Ruth Benson

F, b. 23 January 1908, d. 26 April 1998
     Ruth Benson was born on 23 January 1908 at Mt. Carroll, Carroll Co., IL. She was the daughter of Elmer Benson and Grace Mabel Fulrath. Ruth Benson married Benjamin H. Myers circa 1927 at Mt. Carroll, Carroll Co., IL. Ruth Benson married Robert Paul Roscoe Almquist after 1962. Ruth Benson died on 26 April 1998 at Oregon, Ogle Co., IL, at age 90.

Child of Ruth Benson and Benjamin H. Myers

Vinson Benson

     Vinson Benson married Martha Allen.

Child of Vinson Benson and Martha Allen

Katherine Harriet Bentley

     Katherine Harriet Bentley married John Francis Minor.

Child of Katherine Harriet Bentley and John Francis Minor

Lucinda Bentley

F, b. 1815, d. 1885
     Lucinda Bentley was born in 1815 at Pennsylvania. She married Harrison Daniel Keller, son of John Keller and Susan Stengley, on 29 June 1863 at Hancock Co., OH, Second marriage for Harrison and third marriage for Lucinda.
Lucinda was first married to Nehemiah Holland 11 AUG 1835, Trumbull Co., OH, and second to James Reid 31 DEC 1849, Hancock Co., OH.

Lucinda Bentley died in 1885 at Wyandot Co., OH. She was buried in 1885 at Nevada Cemetery, Nevada, Wyandot Co., OH, Findagrave #64621976.

Charles Edwin Benton

     Charles Edwin Benton married Dixie Kincaid.

Jessie Benton

F, b. 31 May 1824, d. 27 December 1902
     Jessie Benton was born on 31 May 1824 at Lexington, VA. She married John Charles Fremont on 19 October 1841. Jessie Benton died on 27 December 1902 at Los Angeles, Los Angeles Co., CA, at age 78

Biographical Sketch -- (

American Folk Figure. She was the wife of explorer and adventurer John Charles Fremont, and the daughter of United States Senator Thomas Hart Benton. Born in Lexington, Virginia, her father raised and educated her as if she were his son and made her wise in the ways of social structure and politics, an unusual thing for the period. By 1841, her father was a Senator from Missouri and protagonist of "Manifest Destiny". The now seventeen year old Jesse, a student in a girl's seminary, met and fell in love with Lieutenant John C. Fremont, who is ten years her senior. The couple eloped and was married on October 19, 1841. Senator Benton was so disappointed that he becomes estranged for a time from his headstrong daughter. Jessie, in the mean time, settled in as the wife of a junior Army officer, following her husband from assignment to assignment. Some where around this time, her parents decide to reconcile with Jessie and John who had been living a less than luxurious life on Army posts. John Fremont then gained famed a "The Pathfinder to the West" in the name of "Manifest Destiny". She and her husband begin writing best-selling stories of Western Explorations that make John C. Fremont and his scout, Kit Carson, famous. In 1856, Jessie became the first presidential candidate's wife to play an active part in a political campaign. When first-ever Republican Party candidate Fremont's name came up in rallies for votes, the slogan was "Fremont and Jessie too." Fremont garnered many northern votes, but lost over all. The Fremonts then moved to California where they discovered more gold on their property. They settled into San Francisco society with Jessie leading the way and enjoying discussing politics with the many educated men in that city. When war became imminent, John Fremont returned East to get a new commission, and Jessie went with him. In 1861, they returned to St. Louis when John was appointed commander of the Western Region. They shared the belief that St. Louis was unprepared for war and needed reinforcements and supplies, and both pressured Washington to send more supplies and troops to St. Louis. Jessie threw herself into the war effort, helping to organize a soldier's relief society in St. Louis and becoming very active in the Western Sanitary Commission which provided medicine and nursing to soldiers injured in the war. These endeavors were some of the few acceptable avenues of participation for women in the 1860's, but Jessie, the late senator's daughter, wanted more. She used her political expertise to make decisions for John and organized his military campaign to the extent that she was called, "General Jessie" by his critics. In spite of Jesse's help, Fremont was always in trouble. One decision caused him to be removed from command - he overstepped his authority when he trumped the Commander in Chief by issuing, of his own volition, his own emancipation proclamation which summarily freed all Missouri slaves. John Fremont had a deep hatred for slavery and saw that it needed to end, but he neglected to confer with his President before issuing the order and Abraham Lincoln became angry with him. Jessie, the senator's daughter, and ever her husband's protector, went to see President Lincoln in Washington to plead Fremont's case. Lincoln listened but still removed John Fremont from the command of St. Louis and the Union's Western area. The Fremonts would not live in St. Louis again, moving to New York and then California, where she that state's first First Lady. Being unsuccessful in both places, John Fremont declared bankruptcy in 1873. Jessie started writing books and articles to support the family, and remained faithful to her husband, even when she heard rumors that he was being unfaithful. In 1890, three months after having been allowed to resign with pension, rather than being drummed out of the Army for insubordination in an incident in California, John Fremont died in New York. Twelve years later, Jessie, then a resident of the then back-water pueblo of Los Angeles, died as well and she was cremated and buried in Los Angeles at Angelus Rosedale Cemetery. Jessie Fremont had, within the framework of her era, demonstrated that women were capable of equal rights of citizenship and full participation with their male counterparts in family life, business and politics. Her husband lies in Rockland Cemetery,high atop the crest of The Palisades of the Hudson River just south of the Tappan Zee Bridge.

Bio by: John T. Chiarella.

Child of Jessie Benton and John Charles Fremont

Johann Heinrich Bentz

M, b. circa 1740, d. 1 March 1824
     Johann Heinrich Bentz was also known as "Henry". He was born circa 1740 at Germany. He married Maria Magdalena Blimley. Johann Heinrich Bentz died on 1 March 1824 at Mad River Twp., Champaign Co., OH.

Child of Johann Heinrich Bentz and Maria Magdalena Blimley

Carolina B. Bentzinger

F, b. 22 April 1858, d. 25 September 1946
     Carolina B. Bentzinger was born on 22 April 1858. She married Johann Kimler. Carolina B. Bentzinger died on 25 September 1946 at age 88. She was buried in September 1946 at Oakland Cemetery, Keokuk, Lee Co., IA, Findagrave #112786429.

Child of Carolina B. Bentzinger and Johann Kimler

R. F. Benzinger

M, b. 28 March 1915
     R. F. Benzinger was born on 28 March 1915.

Katherine Emma Beoddy1

F, b. 30 January 1888, d. 23 September 1970
     Katherine Emma Beoddy was born on 30 January 1888 at Ross Co., OH.1 She married Henry W. Spindler, son of John Wesley Spindler and Harriett Alice Windell, on 24 March 1909 at Pike Co., OH.1 Katherine Emma Beoddy died on 23 September 1970 at age 82.

Children of Katherine Emma Beoddy and Henry W. Spindler


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Alice Aurelia Bequeath

F, b. 29 April 1855, d. 18 February 1947
     Alice Aurelia Bequeath was born on 29 April 1855 at Illinois. She married Robert Wesley Iliff, son of John Melick Iliff and Caroline Elizabeth Hinthorn, on 30 April 1873. Alice Aurelia Bequeath died on 18 February 1947 at Lacon, Marshall Co., IL, at age 91.

Children of Alice Aurelia Bequeath and Robert Wesley Iliff

Della G. Berends

F, b. 15 November 1940, d. 4 March 2012
     Della G. Berends was born on 15 November 1940. She married John Allison Fox, son of Marion Allison Fox and Mary Ruth Snyder. Della G. Berends lived in 1996 at 608 Milwaukee Street, Kewaunee, Kewaunee Co., WI. She died on 4 March 2012 at Kewaunee Co., WI, at age 71.

Catherine Nancy Berenskotter

F, b. 15 September 1936, d. 8 December 2009
     Catherine Nancy Berenskotter was born on 15 September 1936 at Chicago, Cook Co., IL.1 She was the daughter of Theodore Berenskotter and Fanny Winterhalter.1 Catherine Nancy Berenskotter married Thomas Kenerly MacDonell Jr., son of Thomas Kenerly MacDonell and Charlotte Lois Bell, on 28 May 1956 at Cook Co., IL, Catherine remarried to Charles Benton Long (1923-1995) in 1993, Jefferson County, Kentucky. Catherine Nancy Berenskotter died on 8 December 2009 at age 73.

Child of Catherine Nancy Berenskotter and Thomas Kenerly MacDonell Jr.


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Theodore Berenskotter1

M, b. 1 October 1904, d. 16 September 1990
     Theodore Berenskotter was born on 1 October 1904 at Germany.1 He married Fanny Winterhalter. Theodore Berenskotter died on 16 September 1990 at Ft. Wayne, Allen Co., IN, at age 85.

Child of Theodore Berenskotter and Fanny Winterhalter


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Julie Berg

     Julie Berg married Heinrich Helfer.

Child of Julie Berg and Heinrich Helfer

Paul Frederick Berg

M, b. 10 December 1933, d. 2 August 1983
     Paul Frederick Berg was born on 10 December 1933 at Lincoln, Lancaster Co., NE. He was the son of William John Berg and Dorothy Marie Retzlaff. Cause of death: on 2 August 1983 Farming accident (hay baler). Paul Frederick Berg died on 2 August 1983 at Lincoln, Lancaster Co., NE, at age 49 "Out Of Town
Berg -- Paul Frederick, 59, Lincoln, died Monday (8/2/93). Survivors: wife, Joan; sons, daughters-in-law, Mark and Michelle, Rochester, Mich., Michael and Debbie, Pleasant Dale; son, Steven, Lincoln; daughter, son-in-law, Cynthia and the Rev. Greg Sawyer, Yankton, S.D; sisters, brothers-in-law, Pauline and Walden Brandt, Lincoln, Donna and Neil Wurst, Milford; grandchildren, Brittany, Kerrick Sawyer, Matthew, Melanie, Amanda Berg; aunts; uncles; nieces; nephews.
Services: 10:30 a.m. Friday, Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Pleasant Dale. The Rev. Louis Griser. Pleasant Dale Cemetery. Pallbearers: Stephen Benes, Merlyn Berg, Frank Bohac, Alvin Klug, Earl Lohmeier, Ralph Retzlaff, Honorary pallbearers: Don Baade, Don Bargmann, Memorials to church. Roper & Sons Morturary, 4300 O St. -- Paid." He was buried on 6 August 1983 at Pleasant Dale Cemetery, Pleasant Dale, Lancaster Co., NE.

Robert G. Berg

M, b. circa 1902
     Robert G. Berg was born circa 1902 at Denmark. He married Jessie I. Larimore, daughter of Timothy M. Larimore and Mary Melissa Lammey, on 28 August 1941 at Clark Co., WA.

Wesley Chapman Berg

M, b. circa 1940, d. 20 October 1995
     Wesley Chapman Berg was born on 17 December 1938 at Carmel, Monterey Co., CA. He was born circa 1940. He died on 20 October 1995 at Alameda Co., CA.

William John Berg

M, b. 16 September 1900, d. 20 June 1987
     William John Berg was born on 16 September 1900. He married Dorothy Marie Retzlaff, daughter of Frederick W. Retzlaff and Clara Louise Faulhaber, on 15 December 1929. William John Berg died on 20 June 1987 at age 86.

Child of William John Berg and Dorothy Marie Retzlaff

Carl Petterson Berge

M, b. 20 March 1903, d. 24 August 1981
     Carl Petterson Berge was born on 20 March 1903 at Norway. He married Kathryn Alice Springer, daughter of Loyd Ernest Springer and Ethel Burr Garber. Carl Petterson Berge died on 24 August 1981 at Gardena, Los Angeles Co., CA, at age 78. He was buried in August 1981 at Inglewood Park Cemetery, Inglewood, Los Angeles Co., CA, Find A Grave Memorial# 78716812.

Mary Berge1

     Mary Berge married Abraham Wanger, son of Abraham Wanger and Susanna Schantz.1

Child of Mary Berge and Abraham Wanger


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Abraham Berger


Child of Abraham Berger

  • Anna Berger+ b. c 1714; Hauingen Church Book FHL #1189338, Marriage: p. 2.

Anna Berger

F, b. circa 1714
     Anna Berger was born circa 1714. She was the daughter of Abraham Berger. Anna Berger married Friedrich Brenneisen, son of Friedrich Brenneisen and Verena Heynemann, on 26 January 1740 at Hauingen bei Lörrach, Baden, Germany, Hauingen Church Book FHL #1189338, Marriage: p. 2.

Children of Anna Berger and Friedrich Brenneisen


  1. [S1936] Familysearch "German Marriages", online, source film #1189338.

Catherine Berger

F, b. 9 March 1731, d. 13 February 1796
     Catherine Berger was born on 9 March 1731 at Köln / Cologne, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany. She married Maj. Peter Philip Helphenstein in 1752 at Germany. Catherine Berger died on 13 February 1796 at Winchester, Frederick Co., VA, at age 64.

Children of Catherine Berger and Maj. Peter Philip Helphenstein

Cora Ellen Berger

F, b. 15 February 1889, d. 29 June 1949
     Cora Ellen Berger was born on 15 February 1889 at Miamisburg, Montgomery Co., OH. She was the daughter of William Berger and Mary A. Schuter. Cora Ellen Berger was christened on 19 March 1890 at Miami Twp., Montgomery Co., OH. She married Edward Frederick Gebhart, son of Edward Gebhart and Agnes Veronica Mullen, on 16 April 1911. Cora Ellen Berger died on 29 June 1949 at Centerville, Montgomery Co., OH, at age 60. She was buried on 1 July 1949 at Davids Cemetery, Kettering, Montgomery Co., OH, Findagrave #42102463.

Children of Cora Ellen Berger and Edward Frederick Gebhart

Eleanor A. Berger

F, b. circa 1919
     Eleanor A. Berger was born circa 1919. She married Russell E. Baker, son of Henry C. Baker and Olive Benner, on 18 October 1940.

William Berger

M, b. January 1855, d. 29 June 1927
     William Berger was born in January 1855 at Ohio.1 He married Mary A. Schuter on 14 March 1886 at Montgomery Co., OH. William Berger died on 29 June 1927 at Montgomery Co., OH, at age 72. He was buried in July 1927 at Hill Grove Cemetery, Miamisburg, Montgomery Co., OH, Findagrave #75148273.

Child of William Berger and Mary A. Schuter


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Blanche Ethel Bergerson

F, b. 9 July 1905
     Blanche Ethel Bergerson was born on 9 July 1905. She married Don Bryan Grable, son of Charles Edward Grable and Maude E. Bonn, on 21 July 1924.

Child of Blanche Ethel Bergerson and Don Bryan Grable

Morris Kenneth Bergerud

M, b. 14 February 1907, d. 13 October 1982
     Morris Kenneth Bergerud was born on 14 February 1907 at Harvey, Wells Co., ND. He married Eunice Myrtle Balken on 8 August 1931 at Wilkin Co., MN. Morris Kenneth Bergerud died on 13 October 1982 at Fergus Falls, Otter Tail Co., MN, at age 75. He was buried in October 1982 at Knollwood Memorial Gardens, Fergus Falls, Otter Tail Co., MN, Findagrave #60433954.

Abraham H. Bergey1

M, b. 29 September 1876
     Abraham H. Bergey was born on 29 September 1876 at Franconia Twp., Montgomery Co., PA.1 He was the son of Samuel G. Bergey and Amanda Heckler.1 Abraham H. Bergey married Kate Wampole, daughter of Enos Wampole and Barbara Alderfer, on 18 March 1899, Ceremony by Rev. James L. Becker.1 Occupation: Farmer in 1926 at Harleysville, Montgomery Co., PA.1

Children of Abraham H. Bergey and Kate Wampole


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