Maria Elizabeth (?)

     Maria Elizabeth (?) married John Kohl.

Child of Maria Elizabeth (?) and John Kohl

Maria Eva (?)

     Maria Eva (?) married Heinrich Munzinger, son of Johann Walter Munzinger and Maria Elisabeth Lang, on 18 January 1784 at Miesau, Palatinate.

Children of Maria Eva (?) and Heinrich Munzinger

Maria Katharina (?)1

F, b. 1659, d. 23 December 1726
     Maria Katharina (?) was born in 1659. She married Hans Nikolaus Munzinger, son of Hans Reinhard Munzinger and Margaretha (?). Maria Katharina (?) died on 23 December 1726.

Children of Maria Katharina (?) and Hans Nikolaus Munzinger


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Maria Magdalena (?)

     Maria Magdalena (?) married Christian Kibler.

Children of Maria Magdalena (?) and Christian Kibler

Maria Margaretha (?)

     Maria Margaretha (?) married Wilhelm Munzinger, son of Hans Peter Munzinger.

Children of Maria Margaretha (?) and Wilhelm Munzinger

Mariah (?)

     Mariah (?) married Palser Keith.

Child of Mariah (?) and Palser Keith

Marian (?)1

F, b. April 1868
     Marian (?) was born in April 1868 at Kentucky.1 She married Edmund Alexander Starling, son of William Starling and Marianna McCarroll, circa 1888.1

Children of Marian (?) and Edmund Alexander Starling


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Marian (?)1

F, b. circa 1917
     Marian (?) was born circa 1917 at Michigan.1 She married Marion Ernest Eye, son of Hiram Edward Eye and Catherine Amanda Smith, circa 1935.1


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Marian S. (?)

F, b. circa 1918
     Marian S. (?) was born circa 1918 at Canada. She married Lavern C. Neff, son of Ernest T. Neff and Ruby M. (?).

Mariane E. (?)

F, b. 12 April 1924
     Mariane E. (?) married Charles Dean Young, son of Price A. Young and Edna Avey. Mariane E. (?) was born on 12 April 1924.

Marianne (?)

     Marianne (?) married Edward T. Lansing.

Child of Marianne (?) and Edward T. Lansing

Marie (?)1

     Marie (?) married August Bischel.1

Child of Marie (?) and August Bischel


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Marie (?)1

F, b. October 1835
     Marie (?) was born in October 1835 at Pennsylvania.1

Child of Marie (?)


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Marie (?)1

F, b. circa 1909
     Marie (?) was born circa 1909 at Ohio.1 She married Shelton Parker, son of Frank Parker and Elizabeth Jane Burton, before April 1940.1


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Marie (?)

F, b. circa 1903
     Marie (?) was born circa 1903 at Missouri. She married Melvin Oliver Brians, son of Henry Alfred Brians and Mattie Alice Summers, before April 1940.

Marie Elizabeth (?)1

F, b. circa 1893, d. 1974
     Marie Elizabeth (?) was born circa 1893 at Michigan.1 She married Thomas A. Cosgrove, son of John Cosgrove and Mary (?).1
Note: Both of Marie's parents were born in Canada, and according to the 1920 census, her mother tongue was French.1 Marie Elizabeth (?) died in 1974 at L'Anse, Baraga Co., MI.

Child of Marie Elizabeth (?) and Thomas A. Cosgrove


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Marie J. (?)1

F, b. October 1875
     Marie J. (?) was born in October 1875 at Pennsylvania.1 She married Ulysses Grant Shoup circa 1894.1

Child of Marie J. (?) and Ulysses Grant Shoup


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Marie L. (?)1

F, b. 25 October 1904, d. April 1974
     Marie L. (?) was born on 25 October 1904 at Colorado.1 She married Lewis E. Curl, son of Charley Curl and Fanny Elnora Gross, circa 1926.1 Marie L. (?) died in April 1974 at Charlotte Co., FL, at age 69 Dates per SSDI, last residence Port Charlotte.


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Marie Mary (?)

F, b. 5 August 1913, d. 13 May 1993
     Marie Mary (?) was born on 5 August 1913. She married Carl Warman Jackson, son of Zeaphra Clarence Jackson and Emma Arizona Warman, at least three children to this marriage. Marie Mary (?) died on 13 May 1993 at St. Lucie Co., FL, at age 79.

Marietta (?)

F, b. February 1859
     Marietta (?) was born in February 1859 at Pennsylvania.1 She married Henry Ort.1

Child of Marietta (?) and Henry Ort


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Marilyn (?)

     Marilyn (?) married Robert Bruce Chapman, son of Ben D. Chapman and Ruth M. Triem. Marilyn (?) lived between 1961 and 1965 at 47 Knollwood Lane, Darien, Fairfield Co., CT, listed in Darien city directories.

Marinda (?)1

F, b. circa 1817
     Marinda (?) was born circa 1817 at Ohio.1 She married Philip Hupp.

Child of Marinda (?) and Philip Hupp


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Marjorie (?)

F, b. 19 June 1919, d. 22 March 2000
     Marjorie (?) was born on 19 June 1919 at Indiana. She married Oscar Gerkin, son of Connie Gerkin and Elsie E. Rinearson, three children. Marjorie (?) died on 22 March 2000 at Essex Co., MA, at age 80 dates per SSDI, last residence Ipswich.

Marjorie (?)

F, b. 7 November 1922
     Marjorie (?) was born on 7 November 1922 at Canton, Stark Co., OH. She married John Russell Schaeublin, son of Lowell Forrest Schaeublin and Margaret Gail Ewing.

Marjorie B. (?)

F, b. circa 1876
     Marjorie B. (?) married Carroll Brewster Nichols, son of Egbert Nichols and Elizabeth Baugh. Marjorie B. (?) was born circa 1876 at Massachusetts.

Children of Marjorie B. (?) and Carroll Brewster Nichols

Marjorie Louise (?)

F, b. 20 November 1930, d. 4 June 1969
     Marjorie Louise (?) was born on 20 November 1930 at Michigan. She married George E. Atkinson, son of Edward S. Atkinson and Helen Bradfield, circa 1949. Marjorie Louise (?) died on 4 June 1969 at Gladwin Co., MI, at age 38.
Note: Three children.

Martha (?)

F, b. circa 1833
     Martha (?) was born circa 1833 at Ohio. She married Spaulding Goulden, son of John Goulden and Drucilla Frizzell.

Martha (?)

     Martha (?) married Andrew Moore.

Child of Martha (?) and Andrew Moore

Martha (?)

F, b. May 1875
     Martha (?) was born in May 1875.1 She married Jonathan Nyce, son of Benjamin K. Nyce and Catharine G. Price, circa 1895, Two chldren born, one living as of 1900 census.2,1

Child of Martha (?) and Jonathan Nyce


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Martha (?)

     Martha (?) married Joseph Jennings.

Child of Martha (?) and Joseph Jennings