted and discharged 21 Jun 1899; listed in the 1900 Census: Infantry, Seventh Regiment, Company K, Sergeant, stationed in Nome, Alaska.

He married Mildred Butcher, daughter of Joseph Milton Butcher and Lydia Ann Munson. Robert Charles Schofield and an unknown person were divorced before September 1918; Robert's WW I draft registration gives his mother's address as his nearest relative. He died on 3 June 1944 at Bishop, Inyo Co., CA, at age 70 BIOGRAPHY - From: Descendants of Thomas Skolfield, 1707-1796 by Ester S. DeVries; copied from

Charles Thomas Skolfield / Robert Charles Schofield, was born 27 November 1873 in Weld, Maine; married Millicent Richmond Noble, daughter of James Byron Noble and Caroline Richmond, on 15 April 1895 in Phillips, Maine. They were divorced after 10 April 1897 and were remarried 19 April 1924. He married, second, Mildred (--). He died 3 June 1944 in Bishop, California.
Born a Skolfield, he was also known as Robert Charles Schofield. His birth is not recorded in the Weld Town records of the Maine Vital Records office. The date of 27 November 1873 was apparently received from a family record but his son, as informant, gave the birth date as 27 November 1874 on his father's death record.
His birth date is 21 November 1873 in his military record at the National Archives. As his older brother Clement was born 29 August 1871 and brother Marcel 26 May 1876, Charles' year of birth could have been either. His stated age of 21 at first marriage to Millicent agrees with 1873, but his age 49 at remarriage to Millicent agrees with the 1874 date. As Charles T. Skolfield was born 21 November 1873 at Weld, Maine, he enlisted 15 June 1898 at Boston, Massachusetts, and served as a sergeant in Company K, 7th U.S. Infantry until his discharge 16 February 1899 at Fort Sheridan, Illinois. He reenlisted 17 February 1899 at Fort Sheridan in Company K, 7th U.S. Infantry and remained with that company and regiment until separated 21 June 1901.
Following his military service he was engaged in mining activities in the west and was employed for a time by the Southern Pacific Railroad. He was a resident of Phoenix, Arizona, in 1924 when he remarried his first wife Millicent. From 1926 to 1935 he was employed by the California Electric Power Company. At the time of his first marriage in Phillips, Maine, his surname and that of his father appear as Skolfield but when he enlisted in the army it appears as Schofield. It is not known when he changed from Charles Thomas to Robert Charles but it may have been very soon after completion of his military service because his son says he has always known his father as Robert Charles Schofield.

OBITUARY - Inyo Register, California; June 9, 1944:

Elks' Services Held For Robert Schofield
Funeral services conducted by officers of B.P.O. Elks Lodge No. 1603 of Bishop were held Tuesday at Albright Memorial Chapel for Robert Chas. Schofield 69, of Bishop, who passed away June 3 at his home in Bishop. The deceased was formerly employed by the California Electric Power Co.
His wife passed away about two years ago. He was born in Weld, Me., Nov. 1873 and had lived in Phoenix, Ariz., prior to coming to Bishop. He had been a member of the Elks Lodge for the past 25 years. Surviving are a son, Philip N. Schofield of Bishop and a daughter Mrs. Thelma Wiesler of Chicago. The body was shipped Tuesday to Forest Lawn in Glendale for cremation.

Child of Robert Charles Schofield and Mildred Butcher


  1. [S3569] 1880 Federal Census, Franklin County, Maine. Microfilm Image, NARA Series T9, Roll 479; FHL #1254479.

Thelma Schofield

F, b. 29 April 1909, d. 14 January 1989
     Thelma Schofield was born on 29 April 1909 at Florence, Pima Co., AZ. She was the daughter of Robert Charles Schofield and Mildred Butcher. Thelma Schofield lived on 12 January 1920 at Shelbyville, Shelby Co., IN, living with her aunt Della Schmoe.1 She married Norbert Henry Wiesler, son of Albert H. Wiesler and Anna K. Fisher, on 17 September 1929 at Detroit, Wayne Co., MI. Thelma Schofield died on 14 January 1989 at Petoskey, Emmet Co., MI, at age 79 OBITUARY - Petoskey News & Review; Monday, January 16, 1989 (taken from a book: Descendants of Thomas Skolfield, 1707-1796 by Ester S. DeVries - copied from

Thelma S. Wiesler, 79, of Harbor Springs, died Jan. 14, 1989 at Little Traverse Division, Northern Michigan Hospital. A memorial service will be held 2 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 19, at Holy Sepulcher Cemetery, Livonia. The former Thelma S. Schofield was born April 29, 1909, in Arizona, the daughter of Robert and Mildred Schofield. She made her home with her family in several states and was a high school graduate. On Sept. 17, 1929, she married Norbert H. Wiesler in Detroit. The couple resided in the Birmingham area and Mr. Wiesler preceded her in death. Mrs. Wiesler was a member of the Holy Name Catholic Church of Birmingham. Survivors include: three daughters, Mrs. Charles (Mary Margaret) Feltz of Venice, Fla., Mrs. Richard (Mary Elizabeth) Halpin of Harbor Springs, and Mrs. James (Mary Josephine) Galvin of Chicago, ILL. eight grandchildren; one great-granddaughter.
The family suggests memorials to the St. Jude Hospital in Memphis, Tenn.

She was buried in January 1989 at Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, Southfield, Oakland Co., MI.

Children of Thelma Schofield and Norbert Henry Wiesler


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Catharine Scholl1

     Catharine Scholl married George Conrad Saylor.1

Child of Catharine Scholl and George Conrad Saylor


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Hettie Scholl

     Hettie Scholl married Thomas Miller.

Child of Hettie Scholl and Thomas Miller

Joseph Scholl

M, b. 1755, d. 1835
     Joseph Scholl was born in 1755. He married Levina Boone, daughter of Daniel Boone and Rebecca Bryan. Joseph Scholl died in 1835.

Peter Scholl

     Peter Scholl married Mary Boone, daughter of Edward Neddy Boone and Martha Bryan, circa 1782.

Ralph Schollenberger

M, b. 13 February 1918, d. 28 March 2000
     Ralph Schollenberger was born on 13 February 1918 at Pottstown, Montgomery Co., PA. He married Gertrude Bernice Roberts on 25 November 1939 at Chester Co., PA. Ralph Schollenberger died on 28 March 2000 at age 82.

Henry Scholten

     Henry Scholten married Crescentia Groteweil.

Child of Henry Scholten and Crescentia Groteweil

Walter Scholten

M, b. 3 August 1880, d. 13 June 1949
     Walter Scholten was born on 3 August 1880 at Rhineland, Montgomery Co., MO. He was the son of Henry Scholten and Crescentia Groteweil. Walter Scholten married Blanche E, Powell, daughter of John Price Powell and Nellie Fullington Craig, on 25 December 1912. Walter Scholten died on 13 June 1949 at Montgomery Co., MO, at age 68.

Maria Scholtz1

     Maria Scholtz was born at Königliche Kammergut, Silesia.1 She married Hans Hübner on 14 January 1710 at Ober Harpersdorf, Silesia.1

Child of Maria Scholtz and Hans Hübner


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Balthasar Scholtze1

M, d. 28 November 1726
     Balthasar Scholtze was born at Silesia.1 He was the son of Matthias Scholtze.2 Balthasar Scholtze married Susanna Dietrich.1 Balthasar Scholtze died on 28 November 1726 at Herrnhut, Saxony.1

Child of Balthasar Scholtze and Susanna Dietrich


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