The Starr family were early Quaker immigrants from Ireland to Chester County, Pennsylvania.  My line of Quakers ended with Moses Starr (1720 - aft. 1794), whose first marriage to Sarah Davis ended in divorce in a day when that was most unusual, and was apparently the cause of him being "read out" of Quaker Meeting.  He became a Methodist, and remarried to Margaretha Quattelbaum, probably about 1755.  Their son John migrated with other Starr families to Bridgeport, Virginia (now WV) in the latter 1700s, and then on to Beaver Township of Guernsey (now Noble) County, Ohio in the early 1800s.  John Starr married Mary Magdalene (or Margarethe) Frederick -- this is a family on which I have no information.  Three children of John and Mary Magdalene Starr, Catherine, Samuel, and John, married three children of Philip and Barbara (Swartz) Wendell, being Daniel, Mary, and Elizabeth, respectively, there in early Guernsey County.  All three raised large families and have many, many descendants living today.

John Starr bought land directly from the Federal Government at what is now Beaver Township of Noble County, in 1828.