Nancy Jane Soesbe

F, b. 3 May 1833, d. 5 February 1904
     Nancy Jane Soesbe was born on 3 May 1833 at Vigo Co., IN. She was the daughter of William Soesbe and Angelina Julina Buckner. Nancy Jane Soesbe married John Wesley Waggoner on 12 October 1852 at Jones Co., IA. Nancy Jane Soesbe married Benjamin Harrison, son of Henry Harrison and Susannah Marie Tallman, on 20 October 1864 at the home of her father, Fairview, Jones Co., IA. Nancy Jane Soesbe married William Briggs on 3 July 1879 at Fairview Twp., Jones Co., IA. Nancy Jane Soesbe and William Briggs were divorced in April 1884 at Anamosa, Jones Co., IA; Divorce Petition:

In the District Court, Jones County, Iowa
May term 1884 Nancy Briggs
W. P. Briggs Petition in Equity

The plaintiff represents to this Court

Par. 1st That plaintiff and defendant are both residents of Jones County Iowa and have resided in said ______ ever since the marriage of plaintiff and defendent as hereinafter stated.

Par. 2. That plaintiff and defendant were married in Fairview Township, Jones County, Iowa on the 3rd day of July AD1879.

Par. 3rd That ever since said marriage plaintiff has conducted herself towards said defendant as a loving and affectionate wife.

Par. 4th That the defendant disregarding his duties as a husband, has conducted himself towards plaintiff and has treated plaintiff in such a cruel and inhuman manner as to endanger the life and utterly destroy the peace and happiness of plaintiff. That about six months after said marriage of said parties, __ _____, December 1879 without any provocation on the part of plaintiff said defendant gave way to anger and passion and did swear at plaintiff and call her vile and obscene names. That said defendant did attempt to cut his own throat with a razor and with a knife. That plaintiff for fear of her life was compelled to lock herself up in a room and remain until released, that since said time defendant has failed nearly altogether to provide for his family, that plaintiff has been compelled to support herself and her family, that defendant has continued to give way to violent passions and anger since said date, Dec. 1879 at intervals and becoming more frequent until the present time, that now said defendant is almost continually doing all in his power to harass, annoy and injure plaintiff. That in the month of June 1883 said defendant held the lamp right close to plaintiff's face when plaintiff was in bed and rubbed his fist against plaintiff's face and nose at the time threatening violence to plaintiff using vile and obscene language, that plaintiff was compelled to flee from her house and seek safety. That defendant threatens plaintiff that he would report to the neighbors false statements as to what plaintiff has said about them for the purpose of making them angry with plaintiff, that deft. has done so and this has caused nearly all plaintiff neighbors to be unfriendly with plaintiff. That defendant prevents plaintiff from attending religious services, that on the 6th day of April 1884, Deft. would not permit plaintiff to attend the funeral of a friend, that in the evening of April 6th defendant for the purpose of annoying plaintiff, the said day being the sabbath said defendant did continue to dance in the room and sing silly and vulgar songs and did use threatening and vulgar language, said defendant did call the daughter of plaintiff a "freckled whore." That because of the said threats and actions of defendant plaintiff has not been able to sleep but little for a week past and her health is affected thereby, that she will endanger her life to continue to live with said defendant.

Par. 5th That this application is not made out of any _____ or restraint but in sincerity and truth for the purposes set forth herein.

Par. 6th Wherefore plaintiff asks that she may be divorced from said defendant, that her name may be changed to her former name, Nancy Harrison, and that she may have such other and further relief as may be just and equitable in the premises.

Remley & Ercanbrack
Attys. for Pltff.

State of Iowa
Jones County

I, Nancy Briggs, being first sworn say that I am plaintiff in the above entitled claim, that I have heard the foregoing petition read and am acquainted with the facts and statements therein contained, and that the same are true as I verily believe.
(s) Nancy Briggs

Subscribed in my presence and sworn to by said Nancy Briggs before me this 12th day of April 1884.
H. M Remley, Notary Public for Jones County, Iowa. Nancy Jane Soesbe died on 5 February 1904 at Jones Co., IA, at age 70. She was buried in February 1904 at Riverside Cemetery, Anamosa, Jones Co., IA.

Children of Nancy Jane Soesbe and John Wesley Waggoner

Children of Nancy Jane Soesbe and Benjamin Harrison

Phillip Soesbe

M, b. 18 June 1830
     Phillip Soesbe was born on 18 June 1830 at Green Co., IN. He was the son of Samuel Soesbe and Eleanor Shintaffer.

Rachel Soesbe

F, b. 19 October 1791
     Rachel Soesbe was born on 19 October 1791. She was the daughter of Daniel Soesbe and Rachel Bircham.

Rachel Ann Soesbe

F, b. circa 1838
     Rachel Ann Soesbe was born circa 1838. She was the daughter of William Soesbe and Angelina Julina Buckner. Rachel Ann Soesbe married Nathaniel Brundige on 25 August 1856 at Jones Co., IA.

Rebecca A. Soesbe

F, b. 28 November 1835, d. 6 January 1898
     Rebecca A. Soesbe was born on 28 November 1835 at Vigo Co., IN. She was the daughter of William Soesbe and Angelina Julina Buckner. Rebecca A. Soesbe died on 6 January 1898 at Anamosa, Jones Co., IA, at age 62.

Samuel Soesbe

M, b. 27 March 1797, d. 15 November 1881
     Samuel Soesbe was born on 27 March 1797 at Montgomery Co., KY. He was the son of Daniel Soesbe and Rachel Bircham. Samuel Soesbe married Eleanor Shintaffer, daughter of Phillip Shintaffer and Ann Butler, on 3 October 1823 at Green Co., IN, Marriage record says "Soesby" and "Shirtaffer. Samuel Soesbe married Mary Ann (?) in 1860, Mary Ann was previously married to a Chapman with whom she had a son W. Chapman who was postmaster at Mechanicsville in 1878. Samuel Soesbe died on 15 November 1881 at Mechanicsville, Cedar Co., IA, at age 84. He was buried in November 1881 at Pioneer Grove Cemetery, Mechanicsville, Cedar Co., IA, Findagrave #42559156.

Children of Samuel Soesbe and Eleanor Shintaffer

Samuel W. Soesbe

M, b. 24 September 1844, d. before 1904
     Samuel W. Soesbe was born on 24 September 1844 at Jones Co., IA. He was the son of William Soesbe and Angelina Julina Buckner. Samuel W. Soesbe died before 1904.

Sarah Soesbe

F, b. 22 April 1795
     Sarah Soesbe was born on 22 April 1795. She was the daughter of Daniel Soesbe and Rachel Bircham.

Susannah Soesbe

F, b. 21 March 1785
     Susannah Soesbe was born on 21 March 1785. She was the daughter of Daniel Soesbe and Rachel Bircham.

Thomas Soesbe

     Thomas Soesbe married Jemima (?).

Child of Thomas Soesbe and Jemima (?)

Thomas Milton Soesbe

M, b. 9 May 1841, d. before 1904
     Thomas Milton Soesbe was born on 9 May 1841 at Vigo Co., IN. He was the son of William Soesbe and Angelina Julina Buckner. Thomas Milton Soesbe died before 1904.

William Soesbe

M, b. 21 July 1806, d. 28 October 1880
     William Soesbe was born on 21 July 1806 at Bath Co., KY. He was the son of Daniel Soesbe and Rachel Bircham. William Soesbe married Angelina Julina Buckner, daughter of James M. Buckner and Lavina Susannah West, in 1831 at Vigo Co., IN. William Soesbe was United Brethren. He died on 28 October 1880 at Jones Co., IA, at age 74


DIED--At his residence in Fairview Twp. Oct. 28, 1880, William Soesbe, aged 74 years, 3 months and 7 days.

The deceased was the son of Daniel Soesbe, who was with Washington at Valley Forge, and continued in the service of his country to the end of the war, after which he moved from Virginia to Bath Co. Kentucky where William was born, July 21, 1806. When he was 8 years old his father moved to Vigo Co. Indiana where William grew to manhood and was married to Angelina Buckner in 1831. In 1841 he came to Burlington, Iowa, and from thence he moved to Lee Co. In 1843 he came to Jones county and opened up a farm, enduring all the hardships of an early settler of the county. Selling out there, he came to Fairview Township, where he resided till the day of his death.

He was the father of nine children, seven of whom are living and were present, with many grandchildren and greatgrandchildren to minister to his wants and comfort him during the day of his death. Twenty-eight years ago he joined the United Brethren and continued a member of the church until it ceased to exist. He afterward became a member of the M.E. Church and so remained until his death.

Many will remember him for his many good qualities of mind and heart. As an excellent neighbor, a kind husband and a loving father, his death is indeed a loss to them. But he had "set his house in order" and was prepared to go at his master's call. While they mourn, he, no doubt, rejoices. The funeral services were held at his late residence and were conducted by Rev. James Mitchell, pastor of the Baptist church at Fairview.

--Anamosa Eureka, November 4, 1880.

Children of William Soesbe and Angelina Julina Buckner

William Soesbe

M, b. 1829, d. 16 March 1880
     William Soesbe was born in 1829 at Green Co., IN. He was the son of Samuel Soesbe and Eleanor Shintaffer. William Soesbe married Minerva Impson in 1852. William Soesbe died on 16 March 1880 at Cedar Co., IA. He was buried in March 1880 at Pioneer Grove Cemetery, Mechanicsvillle, Cedar Co., IA, Findagrave #42559143.

William F. Soesbe

M, b. circa 1825
     William F. Soesbe was born circa 1825 at IN. He was the son of Daniel Soesbe and Anna McKrosky.

Georg Sofsky

M, b. 1901, d. 1973
     Georg Sofsky married Luise Triem, daughter of Daniel Triem and Elisabetha Winterle. Georg Sofsky was born in 1901. He died in 1973.

Sarah Softon

     Sarah Softon married Joshua Hickman.

Child of Sarah Softon and Joshua Hickman

Der Sohn

M, b. circa 1495, d. after 1563
     Note: Per Holzclaw, the family name Brumbach comes from a farm called "in der Brumbach" near Muesen, of which the original owners were called Sohn, Son, or Shon, but after 3 or 4 generations assumed the name Brumbach. This lineage comes from Herr Schutte who has thoroughly investigated the civil records, as well as the church records, of Muesen and Ferndorf (to which Muesen belonged at one time). Der Sohn was born circa 1495 at Muesen, Nassau-Siegen (now in Nordrhein-Westfalen), Germany. He died after 1563 at Muesen, Nassau-Siegen (now in Nordrhein-Westfalen), Germany.

Children of Der Sohn

Eyla Sohn1

F, b. between 1516 and 1544
     Eyla Sohn was born between 1516 and 1544 at Muesen, Nassau-Siegen (now in Nordrhein-Westfalen), Germany. She was the daughter of Der Sohn.


  1. [S21] B. C. Holzclaw, Ancestry and Descendants of the Nassau-Siegen Immigrants to Virginia 1714 - 1750, 50.

Thomas Jeffrey Soisson

M, b. 19 November 1955, d. 10 January 1993
     Thomas Jeffrey Soisson was born on 19 November 1955. He was the son of Thomas Joseph Soisson. Thomas Jeffrey Soisson died on 10 January 1993 at age 37.

Thomas Joseph Soisson

M, b. 15 August 1921
     Thomas Joseph Soisson was born on 15 August 1921.

Child of Thomas Joseph Soisson

Elizabeth Sokoll

F, b. 13 December 1911, d. 5 November 2010
     Elizabeth Sokoll was born on 13 December 1911. She married Felix B. Prezbeski, son of Frank Przybyszewski and Victoria Klobukowski. Elizabeth Sokoll died on 5 November 2010 at Dillonvale, Jefferson Co., OH, at age 98.

John Peter Solack

M, b. 1 September 1915, d. 14 August 1992
     John Peter Solack was born on 1 September 1915 at Detroit, Wayne Co., MI, WW II draft registration. He died on 14 August 1992 at age 76.

Anna Senetta Solbeck

F, b. 6 September 1915, d. 15 February 2011
     Anna Senetta Solbeck was born on 6 September 1915 at Humboldt, Humboldt Co., IA. She married Wayne George Davis, son of Stephen Alexander Davis Jr. and Martha Matilda Johnson, on 7 December 1937. Anna Senetta Solbeck died on 15 February 2011 at Humboldt, Humboldt Co., IA, at age 95

Obituary -- (

HUMBOLDT - Anna S. Davis, 95, of Humboldt, passed away February 15, 2011 at the Humboldt Care Center North. Funeral services will be 10:30 a.m. Saturday in the chapel of the Mason-Lindhart Funeral Home in Humboldt with the Rev. J.K. Raether officiating. Interment will be in Indian Mound Cemetery, Humboldt. Visitation will be from 6-8 p.m. Friday at the funeral home.

Anna is survived by her children, LaVonne (Emerson) Anderson of Fort Dodge, Larry (Betty) Davis of Eagle Grove, Virgil (Elaine) Davis of Humboldt, Shirley (Tim) Carlson of Humboldt, and Paul (Pam) Davis of Eagle Grove; two granddaughters; 9 grandsons; 9 great-granddaughters; 9 great-grandsons; her brother, Bill Stenberg of Texas; and many nieces and nephews. She was preceded in death by her husband, Wayne; her parents; brother, Jesse Solbeck; and half-brothers, Axel and Carl "Andy" Stenberg.

Anna Senetta Solbeck, the daughter of Danish immigrants Peter and Divert (Lund) Solbeck, was born September 6, 1915 in Humboldt County, Iowa. When Anna was four years of age, her father died and her mother later married Oscar Stenberg. She was raised and educated in Humboldt County and on December 7, 1937, she was united in marriage to Wayne Davis. The couple farmed for many years and raised their five children in Wright and Humboldt Counties. In addition to the families farming, dairy and livestock operations, Anna maintained a large garden on the farm. Wayne died in 1970 and in 1977, she moved to Humboldt. Anna maintained her home in Humboldt until becoming a resident of the Humboldt Care Center North in November of 2010. She passed away there on the morning of February 15, at the age of 95.

Anna loved the time she spent playing and cooking for her grandchildren. She enjoyed crocheting which included afghans for all of her grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Maria Sophie Soldavini

F, b. 1935, d. 18 September 2009
     Maria Sophie Soldavini was born in 1935 at San Rafael, Marin Co., CA; daughter of William and Sophia (Theiss) Soldavini, immigrants from Germany. She married Glenn Edward Kitzmiller, son of David Clemens Lung-Kitzmiller and Catherine Virginia Allen, on 8 August 1953 at Marin Co., CA. Maria Sophie Soldavini died on 18 September 2009 at Concord, Contra Costa Co., CA. She was buried in September 2009 at Tulocay Cemetery, Napa, Napa Co., CA, Findagrave #109900785.

Emma W. Solder

     Emma W. Solder married Henry C. Starr, son of James Shelly Starr and Hannah A. Rogers, on 16 February 1875.

Child of Emma W. Solder and Henry C. Starr

Dr. Tilman H. Soldner1

M, b. 1 May 1887, d. 6 May 1979
     Dr. Tilman H. Soldner was born on 1 May 1887 at Wabash Twp., Adams Co., IN.1 He married Meta Sara Neuenschwander on 29 August 1920 at Adams Co., IN. Occupation: dentist at Berne, Adams Co., IN. Dr. Tilman H. Soldner died on 6 May 1979 at Decatur, Adams Co., IN, at age 92. He was buried in May 1979 at MRE Cemetery, Berne, Adams Co., IN, Findagrave #123157941.

Child of Dr. Tilman H. Soldner and Meta Sara Neuenschwander


  1. [S5082] 1930 Federal Census, Adams County, Indiana. Microfilm Image, NARA Series T626, Roll 574; FHL #2340309.

Vera Louise Soldner

F, b. 18 July 1925, d. 17 July 2013
     Vera Louise Soldner was born on 18 July 1925 at Berne, Adams Co., IN. She was the daughter of Dr. Tilman H. Soldner and Meta Sara Neuenschwander.1 Vera Louise Soldner married Rev. Henry Beryl Grimm, son of Ensign Dawn Grimm and Blanche Louella Sutton, on 17 June 1948 at Indiana. Vera Louise Soldner died on 17 July 2013 at Bluffton, Allen Co., OH, at age 87

Obituary -- (

Vera, 87, Bluffton, died at 2:40 p.m., at Willow Ridge.

She was the daughter of Tilman and Meta (Neuenschwander) Soldner. On Jun 17, 1948, she married Henry B. Grimm, who preceded her in death.

Surviving are a son, John (Martha), Greenwich; two daughters: Phyllis (Tim) Solack, Dublin, and Donna (Kevin) Polhamus, Leipsic; a sister, Ruth Hartzler, Pandora; a son-in-law, Bruce McKibben, Melrose; and nine grandchildren and twelve great-grandchildren.

Deceased is a daughter, Nancy McKibben.

She graduated from Berne High School and Bluffton College. She was a member of First United Methodist Church, Bluffton. She enjoyed quilting, sewing, singing and was a member of the "Singing Wives Pastors Group".

Services will be at the First United Methodist Church, Bluffton, with Pastor Bryant Miller and William Herr officiating.

She was buried in July 2013 at Maple Grove Cemetery, Bluffton, Allen Co., OH, Findagrave #113995082.

Child of Vera Louise Soldner and Rev. Henry Beryl Grimm


  1. [S5082] 1930 Federal Census, Adams County, Indiana. Microfilm Image, NARA Series T626, Roll 574; FHL #2340309.

Abraham Lincoln Solenberger

M, b. 23 June 1865
     Abraham Lincoln Solenberger was born on 23 June 1865. He was the son of Noah Wingert Solenberger and Barbara Ann Stouffer.

Annie Elizabeth Solenberger

F, b. 22 July 1870
     Annie Elizabeth Solenberger was born on 22 July 1870. She was the daughter of Noah Wingert Solenberger and Barbara Ann Stouffer.

Benjamin Franklin Solenberger

M, b. 10 September 1867
     Benjamin Franklin Solenberger was born on 10 September 1867. He was the son of Noah Wingert Solenberger and Barbara Ann Stouffer.