Polly Woodward

     Polly Woodward was the daughter of Thomas Woodward and Rachael Jane Starr. Polly Woodward married William Hickman on 6 August 1809 at Bourbon Co., KY.

Rhoda Woodward1

F, b. January 1841
     Rhoda Woodward was born in January 1841 at Indiana.1 She married William Field on 6 December 1885 at Effingham Co., IL.

Child of Rhoda Woodward and William Field


  1. [S2453] 1900 Federal Census, Effingham County, Illinois. Microfilm Image, NARA Series T623, Roll 299; FHL #1240299.

Richard Morton Woodward

M, b. 27 March 1896, d. 1957
     Richard Morton Woodward was born on 27 March 1896 at Fitchburg, Worcester Co., MA. He married Helen Chandler Ahrens. Richard Morton Woodward died in 1957.

Child of Richard Morton Woodward and Helen Chandler Ahrens

Samuel Woodward

M, b. 9 August 1750, d. 24 February 1814
     Samuel Woodward was born on 9 August 1750 at Thornbury Twp., Chester Co., PA. He was the son of Thomas Woodward and Elizabeth Kirk. Samuel Woodward married Hannah Starr, daughter of Thomas Starr and Sarah Fincher, on 18 December 1799 at London Grove Meeting, London Grove Twp., Chester Co., PA. Samuel Woodward died on 24 February 1814 at London Grove Twp., Chester Co., PA, at age 63.

Children of Samuel Woodward and Hannah Starr

Samuel S. Woodward

M, b. 10 August 1822
     Samuel S. Woodward was born on 10 August 1822. He was the son of Lewis Woodward and Sarah Shipley.

Sara Woodward

     Sara Woodward married Evans Jones.

Child of Sara Woodward and Evans Jones

Thomas Woodward

M, d. 1822
     Note: >-----Original Message-----
From: Nadine Holder
To: jedwardstarr@sprintmail.com
Date: Monday, November 09, 1998 10:16 AM
Subject: Fw: Thomas Woodward/Rachel Starr

Well, here goes - I hope I can make some sense out of a lot of handwritten notes sent by my cousin. This exercise isn't just for you - I am writing a book about our Woodward family from Chester County and since Rachel Starr's grandmother was Sarah Woodward, half-sister of my gr-gr-gr-gr-grandfather William Woodward, I will probably include some of this information.

My note; Genealogy of Berks County Families by John Eshelman, 1930 - records from original Quaker records: does not make the leap that the Starr family history does to Richard Woodward - only shows Rachel married unknown Woodward.

Family Group Sheet, prepared by Ralph M. Woodward, 3441 E. Co. Rd 600S, Carlisle, IN 47838, phone 812-398-3572. References given are DAR application , Henry County, Indiana history, Preble County, Ohio, History, Preble County Ohio Cemetery Inscriptions by Robert D. Craig, Preble Co., Ohio Common Pleas Court 1-5-1850, Hazzard's Military History of Henry County, Indiana (Hazzard was a great grandson of Thomas and Rachel) and various census records.

Thomas Woodward, born at sea, married 1779, Philadelphia, died 1822 Preble County, Ohio.
Rachel Jane Starr, born 25 June 1754 (tombstone says 24 June 1753) Chester Co., Pa, died 2 September 1838, age 85 yr, 2m, 8d, Warren County, Indiana, burial in West Lebanon, Indiana, by son Eli. Places of residence: Chester County, Pennsylvania, Shenandoah Valley, Virginia, Versailles, Kentucky, Preble County, Ohio

Jacob Woodward, born about 1780 (Under 21 and over 16 in 1800, served War of 1812, married Margaret McCormick, died April 1821, Preble County, Ohio
Asabel Woodward, born March 24, 1791, Rockingham County, Virginia, served War of 1812, married 1 Oct 1815 Cathrine Hollett, died 29 March 1875, Henry County, Indiana, burial Newcastle, South Mound Cemetery.
Phebe Woodward, born 8 Aug 1792, Virginia, married 27 November 1817 to Josiah Clawson, died 5 Feb 1862, Henry County, Indiana
Eli Woodward, born 26 February 1794, Virginia, served War of 1812, married first 20 Nov 1818 to Mary Davis, married second 28 December 1826 in Preble County, Ohio, to Cathrine Wolfe, died 1 March 1876 in Warren County, Indiana, buried West Lebanon Indiana cemetery (tall stone, south side).
Thomas B(?) Woodward, Jr. born about 1795-98, Fayette County, Kentucky
Order Book#1, page 417, Thomas Woodward, Jr. bound to John Bryant till age 21 to learn saddlers trade 10 July 1809, died Henry County, Indiana (?)
Nathan Woodward, died 4 March 1832, never married, idiot.
Mahlon Woodward, born 20 March 1799 per Brown Family Bible in possession of Kathleen Ross, never married, died Warren County, Indiana, idiot.
Lydia Woodward Polly Woodward, married 6 Aug 1809, Bourbon County, Ky marriage records to William Hickman (note Thomas Woodward names Hickman grandchildren in his will).
Abigail Woodward

From research done by a Bourbon County, Kentucky, researcher: (tax lists)
1800 Thomas Woodard listed 1 white male over 21, 1 over 16 and under 21, and 3 horses (son Jacob)
1802, 1803 Thomas Woodard not listed
1804 Thomas Woodard listed with 1 white male over 32 and 5 horses
1805 Thomas Woodard 1 white male, 3 horses
1806 Thomas Woodard 1 white male over 32, 3 horses (Nadine's note - counted horses and not women!)
Jacob Woodard, 1 white male over 21, 3 horses
1807 Thomas Woodward 1 white male over 21, 6 horses
Jacob Woodward 2 white male over 21, 4 horses.
Jacob and Thomas not listed after 1807.

There is a miscellaneous note by one Woodward researcher (Dee Cooper) that Thomas Woodward purchased land in Bourbon County, Kentucky on 7/23/1800. On the same day land was purchased there by Abel Griffith, the Reverend of the 7th day Baptist Church, the Brandywind Baptist Church in Newlin Township, Chester County, Pennsylvania. Was this the "Baptist teacher" who married Thomas and Rachel? Ralph Woodward was unable to verify these land records. The Brandywine Baptist Church is one place to look for the records of Thomas and Rachel's marriage. (note there is an Administration #138 of 1807 in Philadelphia for Thomas Woodward and again in 1809 Administration #115 - both these files are missing, but date of the administration shows likely source of money for Thomas Woodward to move to Ohio after 1807 taxation was the administration of this Thomas Woodward's will. More of this Thomas Woodward in Philadelphia later.)

Pioneer Ohio Newspaper Abstracts 1802-18
Western Spy, Hamilton, Ohio 6 April 1822 List of letters at Hamilton
Ohio, P.O. - Thomas Woodward (note this would probably be son Thomas

Early Ohio Settlers - SW Ohio 1800-1840
Woodward, Asabel 7 Nov 1815 Preble County Section 5, Range 1 Township 7
Woodward, Thomas 15 April 1812, Section 4, Range 2 Township 7
Woodward, Thomas 12 April 1814, Section 4, Range 2 Township 7
(not clear if the above are tax lists or purchases)

Philadelphia City Directories show:
1798 Woodward, Thomas, sea captain 236 So. Second St
1802 Woodward, Thomas, sea captain, 210 Spruce St
1803, 1804, 1805 Woodward, Thomas, sea captain, Corner Pine & 3rd
1806 Not listed

Maritime records: 1798 Master of Brig Maria for Havana, 1799 and 1800 same brig for Laguayra
1802 Master of ship Wilmington for Lisbon, 1804 same ship for Rotterdam

Notices of marriages and deaths - Boulson's American Daily Advertiser: Captain Thomas Woodward md Miss Margaret Houston 24 Oct 1792, Second Pres. Church, Phila.

Deaths - Captain Thomas Woodward died November last - published 25 February 1807 - died in the Pongus, Africa in November last Captain James Woodward (sic - name shown once as Thomas, once as James) schooner Three Friends of Charleston, South Carolina

Mariners of the American Revolution by Kaminkow, Marion J. Woodward, Thomas, mariner captured on Little Porgy (or Pegey) committed to Old Mill Prison, was there Apr & Jan 1782, Home Office Records Bibliography #35. Taught navigation to other prisoners while there.

Note: (by Nadine) the above records argue for Thomas of Preble County being son of Thomas the sea captain. Accounts for birth at sea recorded in Preble County Cemetery records, and for Thomas being able to move from Kentucky to Ohio after 1807 when Thomas, sea captain, will was administrated.

Since there is no record of Thomas Woodward in Kentucky after 1807 and
his first record in Ohio is 1814 - where were they? Philadelphia? Daughter Polly was not given in marriage by Thomas in Bourbon County, Kentucky in 1809 "as the parents were out of the state" per Bourbon County marriage records. Thomas made a two year payment at once on his land entered in Preble County, Ohio in 1814 and two years later made a double payment. An affidavit from his son Eli in 1850 in a law suit in Preble County, Ohio says his father received and spent a considerable inheritance. Thomas Woodward in Preble County was called "Captain" even in cemetery records. Henry County, Indiana, history says Asbel's father was "first of his line not to follow the sea."

Lawsuit in Preble County, Ohio brought 1849 by son of Jacob against Uncle Eli, and Henry Paddock as administrator's of the estate of Jacob. Jacob had died in February 1821. At the time of his death, Jacob left a widow, Margaret, and six children from 2 to 14 years of age. He had 160 acres of land and considerable personal property. The court found in favor of the defendants. Evan also brought suit against Uncle Eli and Uncle Asabel concerning Thomas Woodward's estate. Thomas died in the fall of 1821 and left a will saying grandchildren should inherit a portion of his estate which was first to be held for the support of the grandmother (Rachel) and two idiot brothers of Jacob, Eli, and Asabel (Nathan and Mahlon). The grandmother died in 1838 and Nathan in 1832 but grandchildren had received nothing. Eli and Asabel convinced the court that the estate was gone by the time the grandmother and brothers died and nothing was left. Jacob's heirs had to pay court costs when they were ruled against. Ralph Woodward has seen an affidavit by Eli Woodward in this lawsuit stating Thomas Woodward received a considerable inheritance and that Rachel Woodward also received an inheritance from Pennsylvania (Nadine's note: is this the five pounds left her by James Starr?)

Census records found by Nadine - NewCastle, Henry Township, Henry County, Indiana, July 22, 1850:
#4 Pyrhus Woodward, 27, Carpenter, Ohio, wife Mary E., age 24, born Indiana (this is Mary Hawkins per History of Wayne County, Indiana). #95 Josiah Clawson, 57, farmer, born Ohio, wife Phebe, 57, born Virginia. A Sarah Deselins, age 32, born Ohio, is living with them and may have been a widowed daughter). Hazzard's Military History of Henry County, Indiana, contains a lot of information from a diary kept by Pyrhus Woodward who served in the Mexican War). Pyrus was a son of Asbel, Hazzard was a grandson of Asbel. Pyrus had a daughter who married a Spencer and was a very early DAR member at Newcastle, Indiana (see DAR note below). Hazzard's History also contains the information that Thomas was married in Philadelphia and that he migrated to Rockingham County, Virginia, and in 1802 to Versailles, Kentucky.

DAR#77480 Woodward, Thomas B., born at sea, service - he was in Captain George Garst's Company, Eighth Battalion, Chester County Militia Colonel Patterson Bell, May 5, 1878. (Nadine's note: this places him in Chester County just before alleged marriage to Rachel Starr - records of Quaker sufferings in Chester County complain of having to billet soldiers - hence it is even possible Thomas Woodward was billeted in the home of James Starr!). This DAR record lists children Jacob, Asabel, Eli, Nathan, Malon, Lydia, Polly, Phebe, Abigail.

There are DAR records showing that Thomas Woodward, married Rachel Starr, served in South Carolina. Later research shows evidence that the Thomas Woodward who served in South Carolina also served in the War of 1812 and became a large slaveholder in Arkansas and Louisiana.

(Nadine's note: This is not too surprising as many of the early DAR records are quite erroneous before they started checking their applications!)

Will of Thomas Woodward made October 11, 1821: In the name of God Amen. I Thomas Woodward of the County of Preble and the state of Ohio, being weak in body but of sound mind and memory, do make this my last Will and Testimony in manner following to wit:

I do give to my wife Rachel all the profits arising from the plantation on which I now live, the stock of every kind, household furniture and farming utensils during her life, except one buroe, which I do give to my grandaughter, Polly Woodward, at the death of her grandmother, to be deposited in the hands of my son Eli until she comes of age. I do give my sons Eli, Nathan and Mahlon, at the death of my wife, the part of said plantation that lies on the east side of fourmile creek, to be equally divided amongst them. I do give to my son Mahlon the part of said plantation that liels on the west side of fourmile, land one hundred dollars - I do give to my son Nathan one quarter section of land that I own in the Indiana state. At the death of my wife, I do give the stock of every kind, and moveable property to my sons Nathan and Mahlon, except fifty dollars that I give to my son Asabel, and sixteen dollars I do give to my grandaughter Rachel Hickman, which is to be made out of apart of said property. I do appooint my sons Asabel and Eli to execute this, my last will and also to take the full guardianship over my sons Nathan and Mahlon, and the full management of their property accompanied with my sincere wish that you will not seem them changed in any respect if they or either of them have any lawful issue, I allow them to inherit their estate, and if not, I allow said estate to be equally divided amongst all the grandchildren that I may have at that time, in witness whereof, I here unto set my hand and seal this eleventh day of October, in the year of our Lord 1821. I do not allow any of the property left in the hands of my sons Asabel and Eli, and desire for the use of Nathan and Mahlon, to be taken for military fines. Thomas Woodward, his mark. Test Audley Taylor, Joseph Smith

Hazzard's History of Henry County, Indiana, states Thomas Woodward came from England and settled in Philadelphia, married in Philadelphia. (Nadine's note: We have found no possible Thomas Woodward among the Woodwards of Chester County, Pennsylvania, that might have married Rachel Starr - this then makes sense - making Thomas Woodward a much later immigrant from England and no connection to the Chester County Woodwards.) Bowen's History, 1902, page 44. Thomas Woodward, a Revolutionary hero, first of his family who did not follow the sea as a means of livelihood. Learned shoemaking and worked at his trade in Philadephia. Served in Chester County, Pennsylvania, military company in Colonel Patterson Bell's regiment and was captured at Germantown October 4, 1777 but escaped from a rail pen jail. Moved to Kentucky about 1802 and lived in Woodford County at Versailles but lived his later years in or near Preble County, Ohio.
(see also PA Archives 5th series page 813, and Pa archives 2nd series vol XIV pages 112-113.)

Nadine's notes: I see nothing in all of this that is positive proof that Rachel Starr, daughter of James Starr of Chester County, Bradford Meeting, is this Rachel Starr although the birthdate on her tombstone looks close. There is a lot of very strong evidence here but ???? Richard Woodward who was disowned at Bradford in 1779 could also still be a candidate. I think it rather odd that Thomas and Rachel Woodward had no children born between 1780 and 1791. Could Thomas have been married to someone else about 1779 and married another Rachel about 1790???? Thomas Woodward was born Possibly born at sea. He married Rachael Jane Starr, daughter of James Starr and Hannah Jones, in June 1779 at Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., PA, Marriage performed by a Baptist preacher, resulting in Rachel being "read out" of the Quakers. Thomas Woodward died in 1822 at Preble Co., OH.

Children of Thomas Woodward and Rachael Jane Starr

Thomas Woodward

     Thomas Woodward married Elizabeth Kirk.

Children of Thomas Woodward and Elizabeth Kirk

Thomas Woodward


Child of Thomas Woodward

Thomas Woodward

     Thomas Woodward married Florence E. Wolfe, daughter of Henry Wolfe and Mary Catherine Heishman, on 14 August 1878 at Harrison Co., IN.

Child of Thomas Woodward and Florence E. Wolfe


  1. [S239] 1880 Federal Census, Harrison County, Indiana. Microfilm Image, NARA Series T9, Roll 0283; FHL #1254283.

Thomas B Woodward

M, b. circa 1795
     Thomas B Woodward died at Henry Co., IN (probably).
Note: [Starr-~1.ftw]

Bound to Joh Bryant till age 21 to learn Saddlers trade, July 10, 1809. He was born circa 1795 at Fayette Co., KY. He was the son of Thomas Woodward and Rachael Jane Starr.

William F. Woodward

M, b. 15 May 1861, d. 1944
     William F. Woodward was born on 15 May 1861 at Indiana. He married Lois Velma Jacobs, daughter of Abraham Jacobs and Statira Eliza Russel, on 3 August 1911. William F. Woodward died in 1944.

William H. Woodward1

M, b. 27 August 1846, d. 25 July 1920
     William H. Woodward was born on 27 August 1846 at Chester Co., PA.1 He was the son of William J. Woodward and Anna Nichols. William H. Woodward married Anna M. Bixler, daughter of Joshua Peter Bixler and Julia A. Beetem, circa 1884.1 William H. Woodward died on 25 July 1920 at Carlisle, Cumberland Co., PA, at age 73 Per findagrave.com memorial #115899721:

The son of William J. & Anna (Nichols) Woodward, in 1860 he was a clerk living in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. At adulthood, he stood 5' 9" tall with brown hair and blue eyes.

A Civil War veteran, he enlisted in Philadelphia August 28, 1861, giving his correct age of fifteen, which means a parent hsd given written permission, and mustered into federal service September 3, 1861, as a musician with Co. A, 67th Pennsylvania Infantry. Captured at the 2nd battle of Winchester June 15, 1863, he was incarcerated on Belle Isle, Richmond, Virginia, and paroled at City Point July 8, 1863. Somehow, he was erroneously reported as a deserter, a charge not officially rescinded until March 5, 1912. He re-enlisted as a Veteran Volunteer January 1, 1864, at Brandy Station, Virginia, promoted to corporal the following February 1, and then transferred to Co. K September 3, 1864. His final promotion was to sergeant major April 1, 1865, and he honorably discharged with the regiment July 14, 1865, at Hall's Hill, Virginia, still eleven days shy of his twentieth birthday.

After the war, he married Anna Bixler and fathered (a partial list) Dora Frances (b. 06/07/74), Emma (b. 06/05/77 - married Charles B. Phillips), Julia (b. 09/14/86 - married Harry E. McWhinney), and Carrie W. (b. 07/28/90). In 1897, he applied for his pension from Ohio but returned to Carlisle where he was a member of Post No. 201, G.A.R. Cause of death is listed as "chronic interstitial nephritis."

The Gettysburg Times, July 27, 1920

William H Woodward, of Carlisle, who was superintendent of the Gettysburg and Harrisburg and Hunters Run and Slate Belt Railroads before they were absorbed by the Reading System, died in Carlisle Sunday after an illness covering nearly two decades during which he was a great sufferer. Mr Woodward was born in Chester county, Pennsylvania, in 1846, and was active in railroad construction, having built the above named railroads before becoming their superintendent. He suffered from frequent heart attacks and for the last seven years had been confined to a chair.
He was a Civil War veteran, belonging to Company A, 67th Pennsylvania Infantry and was one of the Libby Prison and Belle Island prisoners of the Civil War. He is survived by his wife, a daughter of the late Joshua P Bixler, of Carlisle, and five daughters, Mrs Harry E McWhinney, Homestead, Pa; Mrs Austin B Hertzler, Mrs Harry I Marks and Misses Dora and Carrie, at Carlisle.
Funeral at his late residence in Carlisle.

He was buried in July 1920 at Ashland Cemetery, Carlisle, Cumberland Co., PA.
Note: Prior to his marriage to Anna, William was married to Emma F. Unknown. William and Emma and had four children.
On his death certificate, William's parents are listed as William J. Woodward and Anna Nichols, however, in all the census records they are listed as "Joseph" and "Jane."

Children of William H. Woodward and Anna M. Bixler


  1. [S2881] 1900 Federal Census, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania. Microfilm Image, NARA Series T623, Roll 1401; FHL #1241401.

William J. Woodward

     William J. Woodward married Anna Nichols.

Child of William J. Woodward and Anna Nichols

Mary Woodworth1

F, b. circa 1834
     Mary Woodworth was born circa 1834 at Ohio.1 She married Mahlon Strawn, son of Hiram Strawn and Catherine Windemute, on 13 May 1849 at Winnebago Co., IL.
Note: Probably died in Cedar County in the 1850s -- in June, 1860 Mahlon was living with the James and Polly Chase family, apparently unmarried.


  1. [S2155] 1850 Federal Census, Cedar County, Iowa. Microfilm Image, NARA Series M432, Roll 182.

Mildred Ernestine Woodworth

F, b. 17 August 1912, d. 13 January 2000
     Mildred Ernestine Woodworth was born on 17 August 1912. She married Woodrow Gorden Dyer on 22 April 1936. Mildred Ernestine Woodworth died on 13 January 2000 at age 87. She was buried in January 2000 at Crum Cemetery, Sedan, Chautauqua, KS, Findagrave #19840906.

Child of Mildred Ernestine Woodworth and Woodrow Gorden Dyer

Emma Erma Woody

F, b. 17 October 1906, d. 9 March 1991
     Emma Erma Woody was born on 17 October 1906 at Oklahoma.1 She married Jewel Cleaburn Roles on 1 December 1923 at McClain Co., OK. Emma Erma Woody died on 9 March 1991 at age 84. She was buried in March 1991 at Carter Cemetery, Carter, Beckham Co., OK, Findagrave #125291216.

Child of Emma Erma Woody and Jewel Cleaburn Roles


  1. [S4444] 1930 Federal Census, McClain County, Oklahoma. Microfilm Image, NARA Series T626, Roll 1912; FHL #2341646.

Ralph Woolart

     Ralph Woolart married Martha G. Eby, daughter of Rev. John G. Eby and Anna V. Price, on 16 October 1919.1


  1. [S82] Price Genealogy, 627.

Doris Lucille Wooldridge

F, b. 10 November 1912, d. 30 November 1995
     Doris Lucille Wooldridge was born on 10 November 1912 at Clear Lake, Hancock Co., IA. She was the daughter of Roy J. Wooldridge and Bertha Mae Phillips. Doris Lucille Wooldridge died on 30 November 1995 at Urbandale, Polk Co., IA, at age 83.

Robert O. Wooldridge

M, b. 3 April 1919, d. 7 February 2000
     Robert O. Wooldridge was born on 3 April 1919 at Iowa. He was the son of Roy J. Wooldridge and Bertha Mae Phillips. Robert O. Wooldridge died on 7 February 2000 at Butte Co. (probably), CA, at age 80 dates per SSDI, last residence Paradise.

Roy J. Wooldridge

M, b. 29 November 1889, d. 8 October 1941
     Roy J. Wooldridge was born on 29 November 1889 at Iowa. He married Bertha Mae Phillips, daughter of Bert Phillips and Margaret Aitchison, on 10 July 1911. Roy J. Wooldridge died on 8 October 1941 at age 51.

Children of Roy J. Wooldridge and Bertha Mae Phillips

Lawrence Edward Woolever

M, b. 10 May 1938, d. 15 June 2005
     Lawrence Edward Woolever was born on 10 May 1938 at Penn Yan, Yates Co., NY. He was the son of Lewis Edward Woolever and Jessie Charlotte DeLong. Lawrence Edward Woolever died on 15 June 2005 at Clark Co., NV, at age 67.

Lewis Edward Woolever

M, b. 31 August 1895, d. 21 March 1973
     Lewis Edward Woolever was born on 31 August 1895 at Corning, Steuben Co., NY. He married Jessie Charlotte DeLong, daughter of John Stewart DeLong and Sarah L. Cronk, on 23 February 1935 at Yates Co., NY. Lewis Edward Woolever died on 21 March 1973 at Penn Yan, Yates Co., NY, at age 77

Obituary -- (Findagrave.com):

Father George Henry Woolever
Mother Catherine C Wakley

Geneva NY Times 3/22/1973;
Lewis E Woolever, age 77, died 3/21/1973 in Penn Yan. He was born in Corning. He leaves his wife, Jessie; one daughter, Mrs Wm (Virginia) Lenton; two sons, Roger, and Lawrence; and one stepson, Kenneth Nielsen. Burial in Lakeview cemetery.

He was buried in March 1973 at Lakeview Cemetery, Penn Yan, Yates Co., NY, Findagrave #170585178.

Children of Lewis Edward Woolever and Jessie Charlotte DeLong

Virginia A. Woolever

F, b. 1 March 1936, d. 5 March 2016
     Virginia A. Woolever was born on 1 March 1936 at Milo, Yates Co., NY. She was the daughter of Lewis Edward Woolever and Jessie Charlotte DeLong. Virginia A. Woolever died on 5 March 2016 at age 80.

Elizabeth Wooley

F, b. December 1817, d. 28 June 1902
     Elizabeth Wooley was born in December 1817 at Ohio. She married Emmanuel Windle, son of Abraham Wendel and Susannah Spiegel, on 10 April 1859 at Franklin Co., OH, Ceremony by William Graham, J.P. Elizabeth Wooley died on 28 June 1902 at Gage Co., NE, at age 84.

Children of Elizabeth Wooley and Emmanuel Windle

Miriam Edith Woolley

F, b. 8 May 1899, d. 13 October 1974
     Miriam Edith Woolley was born on 8 May 1899 at Woodbury, Gloucester Co., NJ, New Jersey Births and Christenings Index shows 1898, all other sources show 1899.1 She was the daughter of Walter B. Woolley and Marian E. Pierce.1 Miriam Edith Woolley married Norman Buckingham Beecher, son of Rev. George Buckingham Beecher and Anne Price O'Hara, on 9 June 1922. Miriam Edith Woolley died on 13 October 1974 at Asheville, Buncombe Co., NC, at age 75. She was buried in October 1974 at Hillsboro Cemetery, Hillsboro, Highland Co., OH, Find A Grave Memorial# 118763166.

Children of Miriam Edith Woolley and Norman Buckingham Beecher


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  2. [S1718] 1930 Federal Census, Pinellas County, Florida. Microfilm Image, NARA Series T626, Roll 329; FHL #2340064.

Walter B. Woolley1

M, b. 12 February 1874, d. 25 June 1949
     Walter B. Woolley was born on 12 February 1874 at Vermont.1 He married Marian E. Pierce circa 1897.1 Walter B. Woolley died on 25 June 1949 at age 75. He was buried in June 1949 at Eglington Cemetery, Clarksboro, Gloucester Co., NJ, Find A Grave Memorial# 170835188.

Child of Walter B. Woolley and Marian E. Pierce


  1. [S4140] 1900 Federal Census, Gloucester County, New Jersey. Microfilm Image, NARA Series T623, Roll 971; FHL #1240971.

Charles Aronson Woolman

M, b. 1 March 1855, d. 30 December 1924
     Charles Aronson Woolman was born on 1 March 1855 at Wayne Co., IN. He was the son of John Woolman and Asenath Edwards. Charles Aronson Woolman married Ocena Virginia Reger, daughter of Lorenzo Dow Reger and Virginia Windell, on 6 March 1879 at Madison Co., IN. Charles Aronson Woolman lived in 1880 at Delaware Twp., Hamilton Co., IN. He died on 30 December 1924 at Indianapolis, Marion Co., IN, at age 69.

Children of Charles Aronson Woolman and Ocena Virginia Reger

Charles L. Woolman

M, b. circa 1915
     Charles L. Woolman was born circa 1915 at Madison Co., IN. He was the son of Raymond Charles Woolman and Laura E. (?)

Della Leone Woolman

F, b. 6 September 1897
     Della Leone Woolman was born on 6 September 1897 at Anderson, Madison Co., IN. She was the daughter of Charles Aronson Woolman and Ocena Virginia Reger. Della Leone Woolman married Roland Rich in 1917.

Child of Della Leone Woolman and Roland Rich