Olivia Ines Edgar

     Olivia Ines Edgar married Roscoe Pratt.

Child of Olivia Ines Edgar and Roscoe Pratt

Opal M. Edgar

F, b. 12 November 1905, d. 22 December 1983
     Opal M. Edgar was born on 12 November 1905 at Pennsylvania. She married Washington Kenneth Shriver Parshall, son of William Thomas Parshall and Frances Estella Wendell, on 7 October 1929 at Randolph Co., AR, Opal had a daughter, Edna Lucille Conaway, born in 1924. Edna may or may not have been married to Edna's father -- no marriage record found. Opal M. Edgar and Washington Kenneth Shriver Parshall were divorced; Opal was divorced at the time of her death, according to the death record. Opal M. Edgar died on 22 December 1983 at Salem, Columbiana Co., OH, at age 78.

Child of Opal M. Edgar and Washington Kenneth Shriver Parshall

Robert Edgar

M, b. 1770, d. 19 December 1838
     Robert Edgar was born in 1770. He married Margaret Gillespie in 1798. Robert Edgar died on 19 December 1838 at Dayton, Montgomery Co., OH. He was buried on 25 November 1844 at Woodland Cemetery and Arboretum, Dayton, Montgomery Co., OH, Reinterred at Woodland from original burial location. Find A Grave Memorial# 82713012.

Child of Robert Edgar and Margaret Gillespie

Robert R. Edgar1

M, b. 1844, d. 9 July 1850
     Robert R. Edgar was born in 1844 at Ohio.1 He was the son of John Farris Edgar and Effie Allen Rodgers.1 Robert R. Edgar died on 9 July 1850 at Dayton, Montgomery Co., OH. He was buried in July 1850 at Woodland Cemetery and Arboretum, Dayton, Montgomery Co., OH, Find A Grave Memorial# 84649636.


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Catherine Edge

F, b. circa 1816, d. 3 March 1864
     Catherine Edge was born circa 1816 at Ohio or Kentucky, per 1900 census, Linn County, Oregon (daughter Mary Spink.)1 She married George Ellis on 8 April 1841 at Fayette Co., OH. Catherine Edge married George H. Armstrong, son of John Armstrong and Elizabeth Parrett, on 16 October 1845 at Fayette Co., OH. Catherine Edge died on 3 March 1864 at Wabash, Wabash Co., IN. She was buried in March 1864 at Pleasant Grove Cemetery, Liberty Mills, Wabash Co., IN, Findagrave #32556615.

Children of Catherine Edge and George Ellis

Children of Catherine Edge and George H. Armstrong


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John Hogg Edgeman1

M, b. 3 January 1849, d. 5 November 1927
     John Hogg Edgeman was born on 3 January 1849 at Benton Co., MO.1 He married Lucy Gordon, daughter of Samuel Gordon and Charlotte (?), on 6 May 1884.1 John Hogg Edgeman died on 5 November 1927 at Wayne Co., IA, at age 78.
Note: Some details from Edington/Reel Family Tree genealogy prepared by elaineedington, online at ancestry.com.

Child of John Hogg Edgeman and Lucy Gordon


  1. [S2262] 1900 Federal Census, Wayne County, Iowa. Microfilm Image, NARA Series T623, Roll 464; FHL #1240464.

Vada Edgeman

F, b. 3 June 1893, d. February 1987
     Vada Edgeman was born on 3 June 1893 at Wayne Co. (probably), IA. She was the daughter of John Hogg Edgeman and Lucy Gordon.1 Vada Edgeman married Guy Wesley Chapman, son of John Fletcher Chapman and Jerletta Louise Jane Hayworth, on 23 December 1917 at Allerton, Wayne Co., IA. Vada Edgeman died in February 1987 at age 93. She was buried in 1987 at Fairview-Clio Cemetery, Grand River Twp., Wayne Co., IA.

Child of Vada Edgeman and Guy Wesley Chapman


  1. [S2262] 1900 Federal Census, Wayne County, Iowa. Microfilm Image, NARA Series T623, Roll 464; FHL #1240464.

Amanda Malvina Edgerly1

F, b. 28 October 1822, d. 2 December 1850
     Amanda Malvina Edgerly was born on 28 October 1822 at Clinton, Macomb Co., MI.1 She married Edward Fishpool on 15 April 1846 at Chesterfield, Macomb Co., MI. Amanda Malvina Edgerly died on 2 December 1850 at age 28.

Child of Amanda Malvina Edgerly and Edward Fishpool


  1. [S4257] 1850 Federal Census, Macomb County, Michigan. Microfilm Image, NARA Series M432, Roll 357.

Gilbert D. Edgerton

M, b. 7 September 1904, d. 24 November 1990
     Gilbert D. Edgerton was born on 7 September 1904 at West Virginia. He married Harriet Anna Triem, daughter of Charles E. Triem and Margaret K. James, on 26 January 1927. Gilbert D. Edgerton died on 24 November 1990 at Canfield, Mahoning Co., OH, at age 86.

Child of Gilbert D. Edgerton and Harriet Anna Triem

Maude Rebecca Edgerton

F, b. 22 March 1888, d. 21 April 1984
     Maude Rebecca Edgerton was born on 22 March 1888 at Hanover. She married Rev. James Wallace Baird in August 1912. Maude Rebecca Edgerton died on 21 April 1984 at Milwaukee, Milwaukee Co., WI, at age 96 BIOGRAPHY - Maude Rebecca (Edgerton) Baird - Lytle (mother of Jeanette Baird)

Lytle, Maude Rebecca (Edgerton) Baird was born March 22, 1888 in Hanover and
was the daughter of Frederick Hale and Matilda (Irwin) Edgerton. She graduated from
Hanover High School in 1906. Maude was a schoolteacher in Hanover and later moved
to Monmouth, Illinois and worked as a librarian. She married the Reverend James
Wallace Baird in August 1912 and four children were born to this union: Jeanette
(Baird) DeVault, William Baird, Kenneth Baird, and Donald Baird, all born in Egypt.
The Reverend Baird drowned August 7, 1926 while serving as a missionary in Egypt.
Maudle married Dr. James P. Lytle in 1957, he was also a minister. She lived in
Washington, Iowa for many years and died in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on April 21, 1984.
She is buried in Monmouth.

Child of Maude Rebecca Edgerton and Rev. James Wallace Baird

Patricia Edgerton

F, b. 1927, d. 1928
     Patricia Edgerton was born in 1927. She was the daughter of Gilbert D. Edgerton and Harriet Anna Triem. Patricia Edgerton died in 1928 at Tucson, Pima Co., AZ.

George Lester Edgington

M, b. 1 November 1917, d. 19 November 1994
     George Lester Edgington was born on 1 November 1917 at Manchester, Adams Co., OH. He married Willa Jane Riddle, daughter of John Henry Riddle and Mabel Irene Pontius, circa 26 April 1943 at Marysville, Yuba Co., CA. George Lester Edgington died on 19 November 1994 at Mount Dora, Lake Co., FL, at age 77. He was buried in November 1994 at Hillcrest Memorial Gardens, Leesburg, Lake Co., FL, Findagrave #105931275.

Virginia Belle Edie

F, b. 21 December 1897, d. 24 November 1986
     Virginia Belle Edie was born on 21 December 1897 at Colorado; daughter of James Hare and Martha DeLetti (LaShelle) Edie. She married Henry LaBaron Giesler, son of John Daniel Giesler and Martha Isabelle Goodier, on 2 July 1922 at Johnstown, Larimer Co., CO, The Fort Collins Express, Fort Collins, Colorado; Sunday, 02 July 1922; Page 3; (Newspapers.com):

Marriage licenses were obtained Saturday by Henry LaBaron Giesler, 27, and Miss Virginia Beele (sic) Edje, 24.

Virginia Belle Edie lived in 1930 at Copperton, Salt Lake Co., UT. She lived in 1940 at Laporte, Larimer Co., CO. She lived in 1950 at Denver, Denver Co., CO. She lived in 1977 at San Jose, Santa Clara Co., CA. She died on 24 November 1986 at Milpitas, Santa Clara Co., CA, at age 88. She was buried in November 1986 at Los Gatos Memorial Park, San Jose, Santa Clara Co., CA, Findagrave #116182075.

Children of Virginia Belle Edie and Henry LaBaron Giesler

Catherine Edington

     Catherine Edington married Andrew Ulmer.

Child of Catherine Edington and Andrew Ulmer

Helen Jean Edison

F, b. 2 June 1894, d. 30 December 1961
     Helen Jean Edison was born on 2 June 1894 at Grand Rapids, Kent Co., MI. She married John Cavan on 28 June 1917 at Kent Co., MI. Helen Jean Edison died on 30 December 1961 at age 67. She was buried in January 1962 at Oakview Cemetery, Royal Oak, Oakland Co., MI, Findagrave #171696258.

Child of Helen Jean Edison and John Cavan

Dorothy Edleman

F, b. 3 December 1926, d. 21 January 2000
     Dorothy Edleman was born on 3 December 1926 at Scott Co., IA.1 She was the daughter of James Leroy Edleman and Mabel Gertrude Yost.1 Dorothy Edleman married Merle Keith Zaruba, son of Henry Zaruba and Edna Grassfield, on 12 October 1946 at Jackson Co., IA. Dorothy Edleman died on 21 January 2000 at age 73. She was buried in January 2000 at Cedar Memorial Park, Cedar Rapids, Linn Co., IA, Findagrave #41554378.


  1. [S5165] 1930 Federal Census, Clinton County, Iowa. Microfilm Image, NARA Series T626, Rolls 649-50; FHL #2340384-5.

James Leroy Edleman1

M, b. 1900, d. 1959
     James Leroy Edleman was born in 1900 at Iowa.1 He married Mabel Gertrude Yost on 5 February 1921 at Maquoketa Co., IA. James Leroy Edleman died in 1959. He was buried in 1959 at Lost Nation Cemetery, Lost Nation, Clinton Co., IA, Findagrave #13138936.

Child of James Leroy Edleman and Mabel Gertrude Yost


  1. [S5165] 1930 Federal Census, Clinton County, Iowa. Microfilm Image, NARA Series T626, Rolls 649-50; FHL #2340384-5.

Edward F. Edler

M, b. circa 1888
     Edward F. Edler was born circa 1888. He married Nora M. Dorty on 27 November 1912 at Stephenson Co., IL.

Child of Edward F. Edler and Nora M. Dorty

Howard E. Edler

M, b. 4 June 1913, d. 25 November 1988
     Howard E. Edler was born on 4 June 1913 at Illinois. He was the son of Edward F. Edler and Nora M. Dorty. Howard E. Edler married Ruth E. Sword, daughter of Harry B. Sword and Lulu Gay Livengood. Howard E. Edler died on 25 November 1988 at Stephenson Co., IL, at age 75.

Donald E. Edman

M, b. 28 December 1924, d. 16 August 1988
     Donald E. Edman was born on 28 December 1924. He was the son of Jurdon Loren Edman and Edna Bell Youst. Donald E. Edman died on 16 August 1988 at age 63.

Jurdon Loren Edman

M, b. 15 July 1898, d. 30 April 1969
     Jurdon Loren Edman was born on 15 July 1898. He married Edna Bell Youst, daughter of Joseph Snair Youst and Etta Clark. Jurdon Loren Edman died on 30 April 1969 at age 70.

Children of Jurdon Loren Edman and Edna Bell Youst

Ora Almetta Edman

F, b. 16 July 1858, d. 11 December 1935
     Ora Almetta Edman was also known as "Mettie". She was born on 16 July 1858 at Burlington Twp., Licking Co., OH. She married Emory Renwick Wright on 3 May 1877 at Licking Co., OH, ceremony by Rev. L. McWherter. Ora Almetta Edman died on 11 December 1935 at Homer, Licking Co., OH, at age 77. She was buried in December 1935 at Homer Cemetery, Homer, Licking Co., OH, Findagrave #42584464.

Child of Ora Almetta Edman and Emory Renwick Wright

Robert Edman

M, b. circa 1918
     Robert Edman was born circa 1918. He was the son of Jurdon Loren Edman and Edna Bell Youst.

Ora Elenor Edmister1

F, b. 4 September 1883, d. 11 May 1963
     Ora Elenor Edmister was born on 4 September 1883 at Iowa.1 She was the daughter of Sylvester Edmister and Rebecca Jennie Clark.2 Ora Elenor Edmister married Robert Boyd Morford, son of John Thomas Morford and Agnes Amelia Boyd, circa 1908.1 Ora Elenor Edmister died on 11 May 1963 at Lawton, Comanche Co., OK, at age 79. She was buried in May 1963 at Highland Cemetery, Lawton, Comanche Co., OK.

Children of Ora Elenor Edmister and Robert Boyd Morford


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Sylvester Edmister1

M, b. May 1857, d. 1925
     Sylvester Edmister was born in May 1857 at Ohio.1 He married Rebecca Jennie Clark circa 1878.1 Sylvester Edmister died in 1925 at Cleveland, Pawnee Co., OK.

Child of Sylvester Edmister and Rebecca Jennie Clark


  1. [S995] 1900 Federal Census, Cass County, Iowa. Microfilm Image, NARA Series T623, Roll 422; FHL #1240422.

Nadine Mary Edmond

F, b. 10 November 1921, d. 14 September 2012
     Nadine Mary Edmond was born on 10 November 1921 at McAllaster, Logan Co., KS. She married Boyd Oliver Wallace on 1 February 1940 at Boise, Ada Co., ID. Nadine Mary Edmond died on 14 September 2012 at Idaho at age 90. She was buried in September 2012 at Grandview Cemetery, Bonners Ferry, Boundary Co., ID, Findagrave #112533455.

Benjamin Edmonds

     Benjamin Edmonds married Elizabeth M. Windle, daughter of Andrew Moore Windle and Elizabeth McDowell, before 1860.

Child of Benjamin Edmonds and Elizabeth M. Windle

Calvin Ruter Edmonds

M, b. 1 June 1869, d. 3 July 1945
     Calvin Ruter Edmonds was born on 1 June 1869 at Missouri. He was the son of George Kendrick Edmonds. Calvin Ruter Edmonds married Effie A. Condreay. Calvin Ruter Edmonds died on 3 July 1945 at Hughes Co., OK, at age 76. He was buried in July 1945 at Atwood Cemetery, Calvin, Hughes Co., OK, Find A Grave Memorial# 6977392.

Frank William Edmonds

M, b. 2 December 1881, d. 26 October 1975
     Frank William Edmonds was born on 2 December 1881 at Walthomstow, Essex, England. He married Stella Maris Wagner, daughter of Christian Wagner and Catherine Urlage, on 14 October 1939 at Hamilton Co., OH. Frank William Edmonds died on 26 October 1975 at Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co., OH, at age 93. He was buried in October 1975 at Highland Hills Cemetery, Highland Hills, Cuyahoga Co., OH, Findagrave #32960552.

George Kendrick Edmonds

M, b. 6 February 1830, d. 12 January 1917
     George Kendrick Edmonds was born on 6 February 1830 at New Albany, Floyd Co., IN. He began military service on 22 September 1864 at Evansville, Vanderburgh Co., IN, Civil War service, U.S. Army. He married Sarah Alice Snapp, daughter of David John Snapp and Mary Ann (?), on 23 February 1888 at Protem, Taney Co., MO. George Kendrick Edmonds died on 12 January 1917 at Isabella, Ozark Co., MO, at age 86 Biography and Obituary (findagrave.com):

GEORGE KENDRICK EDMONDS was born in New Albany, Floyd County, IN, on 6 February 1830. He was the son of John Pratt Edmonds and Jane Reneau (or Reno). John Pratt Edmonds, a minister, was born 2 December 1803 in North Carolina and died 22 December 1885, possibly in Marion County, AR (where by 1880, he was living with his second wife, Elizabeth Rush Atkinson). Jane Reneau (or Reno) was born 12 March 1806 in Tennessee and died 26 May 1869; she last appeared on the 1860 census of Steele Township of Daviess County, IN. John and Jane were married 11 October 1822 in Jefferson County, TN.

George's five siblings were:

MEREDITH R. EDMONDS (1826-1874), married Eliza Ann Weddle
JOHN R. EDMONDS (1833-1903), married 1st; Emily Jane Newberry, married 2nd, Melvina
LEWIS RENEAU EDMONDS (1835-1923), married Harriet Sarelda O'Haver
JOSEPH EDMONDS (1838-1911), married 1st, Mary Van Meter; married 2nd, Kate Greene; married 3rd, Mary E. Watson
NARCISSA R. EDMONDS (1840-1928), married Greenberry Reynolds

All of George's brothers served in the Civil War. Meredith R. served with Co. E, 67th Indiana Infantry; John R. with Co. H, 51st Indiana Infantry; Lewis R. with Co. I, 97th Indiana Infantry; and Joseph with Co. F, 120th Indiana Infantry.

On 7 February 1852, George married Nancy Caroline Rider (who reportedly was of German and Cherokee Indian ancestry). Nancy was born 25 March 1834 in Indiana. George was 22 years of age, and Nancy was 17 at the time of their marriage. George became a physician by 1856. He and Nancy had the following 11 children:

JOHN PRATT EDMONDS (1852-bef. 1860
JACOB LEWIS EDMONDS (1854-aft. 1870)
ELBERT SEVIER EDMONDS (1857-1926), married Roena Leveridge Baugh
MARGARET JANE EDMONDS (1860-1945), married Morris Herd
SAMPSON TINCH EDMONDS (1862-1923), married Georgia Ann
CALVIN RUTER EDMONDS (1869-1945), married Effie Condreay
OLLIE BURKE EDMONDS (1872-1949), married Thomas Riley
THOMAS EDWARD EDMONDS (1875-1948), married Lellie Dee
MARY CAROLINE EDMONDS (1876-1966), married Isaac M. Anderson

On 22 September 1864, George enlisted into the 44th Indiana Infantry, at Evansville, IN. His Civil War compiled service records indicate that he was drafted and note his residence as Steele Township, Daviess County, IN. He was mustered in 17 October 1864 at Washington, Daviess County, IN. His description was given as follows: black eyes, black hair, dark complexion, and 5 feet 10 inches tall. Most of his time in the service was spent in Chattanooga, Tennessee. He was mustered out of the service on 29 May 1865.

After the war, George and his family did not remain in Indiana long. By 1866, they had moved to Bowers Mill, Lawrence County, MO, which was located on the Spring River – about 15 miles east of Carthage, Jasper County, MO. It is not known what lured the Edmonds family to that area, but perhaps they were in need of a physician. By 17 October 1869, George and his family relocated to Boone County, AR, where they began homesteading 160 acres of land near Lead Hill. George bought and sold land in Boone County in the 1870s, 1880s, and into the early 1890s, but for a time, the family lived in Isabella, Ozark County, MO, where Nancy died on 22 June 1887. George bought 209 acres just northwest of Lead Hill on February 5, 1881 and another 40 acres a little further northwest on January 6, 1885.

On 23 February 1888, George married Sarah Alice Snapp Burnett at her residence in Protem, Taney County, MO. George was 58 years of age and Sarah was 27 at the time of their marriage. (Sarah was the widow of David Henry Burnett, who had died 11 March 1886 at Protem. David and Sarah were the parents of three young children, Susan, Bert, and Robert.) Sarah was born 23 March 1860 in Fayetteville, Washington County, AR. On 5 June 1889, George and Sarah moved to Boone County, AR, where they had purchased 40 acres just northeast of Harrison.

By 1890, the Edmonds family had again returned to Taney County, MO. On 29 July 1890, George filed a Declaration for Invalid Pension form—for a disability he had incurred during the Civil War. He stated that in December 1864, at Chattanooga, TN, he contracted rheumatism from hardships and exposure. It is obvious from the documents in his pension file, that he suffered greatly from rheumatism and had great difficulty getting on a horse—therefore, making it a challenge to make house calls as a physician. In 1891(according to documents in his Civil War pension file), he used the post office address of Peel, Marion County, AR. By 1892, the Edmonds family had moved to the town of Bellefonte (near Harrison) in Boone County, AR. There is no evidence he ever bought land there. One son was born to George and Sarah Edmonds:

JOSEPH LAFAYETTE EDMONDS (1892-1986), married 1st, Edith Jane Peacock; married 2nd, Effie Condreay Edmonds (widow of his half-brother, Calvin)

By 1900, the family had moved back to Isabella, Ozark County, MO. Dr. George Kendrick Edmonds died of "pneumonia fever" on 12 January 1917 at the age of 86 years, one month, and six days. His death certificate indicated his occupation as physician and retired soldier. He was buried in Isabella Cemetery on 13 January 1917.

Ozark County (Missouri) Times
January 19, 1917, page 3, column 1

Dr. G. K. Edmonds, an old and highly respected pioneer citizen, died at his home at Isabella on last Friday morning. The remains were interred in the Isabella cemetery Saturday evening. He was the father of Mrs. I. M. [Mary Caroline] Anderson, of this city, and of Miss Julia Edmonds, who is making her home with Mrs. J. E. Wood at West Plains. Miss Edmonds passed through this city Saturday morning on her way to Isabella.

Under "Isabella Items" in that same newspaper, page 3, column 6, appeared the following note: "Dr. G. K. Edmonds died Friday after a few days' illness, aged 86 years and 11 months. He leaves a wife, five sons and four daughters to mourn. They have our sympathy. Miss Julia Edmonds came over from West Plains to attend the burial."

He was buried in January 1917 at Isabella Cemetery, Isabella, Ozark Co., MO, Find A Grave Memorial# 96319546.

Child of George Kendrick Edmonds

Child of George Kendrick Edmonds and Sarah Alice Snapp