Simon Taylor

M, b. circa 1853
     Simon Taylor was born circa 1853 at Union Twp., Fayette Co., OH.1 He was the son of William Newton Taylor and Rebecca Coil.


  1. [S246] 1860 Federal Census, Fayette County, Ohio. Microfilm Image, NARA Series M653, Roll 959; FHL #803959.

Simon Taylor

M, b. 3 March 1669, d. 10 January 1728/29
     Simon Taylor was born on 3 March 1669. He was the son of Richard Taylor and Sarah Comet. Simon Taylor married Elizabeth Lewis. Simon Taylor died on 10 January 1728/29 at Richmond Co., VA, at age 59.

Child of Simon Taylor and Elizabeth Lewis

Simon Taylor


Child of Simon Taylor

Susan Taylor

     Susan Taylor married Hugh Glenn.

Child of Susan Taylor and Hugh Glenn

Susan Parvin Taylor

F, b. 1871
     Susan Parvin Taylor was born in 1871. She was the daughter of James M. Taylor and Deborah P. Starr. Susan Parvin Taylor married Abraham Lincoln Snyder.

Children of Susan Parvin Taylor and Abraham Lincoln Snyder

Tabitha Taylor

F, b. 1712
     Tabitha Taylor was born in 1712 at VA. She was the daughter of James Taylor Jr. and Martha Thompson.

Tarpley Taylor

M, b. 24 February 1741/42, d. 1784
     Tarpley Taylor was born on 24 February 1741/42. He was the son of George Taylor and Mary Tarpley. Tarpley Taylor married Libbia or Sibia (?). Tarpley Taylor died in 1784.

Children of Tarpley Taylor and Libbia or Sibia (?)

Tarpley Taylor

M, b. 1783
     Tarpley Taylor was born in 1783. He was the son of Tarpley Taylor and Libbia or Sibia (?)

Tarpley D. Taylor

M, b. 6 April 1804, d. 1856
     Tarpley D. Taylor was born on 6 April 1804 at Fleming Co., KY. He was the son of John Clark Taylor and Rachel C. Cole. Tarpley D. Taylor married Lydia Seacrest on 16 June 1825 at Fleming Co., KY. Tarpley D. Taylor died in 1856 at Jones Co., IA.

Children of Tarpley D. Taylor and Lydia Seacrest

Thelma Taylor

F, b. 17 October 1919, d. 26 February 1933
     Thelma Taylor was born on 17 October 1919. She was the daughter of Floyd Taylor and Ura Bihian. Thelma Taylor died on 26 February 1933 at age 13.

Thelma Juanita Taylor

F, b. 2 September 1920, d. 22 June 2002
     Thelma Juanita Taylor was born on 2 September 1920 at Wise Co., VA. She was the daughter of James M. Taylor and Polly Virginia Starnes.1 Thelma Juanita Taylor married James Edward McClellan. Thelma Juanita Taylor and James Edward McClellan were divorced. Thelma Juanita Taylor married Orville Murphy Overbay, son of Ben Wexler Overbay and Maude Molly Fulkerson, in 1945. Thelma Juanita Taylor died on 22 June 2002 at Baltimore Co., MD, at age 81 Dates per SSDI, last residence Baltimore. She was buried in June 2002 at Mountain Home National Cemetery, Johnson City, Washington Co., TN, Find A Grave Memorial# 169147144.


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Theodore Taylor

M, b. February 1894
     Theodore Taylor was born in February 1894 at Jackson Co. (probably), IA. He married Caroline Straub in 1920.

Child of Theodore Taylor and Caroline Straub

Theodore E. Taylor

M, b. 29 October 1909, d. 25 September 1996
     Theodore E. Taylor was born on 29 October 1909 at Arickaree Precinct, Lincoln Co., CO.1 He was the son of Cecil Lester Taylor and Mary Agnes Larsen. Theodore E. Taylor died on 25 September 1996 at Adams Co., CO, at age 86 Dates per SSDI, last residence Denver.


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Theodore Jay Taylor1

M, b. 28 July 1930, d. 23 January 1990
     Theodore Jay Taylor was born on 28 July 1930 at Scott Co., KS.1 He was the son of Jay Willis Taylor and Grace Bell Lynch.1
Note: Married in 1953, Atlanta, GA. Theodore Jay Taylor began military service on 10 June 1965 Vietnam War service, enlisted, discharged 30 SEP 1970. He married Sarah Juanita Davis before October 1979. Theodore Jay Taylor died on 23 January 1990 at Hutchinson, Reno Co., KS, at age 59. He was buried in January 1990 at Fairlawn Burial Park, Hutchinson, Reno Co., KS, Findagrave #65785187.


  1. [S2134] 1940 Federal Census, Scott County, Kansas. Microfilm Image, NARA Series T627, Roll 1258.

Theodore John Taylor

M, b. 1 April 1854, d. 22 December 1928
     Note: Nephew of Elizabeth Munsinger's husband Charles D. Taylor.

Theodore John Taylor was born on 1 April 1854 at Jones Co., IA. He was the son of Joseph W. Taylor and Amanda M. Ingram. Theodore John Taylor married Susan Isabel Munsinger, daughter of John Christian Munsinger and Julina Fuller, on 20 March 1879 at Jones Co., IA. Theodore John Taylor died on 22 December 1928 at McPherson, McPherson Co., KS, at age 74. He was buried at McPherson Cemetery, McPherson, McPherson Co., KS, Findagrave #54223181.

Children of Theodore John Taylor and Susan Isabel Munsinger


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Thomas Taylor

M, b. 1554
     Thomas Taylor was born in 1554. He was the son of Thomas Taylor.

Child of Thomas Taylor

Thomas Taylor

     Thomas Taylor was the son of Rowland Taylor. Thomas Taylor married an unknown person .

Child of Thomas Taylor

Thomas Edward Taylor1

M, b. 1883, d. 1941
     Thomas Edward Taylor was born in 1883 at Indianola, Warren Co., IA, per marriage record.1 He married Gladys May Head on 16 May 1906 at Des Moines Co., IA, After Gladys passed, Thomas married Nell Flynn, who was the step-mother of Madge Taylor. Thomas Edward Taylor married Nellie Flynn on 15 September 1917 at Dubuque Co., IA. Thomas Edward Taylor lived on 6 January 1920 at Cedar Rapids, Linn Co., IA, Coal dealer.1 He died in 1941. He was buried in 1941 at Glendale Cemetery, Des Moines, Polk Co., IA, Findagrave #61746631.

Child of Thomas Edward Taylor and Gladys May Head


  1. [S1226] 1920 Federal Census, Linn County, Iowa. Microfilm Image, NARA Series T625, Roll 500.

Thomas Jefferson Taylor1

M, b. 15 October 1833, d. 23 June 1920
     Thomas Jefferson Taylor was born on 15 October 1833 at Kentucky.1 He married Almira Jane Stout.1 Thomas Jefferson Taylor died on 23 June 1920 at Seattle, King Co., WA, at age 86.

Child of Thomas Jefferson Taylor and Almira Jane Stout


  1. [S3497] 1880 Federal Census, Columbia County, Washington. Microfilm Image, NARA Series T9, Roll 1396; FHL #1255396.

Thomas Nelson Taylor1

M, b. 5 February 1915, d. 15 January 1973
     Thomas Nelson Taylor was born on 5 February 1915 at Boon Twp., Warrick Co., IN.1 He was the son of David M. Taylor and Emma J. Wendell.1 Thomas Nelson Taylor married Cecelia Agatha Wilkison, daughter of Charles Parrott Wilkison and Margaretta Truckey, in May 1935 at Wabash Co. (probably), IL, license issuance reported in the 27 MAY 1935 edition of the Daily Republican-Register, Mt. Carmel, Illinois, p.3. Cecelia apparently had a brief prior marriage to a Perkins, as that was her surname when she married Thomas Taylor. Thomas Nelson Taylor lived in April 1940 at Owensville, Gibson Co., IN, livestock truck driver.2 He began military service on 22 February 1944 WW II service, U.S. Marine Corps, PFC., discharged 6 DEC 1945. He died on 15 January 1973 at age 57

Obituary -- Arizona Republic, Phoenix, Arizona; Thursday, 18 JAN 1873, p.20 (

Thomas N. Taylor

WILLCOX -- Services for Thomas N. Taylor, 58, who died Monday in the Veterans Administration Hospital in Tucson, will be at 10 a.m. tomorrow in Westlawn Chapel here. Members of Willcox Masonic Lodge No. 10 will conduct graveside services at the Dos Cabezas Cemetery.

Mr. Taylor, who was born in Booneville (sic), Ind., moved to Willcox in 1949 and was a Willcox police officer from 1957 to 1964. He was a veteran of World War II, a member of the Nazarene Church and the Masonic lodge.

Survivors include his wife, Cecilia; two daughters, Mrs. Bonnie Faulk of Willcox, and Mrs. Dureatha Goodman of Tucson; and four grandchildren.

He was buried in January 1973 at Dos Cabezas Pioneer Cemetery, Dos Cabezas, Cochise Co., AZ, Findagrave #11486160.

Children of Thomas Nelson Taylor and Cecelia Agatha Wilkison


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Ura Estella Taylor

F, b. 8 January 1887, d. 9 January 1970
     Ura Estella Taylor was born on 8 January 1887 at Barnes City, Mahaska Co., IA. She was the daughter of Zacharia Taylor and Sarah Alice Armstrong. Ura Estella Taylor married Dr. Byron Edgar Dixon on 30 August 1904 at Texarkana, Bowie Co., TX. Ura Estella Taylor died on 9 January 1970 at Brawley, Imperial Co., CA, at age 83.

Child of Ura Estella Taylor and Dr. Byron Edgar Dixon

Virginia Florence Taylor

F, b. circa 1906, d. circa 1906
     Virginia Florence Taylor died circa 1906. She was born circa 1906. She was the daughter of Ray J. Taylor and Lillie Florence Hause.

Virginia Ruth Taylor

F, b. 16 July 1933, d. 22 March 2004
     Virginia Ruth Taylor was born on 16 July 1933 at Harlan, Shelby Co., IA. She was the daughter of Lyle Dearborn Taylor and Beatrice Salena Talley. Virginia Ruth Taylor married Dr. Dale Brice Jillson, son of Dr. Paul Myron Jillson and Juanita Jerrene Bartlett, on 11 September 1955 at Harlan, Pottawattamie Co., IA. Virginia Ruth Taylor died on 22 March 2004 at age 70. She was buried in March 2004 at West Cedar Valley Cemetery, Elgin, Antelope Co., NE, Find A Grave Memorial# 77258928.

W. Richard Taylor

M, b. 6 August 1902, d. 17 April 1982
     W. Richard Taylor was born on 6 August 1902 at Greene Co., IL. He married Marion Ursuline Chinowth, daughter of Joseph William Chinowth and Margaret Ryan, after April 1948. W. Richard Taylor died on 17 April 1982 at age 79. He was buried in April 1982 at Carrollton City Cemetery, Carrollton, Greene Co., IL, Findagrave #55011904.

Wesley Henry Taylor

M, b. 25 March 1809, d. 28 July 1881
     Wesley Henry Taylor married Julia Ann Powell. Wesley Henry Taylor was born on 25 March 1809. He was the son of John Clark Taylor and Rachel C. Cole. Wesley Henry Taylor died on 28 July 1881 at age 72.

William Taylor

M, b. 1773
     William Taylor was born in 1773. He was the son of Tarpley Taylor and Libbia or Sibia (?)

William Taylor

M, b. 1745, d. 22 August 1815
     William Taylor married Anne (?). William Taylor was born in 1745. He died on 22 August 1815.

Child of William Taylor and Anne (?)

William Taylor1

M, b. 6 August 1900, d. March 1972
     William Taylor was born on 6 August 1900 at St. Louis, MO.1 He was the son of Frank L. Taylor and Ella D. Inman.1 William Taylor died in March 1972 at Troy, Lincoln Co., MO, at age 71.


  1. [S2132] 1910 Federal Census, St. Louis Independent City, Missouri. Microfilm Image, NARA Series T624, Roll 819; FHL #1374832.

William Taylor1

M, b. 1822, d. 1863
     William Taylor was born in 1822 at Kentucky.1 He married Amelia Williams. William Taylor died in 1863 at Richland Co., IL. He was buried in 1863 at Johnson Cemetery, Woodville, Wayne Co., IL, Find A Grave Memorial# 19612077.

Child of William Taylor and Amelia Williams


  1. [S3921] 1860 Federal Census, Richland County, Illinois. Microfilm Image, NARA Series M653, Roll 222; FHL #803222.

William Taylor

M, b. 29 December 1870, d. 18 April 1948
     William Taylor was born on 29 December 1870 at Chillicothe, Ross Co., OH. He married Louise Ann Cooper. William Taylor died on 18 April 1948 at Muncie, Delaware Co., IN, at age 77.

Child of William Taylor and Louise Ann Cooper