John Dill

     John Dill married Mary (?).

Child of John Dill and Mary (?)

Mary Blanche Dill

F, b. March 1881, d. 1919
     Mary Blanche Dill was born in March 1881 at Kansas. She married William Martin Mitchell. Mary Blanche Dill died in 1919 at Kansas. She was buried in 1919 at Elmwood Cemetery, Augusta, Butler Co., KS, Findagrave #45096864.

Capt. Charles Louis Dillahunty

M, b. 16 June 1832, d. 2 February 1900
     Capt. Charles Louis Dillahunty was born on 16 June 1832 at Florence, Lauderdale Co., AL. He married Frances Ann Norwood on 10 August 1853 at Red River Co., TX. Capt. Charles Louis Dillahunty died on 2 February 1900 at Mt. Pleasant, Titus Co., TX, at age 67.

Child of Capt. Charles Louis Dillahunty and Frances Ann Norwood

Frances Temperance Dillahunty1

F, b. 7 February 1867
     Frances Temperance Dillahunty was born on 7 February 1867 at Titus Co. (probably), Texas.1 She was the daughter of Capt. Charles Louis Dillahunty and Frances Ann Norwood. Frances Temperance Dillahunty married Edwin Hypes Deprato, son of William W. Deprato and Mary Virginia Belt, on 28 December 1885 at Texarkana, Bowie Co., TX.1

Children of Frances Temperance Dillahunty and Edwin Hypes Deprato


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Elizabeth Harston Dillard1

     Elizabeth Harston Dillard married John Starling Reamey, son of Col. Daniel Reamey and Susannah Starling, on 12 October 1853.1

Children of Elizabeth Harston Dillard and John Starling Reamey


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Elizabeth Redd Dillard

F, b. May 1848, d. 26 April 1930
     Elizabeth Redd Dillard was also known as Betty. She was born in May 1848 at Henry Co., VA, Or 1845-1846, as per 1850 and 1860 censuses.1 She was the daughter of Overton Redd Dillard and Sarah Celestia Martin. Elizabeth Redd Dillard married Daniel Webster Reamey, son of Col. Daniel Reamey and Susannah Starling, on 18 February 1870. Elizabeth Redd Dillard died on 26 April 1930 at Lynchburg, VA, at age 81.

Children of Elizabeth Redd Dillard and Daniel Webster Reamey


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Hughes Dillard

M, b. 1817, d. 1901
     Hughes Dillard married Martha A. Dillard, daughter of Peter H. Dillard and Elizabeth M. Redd. Hughes Dillard was born in 1817. He died in 1901.

Martha A. Dillard

F, b. 1822
     Martha A. Dillard married Hughes Dillard. Martha A. Dillard was born in 1822 at Henry Co., VA. She was the daughter of Peter H. Dillard and Elizabeth M. Redd.

Overton Redd Dillard

M, b. circa 1808, d. before 1860
     Overton Redd Dillard was born circa 1808 at Virginia. He was the son of Peter H. Dillard and Elizabeth M. Redd. Overton Redd Dillard married Sarah Celestia Martin on 11 September 1831 at Henry Co., VA, per "Virginia Marriages, 1740 - 1850." Overton Redd Dillard died before 1860 at Henry Co., VA.

Child of Overton Redd Dillard and Sarah Celestia Martin

Peter H. Dillard

M, b. 1785, d. 1867
     Peter H. Dillard married Elizabeth M. Redd, daughter of Major John Redd and Mary Carr Waller. Peter H. Dillard was born in 1785. He died in 1867.

Children of Peter H. Dillard and Elizabeth M. Redd

Willie Ira Dillard Jr.

M, b. 25 August 1926, d. 20 December 1999
     Willie Ira Dillard Jr. was born on 25 August 1926. He married Vallejo Renee' Smith. Willie Ira Dillard Jr. died on 20 December 1999 at age 73. He was buried in December 1999 at Ditch Cemetery, Second Crossing, Uvalde Co., TX, Findagrave #31096080.

Hugh Edward Dille1

M, b. 16 November 1892, d. 5 February 1981
     Hugh Edward Dille was also known as Ed. He was born on 16 November 1892 at Greene Co., OH.1 He was the son of William Dille and Mary Elizabeth Stewart.1 Hugh Edward Dille married Viola Pultz, daughter of Jacob W. Pultz and Bertie Bailey. Hugh Edward Dille was buried in February 1981 at Glen Forest Cemetery, Yellow Springs, Greene Co., OH. He died on 5 February 1981 at age 88.


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Sarah M. Dille1

F, b. April 1886, d. before 1964
     Sarah M. Dille was born in April 1886 at Greene Co., OH.1 She was the daughter of William Dille and Mary Elizabeth Stewart.1 Sarah M. Dille died before 1964.


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William Dille1

M, b. November 1853
     William Dille was born in November 1853 at OH.1 He married Mary Elizabeth Stewart, daughter of John Hugh Stewart and Susan Swigart.1

Children of William Dille and Mary Elizabeth Stewart


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William E. Dille1

M, b. 1 September 1895, d. 13 August 1964
     William E. Dille was born on 1 September 1895 at Greene Co., OH.1 He was the son of William Dille and Mary Elizabeth Stewart.1 William E. Dille died on 13 August 1964 at Dayton, Montgomery Co., OH, at age 68.


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Anne America Diller

F, b. September 1858, d. 1 January 1929
     Anne America Diller was born in September 1858 at Indiana. She married Theodore Ackley on 23 November 1893 at Whitley Co., IN. Anne America Diller died on 1 January 1929 at Columbia, Richland Co., SC, at age 70.

Child of Anne America Diller and Theodore Ackley

David Diller

     David Diller was born at Cumberland Co., MD. He was the son of John Diller and Mary (?) David Diller married Martha Hurn, daughter of Isaac Hurn and Mary Ann Dosh, on 13 November 1856 at Shenandoah Co., VA, Ceremony by Rev. Levi Keller.

John Diller

     John Diller married Mary (?).

Child of John Diller and Mary (?)

Lucia Diller

     Lucia Diller married Jacob Ranck.

Child of Lucia Diller and Jacob Ranck

(?) Dilley

     (?) Dilley married Blanche Emsweiler, daughter of Erasmus Emsweiler and Mary M. Larimore.

Child of (?) Dilley and Blanche Emsweiler

Lilly Dilley

     Lilly Dilley married Roy Davis.

Child of Lilly Dilley and Roy Davis

Ned Dilley

M, d. before 1930
     Ned Dilley was born. He was the son of (?) Dilley and Blanche Emsweiler. Ned Dilley died before 1930.

Anita Marie Dillhoff

     Anita Marie Dillhoff married George Pictor.

Chauncey Dillinger

M, b. 14 July 1898
     Chauncey Dillinger was born on 14 July 1898.1 He was the son of Llewellyn Dillinger and Alice (?)1 Chauncey Dillinger married Emma Price, daughter of Henry H. Price and Susanna M. Fretz, on 22 December 1917, Ceremony by Rev. Warren Nickel.1 Chauncey Dillinger lived in 1926 at 37 Penn Avenue, Souderton, Montgomery Co., PA.1

Children of Chauncey Dillinger and Emma Price


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Helen P. Dillinger

F, b. 15 June 1918
     Helen P. Dillinger was born on 15 June 1918 at Souderton, Montgomery Co., PA.1 She was the daughter of Chauncey Dillinger and Emma Price.


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Llewellyn Dillinger

     Llewellyn Dillinger married Alice (?).

Child of Llewellyn Dillinger and Alice (?)


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Russell Dillinger

M, b. 1923
     Russell Dillinger was born in 1923 at Souderton, Montgomery Co., PA.1 He was the son of Chauncey Dillinger and Emma Price.


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Absalom Erwin Dillingham

M, b. 15 April 1836, d. 11 July 1865
     Absalom Erwin Dillingham was born on 15 April 1836 at Buncombe Co., NC.1 He married Mary Ann Williams. Absalom Erwin Dillingham died on 11 July 1865 at Gilmer Co., GA, at age 29. He was buried in July 1865 at Boones Creek Baptist Church Cemetery, Gray, Washington Co., TN, Find A Grave Memorial# 60964147.

Child of Absalom Erwin Dillingham and Mary Ann Williams


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Arthur Benner Dillingham1

M, b. 24 March 1913
     Arthur Benner Dillingham was born on 24 March 1913.1 He was the son of Dr. William Ray Dillingham and Ella M. Benner.1


  1. [S82] Price Genealogy, 218.

Beulah M. Dillingham

F, b. 30 September 1890, d. 4 April 1968
     Beulah M. Dillingham was born on 30 September 1890 at Kendrick, Latah Co., ID. She was the daughter of William Collin Dillingham and Della Butcher. Beulah M. Dillingham died on 4 April 1968 at Los Angeles, Los Angeles Co., CA, at age 77. She was buried in April 1968 at Inglewood Cemetery, Inglewood, Los Angeles Co., CA.
Note: From the Shelbyville (IN) Democrat; Tuesday, July 5, 1921; Page 1;

In an attempt to save his fiancée, Miss Beulah Dillingham, of Indianapolis, daughter of Mrs. Charles F. Schmoe, of this city, from drowning in Big Blue river, north of Marietta, Sunday evening about 7 o'clock, John J. Mundehenk 28 years old, of Brookville, O., was caught in a whirlpool and carried below the surface of the water. Expert swimmers of this city and the Marietta community worked until midnight before they located the body and dragged it to shore with large hooks.
The body was taken to the undertaking establishment of Ralph J. Edwards, west Broadway, where it was prepared for burial. Mr. and Mrs. John Mundehenk, Sr., of Brookville, O., were notified of their son's tragic death and arrangements were made to take the body to the home in Brookville. The body was taken to Brookville, Sunday, where funeral and burial services will be held.
The death of Mundhenk came after a desperate struggle to save the life of Miss Dillingham, who fell into the river when she became unbalanced in reaching for her hat which had fallen and was caught on a projecture. Mrs. Schmoe and niece, Thelma Schoffield, who makes her home with Mrs. Schmoe, were the other persons of the party and on seeing the young woman fall into the water, Mrs. Schmoe yelled to Mundehenk, who was catching crawfish some distance away. He rushed to the spot, and, knowing Miss Dillingham was a swimmer, thought she was not in danger.
On seeing the girl go down beneath the surface he dived into the river and was towing her to shore when they were caught in the whirlpool. He struggled desperately to make headway toward the bank and on realizing he could not hold up much longer gave the girl a shove which sent her out of the whirlpool. Mrs. Schmoe who was on the bank thrust out a pole to which was tied a rope made out of strips of clothing, to which the girl clung. The young man caught onto the heel of the girl and the two were being towed to shore by Mrs. Schmoe when the rope made of clothing broke in two and the two were carried back into the current. Mendehenk[sic] was caught by the whirlpool and was carried beneath the surface and did not come up. Miss Dillingham was carried downstream by the current and was saved when she caught hold of a bush on the opposite side of the river and pulled herself onto the bank.
The tragedy caused a keen shock to many persons here who were acquainted with the deceased. Mendehenk[sic] was employed as a traveling salesman and manager of the Welbon Auto Co., of Indianapolis, and resided on Illinois street. His marriage with Miss Dillingham was expected to take place in the near future. Miss Dillingham resides in Indianapolis. She has not yet recovered from the shock and fright of the tragedy.
Surviving Mendehenk[sic] are the parents and two brothers, one aged 23 years and the other 8 years. He was a man of splendid character.

Estate of Dillingham [15 Cal. App. 3d 707]
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[Civ. No. 36774. Court of Appeals of California, Second Appellate District, Division Four. March 1, 1971.]
Estate of BEULAH M. DILLINGHAM, Deceased. RUTH SCHMUTZLER, Petitioner and Appellant, v. FLORENCE DOWNEN et al., Claimants and Respondents

(Opinion by Jefferson, Acting P. J., with Kingsley and Dunn, JJ., concurring.)

Sapin & Woldman, Sandy Sapin and Alfred Fadel for Petitioner and Appellant.

John Maharg, County Counsel, David Breier, Deputy County Counsel, Hartman & Sampson, Newton Kalman, Young & Young and Walter H. Young for Claimants and Respondents.



Ruth Schmutzler appeals from a judgment of the trial court rendered on her petition to determine interests in the estate of Beulah M. Dillingham, ruling that the petitioner is entitled to receive under the will only the residence, furniture and clothing of the deceased.

Beulah M. Dillingham died on April 4, 1968, leaving an holographic will fn. 1 which was duly admitted to probate. When the named executor [15 Cal. App. 3d 709] declined to act, the public administrator was appointed and filed a petition for letters listing as heirs at law six adults, all of whom made claims and petitioned for a determination of heirship and distribution. Ruth Schmutzler, a good friend of the decedent, then filed a petition claiming that she was entitled to take the entire estate except for the amount of one specific bequest of $1,000 made to Mrs. Mable O'Dell.

The testatrix was an elderly woman who for a number of years immediately preceding her death had lived alone in a single family residence on 88th Place in Los Angeles which she owned. The testatrix' mother had predeceased her; she had no children, and her only living relatives were first cousins who resided outside of California. During the last few years of her life the testatrix was ill and unable to care for herself alone. She had never been in close touch with her surviving relatives and her neighbors undertook to visit her home, take her to see the doctor, and help her with shopping and cooking.

The holographic will of the testatrix bequeathed to Ruth Schmutzler a gift of "house and content of furniture and clothing" and to Mable O'Dell the sum of $1,000. The testatrix left other assets, including a safety deposit box and its contents, which were not specifically disposed of by the will. In her petition to determine interest Ruth Schmutzler alleged that the testatrix intended to will her entire estate to petitioner. As a consequence the trial was bifurcated, all parties waived jury trial and the claim of Ruth Schmutzler was first determined.

Ruth Schmutzler testified concerning her relationship with the testatrix and the court admitted the testimony of a second witness, Mrs. Pearl A. Keene, for the sole purpose of showing the circumstances surrounding the execution of the will. (Prob. Code, § 105.) Mrs. Keene, who lived across the street from the testatrix, had been her intimate acquaintance for over 30 years. She did not know Ruth Schmutzler, but the testatrix frequently spoke of Ruth and Mrs. Keene knew that Ruth often visited the house. The testatrix also received letters from a cousin and a woman who lived in Florida, and these letters Mrs. Keene often read aloud for her. [15 Cal. App. 3d 710]

On or about October 11, 1967, the testatrix engaged Mrs. Keene in a conversation about writing an holographic will. Mrs. Keene then accompanied the testatrix into her house and the holographic will which was admitted to probate was written in her presence. As the testatrix wrote she made comments and asked questions, and the witness related these statements to the best of her recollection.

The trial court found, after hearing the evidence, that the provisions of the will were not reasonably susceptible of two or more meanings and that there was no uncertainty arising upon the face of the will, and concluded that there was neither a patent or a latent ambiguity made to appear by the extrinsic evidence.

[1] The appellant contends that a patent ambiguity appears in the will with respect to the legacy of "house and content of furniture and clothing" to Ruth Schmutzler. The trial court, however, found that the testatrix used and understood the words in their common meaning and there is no evidence from which a contrary inference may reasonably be drawn. Although the testatrix left other assets, including cash in the bank, securities, and jewelry, the evidence does not disclose the location of the bank books and securities either at the time the will was being prepared or at the time of Mrs. Dillingham's death. Moreover, the testatrix made specific reference to her safe deposit box and indicated that she felt unable to make a complete testamentary disposition of the items therein situated as she was preparing her will. There is no evidence that she intended something more to pass to Ruth Schmutzler than the house, furniture and clothing.

[2a] The appellant further contends that the failure to dispose of the residue implies a latent ambiguity under the presumption against partial intestacy. "Broadly speaking, there are two classes of wills presenting latent ambiguities, for the removal of which ambiguities resort to extrinsic evidence is permissible. The one class is where there are two or more persons or things exactly measuring up to the description and conditions of the will... The other class is where no person or thing exactly answers the declarations and descriptions of the will, but where two or more persons or things in part though imperfectly do so answer." (Estate of Donnellan, 164 Cal. 14, 20 [127 P. 166]; also Estate of Russell, 69 Cal. 2d 200, 207 [70 Cal.Rptr. 561, 444 P.2d 353].)

[3] A will is to be interpreted to execute the intention of the testatrix (Estate of Nielsen, 204 Cal. App. 2d 357, 361 [22 Cal.Rptr. 260, 94 A.L.R.2d 1100]) but it is not open to construction merely because it fails to dispose of all of the property and the court may not on this ground supply dispositive clauses lacking in the will." The rule is that a will is to [15 Cal. App. 3d 711] be construed according to the intention of the testator, and so as to avoid intestacy. (Prob. Code, §§ 101, 102.) However, a court may not write a will which the testator did not write. 'To say that because a will does not dispose of all of the testator's property it is ambiguous and must be construed so as to prevent intestacy, either total or partial, is to use a rule of construction as the reason for construction. But a will is never open to construction merely because it does not dispose of all of the ... property." (Estate of Barnes, 63 Cal. 2d 580, 583 [47 Cal.Rptr. 480, 407 P.2d 656]; Estate of Beldon, 11 Cal. 2d 108, 112 [77 P.2d 1052]; Estate of Deacon, 172 Cal. App. 2d 319, 323-324 [342 P.2d 261].) "A testator has the right to make a will which does not dispose of all of his property but which leaves the residue to his heirs at law under law of succession. [Citations.]" (Estate of Gundelach, 263 Cal. App. 2d 825, 830 [70 Cal.Rptr. 140].) [2b] The determination of the trial court is supported by substantial evidence and the language giving Ruth Schmutzler the "house and content of furniture and clothing" is clear.

The judgment is affirmed.

Kingsley, J., and Dunn, J., concurred.

FN 1. The holographic will of the decedent is as follows:

"Oct. 11-1968 Los Angeles, Calif.

"I Beulah M. Dillingham.

of 527 W-88-Place 44 -- make my last Will and testament I bought a crypt in Inglewood Cemetery 1834 W-gage Ave. number being Devotion Rose 366 I paid 475.00 cash for it years ago I paid $189.00 cash for opening and closing of same I also paid for flower vase and Name Plate I also bought a casket for $620.00 name in paper $6.00 Flower arrangement $35.00 I paid $20.00 Tax on the casket $12.00 filing this all can be found in my safety deposet box Security First National Bank. Manchester and Boadway the number is 1236. I have not any outstanding Bill at Present time if any bills later I will have medicare July 1st claim number 557-32-9049A any help I need to take care of me can be paid for out of my insurance or cash I can pay for administrator to take care of my Will at Bank of America at Broadway & Manchester. I wish Ruth Schmourtzler of 2828 Artesia Blvd Torrance California Phone 532-4786 to have this house and content of furniture & clothing also Mrs. Mable O Dell of Riggins Idaho Box 32 to have $1,000.00 dollars in cash she is nice to write me the news of our family she is the only one of our family that does none of the other do The Wiesler family in Detroit are out of my life as I never hear from them or any of my relations I will state here who I want to have my diamonds & pin in the safety Deposit box at Security First National Bank Manchester & Broadway. This is hard to do as I do not know any one or see any one But Ruth Schmourtzler calls me once a week.

Beulah M. Dillingham."