Alpha Melissa Coleman

F, b. 17 August 1860, d. 28 May 1936
     Alpha Melissa Coleman was born on 17 August 1860 at Blue Rock, Muskingum Co., OH. She married George Wesley Dutro Jr. in 1878. Alpha Melissa Coleman was buried in 1936 at Woodlawn Cemetery, Zanesville, Muskingum Co., OH, Findagrave #71593310. She died on 28 May 1936 at Zanesville, Muskingum Co., OH, at age 75.

Child of Alpha Melissa Coleman and George Wesley Dutro Jr.

Brian James Coleman

M, b. 19 November 1980, d. 7 February 2006
     Brian James Coleman was born on 19 November 1980 at East Liverpool, Columbiana Co., OH. He was the son of Ronald Allen Coleman. Brian James Coleman died on 7 February 2006 at age 25. He was buried in February 2006 at Calcutta United Presbyterian Cemetery, Calcutta, Columbiana Co., OH, Findagrave #39738633.

Cecil Coleman

M, b. 5 February 1908, d. November 1985
     Cecil Coleman was born on 5 February 1908. He married Mildred Margaret Kitzmiller, daughter of Roy A. Kitzmiller and Esther Louzion, on 9 October 1954 at Chicago, Cook Co., IL. Cecil Coleman died in November 1985 at Cochise Co, AZ, at age 77.

Claude Haskell Coleman

M, b. 29 March 1907, d. 10 March 1985
     Claude Haskell Coleman was born on 29 March 1907 at Monroe, Overton Co., TN. He married Naomi Etoile Wisner, daughter of Clarence Henry Wisner and (?) Beasley, on 4 November 1927 at Livingston, Overton Co., TN. Claude Haskell Coleman died on 10 March 1985 at Goodlettsville, Davidson Co., TN, at age 77.

Cornelia A. Coleman

     Cornelia A. Coleman married Joseph J. Johnston.

Child of Cornelia A. Coleman and Joseph J. Johnston

Elma Eliza Coleman

     Elma Eliza Coleman married William Henry Clement.

Child of Elma Eliza Coleman and William Henry Clement

Floyd Earl Coleman

     Floyd Earl Coleman married Bessie Elizabeth Moye.

Child of Floyd Earl Coleman and Bessie Elizabeth Moye

Frank Coleman

     Frank Coleman married Nora Holz.

Child of Frank Coleman and Nora Holz

James Coleman

     James Coleman married Violet Sommerville, daughter of John Sommerville and Eve Ann Longbottom, on 26 December 1916 at Damascus, Columbiana Co., OH, No children.

John Coleman

     John Coleman married Mary Elizabeth Dresbach.

Child of John Coleman and Mary Elizabeth Dresbach

John Coleman

M, b. circa 1811
     John Coleman married Sarah Salome Hipple, daughter of William H. Hipple and Elizabeth Gebhart. John Coleman was born circa 1811.

Margaret Jane Coleman

F, b. 10 December 1874, d. 4 January 1940
     Margaret Jane Coleman was born on 10 December 1874 at Turtle Creek, Allegheny Co., PA. She married James Charles McMillen. Margaret Jane Coleman died on 4 January 1940 at Wellsville, Columbiana Co., OH, at age 65. She was buried in January 1940 at Spring Hill Cemetery, Wellsville, Columbiana Co., OH, Findagrave #21998220.

Child of Margaret Jane Coleman and James Charles McMillen

Mary Coleman

     Mary Coleman married Mackerness Hamblin, son of Thomas Hamblin.

Child of Mary Coleman and Mackerness Hamblin

Mary Grace Coleman

F, b. 10 March 1865, d. 1935
     Mary Grace Coleman was born on 10 March 1865.1 She was the daughter of John Coleman and Mary Elizabeth Dresbach. Mary Grace Coleman married Joseph Shirk Miles, son of Owen Phillips Miles and Hannah Price Shirk, on 15 June 1887 at Carroll Co., IL, Illinois Statewide Marriage Index 1763 - 1900:

MILES, JOSEPH S COLEMAN, MARY GRACE CARROLL 06/15/1887 B/ 81 3216.1 Mary Grace Coleman was buried in 1935 at Oak Hill Cemetery, Mt. Carroll, Carroll Co., IL. She died in 1935.

Children of Mary Grace Coleman and Joseph Shirk Miles


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Mary Josephine Coleman

F, b. 12 July 1910, d. 9 June 2000
     Mary Josephine Coleman was born on 12 July 1910 at Rockbridge Co., VA. She married Bud Donald Clark on 29 August 1925 at Lexington, VA. Mary Josephine Coleman and Bud Donald Clark were divorced on 10 September 1952 at Rockbridge Co., VA. Mary Josephine Coleman died on 9 June 2000 at age 89. She was buried in June 2000 at Green Hill Cemetery and Mausoleum, Buena Vista, VA, Findagrave #117759192.

Mills Coleman

     Mills Coleman married Florence V. Miller, daughter of Harrison Fravel Miller and Catherine F. Miller, on 14 February 1882 at Ft. Madison, Lee Co., IA.

Nathan Coleman

M, b. 1804, d. 1849
     Nathan Coleman was born in 1804. He married Joanna Fall. Nathan Coleman died in 1849. He was buried in 1849 at Bethlehem Cemetery, Muskingum Co., OH, Findagrave #9786620.

Child of Nathan Coleman and Joanna Fall

Olive M. Coleman

F, b. 28 November 1834, d. 1 May 1864
     Olive M. Coleman was born on 28 November 1834 at Blue Rock, Muskingum Co., OH. She was the daughter of Nathan Coleman and Joanna Fall. Olive M. Coleman married George Harrison Clapper, son of Peter Joseph Clapper and Rebecca Smith. Olive M. Coleman died on 1 May 1864 at Blue Rock, Muskingum Co., OH, at age 29. She was buried in May 1864 at Blue Rock Baptist Cemetery, Blue Rock, Muskingum Co., OH, Findagrave #9770673.

Children of Olive M. Coleman and George Harrison Clapper


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Phyllis Gayle Coleman

F, b. 27 April 1931, d. 19 June 2012
     Phyllis Gayle Coleman was born on 27 April 1931 at Du Quoin, Perry Co., IL. She was the daughter of Floyd Earl Coleman and Bessie Elizabeth Moye. Phyllis Gayle Coleman died on 19 June 2012 at Decatur, Macon Co., IL, at age 81 dates per SSDI.

Robert Coleman1

M, b. April 1846, d. before April 1910
     Robert Coleman was born in April 1846 at Kentucky.1 He married Sarah Burgess on 21 March 1883 at Harrison Co., KY. Robert Coleman died before April 1910 Sallie and the younger chlidren are listed on the 1910 census living in Yellow Springs, Greene County, Ohio -- Sallie's marital status was "W".

Child of Robert Coleman and Sarah Burgess


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Ronald Allen Coleman

M, b. 30 April 1951, d. 15 December 1989
     Ronald Allen Coleman was born on 30 April 1951 at East Liverpool, Columbiana Co., OH. He died on 15 December 1989 at East Liverpool, Columbiana Co., OH, at age 38.

Child of Ronald Allen Coleman

Roxanna Coleman1

F, b. circa 1801, d. June 1853
     Roxanna Coleman was born circa 1801 at Massachusetts.1 She married Isaac N. Dean.1 Roxanna Coleman died in June 1853 at DeKalb Co., IL.

Child of Roxanna Coleman and Isaac N. Dean


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Sadie Seldon Coleman

F, b. July 1895, d. June 1980
     Sadie Seldon Coleman was born in July 1895 at Harrison Co., KY.1 She was the daughter of Robert Coleman and Sarah Burgess.1 Sadie Seldon Coleman married John Floyd Burts, son of James Elias Burts and Mary Catherine Semler, on 24 December 1913 at Detroit, Wayne Co., MI. Sadie Seldon Coleman died in June 1980 at Albertville, Marshall Co., AL, at age 84.

Children of Sadie Seldon Coleman and John Floyd Burts


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Temperance Coleman

F, b. circa 1818, d. 6 May 1892
     Temperance Coleman was born circa 1818 at Virginia. She married Lafayette Grubb. Temperance Coleman died on 6 May 1892 at Cook Co., IL.

Child of Temperance Coleman and Lafayette Grubb

Vada Lucille Coleman

F, b. 1 August 1913
     Vada Lucille Coleman was born on 1 August 1913. She was the daughter of Frank Coleman and Nora Holz. Vada Lucille Coleman married Wilbur Eugene Boots, son of Clarence Boots and Rose Ellen Haynor, on 15 September 1934.

Ann Coler1

     Ann Coler married Henry Peters, son of Levi Peters and Susanna (?).1

Child of Ann Coler and Henry Peters


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Jennie Coles1

F, b. 1 July 1892, d. 6 October 1938
     Jennie Coles was born on 1 July 1892 at Braceville, Grundy Co., IL, per 1900 census. Illinois death index shows 1891.2,1 She married Edward Stewart.1 Jennie Coles died on 6 October 1938 at Divernon, Sangamon Co., IL, at age 46. She was buried in October 1938 at Brush Creek Cemetery, Divernon, Sangamon Co., IL, Findagrave #25712194.

Child of Jennie Coles and Edward Stewart


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Mary Coles

F, b. 14 October 1743, d. circa 1807
     Mary Coles was also known as "Molly". She was born on 14 October 1743. She married John Payne, son of John Payne and Anna Fleming. Mary Coles died circa 1807.

Children of Mary Coles and John Payne

Rachel Coles

F, d. 17 April 1863
     Rachel Coles married Samuel Boone, son of Samuel Boone and Elizabeth Cassel, on 14 October 1760. Rachel Coles died on 17 April 1863.

Abel H. Coley1

M, b. October 1887
     Abel H. Coley was born in October 1887 at Kentucky.1 He was the son of William Richard Coley and Kitty Clemens.1


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