M. M. (?)1

F, b. circa 1837, d. before 2 June 1900
     M. M. (?) was born circa 1837 at Connecticut.1 She married Rev. John Blair Linn, son of Archibald Laidlie Linn and Mary Ten Eyck McClellan, no surviving children.1 M. M. (?) died before 2 June 1900.


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M. S. (?)1

     M. S. (?) married F. K. Morton.1

Child of M. S. (?) and F. K. Morton


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Mabel (?)1

F, b. January 1871
     Mabel (?) was born in January 1871 at New York.1 She married David Fentress, son of Judge James Fentress and Mary Tate Perkins, in 1900.1


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Mabel A. (?)

F, b. circa 1915
     Mabel A. (?) was born circa 1915 at West Virginia. She married Harold F. Mulledy, son of George Mulledy and Bertha Edna Pownall.

Mabel C. (?)1

F, b. circa 1898
     Mabel C. (?) was born circa 1898 at New Jersey.1 She married John Herbison, son of William Herbison and Emma Bollenbacher, circa 1917.1

Children of Mabel C. (?) and John Herbison


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Mabel E. (?)

F, b. circa 1908, d. 1939
     Mabel E. (?) was born circa 1908 at Indiana. She married Ralph H. Bowers, son of Jonas K. Bowers and Fannie E. (?). Mabel E. (?) died in 1939.

Mabel L. (?)1

F, b. circa 1909
     Mabel L. (?) was born circa 1909 at Kansas.1 She married Paul S. Gere, son of James L. Gere and Eva M. Gordon.

Child of Mabel L. (?) and Paul S. Gere


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Mabel M. (?)

F, b. 1904
     Mabel M. (?) was born in 1904. She married Henry E. Warner, son of Henry E. Warner and Anna Kirk Ecroyd.

Mabel R. (?)1

F, b. circa 1900
     Mabel R. (?) was born circa 1900 at Ohio.1 She married Albert E. Hershey, son of Jacob Hershey and Susan Gertrude Eby, circa 1928.1


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Mabelle (?)1

F, b. 24 October 1899, d. December 1982
     Mabelle (?) was born on 24 October 1899 at Ohio.1 She married Russell Klepinger, son of Jacob Klepinger and Amelia Ann Garber. Mabelle (?) died in December 1982 at Darke Co., OH, at age 83 Dates per SSDI, last residence Greenville.

Child of Mabelle (?) and Russell Klepinger


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Madalene (?)1

     Madalene (?) married Frederick Armbruster.1

Child of Madalene (?) and Frederick Armbruster


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Madge (?)1

     Madge (?) married Ray Brownell.1

Child of Madge (?) and Ray Brownell


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Mae (?)1

F, b. circa 1884
     Mae (?) was born circa 1884 at Ohio.1 She married Earl Wayne Cline, son of Edwin D. Cline and Lina Hager, circa 1902, 1910 census shows one child born and still living, but it is not shown in the household.1

Child of Mae (?) and Earl Wayne Cline


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Mae (?)

F, b. 10 June 1900, d. 15 August 1984
     Mae (?) was born on 10 June 1900. She married George Kitzmiller, son of Resin Franklin Lee Kitzmiller and Lavina Greenwood, before 1951. Mae (?) died on 15 August 1984 at Chicago, Cook Co., IL, at age 84. She was buried in August 1984 at Mount Emblem Cemetery, Elmhurst, DuPage Co., IL, Findagrave #152652486.

Mae Belle (?)

F, b. 5 April 1887, d. 24 January 1961
     Mae Belle (?) was born on 5 April 1887. She married Albert Triem, son of Daniel Triem and Magdalena Vogelgesang, No children. Mae Belle (?) died on 24 January 1961 at age 73.

Magdalen (?)1

F, b. circa 1868, d. after 7 April 1930
     Magdalen (?) was born circa 1868 at Denmark.1 She married Jens Pedersen circa 1890.2 Magdalen (?) died after 7 April 1930.

Child of Magdalen (?) and Jens Pedersen


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Magdalena (?)

     Magdalena (?) married Velten Neumüller, son of Veiox Neumüller.

Child of Magdalena (?) and Velten Neumüller

Magdalena (?)

F, b. 8 October 1800, d. 1873
     Magdalena (?) married John Frye, son of William Frye and Elisabeth Baker. Magdalena (?) was born on 8 October 1800. She died in 1873.

Magdalena (?)

F, b. 1685, d. February 1767
     Magdalena (?) was born in 1685 at Pequea Twp., Lancaster Co., PA. She married Hans Hess, son of Samuel Hess and Barbara Reimann. Magdalena (?) was buried in 1767 at Baumgarden Station Cemetery, Lancaster Co., PA. She died in February 1767 at Pequea Twp., Lancaster Co., PA.

Children of Magdalena (?) and Hans Hess

Magdalena (?)

     Magdalena (?) married Joseph Hershey, son of Christian Schnebele Hershey and Barbara Bomberger.

Children of Magdalena (?) and Joseph Hershey

Magdalena (?)

     Magdalena (?) married Jacob Steiner, son of Johannes Steiner and Catharine Brenneman.1

Children of Magdalena (?) and Jacob Steiner


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Magdalena (?)

     Magdalena (?) married Michael Schenk, son of Michael Schenk and Mary Yeenley.

Child of Magdalena (?) and Michael Schenk

Magdalena (?)

     Magdalena (?) married Ludwig Kibler, son of Christian Kibler and Maria Magdalena (?), at Shenandoah Co., VA.

Children of Magdalena (?) and Ludwig Kibler

Magdalena (?)

F, d. 1834
     Magdalena (?) married Philip Kibler, son of Christian Kibler and Maria Magdalena (?), A marriage of Philip Kibler to Mary Wiseman in Shenandoah County was recorded by Rev. Jacob Snider on 24 MAR 1782. Suspect this is the same marriage, and the name "Magdalena" was passed down in error/confusion. DLB 2006. Magdalena (?) died in 1834.

Magdalena (?)1

     Magdalena (?) married William Parker.1

Child of Magdalena (?) and William Parker


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Magdalena (?)

     Magdalena (?) married Henry Wolf.

Child of Magdalena (?) and Henry Wolf

Magdalena (?)1

F, b. circa 1832
     Magdalena (?) was born circa 1832 at Ohio.1 She married Ira H. Minton.1

Child of Magdalena (?) and Ira H. Minton


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Magdalena (?)

     Magdalena (?) married Jacob Cryder.

Child of Magdalena (?) and Jacob Cryder

Magdalene (?)

     Magdalene (?) married Nicholas Alt.

Child of Magdalene (?) and Nicholas Alt

Magdalene (?)

     Magdalene (?) married Matthias Saum, son of Andreas Saum.

Children of Magdalene (?) and Matthias Saum