Franklin Jerome DeWald

M, b. circa 1866, d. June 1943
     Franklin Jerome DeWald was born circa 1866 at Washington Co., TN.1 He was the son of James Miller DeWald and Martha Northington. Franklin Jerome DeWald married Ada Lee Snapp, daughter of Andrew Jackson Snapp and Elizabeth Shell Wilson, in 1890, They raised several foster children, but had no natural children. Here is the story of their foster daughter Augusta DeWald's birth family, as found by Tracy Devault's research:

In August of 1899, R. E. Fleming and Nannie Catherine Shifflett obtained a marriage license. We don't know if they were actually married but I suppose they were. We do know that Nannie and her children used the Fleming surname.

NEWSPAPER ARTICLE - The Harrisonburg Evening News; Harrisonburg, Virginia; August 8, 1899; Page 1

"Marriage licenses have been issued by the County Clerk as follows: R. E. Fleming and Nannie Catherine Shifflett. . ."

The Flemings had two daughters and a son. Like most women of the day, Nannie had a side business where she could earn a little pin money. In Nannie's case, she ran the local brothel. This side business was not only illegal but it was also considered a bad environment for her children. Nannie was tried sentenced to six months in the county jail and her children were removed from her custody.

NEWSPAPER ARTICLE - The Harrisonburg Rockingham Register; Harrisonburg, Virginia; May 11, 1906, Page 2


Children of Nannie Fleming Given to Virginia Home Society to Escape Vicious Surroundings.

Lena, Alberta and Robert Fleming, aged respectively Six, Four and two years, children of Mrs. Nannie Shifflett Fleming, were committed Monday by Justice Points to the custody of the Children's Home Society of Virginia. They were taken to Richmond Tuesday morning by Rev. Wm. J. Maybee, superintendent of the Society, and placed in the Society's receiving home. Permanent homes will be procured for them later.

The children were found Monday morning in a sink-hole on the farm of George Liskey, in the Greenmount neighborhood, where they had been concealed over night by their mother who is under conviction on the charge of conducting a disreputable house in Harrisonburg. She anticipated an effort would be made to have her children committed to a charitable institution, and had hidden them in the woods.

Armed with a warrant, issued by Magistrate Points, Deputy Sheriffs W. L. Dillard and J. J. Carickhoff left town early Monday morning to search for the children. The officers knew the mother and three little ones had been in Broadway, but they had later advices that they were somewhere in the Greenmount neighborhood and to Greenmount they drove. Arriving there, they learned the objects of their search had procured something to eat at a farmhouse, after spending the night in the woods, and that they had disappeared immediately after being given their breakfast.

The officers separated and began a search of all the woodland of the neighborhood. Finally Officer Dillard came upon the party. Parting the undergrowth and peering into a sink-hole in George Liskey's woods, he saw the three children, their mother, and Mrs. Anna Coon, the latter's sister, all huddled closely together.

When the mother realized that detection had come she scrambled up to where the officer, stood and asked, "Mr. Dillard, are you after me?"

Being told it was not herself, but the children that were wanted the woman became wildly excited and throwing her arms about the officer exclaimed, "Oh, Lord! Mr. Dillard, don't take them away from me. Don't take them. Don't! don't! don't!"

When the officer proved kindly but firmly insistent, the mother declared she could not part with her children and finally appealed to the officer to shoot her, saying, "Mr. Dillard, if you have a pistol, shoot me dead, for I'd rather die than give these babies up."

Officer Carickhoff came up in the mean time and the children were placed in a carriage and brought to Harrisonburg. They were accompanied by Anna Coon, their aunt but the mother remained behind. The latter asked the officers if she might come along and was told she could do so at her own risk. She preferred not to take the risk, knowing that a jail sentence of six months awaited her, which she must serve the first time the police catch her here.

During the afternoon the case was heard before Magistrate Points and the children were committed.

The mother is under sentence of six months in jail and a fine of $50. She was tried last week and convicted in her absence, she having disappeared while out on her own recognizance."

We don't know if Nannie ever served her six month sentence. She eventually remarried and had two more children. We're told by descendants of her second family that Nannie searched for her children but it was all in vain as she never found them. However, one of Nannie's granddaughters, a daughter of the son that was taken away, pieced together part of the story. The son, and one of the daughters, Alberta, were given to a family by the name of Davis. Shortly after the Davises took in the children, Mrs. Davis passed away. Mr. Davis returned Alberta to the court but retained the son. The boy was renamed Lewis Davis. It was Lewis' daughter, Darlene, that gave us this part of the story.

Alberta was taken in by another family. We don't know what happened to the other daughter but it is quite possible that she was taken in by the same family that took in Alberta.

Alberta eventually married Clarence Nathanial Arnold. Clarence and Alberta had three sons. Eventually Alberta divorced Clarence and then later married Charles Brown Bell. Alberta's maiden name was Alberta Frances Fleming. After she married Charles she started going by Elizabeth "Betty" F. Bell. Charles and Elizabeth had a son. Elizabeth died in 1959.

OBITUARY - The Index-Journal; Greenwood, South Carolina; Saturday, August 8, 1959;

"Mrs. Betty Bell Dies Today In Washington

Mrs. Betty Bell, 57, of Route Two, Greenwood, died at 4 a.m. today after a brief illness in Washington, D.C., where she had been visiting her children.

Survivors include her husband, Charles Brown Bell, and a son, Andrew C. Bell of Greenwood, three sons by a former marriage, Johnny, Eddie and Charlie Arnold; several grandchildren and two great-grandchildren, all of Washington; a brother in Philadelphia and a sister in Bristol, Tenn.

Funeral arrangements are incomplete, but services will be held in Washington. The body is at Chambers Funeral Home, 11 Pennsylvania Ave., SE, Washington."

As often happens after someone dies, legal notices are posted in the local newspaper.

"LEGAL NOTICE - The Index-Journal; Greenwood, South Carolina; Wednesday, September 23, 1959; Page 9 (


All creditors of the late Mrs. Elizabeth Alberta DeWald Bell are hereby notified to render an account of their demands duly attested to the undersigned; and all debtors shall likewise make payment to the undersigned.

Andrew C. Bell

c/o Grier, McDonald, Todd, Burns and Bradford, 520 Textile Building, Greenwood, South Carolina"

If you haven't figured it out by now, Alberta is Alberta Frances DeWald. Her foster parents were Franklin Jerome "Frank" DeWald and Ada Lee Snapp. Alberta had two sisters and both of them were foster/adopted children. The older sister was about the right age to be Alberta's biological sister. Her name was Nellie Lee and in the newspaper article, Alberta's older sister is Lena. Alberta's younger sister, Lillian is probably no biological relation.

Franklin Jerome DeWald died in June 1943. Cause of death: Died the same day as his wife, due to accidental burns. He was buried in June 1943 at Gunnings Cemetery, Blountville, Sullivan Co., TN.


  1. [S464] 1880 Federal Census, Washington County, Tennessee. Microfilm Image, NARA T9, Roll 1284; FHL #1255284.

Henrich DeWald1

M, b. 10 April 1733, d. 16 April 1817
     Henrich DeWald was born on 10 April 1733 at Alsace or Palatinate. He was the son of (?) DeWald. Henrich DeWald married Maria Catherine Greaver, daughter of (?) Greaver, circa 1761 at Palatinate. Henrich DeWald immigrated in 1766 to Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., PA; Sailed from England on the Chance in 1766, arrived Philadelphia abt. Sep. 23. Occupation: Tailor and farmer. He began military service REVOLUTIONARY WAR SERVICE:
1775 - Ensign, Sixth Battilion, 3rd Co., York Co. Militia under Col. William Ross. This unit became part of Flying Camp Regiment uner Col. Richard McAllister and participated in the Battle of Long Island and Fort Washington.
1779 - Lt. of his own Company under Col. Adam Winterode
1781 - Lt. under Captain Abraham Furray
Ref: PA Archives, 6th Series, Vol. II, pp 540, 564, 629, and 688.

Birthplace described as "west bank of Rhine near Switzerland". German language and Protestant religion point to Alsace or Palatinate as likely birth area. Name is spelled variously as DeWald, DeWalt, and DeVault. On the original christening certificate of Philip's daughter Ann Eliza (Anna Liza), it was clearly written "Dewalt" in German by the minister.

1733 born April 10, 1733 Palatinate
1737 Mary Catharine, Born August 8, 1737
1766 Arrived in America September 23, signature Strassburger's Pa. Pioneers
Land Application December 2, 1766 for 104 acres "Seifers-Bach"
1767 Twins, Gabriel & Elizabeth born - were baptised Sherman Lutheran Church, York Co., Pa.
1768 Land Warrant on April 27, 1768 for 110 acres "Ter-Bach"
1778 Ensign York Co. Militia - Taxed on 200 acres
1779 Lieut. York Co. Militia - Taxed on 200 acres
1780 Taxed on 200 acres
Named in Deed for St. Matthews Lutheran Church
1781 Lieut. York Co. Militia - Taxed on 200 acres
1782 Taxed on 200 acres
1783 Tax Collector Manheim Township - 13 in family
1785 On rolls of York Co. Militia
1787 Adm. of an estate in Heidleburg Township
1790 Not in Census
1809 Trustee of an Estate I have a copy Document
1800 Listed in Census - 6 in family
1810 Sold 8 acres of farm for 126 pounds
1817 Henry DIED April 16, 1817, WILL filed
1837 Wife died August 8, 1838, buried St. Matthew Church
1847 2nd and final settlement of Henry's estate
ca. 1817 Bodies removed from Church Cemetary to Mt. Olivet Cemetary, Hanover, York Co., PA
1792 Manheim Township Tax 170 acres VALUE 119-0-0

From Leslie Smith Deardorff's Notes:
1772-Manheim Township, value 9 pounds, tax 0.1.6
1795-, Germany Township - 6 horned cattle, 4 horses, 200 Land Valued 366 pounds, tax 1pound.2.10
1783-Manheim Township, 13 inhab'ts., 3 horned cattle, 2 horses,6 sheep, 100 land, 1 house, 1 outhouse value 945 pounds, tax 2 pounds TAX 9-4-0


1781- Vestry & Wardman of High German Lutheran Church in Town of Hanover, County of York, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania document
1799 Land Assessment - Germany Township - Henry Dewalt $1,810 value, tax was 23 cents per $100

Camp Security stockade built 1781 by Col. Jas. Wood on land of Daniel Brubaker. British troops of Burgoyne's army imprisoned here, guarded by York Co. Militia, one mile South of Route 30 at Stoneybrook (across from roadhouse).

"YORK COUNTY, PA IN THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION" a source book compiled by Henry James Young, 1940, RED SERIES VOLUME II:
HENRY DEWALT, LIEUT. 20 pounds and 5.10.0 Bounty
Source: Young's - Henry Devolt or Dewalt of Manheim Township paid 2.0.0 pounds for warning the militia on 5 February 1778. He was an ensign in the 3rd Co., 8th Batt. York County Militia according to a return dated 5 April 1778. In 1780 he was Lieutenant of this Co., then under Capt. Conrad Sherrets, when it was the 3rd Co., 7th Batt. he served at Camp Security on Guard Duty over British POWs in York Co. from 16 July to 17 Sept 1781.

WILL: Made March 6, 1817, probated May 10, 1817.
I made a copy from the original in the York County Courthouse myself (Leslie Deardorff), and I have a typewritten copy of the will. It was the longest will written at that time and gives specific directions for care of his family.
1819 March 2 - Account of Last Will & Testiment Document
1843, August 25th, Administrators of Estate of Henry Dewald of York County, Pa. Document.
1846, June 27th - Administration Account Document.

He died on 16 April 1817 at near Hanover, York Co., PA, at age 84. He was buried in April 1817 at Mount Olivet Cemetery, Abner Forney plot, Hanover, York Co., PA, originally was buried at St. Matthews, but was reinterred, along with Mary Catherine, at Mt. Olivet when St. Matthews was enlarged, about 1918, permission being given by granddaughter, Miss Lucy Forney.

Children of Henrich DeWald and Maria Catherine Greaver


  1. [S101] William Bruce Gillmore M.A. LL.B, A DeVault Genealogy, 8.

Henry DeWald

M, b. 20 January 1774, d. 20 September 1864
     Henry DeWald was also known as Henry Dawalt This family used "Dawalt" after the relocation from Tennessee to Indiana.
Note: Henry and his brother, Gabriel, were the first of the Dewald family to move to Tennessee. They arrived in the fall of 1797. Gabriel with his family first settled on the old John Bean Plantation at the crossing of the Watauga River, later to be known as DeVault's Ford. Henry settled on the John Bishop farm located a few miles away on the Holstein River. Both farms were purchased by their father a few months earlier. Eventually Henry and Gabriel would share the farm on the Holstein, which was enlarged by the purchase of an adjoining tract of land on November 29, 1800. Two other brothers, Valentine and Frederick would move onto and eventually inherit the farm on the Watauga. (Shortly after arriving in East Tennessee the four DeWald brothers changed the spelling of the family surname to “Davault.”)
Henry and Gabriel's farm adjoined that of Jacob Gross. Henry was soon to marry Jacob's daughter Elizabeth. Their first child was born on this farm in December of 1801. Newland DeVault reported that Henry moved to Washington County, Indiana about 1803, however, information has come to light that shows that Henry and family did not move to Indiana until about 1811. From about 1803 until 1811 the family lived in Claiborne County, Tennessee. In Indiana they settled a hundred and sixty acre homestead near where the town of Salem would later be established. It is said that Henry and three others picked the site of Salem and named it. They first decided to call the place "Vernon," but Henry, with his strong German accent, could not pronounce the name and called it "were-non," so they changed the name to Salem. He is reputed to have built the third house in Salem. Henry lived the rest of his life on this farm in Washington Co., Indiana.
Henry Dawalt (as he spelled his name after moving to Indiana) had a varied career. He was a Captain in the Militia (1812), later a Colonel, an Indian fighter, an operator of a Tavern for four years, a flat boat operator to New Orleans, a deputy Sheriff (1817) and a county commissioner. Henry made considerable money flatboating down the Mississippi River to New Orleans. The story is told that Henry was drowned on one of his trips to New Orleans. The report was verified and accepted as true by his friends and family. Their shock was great (and their relief) when he came walking in to his home one dark night.
When his father died, Henry came into possession of his half-interest in the two farms on the Holstein River in Tennessee. In the fall of 1820, shortly after the settlement of his father's estate, Henry road horseback to Tennessee and sold his interest to his brother Gabriel. This transfer was made September 7, 1820; the signatures on the deed are interesting. Henry, ever since moving to Indiana, had been spelling his name "Dawalt." However, in order that the spelling would be consistant with the original deed, he had to spell his name "DeValt." The same is true for his brother Gabriel and a nephew (as witness) that also signed the deed.
When Henry returned to Salem he carried on horseback two small pine trees from the farm that he had just sold. He planted these trees in front of his house on the farm in Salem. These trees were pointed out to Newland DeVault when he visited Charlie and Earl Dawalt in 1946.

NEWSPAPER ARTICLE, Western Sun, September 8, 1812
Indian Territory, 1812
"An express has just arived in town from Pidgen Roost which brings the distressing intelligence of the Indians having killed 23 souls in addition to which one young man is missing. They were pursued by a party under Captain DeVolt, who fell in with the Indians on Driftwood and had a skirmish with them in which one man was mortally wounded."

Dawalt Family Reunion
The reunion of the Dawalt family was held at the home of the late Henry C. Dawalt with his daughters Eva Dawalt and Nora D. Short as hostesses. One hundred people were present, half of whom were lineal descendants of Col, Henry Dawalt who came to this country in 1809 and settled on the land still in the name of his family.
The three young grandchildren were present: Sam Dawalt, Kate Dawalt Johnson and Anna Tilford Payne. Relatives were present from Peru, Crawfordsville, Borden and Bridgeport as well as Salem and vicinity.
The history of the family was given by Nora D. Short, who has collected much interesting data from the original homes of these ancestors in Tennessee and York County, PA., which she has visited.
Early historians of Washington County recount the conspicouious part which Col. Henry Dawalt took in the community life of our county. He served as Captain of the first militia organized and later as Colonel led in pursuit of the Indians following the Pigeon Roost massacre in Scott County.
On his farm stood one of the early forts and and also one of the earliest schools of record. He was one of the organizers of Zion Lutheran church which stood near Norria.
He served the county several terms as commissioner and helped to lay out the town of Salem.
He as an ardent Democrat and his family without exception have continued true to this tradition.
He died at the age of 91 soon after the visit of Morgan's soldiers to his home on their memoriable raid in July 1864.
Reminiscenses of those early days, getting acquianted and a bountiful noon dinner were features of this family gathering.
Next year the reunion will be held at the home of Sam Dawalt.

See the notes for Henry Cyrus Dawalt, grandson of Henry Dawalt, for an article about the Dewalts of Salem, Indiana.

OBITUARY - The Salem Democrat, May 31, 1876, Pioneer Pickins Number 54

Henry Dawalt, not "Davault", as some historians have it was one of the early settlers . He was of German parentage, and was born in the State of Pennsylvania, at Hanover, York county, January 1, 1774. He was a man of great energy and decision of character, and although his mind was slow to act, yet when he came to a conclusion, it was nearly always correct, nothing could change him. He was for many years a commissioner of this county, and none watched the treasury closer than Colonel Dawalt. At the age of twenty-one, he, together with four of his brothers, emigrated to Washington County, in the State of Tennessee, and settled near what is now Jonesborough in East Tennessee. . . . While he resided in Tennessee, he married a young lady by the name of Elizabeth Gross, who lived in Virginia. Becoming tired of the East Tennessee hills and mountains, he . . . removed to Sacamore Creek in Claybourne County. . . .
In 1809, he set out from Tennessee on his journey to the north of the Ohio. He traveled over the country from the Falls of the Ohio to the Muscatituck (sic). He was up Royce's fork of the Blue River and found a place to suit him; and he went to Jeffersonville and entered one hundred and sixty acres of land, being the same land where he died.

The Salem Democrat, June 7, 1876, Pioneer Pickings No. 55
-- We forgot to mention that the wife of Colonel Dawalt was born in 1778 and died November 15, 1851. . . . After the death of his wife, he lived the remainder of his days with his son, John, on the old farm. He died on the 20th of September 1864, in his ninety-first year.

Note: The Washington Township Cemetery Book gives the birth of Elizabeth (Gross) Dawalt as "October 10, 1776."

NEWSPAPER ARTICLE - November 29, 1988

Family returning from Thanksgiving with relatives finds historic home in flames
By CECIL J. SMITH, Managing Editor

One of Washington County’s historic homes was destroyed by fire early Friday morning.
The residence of Mr. and Mrs. Preston Shell and their seven children, located three miles east of Salem burned to the ground in a fire that was discovered at about 1:30 a.m. Friday.
Salem firemen said because the house was a total loss it may be impossible to determine the exact cause of the blaze.
The fire was discovered by the Shells as they returned home after spending Thanksgiving day with relatives. Shell told firemen fire was evident on both floors and coming through the roof when he first saw it.
Firemen said as they left Salem on State Road 56 they could see the red glow from the burning house.
Nothing was saved from the two-story farm house, portions of which date back to the beginnings of Washington County.
Firemen did save nearby buildings and extinguished a field fire across the road that started from burning embers.
Portions of the house were built by Henry Dawalt who came to Washington County about 1809 and moved to that area of eastern Washington Township about 1815. He owned a large tract of farm land east of Salem.
Pete Hilton, whose wife, Bernice, is a granddaughter of Commodore Dawalt, said Henry Dawalt was among those helping to select the site for the town of Salem. He said the house was added to many times over the years.
The house was in the Dawalt family until just a few years ago, being owned by Henry’s son, John Gross Dawalt, then passing to Commodore Dawalt, and finally Earl Dawalt. It left the family about 1980 when it was sold to Harry Day. He later sold the house and two acres to Mr. and Mrs. Bill Stoops who sold it in January 1987 to the Shells.
“It was a real shocker,” Shell said, describing the scene as he and his family arrived home early Friday. He said much of the house was engulfed and flames were coming out of the roof. The front porch, he said, was starting to fall in.
Shell rushed to the neighboring residence of General Potter and the Potters called the fire department.
Shell said he and his wife, Margie, plan to rebuild on the site. Insurance will help, “but it’s not near enough to cover everything.” In the meantime, they have found a place to live in the New Salem area.
The Shell children are Josh, 9, Chris, 12, Peter, 13, David, 16, Charles 16, John, 17, and Theresa, 18.


Jan 1, 1774
Sept. 20, 1864.

He was born on 20 January 1774 at Hanover, York Co., PA. He was the son of Henrich DeWald and Maria Catherine Greaver. Henry DeWald married Elizabeth Gross, daughter of Jacob Gross, circa 1797 at Sullivan Co., TN. Henry DeWald died on 20 September 1864 at Salem, Washington Co., IN, at age 90.

Children of Henry DeWald and Elizabeth Gross

Henry P. Long DeWald

M, b. 4 June 1866, d. 27 May 1947
     Henry P. Long DeWald was born on 4 June 1866 at Washington Co., TN. He was the son of William Valentine DeWald and Mary Ann Ruble. Henry P. Long DeWald married Martha Jane Bealman, daughter of Charles Bealman and Caroline Weaver, in September 1896, Two children, names unknown, both died young. Henry P. Long DeWald lived at McCook Co., SD, later Canyonville, Douglas Co., OR. He died on 27 May 1947 at Canyonville, Douglas Co., OR, at age 80. He was buried in 1947 at Canyonville, Douglas Co., OR.

Ila Lavonne DeWald

F, b. 23 February 1926
     Ila Lavonne DeWald was born on 23 February 1926. She was the daughter of Everett Raymond DeWald and Mabel McCullough. Ila Lavonne DeWald married Dean Kaestener on 31 December 1946.

James Daniel DeWald

M, b. 17 October 1860, d. 2 April 1933
     James Daniel DeWald was also known as "J.D." He was born on 17 October 1860. He was the son of William Valentine DeWald and Mary Ann Ruble. James Daniel DeWald married Bessie Mauck, daughter of Albert Mauck and Jeanie Galloway, on 6 February 1913 at Tennessee. James Daniel DeWald lived in 1930 at McCook Co., SD, Owned a farm and beautiful home in McCook County, South Dakota. He died on 2 April 1933 at McCook Co., SD, at age 72. He was buried in April 1933 at Montrose, McCook Co., SD.

Child of James Daniel DeWald and Bessie Mauck

James David DeWald

M, b. 7 May 1885, d. 1963
     James David DeWald was born on 7 May 1885 at Washington Co., TN.1 He was the son of James Miller DeWald and Nancy E. Northington. James David DeWald married Belva Dunn on 31 January 1926, no children. James David DeWald lived at Jonesborough, Washington Co., TN. He died in 1963.


  1. [S465] 1900 Federal Census, Washington County, Tennessee. Microfilm Image, NARA Series T623, Roll 1603; FHL #1241603.

James Miller DeWald

M, b. 16 October 1839, d. 30 October 1899
     James Miller DeWald was born on 16 October 1839 at Washington Co., TN.1 He was the son of Daniel DeWald and Mary M. Miller. James Miller DeWald began military service Confederate Army, Civil War. He married Martha Northington, daughter of Peter W. Northington and Rebecca Cloyd, on 14 September 1864 at Washington Co., TN. James Miller DeWald married Nancy E. Northington, daughter of Peter W. Northington and Rebecca Cloyd, after 7 June 1880.1,2 James Miller DeWald lived at Sullivan Co., later Washington Co., TN. He died on 30 October 1899 at age 60. He was buried in November 1899 at New Salem Baptist Church Cemetery, Limestone, Washington Co., TN.

Children of James Miller DeWald and Martha Northington

Children of James Miller DeWald and Nancy E. Northington


  1. [S464] 1880 Federal Census, Washington County, Tennessee. Microfilm Image, NARA T9, Roll 1284; FHL #1255284.
  2. [S465] 1900 Federal Census, Washington County, Tennessee. Microfilm Image, NARA Series T623, Roll 1603; FHL #1241603.

Jennie Mildred DeWald

F, b. 20 August 1918
     Jennie Mildred DeWald was born on 20 August 1918 at Montrose, McCook Co., SD. She was the daughter of James Daniel DeWald and Bessie Mauck. Jennie Mildred DeWald married William McCoy McClellan, son of William M. McClellan and Belle Glenn Morrell, on 27 March 1940 at Tennessee.

Jerre Lee DeWald

M, b. 4 November 1946, d. 9 March 2013
     Jerre Lee DeWald was born on 4 November 1946. He was the son of Jesse Burton DeWald and Lois Maud Fenn. Jerre Lee DeWald died on 9 March 2013 at age 66 Dates per SSDI.

Obituary from NR Today online:

Age 66, died of natural causes on Saturday, March 9, 2013. He was born November 4, 1946, in Canyonville, Oregon. He graduated from Days Creek High in 1964 and studied diesel mechanic’s at OIT in Klamath Falls. He owned and operated the auto parts stores in Canyonville and Myrtle Creek for over 20 years. He drove heavy equipment during the 1990’s. He finished his working career at D.R. Johnson’s in Riddle. He is survived by his wife of 21 years, Carole; sons: Gregg, of Portland; Chris, of Tri City; and Eric Fitzsimmons, of Washington; grandchildren: Jake, Carleigh, and Nolan. A family service has been arranged.

Jesse Burton DeWald

M, b. 29 September 1901, d. 17 February 1952
     Jesse Burton DeWald was born on 29 September 1901 at Cottage Grove, Lane Co., OR. He was the son of Charles Clyde DeWald and Emma Bealman. Jesse Burton DeWald married Lois Maud Fenn, daughter of John Arthur Fenn and Margaret Elsie Scoville, in 1944. Jesse Burton DeWald died on 17 February 1952 at Canyonville, Douglas Co., OR, at age 50.

Child of Jesse Burton DeWald and Lois Maud Fenn

Julia DeWald

F, b. 7 July 1832, d. 28 November 1913
     Note: Julia (Dewald) Galloway married late in life and was the second wife of Thomas Galloway. When Thomas' daughter by his first wife, Jeanie (Galloway) Mauk, died, Julia raised Jeanie's daughter, Bessie Mauk, as her own. After Bessie was grown, she became the wife of James Daniel "Dan" DeWald, a nephew of Julia Dewald. Dan and Bessie (Mauk) moved to South Dakota. After Dan died, Bessie returned to Tennessee. Julia and Bessie are buried next to each other in Boone's Creek Baptist Church Cemetery aka Flourville Cemetery. Thomas Galloway is buried next to his first wife in a family burying ground on a farm owned by his grandniece, Mrs. Edith (Galloway) Glaze, (Mrs. John W. Glaze). Route 4, Jonesborough, Washington Co., Tennessee.

Julia DeWald was born on 7 July 1832 at Washington Co., TN. She was the daughter of Daniel DeWald and Mary M. Miller. Julia DeWald married Thomas Galloway after 1873. Julia DeWald died on 28 November 1913 at age 81. She was buried in 1913 at Boone's Creek Baptist Cemetery, Boone's Creek, Washington Co., TN.

Juliana DeWald

F, b. 11 September 1787, d. 13 November 1858
     Juliana DeWald was born on 11 September 1787 at York Co., PA. She was the daughter of Henrich DeWald and Maria Catherine Greaver. Juliana DeWald married Jacob Wortz, son of Marcus Wortz and Sarah Marschall, circa 1806 at York Co. (probably), PA. Juliana DeWald died on 13 November 1858 at Pennsylvania at age 71.

Children of Juliana DeWald and Jacob Wortz

Lester King DeWald

M, b. 1 February 1924, d. 3 March 2001
     Lester King DeWald was born on 1 February 1924. He was the son of Daniel Hubert DeWald and Mary Catherine King. Lester King DeWald died on 3 March 2001 at Tuscaloosa Co., AL, at age 77 Dates per SSDI, last residence Tuscaloosa.

Louisa DeWald

F, b. 6 August 1798, d. 17 June 1883
     Note: Preserved many of the family records that now exist, working with Dr. E. O. Guerrant of KY.

Louise (DeWald) Kitzmiller stands out as one of the most remarkable characters in the DeVault/Kitzmiller family. Her intense pride and loyalty to her family, both the Kitzmillers and DeVaults; her sayings and remarks, that have been handed down through several generations, are cause to remember her with pride.

Louise did more than anyone else to preserve the old records of the family. In the summer of 1875 Dr. E.O. Guerrant, who had married Mary Davault, daughter of Louise's cousin, John Davault, came by to visit Louise. She related the genealogy of the family to him. It included a list of the children of Henry Dewald, whom they married and all their grandchildren and whom they married. It also included a few dates and other data about Henry Dewald, such as the cost of the family's trip to America. All of this information was told from memory. Dr. Guerrant made several copies of the genealogy. One was given to his brother-in-law, John Baker DeVault. Another copy was given to Louise's brother, Daniel DeWald. These two copies were kept up-to-date. The one given to Daniel DeWald was best preserved and maintained.

Frederick Russell DeVault, who knew her well, he being 28 years old when she died, said she had the gift of "counting kin." He also said that she was charming, witty and proud of both families the DeVaults and the Kitzmillers.

Louise was the catylist that caused the changing the spelling of the family name from Davault to DeVault by insisting that the nationality of her grandfather, Henry Dewald, was French and not German. There is much evidence to suggest that she was wrong in her assertion, but today, many still believe that Henry was from France and not Germany.

Louisa DeWald was born on 6 August 1798 at Germany Twp., Adams (formerly York Co.), PA. She was the daughter of Philip DeWald and Catharine Lang. Louisa DeWald married John Kitzmiller, son of Martin Kitzmiller and Mary Elizabeth DeWald, on 8 August 1824 at Washington Co., TN, Jacob Ellis, J.P. performed the marriage ceremony

John's father, Martin Kitzmiller, sent John on a business trip to Pennsylvania. On his way to or from Pennsylvania, John met his cousin, Louise DeWald. This meeting eventually resulted in a marriage in Tennessee.

Story told to Newland DeVault by Frederick Russell DeVault. Louisa DeWald lived at Spring House (Stone House), DeVault's Ford, Washington Co., TN. She died on 17 June 1883 at Boone's Creek, Washington Co., TN, at age 84. She was buried in June 1883 at Boone's Creek Church of Christ Cemetery, Boone's Creek, Washington Co., TN.

Children of Louisa DeWald and John Kitzmiller

Lulu DeWald

F, b. 26 July 1867, d. 25 March 1925
     Lulu DeWald was born on 26 July 1867 at Washington Co., TN.1 She was the daughter of James Miller DeWald and Martha Northington. Lulu DeWald died on 25 March 1925 at age 57. She was buried in March 1925 at Salem Baptist Church Cemetery, Limestone, Washington Co., TN.


  1. [S465] 1900 Federal Census, Washington County, Tennessee. Microfilm Image, NARA Series T623, Roll 1603; FHL #1241603.

Lydia DeWald

F, b. 4 April 1796, d. 1866
     Lydia DeWald was born on 4 April 1796 at York Co., PA. She was the daughter of Philip DeWald and Catharine Lang. Lydia DeWald was christened on 10 August 1796 at St. Matthew Lutheran Church, Hanover, York Co., PA; Christened name was "Julia". Sponsor: Anna Maria Rustaborn.1 She married William Sanders on 21 September 1817. Lydia DeWald lived in 1850 at Bernadotte Twp., Fulton Co., IL.2 She died in 1866 at McDonough Co., IL. She was buried in 1866 at Camp Creek Cemetery, Industry Twp., McDonough Co., IL.
Note: per Tracy Devault:

Newland DeVault says that there is an entry in the baptismal records for Saint Matthew's Lutheran Church that says, "Born 4 April 1796, Baptised, 10 August, 1796: Julia; Parents: Phillip Thebald and Catherine; Sponsor: Anna Marie Rustaborn." Newland said that this was the daughter that came to be known as Lydia. He suspected that her full name was Lydia Julia DeWald. When Lydia was about seven years old the family moved to Baltimore, Maryland. In 1810 her parents bought land in Hampshire County, Virginia (now West Virginia). They are shown there in the 1820, 1830 and 1840 censuses. I expect that Lydia was married in Virginia and probably had at least some of her children there.

Newland goes on to say that Lydia married William Sanders and moved to Cass County, Illinois. He says they had seven children. (In his 1937 report, he gives this list of children: Mary, Margaret, Catherine, Elizabeth, Julia, William and James. This list may have come from the final (1846) settlement of Henry Dewald's estate.) Finally, Newland says that Lydia was listed as a widow in the 1846 (final) settlement of Henry Dewald's estate. At the time she was supposed to be living in Beardstown, Cass County, Illinois.

Children of Lydia DeWald and William Sanders


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Mabel Ruth DeWald

F, b. 1926
     Mabel Ruth DeWald was born in 1926. She was the daughter of Daniel Hubert DeWald and Mary Catherine King.

Margaret DeWald

F, b. 16 February 1829, d. 1 November 1896
     Margaret DeWald was born on 16 February 1829 at Washington Co., TN. She was the daughter of Daniel DeWald and Mary M. Miller. Margaret DeWald married Samuel Thomas on 11 February 1847 at Washington Co., TN. Margaret DeWald died on 1 November 1896 at age 67. She was buried in November 1896 at Mt. Bethel Cemetery, Limestone, Washington Co., TN.

Children of Margaret DeWald and Samuel Thomas

Mary DeWald

F, b. circa 1789, d. 31 May 1852
     Mary DeWald was born circa 1789 at York Co., PA. She was the daughter of Philip DeWald and Catharine Lang. Mary DeWald married John Henry Hershey, son of Isaac Hershey and Barbara Stauffer, on 13 August 1811 at Hagerstown, Washington Co., MD. Mary DeWald lived at Washington Co., MD. She died on 31 May 1852 at Conococheague, Washington Co., MD. She was buried in June 1852 at Washington Co., MD, Cemetery on Harry Bane farm, on Conococheague Creek, near Mt. Tabor church, six miles from Hagerstown.

Children of Mary DeWald and John Henry Hershey

Mary Ann DeWald

F, b. 31 October 1825, d. 16 September 1889
     Mary Ann DeWald was born on 31 October 1825 at Washington Co., TN. She was the daughter of Daniel DeWald and Mary M. Miller. Mary Ann DeWald died on 16 September 1889 at age 63. She was buried in September 1889 at Mt. Bethel Christian Church Cemetery, Greene Co., TN.
Note: Did not marry.

Mary Elizabeth DeWald1

F, b. 17 November 1771, d. 9 June 1856
     Mary Elizabeth DeWald was born on 17 November 1771 at York Co., PA. She was the daughter of Henrich DeWald and Maria Catherine Greaver. Mary Elizabeth DeWald married Martin Kitzmiller, son of John George Kitzmiller and Anna Christina Keefauver, circa 1798 at York Co., PA. Mary Elizabeth DeWald died on 9 June 1856 at Boone's Creek, Washington Co., TN, at age 84. She was buried in June 1856 at Buffalo Ridge Church Cemetery, Gray's Station, Washington Co., TN, Headstone legend:

In memory of
Born Nov. 17, 1771
Died June 9, 1856.

Children of Mary Elizabeth DeWald and Martin Kitzmiller


  1. [S29] Charles M. Bennett, Washington County Tombstone Inscriptions, Vol. III., 71.

Mary Ellen Kathleen DeWald

F, b. 15 May 1908, d. 5 October 1966
     Mary Ellen Kathleen DeWald was born on 15 May 1908. She was the daughter of William Montgomery DeWald and Myrtella Delilah Gage. Mary Ellen Kathleen DeWald married Edward Stanley Harper, son of William Harper and Mary Mather, on 23 December 1926. Mary Ellen Kathleen DeWald died on 5 October 1966 at age 58 Mary died a painful and lingering death from too much cobalt radiation in Stanford's Cancer Center in Palo Alto, California. She was active in Los Angeles Insurance Club circles for 18 years; she was a delegate to Atlanta, Georgia in 1946 when she was Vice-president and to New York City, New York when she was President. All the family worked to build their own home just 5 minutes from downtown Los Angeles with a view of the Pacific Ocean 22 miles away -- a monument to their thrift, industry and genius -- a dream come true.

Child of Mary Ellen Kathleen DeWald and Edward Stanley Harper

Mary Emily DeWald

F, b. 8 September 1874, d. circa May 1875
     Mary Emily DeWald was born on 8 September 1874. She was the daughter of James Miller DeWald and Martha Northington. Mary Emily DeWald died circa May 1875.

Mary Lois DeWald

F, b. 1909
     Mary Lois DeWald was born in 1909. She was the daughter of Daniel Hubert DeWald and Vergie Cloyd.

Mary Margaret DeWald

F, b. 11 May 1761, d. 27 April 1832
     Mary Margaret DeWald lived at York Co., PA.
Note: Mary DeWald's headstone was one of many at St. Matthews that were buried during construction of the new church parking lot. Her birth date as shown is believed to have been calculated by Newland DeVault from the headstone inscription.

Newland's report says the inscription was as follows:

"April 27, 1832, aged 70 yr 11 mo and 16 days." She was born on 11 May 1761 at Palatinate. She was the daughter of Henrich DeWald and Maria Catherine Greaver. Mary Margaret DeWald married Samuel Lang, son of Killian Lang and Rosina Scheit, circa 1784 at Pennsylvania. Mary Margaret DeWald died on 27 April 1832 at York Co., PA, at age 70. She was buried in 1832 at St. Matthews Lutheran Church Cemetery, Hanover, York Co., PA.

Children of Mary Margaret DeWald and Samuel Lang

Michael Sean DeWald

M, b. 17 October 1969, d. 10 March 1972
     Michael Sean DeWald was born on 17 October 1969 at Brookings, Brookings Co., SD. He was buried in 1972 at Brookings, Brookings Co., SD. Cause of death: on 10 March 1972 Fell from a fourth floor window while parents were waiting for reassignment orders. He died on 10 March 1972 at Wiesbaden, Rhein-Pfalz, Germany, at age 2.

Minnie Lela DeWald

F, b. 15 January 1878, d. 1 July 1878
     Note: Died the same day as her mother. Minnie Lela DeWald was born on 15 January 1878. She was the daughter of James Miller DeWald and Martha Northington. Minnie Lela DeWald died on 1 July 1878. She was buried in July 1878 at Bristol City Cemetery, Bristol, VA.

Philip DeWald

M, b. 6 November 1764, d. 8 February 1844
     Philip DeWald was born on 6 November 1764 at Palatinate, Germany, Note in James Larimore family Bible. He was the son of Henrich DeWald and Maria Catherine Greaver. Philip DeWald married Catharine Lang, daughter of Killian Lang and Rosina Scheit, circa 1785 at York Co. (probably), PA. Philip DeWald lived circa 1803 at Baltimore, MD, relocated from York County to Baltimore. He lived in 1810 at Three Churches, Hampshire Co., VA (now WV), bought land which was adjacent to the James Larimore property on Jersey Mountain. He died on 8 February 1844 at Hampshire Co., VA (now WV), at age 79 Note in James Larimore family Bible. He was buried in February 1844 at Jersey Mountain, Three Churches, Hampshire Co., VA (now WV), According to family legend.

Children of Philip DeWald and Catharine Lang

Samuel DeWald

M, b. 8 August 1791
     Samuel DeWald was born on 8 August 1791 at York Co., PA. He was the son of Gabriel DeWalt and Magdalena Kitzmiller. Samuel DeWald married Patsy Crouch on 7 January 1819 at Washington Co., TN.1


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