Ann Seward

F, b. 4 April 1792, d. 1866
     Ann Seward was born on 4 April 1792 at Hamilton Co., OH. She was the daughter of Samuel Seward and Elsie Gentry. Ann Seward married Daniel Jessup circa 1812. Ann Seward died in 1866 at La Porte Co., IN. She was buried in 1866 at Door Village Cemetery, La Porte Co., IN.

Child of Ann Seward and Daniel Jessup

Betty Seward

F, b. 22 January 1921, d. 11 July 1993
     Betty Seward was also known as Betty Steddom. She was born on 22 January 1921 at Shawnee, Pottawatomie Co., OK. She was the daughter of James P. Seward and Susan Tongee.1,2 Betty Seward married Clare Edmister Morford, son of Robert Boyd Morford and Ora Elenor Edmister, Two sons, one daughter. Betty Seward died on 11 July 1993 at age 72. She was buried in July 1993 at Highland Cemetery, Lawton, Comanche Co., OK, Findagrave #62557424.


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Emily S. Seward

F, b. 16 December 1904, d. 20 April 1996
     Emily S. Seward was born on 16 December 1904 at Pennsylvania. She married Alfred C. Kingsley. Emily S. Seward died on 20 April 1996 at Lebanon Co., PA, at age 91. She was buried in April 1996 at Mount Annville Cemetery, Annville, Lebanon Co., PA, Findagrave #25357269.

Child of Emily S. Seward and Alfred C. Kingsley

James Forrest Seward

M, b. 10 March 1927
     James Forrest Seward was born on 10 March 1927 at Elkton, Cecil Co., MD. He married Elizabeth Kay Perkins, daughter of Harold Tuft Perkins and Florence Elizabeth Miller, on 21 August 1950 at Chestertown, Kent Co., MD. James Forrest Seward and Elizabeth Kay Perkins were divorced on 13 April 1973.

James P. Seward1

M, b. 26 July 1893, d. 24 March 1924
     James P. Seward was born on 26 July 1893 at Moulton, Lawrence Co., AL.1 He began military service WW I service, Sgt., 846th Infantry, 86th Div., U.S. Army. He married Susan Tongee on 11 June 1919 at Pottawatomie Co., OK. James P. Seward died on 24 March 1924 at Shawnee, Pottawatomie Co., OK, at age 30. He was buried in March 1924 at Fairview Cemetery, Shawnee, Pottawatomie Co., OK, Findagrave #86332680.

Child of James P. Seward and Susan Tongee


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Mildred M. Seward

F, b. 5 March 1902, d. 1955
     Mildred M. Seward was born on 5 March 1902 at Newark, Licking Co., OH. She married Wayne L. Preston, son of Benjamin Franklin Preston and Lulu Hull, in 1923. Mildred M. Seward died in 1955 at Newark, Licking Co., OH. She was buried in 1955 at Cedar Hill Cemetery, Newark, Licking Co., OH, Findagrave #53383519.

Samuel Seward

M, b. 1765, d. circa 1814
     Note: Seward information from web page of Phyllis Solter, Seward information from web page of Phyllis Solter.

About 1791 Samuel and Elsie and infant son Obadiah settled in Hamilton County, Ohio, living for a while in the blockhouse at Carthage then settling on a tract of land near Mount Pleasant. The rest of the children were born in Hamilton County, Ohio.

. . . recorded Book H, p. 282-283 Hamilton County Ohio, July 31, 1809, ref. Symmes Purchase.

Wherefor now know ye that the said John Cleves Symmes, Register of this office for the time being on the ground above stated, has given, granted, assigned, transferred and set over unto the said Samuel Seward and to his heirs and assigns in fee simple forever all that forfeiture of one hundred and six acres and two thirds of an acre. . . in the Miami Purchase and County of Hamilton in the territory of the United States. . . signed by John Cleves Symmes 2 April, 1798.

Samuel Seward was born in 1765 at New Jersey. He married Elsie Gentry on 22 October 1789 at North Carolina. Samuel Seward died circa 1814 at Hamilton Co., OH.

Child of Samuel Seward and Elsie Gentry

Elizabeth Ann Sewell

F, b. circa 1843
     Elizabeth Ann Sewell was born circa 1843 at Tennessee Father born TN, mother born VA.1 She married Joel Perry Windle, son of Robert Sevier Windle and Amanda Fitzgerald Harris.

Children of Elizabeth Ann Sewell and Joel Perry Windle


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Mary Myrtle Sewell

F, b. October 1887, d. 29 August 1957
     Mary Myrtle Sewell was born in October 1887 at Missouri; Mary lost one of her parents when she was an infant, and there are conflicting versions of her biological parents in online genealogies including her memorial. For certain, she was raised from infancy by John L. and Mary Francis (Pope) Sewell. John was first married to Martha G. Nulty and she passed in 1885, according to online genealogies, exact date not known. Mary F. Pope was first married to James Scantlin in 1876 and he died in 1887, again according only to online genealogies. Mary (Pope) Scantlin and John L. Sewell were married 21 AUG 1887 in Gasconade County, Missouri, per Missouri Marriage Records, 1805-2002 ( Mary Myrtle Sewell is first found in the censuses on the June 1900 census of Center Township, Pratt County, Kansas, page 4A, in the John and Mary Sewell family. She was listed as age 12 with a birth date of OCT 1887.

The best evidence of the correct biological parents of Mary seems to be the newspaper obituary for Mary (Pope, Scantlin) Sewell, as follows:

Pratt Daily Tribune, Pratt, Kansas; Saturday, 26 FEB 1921, Page 4 (

Mary Francis Pope was born in Gasconade County, Missouri, on September 11, 1858; and died at her home in Pratt, Kansas at 6:30 a. m. on February 23, 1921.

When eighteen years of age she was united in marriage to James Scantlin near Bland, Missouri. To this union two children were born, one of whom survives her, J. D. Scantlin of Tracy, Minnesota. Mr. Scantlin lived but a few years and in 1888 she was united in marriage with John L. Sewell at Bland, Missouri. To this union four sons were born, all of whom, together with the husband, survive her. The sons are George D. Sewell of Omaha, Nebraska; Roll S. Sewell of Pratt; Boley D. Sewell of Iowa, and Clarence E. Sewell of Kansas City, Missouri. Besides these she leaves to mourn her loss, a step-daughter, Mrs. Claude Davault of this city, whom she has reared from infancy. Mrs. Sewell also leaves five brothers, none of whom are residents of this city.

Mrs. Sewell joined the. Baptist church when she was but eighteen years of age and was a member of the First Baptist Church of Pratt.

Mr. and Mrs. Sewell came to Kansas in 1899 and settled in Pratt county. They lived on a farm south of town for three years and the remainder of this time they have lived at their present residence at 609 South Oak Street.

Mrs. Sewell has been an invalid for a number of years but has borne her ill health with a jovial spirit which has made for her a large circle of friends.

Therefore I am identifying Mary Myrtle Sewell's parents as John Lundsford and Martha G. (Nulty) Sewell. DLB 2023.1

She lived on 7 April 1900 at Center Twp., Pratt Co., KS, In the John L. and Mary F. (Pope) Sewell family, birth date OCT 1887, age 12, birth location Missouri for herself and her parents.1

She married Claude Samuel DaVault, son of Valentine Franklin DaVault and Lucinda Adella Fallis, on 3 February 1904 at the home of the bride, Pratt, Pratt Co., KS; ceremony by Rev. Willy K. Estill, minister. Mary Myrtle Sewell lived on 1 March 1925 at Pratt, Pratt Co., KS.2 She died on 29 August 1957 at age 69. She was buried in 1957 at Greenlawn Cemetery, Pratt, Pratt Co., KS, Findagrave #76140683.

Children of Mary Myrtle Sewell and Claude Samuel DaVault


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Beulah Pearl Sexton

F, b. 8 September 1899, d. 18 February 1982
     Beulah Pearl Sexton was born on 8 September 1899 at Joplin, Jasper Co., MO. She married Joseph Franklin Corbus. Beulah Pearl Sexton died on 18 February 1982 at Quapaw, Ottawa Co., OK, at age 82. She was buried in February 1982 at Grand Army of the Republic Cemetery, Miami, Ottawa Co., OK, Find A Grave Memorial# 142814299.

Child of Beulah Pearl Sexton and Joseph Franklin Corbus

Clayton Sexton

M, b. April 1892
     Clayton Sexton was born in April 1892 at Fayette Co., OH.1 He married Jessie Iris Coil, daughter of Otto Coil and Margaret Ethel Arrington.


  1. [S2227] 1940 Federal Census, Fayette County, Ohio. Microfilm Image, NARA Series T627, Roll 3067.

Dollie Ann Sexton1

F, b. 17 November 1861, d. 15 April 1929
     Dollie Ann Sexton was born on 17 November 1861 at Ohio.1 She married William E. Wilson on 23 December 1884 at Grant Co., IN. Dollie Ann Sexton died on 15 April 1929 at Grant Co., IN, at age 67. She was buried in April 1929 at Jefferson Cemetery, Upland, Grant Co., IN, Findagrave #6750505.

Child of Dollie Ann Sexton and William E. Wilson


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Marilyn Jane Sexton

F, b. 1 May 1922
     Marilyn Jane Sexton was born on 1 May 1922 at Oakville, IA. She married Forrest Ray Westfall on 7 March 1941.

Olan Sexton

M, b. 24 February 1915, d. circa 3 March 1962
     Olan Sexton was born on 24 February 1915 WW II draft registration -- other sources including SSDI show 1916. He married Bessie Lea Ross on 24 September 1932 at Sevier Co., AR. Olan Sexton died circa 3 March 1962 at Maricopa Co., AZ.

Madeline Rivers Seybold

F, b. 21 January 1897, d. 4 April 1972
     Madeline Rivers Seybold was also known as "Madge". She was born on 21 January 1897 at Orange Co., IN. She married Earl Lewis Anderson, son of Henry Lewis Anderson and Samantha Maria Beck, on 31 July 1943. Madeline Rivers Seybold died on 4 April 1972 at Salem, Washington Co., IN, at age 75. She was buried in April 1972 at Ames Chapel Cemetery, Paoli, Orange Co., IN, Findagrave #84989015.
Note: Madge was previously married to Donald Wilson and had at least four children with him.

Ruth Leonora Seybold1

     Ruth Leonora Seybold married Eugene Pierce Robinson, son of Horace A. Robinson and Olive Pierce, on 25 August 1923.1


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Allan Upson Seybolt Ph.D.1

M, b. 19 May 1910, d. 12 August 1984
     Allan Upson Seybolt Ph.D. was born on 19 May 1910 at Westfield, Chautauqua Co., NY.1 He was the son of Francis Emmet Seybolt and Edith L. Upson.2 Allan Upson Seybolt Ph.D. married Dorothea Elisabeth Hoover, daughter of Blake Alexander Hoover and Edna Rachel McCormick, in 1934. Allan Upson Seybolt Ph.D. lived on 16 April 1940 at 1300 Broadview Avenue, Grandview Heights, Franklin Co., OH, metallurgist at research institute.1 He lived in 1968 at Ballston Spa, Saratoga Co., NY. He died on 12 August 1984 at Barnstable Co., MA, at age 74.

Child of Allan Upson Seybolt Ph.D. and Dorothea Elisabeth Hoover


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Francis Emmet Seybolt1

M, b. 16 September 1882, d. 1955
     Francis Emmet Seybolt was also known as "Frank". He was born on 16 September 1882 at Metamoras, Pike Co., PA, Sons of the American Revolution Membership Applications, 1889-1970 [database on-line]( He married Edith L. Upson on 18 August 1909 at Springfield, Hampden Co., MA. Francis Emmet Seybolt lived on 14 April 1930 at 118 Crescent Road, Longmeadow, Hampden Co., MA, investments broker.1 He died in 1955 at Springfield, Hampden Co., MA.

Child of Francis Emmet Seybolt and Edith L. Upson


  1. [S5510] 1930 Federal Census, Hampden County, New York. Microfilm Image, NARA Series T626, Rolls 905-11 ; FHL #2340640-46.

Richard Alan Seybolt Ph.D.

M, b. 4 October 1942, d. 19 May 2015
     Richard Alan Seybolt Ph.D. was born on 4 October 1942 at Columbus, Franklin Co., OH. He was the son of Allan Upson Seybolt Ph.D. and Dorothea Elisabeth Hoover. Richard Alan Seybolt Ph.D. died on 19 May 2015 at Duluth, St. Louis Co., MN, at age 72

Obituary -- (

Richard Alan Seybolt, of Duluth and Boynton Beach, Florida, died unexpectedly on May 19. Rick was born on October 4, 1942, in Columbus, Ohio, to Alan Upson Seybolt and Dorothea Hoover Seybolt. Shortly after his birth, his family relocated to Los Alamos, New Mexico, where his father worked during
the war.

Rick spent his grade school years in Scotia and Schenectady, New York. He attended high school at the Williston Academy in Easthampton, Massachusetts (now known as the Williston Northampton School) where he lettered in soccer, basketball and baseball. He completed his undergraduate degree at Middlebury College, Middlebury, Vermont. He was a member of the Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity. He obtained a master's degree in Spain, and completed his PhD in Spanish at Indiana University.

While at IU, he fell in love with a beautiful Hoosier named Jane Wedding, who was studying for her master's degree in English. They were married in Frankin, Indiana, on June 8, 1968.

Rick's career started at Colgate University in Hamilton, New York, where he was an assistant professor of Spanish. His son Blake was born there in 1971. Rick then joined his brother Steve on the faculty of their alma mater, Williston. After two years and the birth of son Cameron, the family moved to Duluth in 1974. Rick taught Spanish language and literature at UMD for over 34 years. His primary area of expertise was 16th and 17th century literature, but he equally enjoyed teaching freshmen to speak the Spanish language. He officially retired in 2008 and began spending winters in Boynton Beach, Florida, but he continued teaching classes at UMD periodically during fall semester. The day he died he spent the afternoon reading and taking notes in preparation for future teaching.

Rick was an active member of Glen Avon Presbyterian Church for many years. He also enjoyed his Wednesday "golf therapy group," and doubles tennis. Rick and Jane were members of long-lasting bridge groups, including one that has met continuously for over 35 years.

He was known for his dry sense of humor, his devotion to family and friends, and his work ethic. According to Rick's second grade report card, "Ricky's success is due, not only to his native intelligence, but also to his well-rounded interests and many fine character traits. In any work Ricky can be depended on to do his best."

Rick is survived and will be dearly missed by his wife of over 46 years, Jane Wedding Seybolt; his sons Blake (Raven), and Cameron (Katie); four grandchildren; his brother Stephen (Phyllis); his sister-in-law Mary Ann Wedding; and many dear friends from his childhood, working life, and retirement.

He was buried in May 2015 at Forest Hill Cemetery, Duluth, St. Louis Co., MN, Findagrave #146870526.

Lourline Manucy Seyden

F, b. 13 May 1912, d. 30 June 1996
     Lourline Manucy Seyden was born on 13 May 1912 at Savannah, Chatham Co., GA. She was the daughter of Valentine Seyden and Lillian Mary Manucy. Lourline Manucy Seyden married Dr. Francis Emory Bell, son of Rev. Joseph Francis Bell and Orpha May Teeter, on 8 November 1936 at Putnam Co., FL. Lourline Manucy Seyden died on 30 June 1996 at Gainesville, Alachua Co., FL, at age 84. She was buried in July 1996 at Forest Meadows Memorial Park East, Gainesville, Alachua Co., FL, Findagrave #191300818.

Valentine Seyden

M, b. 14 February 1882, d. 8 December 1965
     Valentine Seyden was born on 14 February 1882. He married Lillian Mary Manucy. Valentine Seyden died on 8 December 1965 at age 83. He was buried in December 1965 at Greenwich Cemetery, Savannah, Chatham Co., GA, Findagrave #138859007.

Child of Valentine Seyden and Lillian Mary Manucy

Anna Barbara Seyfried

F, b. 16 May 1644
     Anna Barbara Seyfried was born on 16 May 1644 at Wildbad, Württemberg, Germany. She was the daughter of Martin Seyfried. Anna Barbara Seyfried married Johann Philip Spiegel on 29 January 1666 at Wildbad, Württemberg, Germany. Anna Barbara Seyfried married Johannes Holtzlin in August 1679 at Wildbad, Württemberg, Germany.
Note: According to Dan Bly's research, Barbara and her second husband apparently relocated from Wildbad to an unknown different location in the region.

Children of Anna Barbara Seyfried and Johann Philip Spiegel

Martin Seyfried

M, d. after January 1642
     Occupation: Forester and magistrate at Wildbad. Martin Seyfried died after January 1642 at Wildbad, Württemberg, Germany.

Child of Martin Seyfried

Minnie Frederika Seyfried1

F, b. 27 August 1846, d. 10 March 1929
     Minnie Frederika Seyfried was born on 27 August 1846 at Württemberg, Germany, 1848 in Berlin, Germany, according to her 1929 newspaper obituary. I consider the 1880 and 1900 censuses more accurate. DLB 2020.2,1 She married Isaac Denton on 13 June 1872 at Christian Co., IL. Minnie Frederika Seyfried died on 10 March 1929 at Windsor, Shelby Co., IL, at age 82. She was buried in March 1929 at Oak Ridge Cemetery, Springfield, Sangamon Co., IL, Findagrave #32871683.
Note: Minnie's maiden name was a German name, probably Seyfried. Her newspaper obituary spelled it Seyfreit, which is possible, but it also gives her birthplace as Berlin, Germany, which is nowhere near Württemberg which she reported in 1880, so the credibility of the obituary is not high. It gives her first husband's name as John States, but it was apparently "Spates" as per her daughter Carrie/Cordelia's 1880 census record and Christian County marriage record. John Spates died in 1870. DLB 2020.

Child of Minnie Frederika Seyfried and Isaac Denton


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Anna May Seymour1

F, b. 22 July 1884, d. 4 July 1970
     Anna May Seymour was born on 22 July 1884 at Ross Co., OH.1 She married George Washington Boysel on 18 October 1900 at Pickaway Co., OH. Anna May Seymour died on 4 July 1970 at age 85. She was buried in July 1970 at Somerford Cemetery, Summerford, Pickaway Co., OH, Find A Grave Memorial# 71633008.

Child of Anna May Seymour and George Washington Boysel


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Carol Anne Seymour

F, b. 6 September 1928, d. 9 June 1984
     Carol Anne Seymour was born on 6 September 1928. She was the daughter of Floyd McKinley Seymour and Nettie Maye Glick. Carol Anne Seymour died on 9 June 1984 at age 55. She was buried in June 1984 at Galloway Cemetery.

Christina Louise Seymour

F, b. 8 September 1953, d. 9 September 1953
     Christina Louise Seymour was born on 8 September 1953 at Columbus, Franklin Co., OH. She died on 9 September 1953 at Columbus, Franklin Co., OH. She was the daughter of Lloyd Gene Seymour and Mary Louise Foor.

Elmer Eugene Seymour

M, b. 2 May 1892
     Elmer Eugene Seymour was born on 2 May 1892 at Ohio WW I draft registration. He married Edna Swartz, daughter of Sylvester A. Swartz and Susanna Catharine Windle, on 6 August 1933 at Ross Co., OH.

Child of Elmer Eugene Seymour and Edna Swartz


  1. [S2728] 1940 Federal Census, Ross County, Ohio. Microfilm Image, NARA Series T627, Roll 3137.

Esther Oda Seymour

F, b. 1906, d. 1907
     Esther Oda Seymour was born in 1906. She was the daughter of Job Seymour and Martha Jane Allison. Esther Oda Seymour died in 1907.

Fern Seymour

F, b. 23 June 1893, d. 28 February 1945
     Fern Seymour was born on 23 June 1893 at Fairfax, Atchison Co., MO; daughter of Rufus George and Ida Gertrude (Pebley) Seymour. She married James Claire Scarelet circa 1914. Fern Seymour died on 28 February 1945 at Omaha, Douglas Co., NE, at age 51. She was buried in March 1945 at Rose Hill Cemetery, Albion, Boone Co., NE, Findagrave #147101271.

Child of Fern Seymour and James Claire Scarelet