David Sullins DeVault

M, b. 19 December 1876, d. 7 July 1963
     David Sullins DeVault was born on 19 December 1876 at Bristol Independent City, VA. He was the son of Milton Tucker DeVault and Timmie Eugenia Cardwell. David Sullins DeVault married Esther Miller Waldron, daughter of Frank Waldron and Louisa Miller, on 23 June 1916 at Amsterdam, Montgomery Co., NY. Occupation: Interior decorator for furniture company, per WWI draft registration in 1918. David Sullins DeVault died on 7 July 1963 at Amsterdam, Montgomery Co., NY, at age 86 Notes for DAVID SULLINS DEVAULT:
David is listed in "Who Was Who in American Art," compiled from the original thirty-four volumes of American Art Annual: Who's Who in Art, Biographies of American Artists Active from 1898-1947. Edited by Peter Hastings Falk. Madison, CT: Sound View Press, 1985. [WhAmArt 1] : DeVault, David Sullins [Des.,C,P,I] Amsterdam, NY b. 19 D 1876, Bristol, VA. Studied: Baltimore Sch A; NY Sch. A; William M. Chase; Robert Henri; F.V. DuMond; abroad. Work: murals, many U.S. cities.

David painted a murel that now hangs in the main foyer of the Wilbur H. Lynch High School, Amsterdam, Montgomery County, New York. (David S. Devault, 2 historic maps of area, oil on canvas 8' x 19'6" each, 1934 and 1938, PWAP and WPA/FAP.)

OBITUARY - Schenectady Gazette (NY), July 8, 1963

D.S. DeVault, Amsterdam Artist, Dies at Age of 86
AMSTERDAM - David S. DeVault, 86, of Northampton road, an artist, mural painter and interior decorator, died yeaterday following a long illness.
* * * *
HE WAS AT ONE TIME employed by the Elgin Simmons Co., where he did furniture designing, interior decorating and painted for customized furniture. His art has also been featured in several leading national and international magazines.
Joining the W. J. Sloane Co., of New York city, he did custom designing, his work including the Ferguson Castle at Long Island.
Mr. DeVault, who is listed in Who's Who in America, came to this city in 1935 and was engaged in free lance art, designing and decorating. He did several murals including those in the Nicholas Restaurant in Schenectady and for Amsterdam high school. Ill health forced his retirement in 1945.
Born in Bristol, Va., he was graduated from New York School of Art and later continued his art education in Europe. He was a member of the Emmanuel Presbyterian Church.
His wife, Mrs. Esther Waldron DeVault, died on April 14, this year.
Surviving are one son, David S. DeVault Jr., Holly; one daughter, Mrs. Duane Snyder, Amsterdam; several grandchildren; several nieces, nephews and cousins.
Funeral services will be tomorrow at 2 p.m. at the pike funeral home, Rev. M. C. T. Andrea will officiate and burial will be at Green Hill cemetery. The funeral home will be open tonight after 7 o'clock.

NEWSPAPER ARTICLE - Daily Gazette, Schenectady (NY), Monday, October 4, 2010 (By Bob Cudmore)

Focus on Mohawk Valley History
Amsterdam's muralist is remembered
An accomplished artist married to a local native moved to Amsterdam in 1935, and his art work is still viewed by hundreds of young people every day.
David S. DeVault painted freelance murals after coming to Amsterdam, including the map of the Mohawk Valley in the main hall of today’s Lynch middle school, more properly Wilbur H. Lynch Literacy Academy. When DeVault painted that mural, the building was the high school.
He also painted murals at Nicklaus German Restaurant at State Street and Erie Boulevard in Schenectady. Today there are paintings with a German theme signed by Jay Gogolin but no murals at that location, currently the Bangkok Thai Bistro.
Born in Bristol, Va., in 1876, DeVault was a 1907 graduate of the School of Fine and Applied Arts in New York City. After graduation, he went to Europe and studied interior decoration, painting and furniture design. Returning to New York City, he was scenic designer at the Hippodrome Theater and did decorative work at the Ritz Carlton and McAlpine hotels.
He then worked for Elgin A. Simonds, a furniture manufacturer in Syracuse. In 1915, he married Amsterdam native Esther Waldron, who went to Syracuse University. In 1923 they moved south where DeVault was the first artist on the payroll of Tennessee Furniture Co. His art work and designs appeared in magazines such as House Beautiful and Vogue.
The DeVaults moved to Amsterdam in 1935, and David DeVault continued his artistic endeavors. A son, also named David DeVault, served as a sergeant in World War II. In 1943, Esther Waldron DeVault started a nursery school at their home at 20 Northampton Road. Peter Betz, who suggested this story, attended that nursery school. The elder David DeVault retired in 1945 because of ill health.
In September 1950, another son, Lt. Milton DeVault, was killed in action in the Korean War. Lt. DeVault died only 22 days after arriving in Korea to serve as a commander with the 72nd Heavy Tank Battalion. A West Point graduate, and his wife Gayle had married in Olympia, Wash., shortly before he embarked for the war. His body was not returned to Amsterdam for funeral services until 1951.
Esther Waldron DeVault died in April 1963. She had served as a Republican election inspector at the old West Spring Street School for 25 years. The artist David DeVault died later that year. At the time of their deaths, their surviving son was living in Holly, N.Y. Their daughter Joan had married Duane Snyder and was living in Amsterdam.

He was buried in July 1963 at Green Hill Cemetery, Amsterdam, Montgomery Co., NY.

Children of David Sullins DeVault and Esther Miller Waldron

David Sullins DeVault Jr.

M, b. 11 October 1918, d. November 1980
     David Sullins DeVault Jr. was born on 11 October 1918 at Syracuse, Onondaga Co., NY. He was the son of David Sullins DeVault and Esther Miller Waldron. David Sullins DeVault Jr. began military service WW II, USMC, Corporal, 22 Service Squadron. He married Kathryn Anable, daughter of Erwin Anable and Kathryn (?), on 27 June 1946. David Sullins DeVault Jr. died in November 1980 at Orleans Co. (probably), NY, at age 62 dates per SSDI, last residence Holley. He was buried in 1980 at Sandy Creek Cemetery, Murray, Orleans Co., NY.

Dean Elmo DeVault

M, b. 30 July 1919, d. 19 August 1999
     Dean Elmo DeVault was born on 30 July 1919 at Tazewell Co. (probably), IL. He was the son of Charles Harrison DeVault and Ida May Tuttle. Dean Elmo DeVault began military service WW II, U. S. Navy. He married Anna Louise Kennedy in 1942 at Glades Co., FL. Dean Elmo DeVault died on 19 August 1999 at Dallas Co. (probably), TX, at age 80 dates per SSDI, last residence DeSoto.

Don Charles DeVault

M, b. 10 December 1915, d. 26 November 1990
     Note: Don was listed in editions 12 through 18 (1971 - 1993) of American Men & Women of Science. A biographical directory of today's leaders in physical, biological, and related sciences. New York: R.R. Bowker. He was also listed in Who's Who in the Frontier Science and Technology. First edition, 1984- 1985. Chicago: Marquis Who's Who, 1984.


"Chemical effects of delayed conversion electron emission,--by Don Charles DeVault." (1940)
DeVault, Don. Thesis (Ph. D.)--Univ. of California, May 1940.

"The Raman Spectrum of Boron Trifluoride Gas" (1938) Yost, Don M., DeVault, Don, Anderson, Thomas F., Lassettre, Edwin N.
The Raman spectrum of BF3 was photographed using a purified preparation obtained from the thermal decomposition of C6H5N2BF4. Of the lines observed, that with the frequency 888 cm^—1 is certainly...

"Energetics of photosynthetic glow peaks" DeVault, Don, Arnold, William
By postulating temperature-dependent equilibria between two or more electron carriers acting as traps for electrons or holes, it is possible to modify the Randall-Wilkins theory of thermoluminescence...

"Quantum-Mechanical Tunnelling in Biological Systems" (IUPAB Biophysics) by Don DeVault (27 Jul 1984)

"Secrecy and war research in universities" (Pamphlet - Society for Social Responsibility in Science) by Don Charles DeVault (1966.)

Don Charles DeVault was born on 10 December 1915 at Calhoun Co. (probably), MI. He was the son of Ralph Pulliam DeVault and Ruth C. Tenney. Don Charles DeVault married Jeanette Irwin Baird, daughter of Rev. James Wallace Baird and Maude Rebecca Edgerton, no children. Don Charles DeVault died on 26 November 1990 at Champaign, Champaign Co., IL, at age 74 OBITUARY - Photosynthesis Research 28: 95-98, 1991.

Dr Don Charles DeVault, visiting Professor of Biophysics, Department of Physiology and Biophysics, University of Illinois, passed away suddenly last November 26, 1990, due to cardiopulmonary failure. Don discovered quantum mechanical tunnelling processes in biology for which he was honored on the occasion of his retirement in two special issues of Photosynthesis Research during 1989. Both his research and his personal interest in social issues were intense, and he made important contributions in both areas.
Don called Professor A.A. Noyes his 'father in science.' He worked in Noyes' laboratory at the California Institute of Technology during the height of the Depression. Noyes opened up his own office at night so that Don, not able to afford housing, would have a place to sleep while he completed his B.S. in Chemistry. Don's achievements as a Ph.D. student under W.F. Libby (Nobel prize winner for ~4C dating) in the early days of radioisotope research led to a friendship with Martin Kamen during the late 1930s at the University of California, Berkeley. The association resulted in a paper entitled
'Photosynthesis with Radio-Carbon' (Ruben et al. 1939). This early introduction to photosynthesis research would ultimately lead Don back 25 years later to studies of primary photochemical processes for which he is best remembered. During the interim period, he pursued his interests in electronics and social causes. He spent much of WWII as a conscientious objector in prison and in a Civilian Public Service Camp from which he actually published two articles on methods of teaching electronic structure of the atom (DeVault 1944a and b). After the war, he spent a short time at the University of Chicago, but most of his efforts focused on using Gandhian methods of nonviolence to fight racial discrimination long before this became a popular thing to do. Don and his CORE (Congress for Racial Equality) colleagues were successful at integrating Tuley Park in South Chicago on one occasion by refusing to retaliate despite beatings and in Don's case, a broken jaw. Subsequently, for ten years until 1958, he taught at the University (then College) of the Pacific and spent part of the time serving as Chairman of the Physics Department. Frustrated with administrative duties, Don headed East to develop a Xenon flash/detector device to guide the blind with a small Philadelphia company called Bionic Instruments, Inc. During this period, he championed Seneca Indian causes and protested germ warfare work by the army.
With the advent of lasers, Don joined Britton Chance at the Johnson Research Foundation, University of Pennsylvania, in 1963. He used his electronics expertise and background in kinetics to develop one of the first time-resolved laser spectrometers built to measure fast light-induced chemical reactions. Since many of the required electronic circuits were not available at the time, he designed the requisite amplifiers, lamp boost circuits, timing systems, and an A.C. coupling device himself from first principles. Chance's interest in the laser system arose out of his own work on light-driven cytochrome oxidation with John Olson, a graduate student at the time. Chance also discovered, with Mitsuo Nishimura, low temperature cytochrome oxidation in the photosynthetic bacterium, Chromatium vinosum, and observed, with Walter Bonner, low temperature cytochrome oxidation in green leaves. This environment set the stage for the laser studies. In a series of classic papers (Chance and DeVault 1964, DeVault and Chance 1966, DeVault et al. 1967), Don showed that the rate of cytochrome oxidation in C. vinosum decreased as the temperature was lowered to 120 K but thereafter remained constant with a half-time of 2.3 ms down to liquid helium temperature. This was the salient information (the lack of apparent activation energy at low temperature) that led to Don's interpretation of the result in terms of quantum mechanical tunnelling. Details of these times were discussed by Don himself (DeVault 1989) and Bill Parson (1989). Parson, by the way, with Don's guidance used the laser equipment to determine that P870 and not a cytt, chrome was oxidized in the primary photochemical step of photosynthesis. This answered a major question

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Donald Clifford DeVault

M, b. 17 January 1921, d. 23 February 1945
     Donald Clifford DeVault was born on 17 January 1921 at Tennessee. He was the son of Karl Vernon DeVault and Lena Avis Shoun. Donald Clifford DeVault married Mary Eileen Wampler circa 1939. Donald Clifford DeVault began military service WW II, U.S. Army, 413 Regiment, 104 Infantry Division, PFC, s/n 33890099. He died on 23 February 1945 at France at age 24. He was buried at Ardennes American Cemetery, Neupre, Belgium.

Child of Donald Clifford DeVault and Mary Eileen Wampler

Donald Lee DeVault

M, b. 16 December 1934, d. 3 April 2012
     Donald Lee DeVault was born on 16 December 1934 at Hutchinson, Reno Co., KS. He was the son of Leland Tasaway DeVault and Ona Mae Wiard. Donald Lee DeVault married Carole Jean Moore, daughter of Lester E. Moore and Wilma Fern Lewis, on 29 January 1960 at Albert, Barton Co., KS. Donald Lee DeVault died on 3 April 2012 at Buhler, Reno Co., KS, at age 77

Obituary -- (Findagrave.com):

Donald Lee DeVault, 77, died April 3, 2012, at Sunshine Meadows Nursing Home, Buhler, Kan. He was born Dec. 16, 1934, to Leland T. and Ona Mae Wiard DeVault in Hutchinson, Kan. He was a 1953 graduate from Buhler High School.

On Jan. 29, 1960, he married Carol Jean Moore in Albert, Kan. She died March 17, 1999.

He worked at Winchesters Foods for 29 years and retired from Doskocil and belonged to the American Legion Lysle Rishel Post #68. Survivors include: daughters, Lisa DeVault, Brenda Partridge and husband Bob; son, Scott DeVault and wife Kristi; grandchildren, Alyssa and Dylan Partridge, Marissa Cook, Jordan DeVault; brothers, Robert, Bobby Dean, John, Garry DeVault; special friend, Marie Thode, all of Hutchinson. He was preceded in death by parents; three brothers, Keith, Kenneth, and Richard DeVault; three sisters, Eileen Grifith, Alice Hollinger and Marjorie Baerg, who died March 31, 2012.

Funeral service for Donald will be 2:30 p.m. Saturday, April 14, 2012, at First Southern Baptist Church, 1201 E. 23rd, Hutchinson, Kan., with Pastor Ray Kempel presiding. Burial will follow at Penwell-Gabel Cemetery and Mausoleum, Hutchinson. Friends may sign the book from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Friday, April 6, through Friday, April 13, at Elliott Mortuary with the family to receive friends from 6 to 8 p.m. Saturday, April 7, 2012, at Elliott Mortuary Chapel, Hutchinson. Memorial contributions may be made to First Southern Baptist Church or American Legion Lysle Rishel Post #68, all in care of Elliott Mortuary, 1219 N. Main, Hutchinson, KS 67501. Funeral service for his sister, Marjorie Baerg will be 10 a.m. Saturday, April 14, 2012, at Elliott Mortuary Chapel.

He was buried in April 2012 at Memorial Park Cemetery, Hutchinson, Reno Co., KS, Findagrave #88134106.

Donald Wayne DeVault

M, b. 23 April 1944, d. 10 August 2015
     Donald Wayne DeVault was born on 23 April 1944 at Mexico, Audrain Co., MO. He was the son of Francis Howard DeVault and Edna Irene Lierheimer. Occupation: farmer and substitute teacher at Centralia at Monroe Co., MO. Donald Wayne DeVault died on 10 August 2015 at Johnson City, Washington Co., TN, at age 71

Obituary -- (Findagrave.com):

Donald Wayne DeVault, 71 of Mexico, MO, died Monday, August 10, 2015 in Johnson City, TN as the result of an automobile accident.

Services will be held Tuesday, Aug. 18th at 10:00 a.m. at Bethel Presbyterian Church with burial to follow in Bethel Cemetery. Visitation is Monday evening from 5-7 at Arnold Funeral Home.

Don was born on April 23, 1944 the son of Francis and Edna (Lierheimer) DeVault. He grew up on the family farm in Mexico with his brother Charlie. Following high school he married Marjorie Gipson on June 28, 1964. He farmed full time and was also a mail carrier for Centralia.

He loved to travel and vacation. He enjoyed the farm and spending time with his family. Don was a good and faithful man with a warm smile and died doing what he loved.

He is a lifetime member of Bethel Presbyterian Church where he served as an Elder. He is survived by his mother, Edna DeVault of Mexico, his loving wife of 51 years, Margie, his children Troy W. DeVault and wife Annette of Columbia, Cindy DeVault-Phillips and husband Sean of Mexico and Kimberly G. DeVault-Carroll of Mexico. In 1997 he became a first time grandfather with the birth of Jeraka I. Carroll followed by the birth of Taylor A. DeVault, Morgan J. DeVault, Natalie D. Phillips and his last granddaughter Ellen N. Phillips born in 2002. He is also survived by his brother Charlie DeVault and his wife Georgia of Mexico and numerous nieces and nephews.

He was preceded in death by his father Francis H. DeVault.

Memorials may be made to the Bethel Presbyterian Church or Heifer International in care of Arnold Funeral Home.

He was buried on 18 August 2015 at Bethel Presbyterian Cemetery, Audrain Co., MO, Findagrave #150744189.

Dora Mae DeVault

F, b. 13 February 1917, d. 31 August 2005
     Dora Mae DeVault was born on 13 February 1917 at Lane, DeWitt Co., IL.1 She was the daughter of Julius Raymond DeVault and Hattie Mae James.1 Dora Mae DeVault married Vernal Lewis Corder before 1938. Dora Mae DeVault and Vernal Lewis Corder were divorced before May 1947. Dora Mae DeVault married Ora Lewis O'Neal, son of Daniel O'Neal and Effie Rees, on 28 May 1947 at Covington, Fountain Co., IN. Dora Mae DeVault died on 31 August 2005 at Farmer City, DeWitt Co., IL, at age 88 OBITUARY - The Pantagraph (Bloomington, IL), September 3, 2005

FARMER CITY -- Dora M. O'Neal, 88, of Farmer City passed away at 6:35 p.m. Wednesday (Aug, 31, 2005) at Jackson Heights Nursing Home, Farmer City.
Her funeral will be at 10 a.m. Monday at Calvert-Belangee-Bruce Funeral Home, Farmer City. Andrew Schrenk will officiate. Burial will be in Maple Grove Cemetery, Farmer City. Visitation will be from 4 to 6 p.m. Sunday at the funeral home.
Memorial contributions may be made to the Arthritis Foundation.
Mrs. O'Neal was born Feb. 13, 1917, in Lane to Julius Raymond and Hattie Mae James DeVault. She married Ora O'Neal on May 28, 1947, in Covington, Ind. He passed away June 16, 1978.
Surviving are two sons, Robert O'Neal of Bloomington and Larry (Sarah) O'Neal of Farmer City; one stepson, Gene (Mary Francis) O'Neal of Farmer City; one daughter, Connie (LaVerne) Whitson of Diamond, Mo; two stepdaughters, Shirley (Bill) Baker of Champaign and Lucille Bland of Fort Lauderdale, Fla; eight grandchildren, Larry Allen O'Neal II, Wendy Mae Cribbs, Heather (Stacy) Wilson, Dawn (Shane) Schielein, Ashley Whitson, Jade Christine O'Neal, Jacquelyn Renea O'Neal and Clint Allen O'Neal; seven great-grandchildren, Timothy Wilson, Dylan O'Neal, Larry Allen O'Neal III, Kelcie O'Neal, Abagail Cribbs, Hunter Schielein, and Kane O'Neal; 10 stepgrandchildren; and two brothers, Robert L. (Shirley) DeVault of Farmer City and Franklin L. (Irene) DeVault of Normal.
She was preceded in death by her parents, four brothers, three sisters and one great-granddaughter.
Dora was a member of the First Christian Church, Farmer City. She made baked goods for restaurants, neighbors and friends. She also was a caregiver for the elderly.
God looked around His garden and found an empty place. He then looked down upon this earth, and saw your tired face. He put His arms around you, and lifted you to rest. God's garden must be beautiful, He always takes the best. He knew that you were suffering, He knew you were in pain. He knew that you would never get well on earth again. He saw that the road was getting rough and the hills are hard to climb, so He closed your weary eyelids and whispered, "Peace Be Thine." It broke our hearts to lose you, but you didn't go alone, for part of us went with you the day God called you home.

She was buried in September 2005 at Maple Grove Cemetery, Farmer City, DeWitt Co., IL, Findagrave #42782299.


  1. [S4616] 1920 Federal Census, DeWitt County, Illinois. Microfilm Image, NARA Series T625, Roll 302; FHL #1820302.

Doris DeVault

F, b. 10 June 1917
     Note: Did not marry. Doris DeVault was born on 10 June 1917. She was the daughter of Rev. Robert Martin DeVault and Bess Telete Moulten. Occupation: Worked with the Woman's Missionary Union for 38 years at Farmington, AL.

Dorothe Lulu DeVault

F, b. 12 November 1893, d. 28 April 1947
     Dorothe Lulu DeVault was born on 12 November 1893 at King Co. (probably), WA. She was the daughter of John Jacob DeVault and Minnie D. Gaedecke. Dorothe Lulu DeVault married Louis Lee Goldsmith, son of Charles Goldsmith and Nettie Winters, circa 1914. Dorothe Lulu DeVault died on 28 April 1947 at Seattle, King Co., WA, at age 53.

Children of Dorothe Lulu DeVault and Louis Lee Goldsmith

Dorothy DeVault

F, b. 10 June 1917, d. 11 November 2011
     Dorothy DeVault was born on 10 June 1917. She was the daughter of Rev. Robert Martin DeVault and Bess Telete Moulten. Dorothy DeVault was graduated; Graduated Meredith College; WMU Training School. She married Dr. Thomas Braden Milligan on 16 October 1945. Dorothy DeVault died on 11 November 2011 at age 94.

Child of Dorothy DeVault and Dr. Thomas Braden Milligan

Dorothy Bell DeVault

F, b. 26 July 1902, d. 2 February 2002
     Dorothy Bell DeVault was born on 26 July 1902 at Bayard, Morrill Co., NE. She was the daughter of William Peter DeVault and Anna Elizabeth Campbell. Dorothy Bell DeVault lived in 2000 at nursing home, Gering, Morrill Co., NE. She died on 2 February 2002 at Gering, Scotts Bluff Co., NE, at age 99.
Note: Did not marry.

Dorothy Louise DeVault

F, b. 6 January 1925, d. 4 October 2006
     Dorothy Louise DeVault was born on 6 January 1925 at Norwalk, Warren Co., IA. She was the daughter of Edward Monroe DeVault and Ethel Agnes Higens. Dorothy Louise DeVault married Elbert Paul Overlin, son of Gilbert Willard Overlin and Ethel Aleta Scott, on 25 November 1944 at Mitchellville, Polkl Co., IA. Dorothy Louise DeVault died on 4 October 2006 at Des Moines, Polk Co., IA, at age 81 Obituary (Findagrave.com):

Dorothy was born to Edward Monroe DeVault and Ethel Agnes Higens on January 6th, 1925, in Norwalk, Iowa. She had two siblings, a sister, Olive Ruth DeVault~Overlin, and Leonard Leroy DeVault. She was preceded in death by all listed. She married Elbert Paul Overlin in November 1944 and they had two sons. Kenneth was born in 1946 and Stephen was born in 1951, but died several days after birth. Dorothy lived and worked her entire life in the Mitchellville area. She was a kind and patient woman. She died of lymphoma after several years of illness. Her husband died in April 2000, after which she moved into town. She has six grandsons and many great-grandchildren living in and around the midwest.

She was buried in October 2006 at Mitchellville Cemetery, Mitchellville, Polk Co., IA, Findagrave #37484694.
Note: Auction Notice:

LARGE ESTATE AUCTION (http://www.heemsbergenauction.com/Overlin.html)

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     NOTE: The heirs are motivated to sell but reserve the right to reject any and/or all bids
               Kenneth Overlin, Executor.

Children of Dorothy Louise DeVault and Elbert Paul Overlin

Dorothy Maxine DeVault

F, b. 3 November 1935, d. 3 February 1998
     Dorothy Maxine DeVault was born on 3 November 1935 at De Witt, DeWitt Co., IL. She was the daughter of Julius Raymond DeVault and Hattie Mae James. Dorothy Maxine DeVault died on 3 February 1998 at Normal, McLean Co., IL, at age 62.

Edna Joyce DeVault

F, b. 31 October 1921, d. 21 February 1962
     Edna Joyce DeVault was born on 31 October 1921 at Johnson City, Washington Co., TN. She was the daughter of Robert Drew DeVault and Osceola Walton. Edna Joyce DeVault married James Richard Kropff in 1940. Edna Joyce DeVault died on 21 February 1962 at age 40. She was buried in February 1962 at Monte Vista Memorial Park, Johnson City, Washington Co., TN, Findagrave #108904416.

Edward Guerrant DeVault

M, b. 1 December 1880, d. 25 March 1964
     Note: Upon the death of his parents, became the sole owner of the DeVault Tavern by buying out his sister Mary Roseborough's share.

Edward Guerrant DeVault was born on 1 December 1880 at Leesburg, Washington Co., TN. He was the son of Frederick Russell DeVault and Blanche Etta Sill. Edward Guerrant DeVault married Martha Isabelle Fain, daughter of Samuel Fain and Rachel Hicks, on 3 January 1906 at Bristol (Independent City), VA. Occupation: Train engineer -- worked for the Norfolk & Western Railroad for 53 years. Edward Guerrant DeVault died on 25 March 1964 at Bristol (Independent City), VA, at age 83. He was buried in March 1964 at Glenwood Cemetery, Bristol, Sullivan Co., TN.

Children of Edward Guerrant DeVault and Martha Isabelle Fain

Edward Guerrant DeVault

M, b. 21 April 1907, d. 1 September 1963
     Edward Guerrant DeVault was born on 21 April 1907 at Arcadia, Sullivan Co., TN. He was the son of Edward Guerrant DeVault and Martha Isabelle Fain. Edward Guerrant DeVault married Erma Estelle Millard, daughter of Holly Millard and Naomi Litton, in June 1939 at Bristol (Independent City), VA. Edward Guerrant DeVault died on 1 September 1963 at Leesburg, Washington Co., TN, at age 56 FUNERAL NOTICE - Johnson City, Tennessee); September 2, 1963:

DEVAULT. EDWARD GUERRANT JR. -- Funeral services for Edward Guerrant DeVault, 56, Leesburg, who died Sunday in Memorial Hospital will be at 3:30 p. m. Monday at Leesburg Presbyterian Church with the Rev. Ferguson Wood, the Rev. John Yelton and the Rev. Lee Carico officiating. Burial will be in Leesburg Cemetery. Pallbearers will be Don Carson, Don Harris, Robert Rankin, Horace Rankin, Tom Fox, Mack Hicks. Honorary pallbearers will be elders and deacons of Leesburg Presbyterian Church and W. F. Hicks, Charles Lowry, Francis Hines, Virgil Bell, Guy Harris, Robert Hannabas, John Crookshanks, Robert Clark, Joe Bacon, Will Rankin, Bert Wolfe, Pierce Fleenor, Richard Knight and Joe Chase. The body was returned to the home Sunday and was removed to the church Monday to lie in state. Dillow-Taylor is in charge. He was buried in September 1963 at Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Leesburg, Washington Co., TN.

Edward Monroe DeVault

M, b. 6 January 1897, d. 7 February 1958
     Edward Monroe DeVault was born on 6 January 1897 at Ayrshire, Warren Co., IA. He was the son of James Monroe DeVault and Gertrude Letta Salyers. Edward Monroe DeVault began military service WW I service, U.S. Army, Private, Base Hospital Unit 129. He married Ethel Agnes Higens, daughter of Samuel Francis Higens and Bertha Ann Orr, on 11 October 1922 at Indianola, Warren Co., IA. Edward Monroe DeVault died on 7 February 1958 at Mitchellville, Polk Co., IA, at age 61. He was buried in February 1958 at Mitchellville Cemetery, Mitchellville, Polk Co., IA, Findagrave #37485922.

Children of Edward Monroe DeVault and Ethel Agnes Higens

Edward Ray DeVault

M, b. 10 October 1890, d. 20 February 1950
     Edward Ray DeVault was born on 10 October 1890 at Morganton, Burke Co., NC. He was the son of William Washington DeVault and Kate Kincaid.
Note: WW I draft registration. Edward Ray DeVault married Gwendolyne Ewing Buckner, daughter of Neptune Buckner and Lena Mary Northern, on 25 June 1917. Edward Ray DeVault died on 20 February 1950 at Tampa, Hillsborough Co., FL, at age 59. He was buried in 1950 at Riverside Cemetery, Asheville, Buncombe Co., NC.

Children of Edward Ray DeVault and Gwendolyne Ewing Buckner

Edwin Butler DeVault

M, b. 14 September 1921, d. 8 March 1982
     Edwin Butler DeVault was born on 14 September 1921. He was the son of Rev. Robert Martin DeVault and Bess Telete Moulten. Edwin Butler DeVault was graduated; Auburn University. Occupation: U. S. Navy. He died on 8 March 1982 at Sarasota, Sarasota Co., FL, at age 60. He was buried in March 1982 at Huntsville, Madison Co., AL.

Elbert S. DeVault

M, b. 25 December 1849, d. 23 May 1929
     Elbert S. DeVault was born on 25 December 1849 at Sullivan Co. (probably), TN.1 He was the son of Michael Kitzmiller DeVault and Mary Ann Bridwell. Elbert S. DeVault married Sarah Ellis Harrison, daughter of Moses Harrison and Elizabeth Ballinger, on 1 January 1882 at Pike Co., IL. Occupation: house painter (1880, 1900, 1910, 1920.) Elbert S. DeVault died on 23 May 1929 at Pittsfield, Pike Co., IL, at age 79. He was buried in May 1929 at Pittsfield West Cemetery, Pittsfield, Pike Co., IL, Findagrave #195351600.

Children of Elbert S. DeVault and Sarah Ellis Harrison


  1. [S1277] 1850 Federal Census, Sullivan County, Tennessee. Microfilm Image, NARA Series M432, Roll 897.

Elizabeth DeVault

F, b. 10 December 1805, d. 14 February 1877
     Note: Had 3 sons, all of whom died when young and are buried in the old DeVault graveyard at DeVault's Ford.

Elizabeth DeVault was born on 10 December 1805. She was the daughter of Valentine DeWald and Susannah Range. Elizabeth DeVault married Rev. James Miller on 24 March 1827. Elizabeth DeVault died on 14 February 1877 at Washington Co., TN, at age 71. She was buried in February 1877 at DeVault's Cemetery, DeVault's Ford, Washington Co., TN.

Children of Elizabeth DeVault and Rev. James Miller

Elizabeth DeVault

F, b. April 1851
     Elizabeth DeVault was also known as "Lizzie".1 She was born in April 1851 at Sullivan Co. (probably), TN, on the 1880 census, she is listed as only 26.2,1 She was the daughter of John DeVault and Elizabeth Kitzmiller. Elizabeth DeVault married Henry Kitzmiller Hodges, son of James Hodges and Mary Kitzmiller.


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Elizabeth DeVault

F, b. 5 August 1909, d. 17 October 2000
     Elizabeth DeVault was also known as "Betty". She was born on 5 August 1909 at Acton, Marion Co., IN. She was the daughter of William Walker DeVault and Estella Mae Pence. Elizabeth DeVault married James Harvey Lamb, son of Harvey Lamb and Sarah Elizebeth Walker, on 17 June 1932 at Illinois. Elizabeth DeVault died on 17 October 2000 at Shelbyville, Shelby Co., IN, at age 91. She was buried in October 2000 at Forest Hill Cemetery, Shelbyville, Shelby Co., IN, Find A Grave Memorial# 14146139.

Children of Elizabeth DeVault and James Harvey Lamb


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Elizabeth Ann DeVault

F, b. 7 March 1941, d. 17 September 1982
     Elizabeth Ann DeVault was also known as "Betty". She was born on 7 March 1941 at Kingsport, Sullivan Co., TN. She was the daughter of David Milton DeVault and Florence Katherine Baum. Elizabeth Ann DeVault died on 17 September 1982 at Sullivan Co., TN, at age 41. She was buried in September 1982 at Oak Hill Cemetery, Kingsport, Sullivan Co., TN.

Elizabeth Christina DeVault

F, b. 14 December 1808, d. 18 December 1879
     Elizabeth Christina DeVault was also known as "Eliza". She was born on 14 December 1808 at Hanover, York Co., PA. She was the daughter of Jacob Davault and Rachel Dorothy Kitzmiller. Elizabeth Christina DeVault was christened on 8 May 1809 at St. Matthew Lutheran Church, Hanover, York Co., PA. She married Martin Kitzmiller Jr., son of Martin Kitzmiller and Mary Elizabeth DeWald, on 5 October 1837, Eliza (or Elizabeth) and Martin were double-cousins. Elizabeth Christina DeVault died on 18 December 1879 at South Palmyra Twp., Macoupin Co., IL, at age 71 PHYSICIAN'S CERTIFICATE OF DEATH
State of Illinois
County: Macoupin
Name: Elizabeth C. Kitsmiller (Kitzmiller with an "s")
Sex: Female
Color: White
Age: 72 years 0 months 4 days
Occupation: Housewife
Date of Death: Dec 18 1879 Hour: 3:05 P.M.
Nationality and place where born: U.S. Pennsylvania
How long resident in this State: Twenty two years
Place of death: South Palmyra Township
Cause of Death: Pneumonitis Duration of disease: Six and one half days
Complications: Fibroid of uterus - no operation Duration of complication: About one year
Place and date of burial: Girard
Name and place of Undertaker: S. Berry, Palmyra, Ill.
Dated at: Palmyra Dec 19th 1879
S. D. Carlile M.D. Residence: Palmyra.

She was buried in December 1879 at Girard Twp. Cemetery, Girard, Macoupin Co., IL.

Children of Elizabeth Christina DeVault and Martin Kitzmiller Jr.

Elizabeth McAfee DeVault

F, b. 25 June 1880, d. 2 April 1969
     Elizabeth McAfee DeVault was born on 25 June 1880 at Washington Co., TN.1 She was the daughter of William Valentine DeVault and Elizabeth M. McAfee. Elizabeth McAfee DeVault married James Guy McLellan, son of John Washington McLellan and Jane Eleanor Weems, in 1897. Elizabeth McAfee DeVault lived on 1 June 1900 at West Dalton, Whitfield Co., GA.1 She died on 2 April 1969 at Whitfield Co. (probably), GA, at age 88 Dates per SSDI, last residence Dalton.

Children of Elizabeth McAfee DeVault and James Guy McLellan


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Elmer Keith DeVault

M, b. 25 June 1918, d. 13 April 1993
     Elmer Keith DeVault was born on 25 June 1918 at Little River, Rice Co., KS. He was the son of Leland Tasaway DeVault and Elsie May Keever. Elmer Keith DeVault married Edna Louise Hylton, daughter of Walter Abraham Hylton and Florence Norene Wingfield, on 18 October 1938. Elmer Keith DeVault lived on 11 April 1940 at Little River, Rice Co., KS, clerk in grocery store.1 He began military service WW II service, U.S. Navy, EN3. He and Edna Louise Hylton were divorced in July 1968. Elmer Keith DeVault married Edna Louise Hylton, daughter of Walter Abraham Hylton and Florence Norene Wingfield. Elmer Keith DeVault and Edna Louise Hylton were divorced in May 1976. Elmer Keith DeVault and Edna Louise Hylton were divorced on 14 April 1983 at San Diego Co., CA. Elmer Keith DeVault died on 13 April 1993 at San Diego, San Diego Co., CA, at age 74. He was buried in April 1993 at Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery, Point Loma, San Diego Co., CA, Findagrave #577528.

Children of Elmer Keith DeVault and Edna Louise Hylton


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Elon Horace DeVault

M, b. 13 February 1928, d. 27 August 1955
     Elon Horace DeVault was born on 13 February 1928 at Sullivan Co., TN. He was the son of Jesse Cleveland DeVault Sr. and Mamie Deakins. Elon Horace DeVault married Roberta Bellamy, daughter of Claude Titus Bellamy and Grace Nevada Collier. Elon Horace DeVault died on 27 August 1955 at Johnson City, Washington Co., TN, at age 27. Cause of death: NEWSPAPER ARTICLE - Kingsport, Tennessee News; Sunday, 28 Aug 1955; page 1, by Bill Huff (Ancestry.com)

Two Others Hospitalized
BOONES CREEK -- Two men were fatally injured, one was critically injured and a fourth man was less seriously hurt in a head-on collision at the Boones creek-Jonesboro roads intersection here Saturday afternoon.
Dead Were:
James V. Breeding, 37, RFD Jonesboro and his brother-in-law Elon DeVault, about 25, Route 10, Kingsport. Breeding died of chest and head injuries about half an hour after reaching Memorial Hospital, Johnson City. DeVault also suffered head and chest injuries and died about six hours after being admitted to the hospital.
See picture of smashed automobile on page 8-A
In critical condition late Saturday night was John W. Correll, about 42, 128 Boone St., Jonesboro, who suffered chest injuries and head lacerations.
Less seriously hurt was Gus Breeding, 34, Bloomingdale Rd., Kingsport, brother of James and driver of the car, according to investigating officers. He was admitted to Memorial Hospital for treatment of small head lacerations.
The Washington County Sheriff's Department at Johnson City said a manslaughter charge had been placed against Breeding.
The accident occurred about 5 p.m. at a dangerous intersection about one forth mile off Route 23. Correll, a worker in heating units and guttering was alone in his 1948 model car and apparently driving towards Jonesboro.
The 1950 model car in which two were to be fatally hurt evidently was traveling towards Gray Station.
The roads leading to the intersection are straight.
The right front of the Breeding car struck the left front of Correll's vehicle, knocking it about 20 feet from the point of impact, according to the first person on the scene after the accident, Clarence Mattingly, an auto repairman from Jonesboro.
The Breeding car had stopped after breaking through a panel fence to the left of the road, Mattingly said, and two men lay near it, one whose feet were in the car and his head on the ground. He did not see a third man near or in the car, he said.
Correll was lying in the road curled up, Mattingly stated.
As others arrived and stopped, Mattingly advised Mrs. B. D. Young, whose home is nearby, to call an ambulance and the Highway Patrol. He said he also advised against moving any of the victims until an ambulance came.
Saturday's fatal crash was investigated by Sheriff John R. Deakins, Deputies Ed Phillips, Milt Sluder, and Chief Deputy Bill Taylor and Highway patrol Cpl. Jim Long.
James Breeding was a native of Sullivan County and an Air Force veteran of World War II. He owned and operated Williams Machine Shop at Litz Manor. He leaves his widow, Mrs. Janie Breeding; two children, Carolyn and Jimmy; his mother, Mrs. J. K. Breeding, Route 2, Kingsport; three brothers in addition to Gus - Ernest, Sydney and Kemper, all of Route 2, Kingsport; three sisters, Mrs. I. E. Bevins, Bristol, Mrs. Mabel Peters, San Diego, Calif. and Mrs. Parker Lovelace, Route 1, Kingsport.

NEWSPAPER ARTICLE - Kingsport News (Kingsport, Tennessee); Monday, 29 Aug 1955; page 1 column 4; (Ancestry.com)

One Survivor Of Fatal Car Wreck 'Poor'
The two survivors of Saturday afternoon's fatal auto collision at he Boones Creek-Gray Station roads intersection in Washington County were reported "poor" and "fair" respectively at Memorial Hospital at Johnson City late Sunday.
The accident was fatal to Elon H. DeVault, 37, of Rock Springs Community, and James V. Breeding, 37, RFD Jonesboro. Both were passengers in a car driven by Gus Breeding, 34, Bloomingdale Road, listed Sunday in fair condition. He suffered head lacerations.
Still in poor condition was John W. Correll, about 42, 128 Boone Street, Jonesboro, driver and lone occupant of the second vehicle. Correll suffered chest and head injuries.
The Washington County Sheriff's Department reported a manslaughter charge would be placed against Breeding.

OBITUARY - The Kingsport Times (Kingsport, Tennessee); Monday, August 29, 1955; page 8 column 8; (Ancestry.com)

Elon H. DeVault
Funeral services for Elon Horace DeVault, 27, Rock Springs Community, who died at 11 p.m. Saturday at Memorial Hospital, Johnson City, following an automobile accident, will be Tuesday at 3:30 p.m. at Rock Springs Methodist Church.
The Rev. I. G. Crowder assisted by the Rev. J. B. Overbay will officiate. Burial is to be in the adjoining cemetery.
Pallbearers will be Paul Lizenby, Claude Chase, Denzil Lady, John D. Trivette, Don Strong, Joe Price, M. G. Cale, and Bill Godsey.
Devault is survived by his widow, the former Roberta Bellemy of Kingsport, and one son, Jason Earl, both of Rock Springs; his mother, Mrs. Nannie Deakins DeVault, Rock Springs; four brothers, Paul, Verlin, and J. C. Jr., all of Kingsport, and David of Sacramento, Calif; two sisters, Mrs. J. W. Fink, Rock Springs, and Mrs. Gus Breeding, Bloomingdale Road.
He attended Rock Springs School and Sullivan High and served the Navy following World War II. He was a member of Hammond Post No. 3, American Legion.
He had been employed at Mountain Bay Construction Co.
The body was to be removed to the home Monday at 2 p.m.

NEWSPAPER ARTICLE - "$15,000 Damages---," Kingsport News (Kingsport, Tennessee); Thursday, 29 November 1955; page 8 column 5; (Ancestry.com)

".....The trial of another damage suit over a fatal traffic accident was recessed late Monday until Tuesday morning.
In it, Roberta DeVault, widow of Elon DeVault, asked $50,000 damages from Augustus Breeding and Billy Joe and John W. Correll. At the end of testimony for the plaintiff Judge Shelburne Ferguson directed the suits against Corrells be dismissed, leaving Breeding the defendant.
The suit arises from a wreck Aug. 27 near Boone's Creek in which two men were killed."

NEWSPAPER ARTICLE - Kingsport News (Kingsport, Tennessee); Thursday, December 1, 1955; page 10 column 1; (Ancestry.com)

Judge Grants New Trial In Case Here
Judge Shelburne Ferguson granted a motion Wednesday for a new trial for a damage suit in which a widow was awarded $15,000 Tuesday in the traffic death of her husband.
The judges action came just before the November term of Kingsport Law Court adjourned here shortly before noon.
The motion for a new trial filed by the defendant, was made in the suit over the death of Elon DeVault in an auto collision Aug. 27 near Boones Creek. The attorney for the defendant charged the deceased was guilty of contributory negligence.
It was a Law Court jury which awarded $15,000 Tuesday to the widow of Elon DeVault.
The widow, Mrs. Roberta DeVault, asked $50,000 damages from Augustus Breeding and Billy Joe and John W. Carroll. At the end of Monday's testimony Judge Shelburne Ferguson directed the suits against the Carrolls be dismissed, leaving Breeding the defendant. .......


FEB. 13, 1928 - AUG. 27, 1955.

Elsie Laura DeVault

F, b. 10 April 1917, d. 3 April 1961
     Elsie Laura DeVault was born on 10 April 1917 at Calhoun Co. (probably), MI. She was the daughter of Ralph Pulliam DeVault and Ruth C. Tenney. Elsie Laura DeVault married Dr. Peter Allen Hillier M.D., son of (?) Hillier and (?) Enessdean. Elsie Laura DeVault died on 3 April 1961 at Pasadena, Los Angeles Co., CA, at age 43.