Mary Ann Cooper

F, b. 13 September 1887, d. 26 February 1963
     Mary Ann Cooper was born on 13 September 1887; daughter of Ulysius Stacey and Junietta (Bolinger) Cooper. She married Bennett Charles Hecox, son of Melzo S. Hecox and Martha J. Curry, on 4 July 1917 at Logansport, Cass Co., IN; no children, per divorce record. Mary Ann Cooper and Bennett Charles Hecox were divorced on 31 March 1937 at Wayne Co., MI. Mary Ann Cooper died on 26 February 1963 at age 75. She was buried in 1963 at Mt. Hope Cemetery, Logansport, Cass Co., IN, Findagrave #34644099.

Mary C. Cooper

F, b. 6 December 1898, d. 31 July 1993
     Mary C. Cooper was born on 6 December 1898 at Pennsylvania. She was the daughter of Samuel Cooper and Sigred L. (?) Mary C. Cooper married Freeman Bourdette Kirkendall, son of Freeman P. Kirkendall and Julia Burgert, circa 1922. Mary C. Cooper died on 31 July 1993 at age 94. She was buried in August 1993 at Sewickley Cemetery, Sewickley, Allegheny Co., PA, Findagrave #159445767.

Child of Mary C. Cooper and Freeman Bourdette Kirkendall

Meta Louise Cooper

F, b. 3 February 1919, d. 18 September 2007
     Meta Louise Cooper was born on 3 February 1919. She married Clifford Eugene Steele, son of Frank Steele and Minnie Dicke, on 21 November 1970 at Las Vegas, Clark Co., NV. Meta Louise Cooper died on 18 September 2007 at Grand Island, Hall Co., NE, at age 88. She was buried in September 2007 at Grand Island Cemetery, Grand Island, Hall Co., NE, Findagrave #21664186.

Ora Virginia Cooper

F, b. 9 October 1914, d. 9 July 1999
     Ora Virginia Cooper was born on 9 October 1914 at Mineral Wells, Wood Co., WV. She married Carroll Lester Caltrider. Ora Virginia Cooper died on 9 July 1999 at Wood Co., WV, at age 84. She was buried in July 1999 at Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Mineral Wells, Wood Co., WV, Findagrave #11662112.

Palmer Ray Cooper

M, b. circa 1926, d. 1962
     Palmer Ray Cooper was born circa 1926 at Oklahoma. He married Irene Louise Bryant, daughter of Benton McMillan Bryant and Goldie Mae Neely. Palmer Ray Cooper died in 1962 at Arizona.

Pliny Earline Cooper

F, b. 13 August 1909, d. 15 November 1985
     Pliny Earline Cooper was born on 13 August 1909 at Minnesota.1 She married Richard William Trenkle circa 1929.1 Pliny Earline Cooper died on 15 November 1985 at age 76. She was buried in November 1985 at Forest Lawn Memorial Park (Glendale), Glendale, Los Angeles Co., CA, Findagrave #66665794.


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Rachel Cooper

     Rachel Cooper married Samuel Starr, son of Moses Starr and Anna Margarethe Quattelbaum, on 28 July 1815 at Ross Co., OH.

Rebecca Cooper

F, b. 1766, d. 15 January 1853
     Rebecca Cooper was born in 1766 at Loudoun Co., VA. She married William A. Hutchison, son of Benjamin H. Hutchison and Elizabeth E. Bore. Rebecca Cooper died on 15 January 1853 at Brown Co., OH.

Children of Rebecca Cooper and William A. Hutchison


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Robert Benjamin Cooper1

M, b. 3 March 1898
     Robert Benjamin Cooper was born on 3 March 1898.1 He was the son of Frederick Haskett Cooper and Forrest May Weir.1 Robert Benjamin Cooper married Hazel Ramona Greene, daughter of Frank S. Greene and Anna Mary Strickler, on 21 May 1924.1


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Ruth Ethel Cooper

F, b. 4 January 1903, d. 3 August 1966
     Ruth Ethel Cooper was born on 4 January 1903 at Starr, Hocking Co., OH. She married William Clyde McLaughlin. Ruth Ethel Cooper died on 3 August 1966 at Tampa, Hillsborough Co., FL, at age 63. She was buried in August 1966 at Pleasant Hill United Methodist Cemetery, Pleasant Hill, Fairfield Co., OH, Findagrave #28753826.

Child of Ruth Ethel Cooper and William Clyde McLaughlin

Sadie Cooper

     Sadie Cooper married Lester Stone.

Child of Sadie Cooper and Lester Stone

Samuel Cooper

M, b. circa 1814
     Samuel Cooper married Mary Ketner, daughter of Henry Ketner and Mary Conrad. Samuel Cooper was born circa 1814.

Samuel Cooper

M, b. circa 1865
     Samuel Cooper was born circa 1865 at Illinois. He married Sigred L. (?).

Child of Samuel Cooper and Sigred L. (?)

Simeon Cooper

     Simeon Cooper married Martha Prior, daughter of Matthew Prior and Mary (?), in 1693.

Stephen Cooper1

M, b. circa December 1869
     Stephen Cooper was born circa December 1869 at Livingston Co., IL.1 He was the son of Jacob Cooper and Margaret Ann Brumfield.1


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Vivian Leta Marie Cooper

F, b. 1907
     Vivian Leta Marie Cooper was born in 1907. She was the daughter of Fred Cooper and Lena Mae Chaney.

William Cooper

     Note: Had 6 children. William Cooper married Anna Kearns, daughter of Levi Kearns and Deborah Starr, on 18 November 1829.

William Cooper

     William Cooper married Phoebe Harrison, daughter of John Harrison and Hannah Lincoln, on 12 March 1807 at Rockingham Co., VA.

William Cooper

     William Cooper married Elizabeth Richmond.

Child of William Cooper and Elizabeth Richmond

William Cooper1

M, b. November 1866
     William Cooper was born in November 1866 at Indiana.1 He married Minnie May Black on 10 April 1889 at Hancock Co., IN.1

Child of William Cooper and Minnie May Black


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William Henry Cooper1

M, b. 5 October 1864, d. after April 1940
     William Henry Cooper was born on 5 October 1864 at Beetown, Grant Co., WI.1 He married Mary Elizabeth Parkins in 1887 at Antelope Co., NE. William Henry Cooper died after April 1940. He died on 9 June 1949 at age 84.

Child of William Henry Cooper and Mary Elizabeth Parkins


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William J. Cooper

M, b. 1879, d. 1966
     William J. Cooper was born in 1879. He married Anna Egger. William J. Cooper died in 1966. He was buried in 1966 at Oakwood Cemetery, Monticello, Jones Co., IA, Findagrave #26675780.

Child of William J. Cooper and Anna Egger

Adah M. Coover1

F, b. 1870, d. 1950
     Adah M. Coover was born in 1870 at Highland or Ross Co., OH.2,1 She was the daughter of Gideon Samuel Coover and Mary J. McKenzie.2 Adah M. Coover married Jesse Leroy Sonner, son of Isaac Wilker Sonner and Isabelle Kibler, circa 1896.3,1 Adah M. Coover died in 1950.

Children of Adah M. Coover and Jesse Leroy Sonner


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Gideon Samuel Coover1

M, b. circa 1843, d. 17 June 1930
     Gideon Samuel Coover was born circa 1843 at Ross Co., OH.1 He married Mary J. McKenzie circa 1867.1 Gideon Samuel Coover died on 17 June 1930.

Child of Gideon Samuel Coover and Mary J. McKenzie


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Maria Coover1

F, b. circa 1812
     Maria Coover was born circa 1812 at Pennsylvania.1 She married Jacob Vandersaal on 20 August 1831 at Cumberland Co., PA.

Child of Maria Coover and Jacob Vandersaal


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Anna Marie Cope

F, b. circa February 1916
     Anna Marie Cope was born circa February 1916 at Clay Co. (probably), AR. She was the daughter of Charles Clinton Cope and Velma J. Veatch.

Charles Clinton Cope

M, b. 17 October 1879
     Charles Clinton Cope was born on 17 October 1879 at French Lick, Orange Co., IN. He was the son of Wiley Cope and Lucinda Flick. Charles Clinton Cope married Velma J. Veatch, daughter of Frank Veatch and Julia Etta Dolly Parker, circa 1915. Charles Clinton Cope lived in 1920 at Clay Co., AR. He lived in 1930 at Pulaski Co., AR.

Children of Charles Clinton Cope and Velma J. Veatch

Charles Clinton Cope Jr.

M, b. circa July 1918
     Charles Clinton Cope Jr. was born circa July 1918 at Clay Co. (probably), AR. He was the son of Charles Clinton Cope and Velma J. Veatch.

Eliza Cope1

F, b. 21 March 1816, d. 19 May 1893
     Eliza Cope was born on 21 March 1816.1 She was the daughter of Michael Cope and Margaret Sellers.1 Eliza Cope married Samuel Nyce, son of George Nyce and Elizabeth Price.1 Eliza Cope died on 19 May 1893 at age 77.1

Children of Eliza Cope and Samuel Nyce


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Elizabeth Cope

     Elizabeth Cope married Samuel McClanahan.

Child of Elizabeth Cope and Samuel McClanahan