Asenath Swain1

F, b. circa 1828
     Asenath Swain was born circa 1828 at Indiana.1 She married Cyrus B. Gwin circa 1849.1

Child of Asenath Swain and Cyrus B. Gwin


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David E. Swain

M, b. 1845
     David E. Swain was born in 1845 at Canada. He married Mary Reardon.

Child of David E. Swain and Mary Reardon

Eva M. Swain

F, b. 15 April 1874, d. circa June 1949
     Eva M. Swain was born on 15 April 1874 at Massachusetts. She was the daughter of David E. Swain and Mary Reardon. Eva M. Swain married Joseph B. Riddle, son of David Riddle and Margaret E. (?), circa 1904. Eva M. Swain died circa June 1949 at Kansas.

Children of Eva M. Swain and Joseph B. Riddle

George Calvert Swain

M, b. 23 December 1882, d. 19 December 1960
     George Calvert Swain was born on 23 December 1882 at Brunswick Co., NC. He was the son of John Swain and Allice Smith. George Calvert Swain married Lola Irene DeVault, daughter of Hugh Alexander Tate DeVault and Mary Alice Brown, on 12 July 1930. George Calvert Swain died on 19 December 1960 at Southport, Brunswick Co., NC, at age 77. He was buried in December 1960 at Antioch Baptist Church Cemetery, Bolivia, Brunswick Co., NC.

Hannah Swain

F, b. before 1696, d. 9 September 1765
     Hannah Swain was born before 1696 at Portsmouth, Newport Co., RI. She was the daughter of John Swain and Mary Wyer. Hannah Swain married James Tallman, son of Peter Tallman and Joan Briggs, on 14 September 1701. Hannah Swain died on 9 September 1765 at Portsmouth, Newport Co., RI.

Children of Hannah Swain and James Tallman

John Swain

     John Swain married Mary Wyer.

Child of John Swain and Mary Wyer

John Swain

     John Swain married Allice Smith.

Child of John Swain and Allice Smith

Margaret Lucille Swain

F, b. 12 August 1830, d. 8 February 1902
     Margaret Lucille Swain was born on 12 August 1830 at Wakefield, Middlesex Co., MA. She married Almond Thomas Vaughan. Margaret Lucille Swain died on 8 February 1902 at age 71. She was buried in February 1902 at Greenwood Cemetery, Clarksville, Pike Co., MO, Find A Grave Memorial# 101610969.

Child of Margaret Lucille Swain and Almond Thomas Vaughan

Anna Maria Swalley1

F, b. 22 January 1838, d. 25 August 1893
     Anna Maria Swalley was born on 22 January 1838 at Ohio.1 She married George Washington Bailey.1 Anna Maria Swalley died on 25 August 1893 at Macon Co., MO, at age 55.

Child of Anna Maria Swalley and George Washington Bailey


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Ada B. Swallow

     Ada B. Swallow married Clinton E. Gebhart, son of David Samuel Gebhart and Frances Roof, circa 1900.

Children of Ada B. Swallow and Clinton E. Gebhart

Dr. David B. Swallow

M, b. 8 January 1822, d. 13 May 1892
     Dr. David B. Swallow was born on 8 January 1822 at Northamptonshire, England. He married Phoebe M. (?). Dr. David B. Swallow died on 13 May 1892 at Siloam Springs, Benton Co., AR, at age 70.

Child of Dr. David B. Swallow and Phoebe M. (?)

Sarah Louise Swallow

F, b. 10 November 1848, d. 14 March 1920
     Sarah Louise Swallow was born on 10 November 1848 at Bath, Lennox and Addington Co., Ontario, Canada.1 She was the daughter of Dr. David B. Swallow and Phoebe M. (?)1 Sarah Louise Swallow married John McCullagh Jr., son of John McCullough and Lucy Martin Lyne, in 1869. Sarah Louise Swallow died on 14 March 1920 at Independence, Montgomery Co., KS, at age 71

Obituary -- (

Independence Daily Reporter
Independence, Kansas
Monday, March 15, 1920
page 1

Mrs. M'Cullagh Dead.

A Pioneer Died Yesterday After Few Hours Illness.

Was Here About 50 Years

Mrs. McCullagh Moved to Independence in 1870 - Was a Leader in Many Activities.

Independence lost one of its most valuable women Sunday in the death of Mrs. S.L. McCullagh, of 316 West Main street where she has lived for forty years or more.

Mrs. McCullagh was ready for Sunday school Sunday morning when she complained of feeling ill. She grew steadily worse and at last sent for a doctor who came and administered first aid. But the malady had fastened upon her too firm a grip and she breathed her last at about 11 o'clock.

Miss Sarah Louise Swallow was born in Bath, Canada, November 10, 1848. She was married to John McCullagh in 1869. Mr. McCullagh came to Independence in the same year and his family followed shortly after. Mrs. McCullagh came to Independence before the civil war. Her father was a physician who came here from England.

Three children survive the parents; John and George L., both of Galena, Kansas; and Miss Lucy L. McCullagh, who resided here with her mother.

Mrs. McCullagh was one of the most prominent women of our city, being interested in every civic move as well as religious work. She was a charter member of the First Presbyterian church and also a member of the Eastern Star and the Ladies Library Association. She was the teacher of the Mother's class in the First Presbyterian church as well as a member of the Missionary Society and other organizations.

The entire city will mourn her loss for she was a true mother, a devoted citizen and an ardent worker in all worthy causes.

Notice of the funeral will be given tomorrow.
(transcribed by Judy Mayfield.)

She was buried in March 1920 at Mount Hope Cemetery, Independence, Montgomery Co., KS, Findagrave #109928108.

Children of Sarah Louise Swallow and John McCullagh Jr.


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Bernice M. Swan

F, b. 1903, d. 15 August 1963
     Bernice M. Swan was born in 1903. She was the daughter of Charles J. Swan and Marice Rylander. Bernice M. Swan married Edward Roland de Bree, son of Nathan de Bree Jr. and Olive M. Stoiber, on 7 November 1931 at Helena, Lewis and Clark Co., MT. Bernice M. Swan died on 15 August 1963.

Charles Bion Swan

     Charles Bion Swan married Caroline Amelia Grubb.

Child of Charles Bion Swan and Caroline Amelia Grubb

Charles J. Swan

     Charles J. Swan married Marice Rylander.

Child of Charles J. Swan and Marice Rylander

Edna Cleao Swan

F, b. 1904, d. 1991
     Edna Cleao Swan was born in 1904 at Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Co., OK. She married Henry Marion Strawn, son of Marion H. Strawn and Margaret A. Myers. Edna Cleao Swan died in 1991 at Chico, Butte Co., CA.

Elizabeth Swan1

F, b. 10 September 1802, d. 2 November 1872
     Elizabeth Swan was born on 10 September 1802 at Pennsylvania.1 She married Minor Burge.1 Elizabeth Swan died on 2 November 1872 at age 70. She was buried in November 1872 at Woodbridge Masonic Cemetery, Woodbridge, San Joaquin Co., CA, Findagrave #30574945.

Child of Elizabeth Swan and Minor Burge


  1. [S4] 1850 Federal Census, Linn County, Iowa. Microfilm Image, NARA Series M432, Roll 186.

Ethyl Frances Swan

F, b. 5 November 1888, d. 18 August 1968
     Ethyl Frances Swan was born on 5 November 1888 at Beatrice, Gage Co., NE. She was the daughter of Charles Bion Swan and Caroline Amelia Grubb. Ethyl Frances Swan married Watkins Andrew Broyles M.D., son of Dr. Franklin Hunt Broyles and Leila Watkins, on 10 July 1917 at Bethany, Harrison Co., MO. Ethyl Frances Swan and Watkins Andrew Broyles M.D. were divorced on 31 July 1947 at Harrison Co., MO. Ethyl Frances Swan died on 18 August 1968 at Albuquerque, Bernalillo Co., NM, at age 79.

Children of Ethyl Frances Swan and Watkins Andrew Broyles M.D.

George H. Swan

M, d. 28 February 1890
     George H. Swan married Mariah Larimore, daughter of William Larimore Sr. and Nancy McMann, on 28 March 1839 at Pekin, Tazewell Co., IL. George H. Swan died on 28 February 1890.

James Gillespie Swan

     James Gillespie Swan married Susan Larimore, daughter of William Larimore Sr. and Nancy McMann, on 12 December 1835 at Pekin, Tazewell Co., IL.

Mary Swan

F, b. 16 March 1797, d. 26 October 1858
     Mary Swan was born on 16 March 1797 at Berlin, Coos Co., NH. She married Ulyses Young. Mary Swan died on 26 October 1858 at Granger, Medina Co., OH, at age 61. She was buried in October 1858 at Coddingville Cemetery, Coddingville, Medina Co., OH, Findagrave #11631265.

Child of Mary Swan and Ulyses Young

Walter Ernest Swan

M, b. 4 June 1911, d. 28 February 1991
     Walter Ernest Swan was born on 4 June 1911. He married Iola Dorothea Funte, daughter of Edward Gustav Funte and Mary Elizabeth Brenneisen, on 17 November 1945 at St. Paul's Lutheran Church, New Hampton, Chickasaw Co., IA. Walter Ernest Swan died on 28 February 1991 at Loveland, Larimer Co., CO, at age 79.

Elvira Viola Swaney

F, b. 28 August 1921
     Elvira Viola Swaney was born on 28 August 1921 at Beadle Co. (probably), SD. She married Phillip Maurice Triem, son of Harrison Edward Triem and Katherine Alice King.

(?) Swank

     (?) Swank married Richard Ammerman.

Anna Marie Swank

F, b. 1920
     Anna Marie Swank was born in 1920. She was the daughter of Harry Swank and Genetta Stillion.

Carl G. Swank

M, b. 1909
     Carl G. Swank was born in 1909. He was the son of Harry Swank and Genetta Stillion.

Celinda Alice Swank1

F, b. 10 February 1863, d. 4 October 1948
     Celinda Alice Swank was born on 10 February 1863 at Darke Co., OH.1 She married Ransom Norris on 11 December 1881 at Darke Co., OH. Celinda Alice Swank died on 4 October 1948 at Miami Co., OH, at age 85.

Child of Celinda Alice Swank and Ransom Norris


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Chester Swank

M, b. 23 February 1903
     Chester Swank was born on 23 February 1903 at Ashland Co., OH.1 He was the son of Lyman Swank and Alda Price.


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Clara M. Swank

F, b. July 1880, d. 8 November 1957
     Clara M. Swank was born in July 1880 at Ohio.1 She married Peter Flanders Williams circa 1897.1 Clara M. Swank died on 8 November 1957 at Columbus, Franklin Co., OH, at age 77. She was buried in November 1957 at Pleasant Cemetery, Mt. Sterling, Madison Co., OH, Find A Grave Memorial# 46088971.

Child of Clara M. Swank and Peter Flanders Williams


  1. [S353] 1900 Federal Census, Pickaway County, Ohio. Microfilm Image, NARA Series T623, Film 1313; FHL #1241313.

Elias Swank

     Elias Swank married Lovina (?).

Child of Elias Swank and Lovina (?)


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