Minnie A. (?)1

     Minnie A. (?) married Edward S. Warner.1

Child of Minnie A. (?) and Edward S. Warner


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Minnie Belle (?)1

     Minnie Belle (?) married A. R. Gist.

Child of Minnie Belle (?) and A. R. Gist


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Minnie K. (?)1

F, b. circa 1885, d. before 1930
     Minnie K. (?) was born circa 1885 at Missouri.1 She married Louis Schlicher, son of William Schlicher and Louise Vosberg, circa 1907 at Sheridan Co. (probably), KS.1 Minnie K. (?) died before 1930.

Children of Minnie K. (?) and Louis Schlicher


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Minnie Lee (?)

F, b. circa 1889
     Minnie Lee (?) was born circa 1889 at Texas. She married James Walter Powell circa 1907.

Child of Minnie Lee (?) and James Walter Powell

Minnie M. (?)1

F, b. June 1877
     Minnie M. (?) was born in June 1877 at Iowa.1 She married Benjamin Roush, son of Daniel Roush and Margaret Stevens (?), circa 1897 at Marion Co. (probably), IA.1


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Minnie M. (?)1

F, b. circa 1880
     Minnie M. (?) was born circa 1880 at Minnesota.1 She married William L. Price, son of Robert H. Price and Rebecca Larimore, circa 1904.1

Child of Minnie M. (?) and William L. Price


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Minnie M. (?)1

F, b. circa 1884, d. after April 1930
     Minnie M. (?) was born circa 1884 at Virginia or closer to 1880, per later censuses.1 She married John H. Wendell, son of Daniel Wendel and Catherine Keller, circa 1904.1 Minnie M. (?) died after April 1930. She was buried at Saint Johns United Church of Christ Cemetery, Harrisville, Shenandoah Co., VA, Findagrave #52340024.

Children of Minnie M. (?) and John H. Wendell


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Minnie R. (?)

F, b. October 1869
     Minnie R. (?) was born in October 1869 at Colorado. She married Thomas Logan Windle, son of George W. Windle and Charity Turner, circa 1890.

Children of Minnie R. (?) and Thomas Logan Windle


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Miriam (?)1

F, b. June 1861
     Miriam (?) was born in June 1861 at Illinois.1 She married A. J. Snow circa 1884.1

Child of Miriam (?) and A. J. Snow


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Mollie (?)1

F, b. December 1853
     Mollie (?) was born in December 1853 at Virginia.1 She married William Lonas circa 1880.1

Child of Mollie (?) and William Lonas


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Mollie E. (?)1

F, b. October 1866, d. 1921
     Mollie E. (?) was born in October 1866 at Maryland.1 She married Clifford P. Martin, son of Samuel David Martin and Susanna E. Price, circa 1889.1 Mollie E. (?) died in 1921. She was buried in 1921 at Rose Hill Cemetery, Hagerstown, Washington Co., MD.

Children of Mollie E. (?) and Clifford P. Martin


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Monika (?)1

     Monika (?) married Gustave Lorke.1

Child of Monika (?) and Gustave Lorke


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Montzell H. (?)

F, b. 9 February 1910, d. 27 January 2000
     Montzell H. (?) was born on 9 February 1910 at Indiana.1 She married John Frederick Rigdon, son of Joseph Edward Rigdon and Anna Sophia Thiesing, after April 1930 at Indiana. Montzell H. (?) died on 27 January 2000 at Marion Co., IN, at age 89; dates per SSDI, last residence Indianapolis.

Child of Montzell H. (?) and John Frederick Rigdon


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Muriel E. (?)

F, b. 1902
     Muriel E. (?) married Leslie A. Gardner, son of Elmer Ellsworth Gardner and Mary Adelaide Devol. Muriel E. (?) was born in 1902.

Child of Muriel E. (?) and Leslie A. Gardner

Myra (?)1

F, b. September 1882
     Myra (?) was born in September 1882 at Kansas.1 She married William Edward Hatfield, son of Reuben Elza Hatfield and Harriett Berry, circa 1900.1


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Myrle G. (?)1

F, b. circa 1905
     Myrle G. (?) was born circa 1905 at Minnesota.1 She married Guy K. Sonner, son of Homer Sonner and Lulu M. Swigart, before April 1930.1


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Myrtle (?)

F, b. circa 1894
     Myrtle (?) was born circa 1894 at Wyoming. She married Frank Steward Baugh, son of John Baugh and Laura L. Lessig, circa 1909 at Denver, Denver Co. (probably), CO.

Child of Myrtle (?) and Frank Steward Baugh


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Myrtle (?)

     Myrtle (?) married Lindsey Windle, son of John R. Windle and Ellen Six, before 24 August 1918.

Myrtle (?)1

F, b. circa 1921
     Myrtle (?) was born circa 1921 at Michigan.1 She married Ralph C. Stottlemyer, son of Guy Stottlemyer and Della Estrella Batdorf, circa 1939.1


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Myrtle (?)1

F, b. 13 October 1897, d. 19 May 1980
     Myrtle (?) was born on 13 October 1897 at Nebraska.1 She married Glen Windle, son of David P. Windle and Elizabeth Baker.1 Myrtle (?) died on 19 May 1980 at El Paso Co., CO, at age 82 Dates per SSDI, last residence Colorado Springs. She was buried in May 1980 at Stevens Chapel Cemetery, Rawlins Co., KS.

Children of Myrtle (?) and Glen Windle


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Myrtle A. (?)

F, b. 10 February 1900, d. 12 November 1972
     Myrtle A. (?) was born on 10 February 1900 at Colorado. She married Roy Conner Mezick, son of Thomas Lazarus Mezick and Anna R. Matthews, after 6 January 1920 at Colorado, no children as of 1940 census. Myrtle A. (?) died on 12 November 1972 at Denver, DO, at age 72.

Myrtle E. (?)

F, b. circa 1878
     Myrtle E. (?) was born circa 1878 at Kansas. She married John C. Britt circa 1904.

Child of Myrtle E. (?) and John C. Britt

Myrtle J. (?)

F, d. 8 October 1945
     Myrtle J. (?) married Leo Ellsworth Jack, son of Levi Baxter Jack and Lucy Ellsworth. Myrtle J. (?) died on 8 October 1945.

Myrtle L. (?)

F, b. 21 September 1914, d. 24 October 1990
     Myrtle L. (?) was born on 21 September 1914. She married Silas Cline Stoner, son of Rhel Cline Stoner and Minnie Cloteal Osburn. Myrtle L. (?) died on 24 October 1990 at age 76. She was buried in October 1990 at Neodesha Cemetery, Neodesha, Wilson Co., KS, Findagrave #110926797.

Child of Myrtle L. (?) and Silas Cline Stoner

Myrtle M. (?)

F, b. 1 December 1912, d. 29 July 1982
     Myrtle M. (?) married William Isaac Cramblit, son of George Perry Cramblit and Eva C. Sullivan. Myrtle M. (?) was born on 1 December 1912. She died on 29 July 1982 at Columbus, Franklin Co., OH, at age 69.

Myrtle P. (?)1

F, b. circa 1886, d. before 7 April 1930
     Myrtle P. (?) was born circa 1886 at Ohio.1 She married David E. Varner circa 1903.1 Myrtle P. (?) died before 7 April 1930.

Children of Myrtle P. (?) and David E. Varner


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Nancy (?)

     Nancy (?) married William Wilson.

Child of Nancy (?) and William Wilson

Nancy (?)

F, b. 1821, d. 1858
     Nancy (?) was born in 1821. She married Isaac Coil, son of John Coil and Mary House, circa 1833 at Fayette Co., OH. Nancy (?) died in 1858 at Fayette Co., OH.

Children of Nancy (?) and Isaac Coil

Nancy (?)

     Nancy (?) married John Foltz.

Child of Nancy (?) and John Foltz

Nancy (?)

     Nancy (?) married Enoch Myers.

Child of Nancy (?) and Enoch Myers